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Oct 21, 2017 ~ Melania Trump Slashes First Lady Staff - Reduces staff to 25% of Michelle Obama and also only 25% the cost - Donald Trump also has reduced staff - They saved tens of millions of dollars a year combined. [Trump Win]
Oct 22, 2017 ~ Democrats make fun of Trump helping Mitch McConnell up the stairs - McConnell needed help because of childhood polio. Liberals mock the disabled. [Loathsome Left]
Oct 22, 2017 ~ Heather Mac Donald, 'Standing on the Shoulders of Diversocrats' Academia and Corporations are creating Deans of Diversity, Chief Diversity and Inclusiveness Officers. Huge Salaries, $400K+. The racket is not really improving diversity in a productive way. Can't change the pool. [Identity Politics]
Oct 22, 2017 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'Think You Know How Slanted the Media Is? Read This' 'The Forward' claims it wants a right wing Jewish point of view. Bialosky submits a very reasonable, well source article on DACA but they just would not allow it to be printed. [Illegal Immigration, Fake News]
Oct 23, 2017 ~ Trump reverses Obama illegal and unconstitutional DACA executive order. He instructs congress to deal with it and gives them 6 months. That Obama's order was unconstitutional is not in serious dispute as Obama himself said 26 times that it was. [Illegal Immigration]
Oct 23, 2017 ~ Daily Mail exposé 'Child miners some as young as 4 living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car'. Child slavery, horribly mistreated, most will developed serious health problems. Car batteries need 33lbs of Cobolt. Imagine over 1 billion cars needing 33lbs of Cobolt. [Climate Change, Energy, Slavery]
Oct 23, 2017 ~ Trump signs a Rand Paul authored Executive Order legalizing the sale of health insurance across state lines. Allows for the creation of 'Health Associations'. Huge for people stuck in bad exchanges. Step by step Trump is keeping his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. [Health Care, Obamacare, Trump Win]
Oct 24, 2017 ~ Maggie Haberman, @maggieNYT is SHOCKED that the Hillary campaign lied about funding the bogus Steele dossier! "Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year." Washington Post, 'Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier' [Hillary, Russia Hoax]
Oct 26, 2017 ~ DNC head Tom Perez falsely claims Electoral College 'not a creation of the Constitution'. [Politics, Fake News]
Oct 26, 2017 ~ University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler called Ben Carson a 'Coon'. She said he should win the 'coon of the year award'. Black liberals are permitted to spew real racist hatred at other black people if they are conservative. A conservative would be fired immediately. [Racism, College]
Oct 26, 2017 ~ Dudley Dough, the Boston pizza restaurant based on the principles of 'economic justice' and 'fair wages' went out of business. No one who understands actual economics is surprised. Its failure illustrates the unworkability with a high minimum wage. [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Oct 27, 2017 ~ Brooke Singman, 'Trump DOJ settles lawsuits over Tea Party targeting by Obama IRS' The government admitted the IRS unfairly discriminated against conservative groups under the Obama administration. 'The settlements involve payments to the plaintiffs and an apology from the IRS.' [Trump Win, Taxes]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Slavery'. Slavery was the norm in world history until Western Civ. ended it. ALL peoples have been slaves and masters. Over 100 Million white Americans had ancestors that came through Ellis Island after 1900. Only 5% of Americans descend from slaveholders. [Walter Williams, Slavery]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Census Bureau finds that 45% of Californians don't speak English at home. More than 30% in TX, NM, NJ and NY. This level of non-assimilation was unheard of with past waves of immigrants. [Immigration, Illegal Immigration]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Steve Moore, 'A Lifetime of Taxes Is Enough'. Moore argues against the death tax - the ultra rich avoid it with trusts and estate planning - mostly hits family businesses - kids have to sell the business to pay the tax. [Taxes, Economics]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Guy Benson, 'Busting a Liberal Myth' - not only do the rich pay more than their fair share of the taxes, almost all Americans think they pay more than their fair share - top 20% pay 95% of income tax - only 1% of the people think it should be 90% and its already more than that. [Taxes]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Police arrest Eddie Curlin, for spray painting KKK and racist messages 'Leave [N-word]s' at Eastern Michigan University. There were marches and protests. Curlin is black. Another fake hate crime falsely blamed on white racists and Trump supporters. Have any been real yet? [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, College]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ New York Times story 'How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics.' turns out to be fake. Russia spent insignificant $6500 in ads for the Green Party, Clinton, Bernie, Black Lives Matter, Trump. Ads not overwhelmingly pro-Trump or anti-Clinton. Did not help Trump. [Russia Hoax, Fake News, Sanders, Politics, BLM]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Rep. Frederica Wilson politicizes the death of a US Soldier. She lies about Trump's call to widow. She and dems say correcting the record is racist and is attacking black women. She insanely claims that General Kelly calling her an 'empty barrel' phrase is racist. [Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Robert VerBruggen, 'Reducing Gun Violence' If people were really serious about Reducing Gun Violence they would focus on 'hot spots' of gun violence - violence is incredibly concentrated - 75% of shooting occur in 5% of some cities [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that ISIS killed over 128 Christians in Qaryatain, Syria over a 3 week period. Christians continue to be slaughtered by Muslims. [Islam, Terrorism]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'Jewish Community's Inappropriate Reaction to DACA Decision'. Not only is it unconstitutional but it is grossly unfair to all of the other people in the world who want to come to America but don't border us. [Illegal Immigration]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ President Carter says the media has been far harder on Trump than any other president - also says no real evidence of Trump Russian Collusion - also says NFL players should stand. [Russia Hoax, Fake News]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ CBS News "Rash Of 'Knockout' Attacks Has Some New Yorkers Worried". The Knockout Game continues. Sucker punching innocent people, then taking selfies with the unconscious victims. Several similar incidents in just a couple of months. Game has been fatal several times in the past [Crime]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown falsely accuses the Trump Administration of white supremacy. He said 'Steve Bannon is a white supremacist, and Stephen Miller seems to be, and I know that studies have shown they have their allies sprinkled around the White House.' Totally false. [Fake Racism]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Kathy Griffin calls Trump a Nazi and smears Trump supporters: 'They are psychos. They're nuts.' 'he is a Nazi. There's a Nazi in the Oval Office' [TDS, Holocaust Denial]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Maxine Waters says 'I will go and take Trump out tonight'. Her audience cheers a direct threat on the President's life - Most dems say no big deal but would have been unacceptable if said about Obama. This comment comes months after a Bernie Bro tried to take out GOP Senators. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Silvio Canto, Jr., 'Rachel's big ratings have little political impact'. Bill 'O'Reilly invited top guests from both sides. They went back and forth on the matters of the day and got you to think about both sides.' Maddow doesn't do that. Almost all fake conspiracy theories. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ The loonie leftist speech police starting to remove the word 'Chief' from Job Titles because It's a Microaggression against indigenous peoples - totally insane - its not even a word they used and it goes back to Europe many centuries ago. [Political Correctness]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Joe Rogan destroys the concept of 'Cultural Appropriation' 'The entire country is a melting pot of cultural appropriation,... That's the whole idea of having a civilization, it's that you get to share each other's food, share each other's recipes, ... buy each other's clothes.' [Cultural Appropriation]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ David Harsanyi, 'Trump's Executive Moves Have Strengthened Checks And Balances' . Rather than use them to grab power as others have done, these relinquished power unconstitutionally grabbed by previous presidents. DACA, Obamacare insurance co. subsidies, Paris Climate Accord etc. [David Harsanyi, Obamacare, Trump Win]
Oct 31, 2017 ~ Mike Adams, 'Letter to an Aging Communist'. Mike Adams responds to Marxist Professor who wrote a letter applauding vile students who use violence and rudeness to prevent speakers they don't like. The left despises free speech which they regularly shut down by any means necessary. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Silencing, College, Free Speech]
Nov 3, 2017 ~ Liberals ruin even Halloween. They tell girls not to wear a Moana costume because that's cultural appropriation. But also an Elsa costume reinforces 'white privilege' and 'white beauty standards' so to 'dismantle white supremacy' neither white or non-white costumes are allowed. [Fake Racism, Cultural Appropriation, Political Correctness]
Nov 3, 2017 ~ NPR, 'Book Reveals Clinton Campaign Effectively Controlled DNC As Early As 2015' Donna Brazile explains how and why the DNC rigged the primary for Clinton against Sanders." "As Hillary's campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party's debt and put it on a starvation diet. It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations." [Hillary, Politics]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ James Delingpolen 'Trump Vindicated; Now Even the UN Confirms That the Paris Climate Accord Was a Complete Waste'. It would have had no effect on the climate in exchange for severely damaging the US economy. Those still in aren't even pledging a third of what's supposedly needed. [Climate Change, Trump Win]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ Keith Olbermann said 'Trump and his family have done more damage to America than bin Laden and ISIS combined.' Textbook TDS. [TDS, Terrorism, Islam, Loathsome Left]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ Snoop Dogg poses for a picture with a dead Trump. Snoop Dogg stands over his corpse that has a toe tag that says 'Trump'. The picture says 'Make America Crip Again'. In the picture Snoop Dogg is standing over the corpse taking a picture with his phone. Somehow this is ok by dems. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ LA Times' David Horsey fat shames Sarah Sanders. 'Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids' games.' 'she'd be more comfortable in sweatpants and running shoes'. The left always does the things they falsely accuse the right of doing. [Loathsome Left, Sexism]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ Thomas Lifson, 'The rise of overt, unapologetic anti-white racism' DNC posts for IT jobs but says do 'not forward to cisgender straight white males'. Singer Lido Pimienta at a concert told whites to go to the white people section in the back. Those who didn't were called racist. [Racism, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ Jobs Report, US Economy Adds 261,000 Jobs in October, Unemployment Drops to 4.1 Percent [Trump Win, Economy]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ Arthur Schaper proves simply going to a 'free speech rally' gets you physically attacked, yelled at. 'White Supremacist! Get out of here' 'Fascists Go Home'. The left has become, unhinged, violent and detached from reality. Physically attacked multiple times. Would not be bullied [TDS, Fake Racism, Silencing, College, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Free Speech]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ David Prentice, 'Pamela Geller, Heroine' She has had a Fatwa out against her for many. Her life is always in danger for speaking out about Islam but 'she bravely reports most every outrage, every killing, every slaughter, every maiming and injustice' Media ignores these stories. [Islam, Terrorism]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ Andrew McCarthy, 'The Obama Administration's Uranium One Scandal' Uranium One, which controls 25% of our uranium is sold to Russia after they pay Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech and donate another $145,000 to the Clinton Foundation. FBI said 'bribery, kickbacks, extortion' [Russia, Energy]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ Sheriff David Clarke, 'The Congressional Black Caucus - Purveyors of Black Urban Decline' - Sheriff David Clarke speaks out against their constant false charges of racism which has made the word meaningless and their support of policies that keep black people down. [Race, Police, Fake Racism]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ The Clinton campaign and DNC Paid $9 million for the Phony Trump Dossier. Total bunk and much of the false intel came from Russia. The same people who screamed Treason when Don Jr. met with Russian Lawyer say buying this just opposition research from foreign sources is just fine. [Russia Hoax]
Nov 5, 2017 ~ EPA and Scott Pruitt get rid of the 'sue and settle' method of extortion. Caused the EPA to issue more regulations - Obama EPA 'imposed a record-breaking 55 federal implementation plans under the Clean Air Act', 135 regulations. [Trump Win, Environment, Regulations]
Nov 6, 2017 ~ Disgusting political Ad. Perhaps worst ever. Worse than the typical smear of Republicans as racists etc. New low even by Democrat standards. The ad shows a white Gillespie voter chasing minority kids with his truck. They say 'Run!' but he corners them against a fence as it ends. [Loathsome Left, Fake Racism, Politics]
Nov 6, 2017 ~ Donna Brazile finally admits that the Democrat race was rigged for Hillary against Bernie. Gave Hillary control of the DNC before she secured the nomination. Derek Hunter, 'Liberals Are Everything They Say We Are'. Accused Trump of cheating in election but they were the ones. [Hillary, Politics, Derek Hunter, Sanders]
Nov 6, 2017 ~ People long for the days when entertainment and sports were politics free. Now, comedians, actors, singers, athletes etc. throw their usually hateful politics in your face. Seth Meyers says 'Fuck You' to Trump supporters and raises middle finger. 'If you like Trump, then go away' [TDS, Loathsome Left, Cancel Culture]
Nov 6, 2017 ~ Practice of calling on white men last becoming common in the classroom. 'I will always call on my black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. [White women] come next. And, if I have to, white men'. Racism practiced by those claiming to fight it. [Racism, Sexism]

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