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Aug 2, 2017 ~ Kyle Smith, 'Race Hysteria Erupts over a Commonsense Casting Decision on Broadway' A black actor in 'The Great Comet' replaced a white actor. No one had a problem. Then a white actor was going to replace a black actor. Racism charged. Bogus racial bean counting killing Broadway. [Fake Racism, Kyle Smith]
Aug 2, 2017 ~ Montclair State University Women and Gender Studies Professor Kevin Allred tweeted that he wished someone would shoot Donald Trump. 'I wish someone would just shoot him outright.' [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, College]
Aug 3, 2017 ~ Student Diversity Chair at the University of Central Florida, Grayson Lanza said 'Trump Supporters are not welcome on our campus'. No diversity of thought is allowed by the 'Diversity' Chair. Lanza is also Communications Director for the Young Democrats of Orange County, Florida. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Cancel Culture, College]
Aug 3, 2017 ~ Drew Johnson, 'Al Gore's Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household'. Heating his swimming pool alone uses more power than six typical homes use in a year. Lies to Today Show that his electricity is 100% renewable. Less than 20%. His own solar less than 6% [Climate Change, Energy]
Aug 3, 2017 ~ Leftists Freak Out over William Shatner simply using the term 'Social Justice Warrior'. Call him a fascist, shown in a Nazi outfit, called old man, tell him to eat shit, elderly white man sheltered in his wealth and privilege, racist, sexist. [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Cancel Culture, Holocaust Denial]
Aug 3, 2017 ~ Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military, reverting to policy of only 2 years ago. Just like asthma and diabetes, trans people require daily medicine plus expensive surgery and recovery times. Hurts costs and readiness. Complications with sleeping, showering. [Trans]
Aug 4, 2017 ~ Trump Administration squashes the burdensome and very misleading GMO labels approved by the Obama Administration. [Trump Win, Regulations, Health]
Aug 4, 2017 ~ Steven Rhoads, 'Lean In's Biggest Hurdle: What Most Moms Want. Most women with young children don't want to work full-time.' Most Moms do not want to work full time but think fathers should. Kids benefit from the parenting differences of mothers and fathers. Need flexible options [Feminism]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Kyle Smith, 'The Pathetic Journey of 'Mattress Girl' Emma Sulkowicz'. First a total lie about being raped that only Democrat Senators fell for, then doing an actual porn, and now being whipped nearly naked on stage. The new show allegedly has something to do with Trump. [TDS, Fake Rape, Kyle Smith]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ There have been 1800 acid attacks since 2010 in LONDON ALONE. Notorious in Islamic world by angry suitors seeking revenge on women who rebuff marriage proposals, or commit other 'shameful acts - 80% of the victims are women. [Islam, Terrorism]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Maxine Waters is so obsessed with impeaching Trump over this fake Russian conspiracy theory that she wants to impeach Pence too who she confused with Putin. 'When we finish with Trump, we have to go and get Putin' 'Putin or Pence?' Behar asks. 'Pence'. Insanity enabled by the MSM [TDS, Russia Hoax, Impeachment, Witch Hunt]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Fossil fuels created the modern world and lifted billions out of destitution and disease. They supply over 80% of the energy that powers the US and other modern civilizations; generate up to $70 trillion in GDP. The benefit vs cost ratio is at least 500:1. There is no alternative [Climate Change, Energy]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Scott Whitlock, Climate Change Flashback - ABC 2008 Prediction - 'NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015' - made other dire predictions which have not come true using experts like Hanson. GMA co-anchor Chris Cuomo buys it all uncritically. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Tori Richards, 'LA made $1.3B in illegal immigrant welfare payouts in just 2 years'. Democrats like to make the false claim that illegal immigrants are not eligible for welfare but this is just one city paying illegal immigrants billions of taxpayer dollars. [Illegal Immigration, Entitlements]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Toyota, Mazda announce they're building $1.6 billion plant in US creating another 4000 more jobs. Manufacturing jobs continue to return to the US. Called 'The Trump Effect' 'the announcement was widely seen as a response to Mr. Trump's vows to promote American manufacturing.' [Trump Win, Economy]
Aug 6, 2017 ~ a Jewish community in Australia was not allowed to build a synagogue for fear that it would be targeted by radical Muslims. 'A LOCAL council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target ... caved in to Islamic extremism.' [Islam, Terrorism]
Aug 6, 2017 ~ BET television network reports on disparate impact on black teens of minimum wage rise. 'Black Teens Are Fired When the Minimum Wage Rises' Economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have been explaining this for decades but it comes as surprise to dems ignorant of economics. [Minimum Wage, Economics, Race, Walter Williams]
Aug 6, 2017 ~ Alan Dershowitz tells Maxine Waters 'Being black doesn't give you a license to call people racist'. He said that the 'racial composition' of DC was unfavorable to a Trump grand jury. She calls his comments 'absolutely racist' because he points out something everyone knows. [Fake Racism]
Aug 6, 2017 ~ Rape case against USC student Armann Karim Premje is dismissed after judge sees incontrovertible security video. 'There could never be any better evidence of there being consent. She was the aggressor.' [Fake Rape]
Aug 7, 2017 ~ Peter Beinart, 'The Rise of the Violent Left'. The violent left including Antifa has decided that Republicans and 'Trump supporters' are 'fascists' and 'Nazis' and they are going to shut down anything like the Portland Rose Festival parade to prevent them from participating. [Antifa, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Violent Left]
Aug 7, 2017 ~ Scott Rasmussen, 'Automation is Nothing New' In 1900 33% of Americans worked on farms, now its 1% displacing millions of workers - tons of examples of new jobs created when old jobs wen away. Don't need Universal Basic Income to deal with it - Global Trade still good for workers. [Economics, Trade]
Aug 7, 2017 ~ Michael Brown, 'Parents Are Donating Their Daughters to Boko Haram in Nigeria to Become Suicide Bombers' - 'Boko Haram terrorists have so far used more than 145 girls in suicide bombing missions between January and July 2017'. Little outrage because unreported in the West. [Islam, Terrorism]
Aug 7, 2017 ~ Kansas State Prof. Philip Nel wrote a book called, 'Was the Cat in the Hat Black?: The Hidden Racism of Children's Literature'. Nel makes the baseless and divisive claim that 'The Cat in the Hat', 'Grinch', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and other beloved books are racist. [Fake Racism, College]
Aug 12, 2017 ~ Jonathan Ernst, 'Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears'. 200 days in and people are starting to notice that he has been getting a lot of good things done despite the constant attacks and witch hunts against his administration. Deregulation, courts, Paris. [Trump Win]
Aug 12, 2017 ~ Aetna, Humana Blue Cross confirm Obamacare is in a death spiral - losing hundreds of millions of dollars - Humana Completely Abandoning Obamacare Marketplaces After 2017 - Now Aetna is out - Blue Cross pulling out - Now Anthem [Health Care, Obamacare]
Aug 12, 2017 ~ Michael Tanner, 'Entitlements Are Out of Control. We are entering an economic death spiral' Totally unsustainable and getting worse. People rebel at the slightest cut back or slowdown in growth no matter how small. Bankruptcy is almost inevitable. [Entitlements, Debt, Economics]
Aug 12, 2017 ~ Michael Barone, 'Is College Worth It? Increasing Numbers Say No' - Charles Murray argued in 2008 that too many people go to college and now its even worse. Tuition and other costs have skyrocketed beyond the value they provide. Now there are many worthless degrees at any cost. [College]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Foxconn Announces Second Plant Coming to Michigan [Economy, Trump Win]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Richard Dawkins gets de-platformed from speeches and interviews for being critical of Islam. He says they think Muslims are 'oppressed by people like us.' But 'Muslims are oppressed by Islam.' 'Muslims who don't oppress women or gay people are being persecuted by those who do.' [Islam, LGBT, Cancel Culture, Silencing]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ NYT Admits Its Front Page Climate Change Article Was Wrong. They falsely claimed they 'OUTED' a climate change report that Trump Admin was 'suppressing'. In fact, it was published publicly months ago. The NYT issued a correction after the Daily Caller called them out on it. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Human Ken Doll has $500,000 worth of surgery to look like the Ken Doll. He says he was born in the wrong body like trans people. But if that is true, shouldn't insurance or military have to pay half a million dollars for his surgeries? Aren't they 'medically necessary'? [Trans]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ J.A. Frascino, MD, Left Wing Politics is all about 'feelin' good' - most of their policies from Affirmative Action to Minimum Wage do way more harm than good but supporting them feels good. [Affirmative Action, Minimum Wage, Politics]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ The National Association of Black Journalists, stand and turn their backs on Omarosa Manigault. Also shouted her down. Despicable, intolerant, rude and disrespectful behavior is sadly very typical of the left. It's how they silence opposition and keep black people in their place. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Kyle Smith, 'Newark Terrorized by Whole Foods'. When business does not invest in urban communities, its bad. But when they do its also bad. White flight is bad. Whites returning, called gentrification, is also bad. Segregation is bad but integration is also bad - can't win. [Fake Racism, Kyle Smith]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Doug Badger, 'Obamacare Is Uninsuring the Insured' - Not only are the Obamacare Exchanges collapsing, The number of people with individual health-insurance coverage is shrinking. They had insurance but now they don't have insurance or soon won't. [Health Care, Obamacare]
Aug 13, 2017 ~ Larry Elder, 'The Shameful Blackout of Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams' from the National Museum of African American History and Culture - ignore and disrespect giants with massive accomplishments because they're conservative in favor of liberal nobodies. [Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Charlottesville. Actual white supremists hold rally for Robert E. Lee statue. Antifa violently attacks. mayhem results. Nazi kills 1 with car attack. Trump criticizes violence on both sides. Said 'fine people' on both sides of statue issue. Now all republicans smeared as racists. [Antifa, Charlottesville]
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Michael Brown, 'Trans contradictions' - they say genitals do not determine male or female but then have surgery to change genitals - say that there is no such thing as girl or boy toys or clothes but then say those things prove they are really the other gender [Trans]
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Norman Rogers, 'Solar Energy Fraud'. Solar is tremendously more expensive than alternatives and solar panels produce very dangerous environmental waste - solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than nuclear power plants. [Climate Change, Energy]
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Chris Pope, 'On Health-Care Reform, George W. Bush Was Misunderestimated - Medicare Part D did more to rein in health care costs than Obamacare ever could' - but price controls on drugs would ruin the success of Medicare Part D [Health Care, Obamacare]
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Cato Report: 'Terrorism Deaths by Ideology: Is Charlottesville an Anomaly?' 'Terrorists have murdered 3,342 people on U.S. soil from 1992 through August 12, 2017. Islamists committed 92% of all those murders and are, far and away, the deadliest group of terrorists by ideology.' [Islam, Terrorism, Charlottesville]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Stacey Evans, white Democrat who dared to run against a black democrat was shouted down for having the wrong skin color at the Netroots conference. 'Support black women!' they shouted. Racism on the right is a handful of nuts. Racism on the left is systemic and openly practiced. [Racism, Cancel Culture, Identity Politics]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Ben Carson, whose house was recently vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric is called a 'House Negro' by the Michigan Chronicle. 'Behold the House Negro' they say about the brain surgeon they are smearing. Any black person who is not a democrat must be willing to pay the price. [Loathsome Left, Racism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Maxine Waters claimed 'The president was defending the white-wing (sic) nationalists and the KKK'. This is the 'Charlottesville Smear' which is false no matter how many times its repeated by dems. [Fake Racism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Fake News regarding Charlottesville. Many news organizations report Trump said 'alt left came charging at US' when he said them or 'em, not US - effort to mislead and falsely lump Trump in with White Supremists. [Fake News, Fake Racism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Islamic Terror attack in Finland - knife wielding terrorist yelling 'Allahu Akbar' kills two and injures at least 8 more - women were specifically targeted. [Islam, Terrorism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Tom Trinko, 'Nazis and the left wing'. NAZIs are left wing, not right. Besides NAZI meaning National Socialists, they are totalitarians and all about identity politics which is what the left is about. The right is about capitalism, freedom and the individual rights of all people [Socialism, Politics]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Fake News. 73% of deadly terrorist incidents are far right, not Muslim. Very misleading. Start after 9/11. Count incidents not deaths. A lot of environmental terrorism but they don't target people. Even after 9/11 majority deaths are Islamic. Worldwide, overwhelming majority. [Fake News, Islam, Terrorism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Steve Bannon exits the White House - Prominent Dems continue their lying smears about 'white supremacists' - DNC says 'There is one less white supremacist in the White House' - Pelosi also says similar things [Fake Racism]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Missouri State Senator posts to FaceBook, 'I hope Trump is assassinated!' - will not apologize or resign. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left]

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