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The ‘Muslim Ban’ Lie

Sep 11, 2020

In January of 2017, President Trump enacted a temporary travel ban from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen via executive order.  These were all countries that were either state sponsors of terror or whose current governmental instability made vetting travelers all but impossible.

Democrats and their accomplices in the Fake News Media immediately began lying about this by calling it a “Muslim Ban”.  Joe Biden is still talking about it in July of 2020: “I will end the Muslim ban on day one.  Day one!”, Biden says about the Muslim Ban that doesn’t exist.  Donald Trump is banning Muslims from coming to America they said, not for any legitimate national security reasons, but because he is Islamophobic and also racist.  Even though Islam is a religion and not a race, Democrats find it useful to constantly play the race cards even in situations where it doesn’t obviously apply.

The “Muslim Ban” claim does not hold up to the slightest amount of scrutiny.  Every country on Trump’s list was chosen first by President Obama for the same national security reasons that Trump chose them.  President Obama signed the “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act” in 2015 which restricted travel visas from Iran, Syria, Sudan and Iraq and then Obama added Libya, Somalia and Yemen in 2016. Strangely, no one said Obama was racist or anti-Muslim for doing so.  No one accused him of ‘banning’ Muslims. This kind of pattern has been very common during the Trump administration.  Statements and actions regarding illegal immigration as just one example, are called racist and xenophobic when Trump does them, but when the exact same things were said and done by Obama and other Democrats, there was no criticism at all.

But was it a “Muslim Ban”?  Was Trump (and Obama) banning Muslims?  Absurd.  The travel ban applied to countries, not religions and did not apply to 85% of the world’s Muslims. It did not include the world’s most populous Muslim majority countries and had no effect on any of the top sources of Muslim immigration into the United States.  This is just another lie that has become orthodoxy in the Democratic Party’s universe of fake.

John Black is the founder of the WhatHappened.com website.

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