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Nov 9, 2017 ~ Very Fake News - CNN is busted using misleading video to fabricate a Trump Fish Food Blunder. Edited video to make him look like a dope who doesn't feed fish right but cut out the part where he was just following his host's example. When Abe dumped the rest of his box, Trump did. [Fake News]
Nov 9, 2017 ~ Fake News - CNN Fake Jake Tapper lies about Trump violating the tradition of taking media questions in China. He says Trump catered to their oppression of press while Obama insisted on questions. It turns out Obama did same and Tapper was THERE. [Fake News]
Nov 9, 2017 ~ Drexel professor George Ciccariello-Maher blames a Texas church shooting on 'Whiteness' and Trump. Of course it had nothing to do with either of those things but the left will use any event to smear Trump and white people. [TDS, Fake Racism, College]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Thomas Sowell said 'It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance' - Good economists know how impossible it is to centrally control any aspect of the economy due to that ignorance [Economics]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Larry Elder, 'Black-on-Black Racism at Cornell' American black people are upset because colleges admit more foreign blacks than American blacks. But foreign blacks outscore them on SATs etc. that are supposed to be racially biased tests. Detroit 4% 8th graders sufficient at math. [Larry Elder, Race, Education]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ David French, 'Behold the Free-Speech Hypocrisy of the Corporate Left' - Apple accepts a free expression award while at the same time banning apps that they disagree with the contained expression [Free Speech, Silencing, Tech Bias]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Northwestern U. Professor Bruce Lambert says 'There is no rational alternative. The GOP and NRA must, in fact, want mass shootings. It serves their interests.' The left thinks that those who disagree with them do so because they are evil. There are no tradeoffs to their policies. [Guns-Mass Shootings, College, Fake News]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Senator Rand Paul is attacked by a violent democrat. Paul suffered 5-6 broken ribs and other injuries and needed to have part of his lung removed. Left wing violence is becoming too common. [Violent Left]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Rachel Marsden 'The Myth of Economic Prosperity Through Mass Immigration' 'The idea that more immigration will increase economic productivity runs counter to the facts of technological advancement' Labor market shrinking due to automation. How will all the new arrivals find jobs? [Economics, Immigration]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Kevin Williamson, 'The Myth of the Idle Rich' - very few people have life of leisure by inheriting - most who are wealthy have worked hard for it and continue to work hard - most put their money to work to benefit the economy etc. [Kevin Williamson, Economics]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'Why the Left Has Been so Wrong About the Trump Boom'. Many quotes from prominent left wing economists and politicians about how impossible it would be for Trump to get to 3% GDP and he's exceeded it already. [Trump Win, Economics]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Black professor Ekow Yankah of Yeshiva Law School writes NYT article asking 'Can My Children Be Friends With White People'. He says he has to teach his children that there is little reason to trust white people. Racism in America is A-Ok with NYT if it is against white people. [Racism, Race, College]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Francis Scott Key statue vandalized - the left is claiming our National Anthem is a racist or white supremacist anthem - California NAACP says it must be replaced - historians say phrase in question not even about black slaves [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos indicates she plans to reverse the Obama administration guidance on campus rape. will restore due process - eliminates kangaroo courts and lawless campus tribunals - puts criminal investigations in the hands of the police trained for it. [Trump Win, College, Due Process]
Nov 17, 2017 ~ Johnson and Taylor 'Why Campus Rape Tribunals Hand Down So Many 'Guilty' Verdicts' 'Title IX training is a travesty.' Exculpatory evidence is often not permitted so as not to 're-traumatize' the victim. Pseudoscience of 'tonic immobility' allows any behavior to be proof of guilt. [College, Due Process, Fake Rape]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ More and more liberals claiming 'Science proves kids are bad for Earth' - 'Morality suggests we stop having children', deep discussion on how much parents have to add to their own 'carbon ledger' for each child - they are not joking and are forgoing having families in some cases. [Climate Change]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Mike Adams, 'Cowards in the Academic Trenches' Academia has gotten so toxic, students are falsely called racist by so called anti-hate professors. Prof calls student racist for saying All Lives Matter. Prof. says all white police are racist. Prof says all Trump voters are racist. [Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Silencing, College]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ 5 black cadets candidates at the Air Force Academy's prep school found racial slurs, 'go home n-word' on message boards outside their rooms. Tons of media stories. Gen. Jay Silveria praised for speech against it. Trump and supporters denounced. Turns out 1 of the victims did it. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, College]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Al Gore's book 'An Inconvenient Sequel' tanks on Amazon 10 years after the alarmingly inaccurate 'An Inconvenient Truth' - Two new books, 'An Inconvenient Deception' and 'Inconvenient Facts' debunk about every claim Gore makes. [Climate Change]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Vijay Jayaraj, 'Funeral for the Paris Climate Agreement in Bonn' No one is meeting their targets already. 'The Paris agreement is nothing but a futile exercise championed by greedy politicians and radical environmentalists, costing the world billions of dollars every year.' [Climate Change]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Larry Elder, 'No, Colin Kaepernick Is No Muhammad Ali'. GW names him 'Citizen of the Year' but his cause is not like Ali's. Elder debunks the entire case for police killing black people because of racism. 2X as many white people killed by police. No one knows a thing about them. [Police, Fake Racism]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Only 23% of democrats believe gender is determined by biology - claim to be the party of science [Gender, Trans, Anti-Science]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Church shooting in New Braunfels, TX - kills 26, wounds 20. Mentally disturbed man. Escaped from mental facility. Should not have passed background check but felonies were not reported by AF. Liberals spew the same gun control arguments, none of which would have prevented it. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Steve Sherman, 'Not Eliminated But Fixed - The Carried Interest Loophole', The Trump tax plan finally gets the carried interest issue fixed properly without eliminating what was good about it. [Trump Win, Taxes]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ The American Library Association wrote a press release stating  ‘We are ready to work with President-elect Trump... to bring more economic opportunity to all Americans and advance other goals we have in common.’  Forced to delete it after an onslaught of vulgar hate from the left [Cancel Culture, Loathsome Left, Silencing, TDS]
Nov 19, 2017 ~ Virginia Hale, 'Young Mother Who Converted to Islam Murdered in Hammer Attack After Going Back to Western Lifestyle'. Leaving Islam is a crime punishable by death. That is not a perversion of Islam - its what Islam says. Her husband Akshar Ali is charged with murder. [Islam]
Nov 20, 2017 ~ Medicaid is unsustainable and at its breaking point - enrollment has doubled since 2000, number of able bodied adults has quadrupled - spending on able bodied adults up 700% - work requirement could help [Health Care]
Nov 20, 2017 ~ John Fund, 'Japan's 'Lost Generation' of No Economic Growth' - High Taxes and High Regulations were to blame - whenever the growth did not materialize, they doubled down and increased taxes and regulations more - let's not repeat their mistakes here. [Taxes, Economics]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ U. of Illinois graduate instructor Tariq Khan was arrested for assaulting two conservative students with TPUSA at an anti-Trump protest. Said 'Fuck Trump, Fuck Those Guys', then physically attacked them and damaged a cell phone. Violent attacks from the left becoming routine. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, College, Silencing]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ Denzel Washington says the prison system and society not to blame for black incarceration. 'It starts at home. It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn't have a father figure? I can't blame the system. It's unfortunate that we make such easy work for them' [Crime, Race, Police]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ British musician Morrissey says he would kill Trump if given the opportunity for the sake of humanity. 'I would [push it], for the safety of humanity'. What he is talking about pushing is a button that kills Trump. [TDS, Violent Left]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ Ron Perlman calls Trump a 'racist cunt' because he thought certain rules gave Indian casinos an unfair advantage. Routine discourse for the left. No well known person on the right ever said things like this about Obama publicly. But this happens constantly with no consequences. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Fake Racism]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ Transgender NZ weightlifter Laurel Hubbard wins the female weightlifting championship title. Hubbard competed as a male weightlifter before becoming transgender. Hubbard crushed the female competition. Biological females can't compete with biological males in contests of strength [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 28, 2017 ~ Why Net Neutrality must be dismantled - government has a long history of blocking technology powerful lobbies want suppressed - FM Radio, Cellular Phones etc. - Government can't be trusted with that power [Net Neutrality, Regulations]
Nov 30, 2017 ~ John Stossel, 'The Evil Rich'. Democrats 'routinely portray rich people as parasites who take from other people.' The rich don't get rich by taking more of your pie. They get rich by baking new pies. They are actually underpaid vs. how much they contribute to our lives. [John Stossel, Economics]
Nov 30, 2017 ~ Feminist Jody Allard writes article, 'I'm Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons)' She declares that ALL MEN are 'unsafe'. This is what modern feminism has become: rape culture bla bla bla, toxic masculinity bla bla bla, misogyny bla bla bla. Also, 'White people aren't safe'. [Feminism, Fake Racism, Racism]
Dec 2, 2017 ~ Byron York, 'Mueller Does What Special Prosecutors Do'. As predicted he is now investigating a bunch of people that have nothing to do with supposed Trump administration collusion with Russia, some many years ago. This always happens. Fishing expeditions searching for some crime. [Russia Hoax, Witch Hunt]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Sheriff David Clarke 'Statistical Bigotry' Liberals demand that black children be held to different standards of behavior. Teachers must allow them to be disruptive, even violent. Disciplining or calling the police for assault is racist. Teachers must deal with lack of parenting. [Education, Race]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College has section of paper 'for people of color by people of color' to escape the 'dark cloud that is living under white supremacy' - 'Dear White people, please take a step back'. [Racism, Fake Racism, College]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Supposedly there has been an 'Epidemic of Transgender Deaths' with media implying the deaths are due to transphobic hate crimes. Misleading headlines like 'Violence against transgender people at all-time high' Epidemic is 25 deaths and none were hate crime related. Fake News. [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Trans]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Google engineer James Damore writes a memo saying discrimination is not the main reason women are less than 50% of tech employees. Memo backed up by extensive research. Says people don't feel free to voice opinions. Google proves him right by firing him for unapproved opinions. [Cancel Culture, Gender, Silencing, Tech Bias, Tech Censorship]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ More than 235 Killed in Sinai, Egypt Mosque Attack, more than 100 injured. That mosque did not practice Islam exactly correctly according to the Islamic State. The same IS affiliate is responsible for many Christian church bombings and the downing a Russian airliner killing 226. [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ A 15-year-old pro-life student was punched outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Roanoke, Virginia. The attack was on video but the attacker could not be identified. The left engages in almost daily violence to shut down and silence their opposition and warn future dissenters. [Violent Left, Abortion]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Howie Carr, "Why Trump Is Still Calling Sen. Warren 'Pocahontas'". Trump is falsely called racist for using the term but she pretended to be part Indian to get hired into high paying cushy jobs at Ivy League schools and plagiarized the recipe for Pow Wow Chow. [Fake Racism]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets thanks to Hillary and Obama. CNN report with video showed migrants in Libya being auctioned off as slaves. 'We came, we saw, he died,' she joked. But overthrowing Gadhafi was a humanitarian and strategic disaster. Way worse. [Slavery, Hillary]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Bret Weinstein - Social Justice Warriors are 'taking over more and more territory' on college campuses. Arguments are BS but tough to defeat because you're not allowed to question. Questioning is racist. Goal is obedience. Use false accusations of white supremacy to silence etc. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Silencing, Cancel Culture, College]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Diversity Obsession'. 'Black parents should not allow their sons and daughters to attend a college where they would not be admitted if they were white.' It does them more harm than good. The only goal is meeting diversity quotas and making liberals feel good. [Walter Williams, Race, Education, Affirmative Action]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Estimated 640 young girls, some younger than 12, from Iraq's Turkmen minority community who remain under the shackles of sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS face honor killings if they escape and return to their families. 'About 2,900 Yazidi women and girls remain missing.' [Islam, Terrorism, Slavery]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ City University of New York sociology professor Jessie Daniels says having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy. 'Reproducing white children that you want the best for' perpetuates 'systemic white supremacy'. White people can maybe exist but reproducing is a problem. [Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Michael Bastasch, 'University of Alabama Climate scientists John Christy and Richard McNider found that by removing the climate effects of volcanic eruptions early on in the satellite temperature record it showed virtually no change in the rate of warming since the early 1990s.' [Climate Change]

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