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Dec 18, 2017 ~ Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years according to the BLS. [Trump Win, Economy, Race]
Dec 18, 2017 ~ Dow rises 5,000 points in a year for the first time ever. [Trump Win, Economy]
Dec 19, 2017 ~ Larry Kudlow, 'Trump's Incentive-Packed Tax Plan'. Kudlow endorses and explains Trump's new tax plan. Economists Score as Deficit Neutral. Ryan also goes on campaign to explain. Dems trot out the same 'tax cuts for the rich' lies from their standard playbook. Opposite is true. [Tax Cuts]
Dec 20, 2017 ~ Trump signs historic tax cut and reform bill, 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' Dems lie predictably saying it goes only to the wealthy, middle class increase etc. But fair analysis shows its a reduction for almost all except the very wealthy. Then dems mock people happy to get money back [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 20, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Undermining Academic Achievement' - black 12th graders, 17% proficient in reading, 7% in math. In Detroit, 7% reading and 4% math. Problem not a lack of funding. The most money is spent on the worst schools in DC and Detroit. DeVos wants to give them a choice. [Walter Williams, Education, Race]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Joseph S. Spoerl, 'How Obama and Kerry Betrayed Israel at the UN'. A year ago, Obama allowed the UN to pass a resolution condemning Israel. Purposely didn't veto it to stab Israel in the back. Trump says 'not on my watch' and stands with Israel and vetoes this year's resolution. [Trump Win, Israel]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Politico, 'The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook' Obama desperate to do the Iran deal, appeased Iran by shutting down a thorough DEA investigation that would have indicted many in Hezbollah. Hezbollah also funded tank destroying EFPs that killed Americans. [Iran, Terrorism]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College getting more dangerous and despicable. White students are being told they are not allowed to speak because they are white. They're called racist and white supremacists if they object. Culture of violence and harassment allowed by Bridges. 'literal anarchy' [Loathsome Left, Free Speech, Silencing, College, Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Leftist Thugs making racist comments, threats of violence and murder, stalking the homes and families of Ajit Pai and others who may overturn 'net neutrality'. Typical for leftists who can't and won't debate issues. 'I will find you and your family and I will kill you all' [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Net Neutrality]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Mueller Indictments - Manafort and Gates are indicted for 2014 money laundering crimes that have nothing to due with Trump Collusion or Russia - possible 2014 money laundering. As expected, Special Prosecutor finding crimes having 0 to do with what he was formed to look into. [Russia Hoax]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Jim Corbett and Tim Jones create a coloring book called 'I Am So Sick of White Guys'. They are not ridiculed or shamed like they would be if this kind of racist hatred was foist upon any other race. The book is sold on Amazon. [Racism, Race]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ George Will, 'Survival of the Shrillest' Long list of unhinged democratic party comments regarding ending net neutrality even though it hasn't been in effect for more than 20 years - 'the end of the Internet as we know it', 'rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength' [Net Neutrality, Fake News]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Washington Post ran story saying Trump was close to rescinding Judge Gorsuch's nomination - totally fake - Trump said he never even waivered. Anon sources as always. Fake News every day. [Fake News, SCOTUS]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Washington Post reported that the CDC had a list of banned words including 'diversity', 'transgender' 'evidence based' - Liberals got predictably outraged - CDC says its totally false [Fake News]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Philly bans convenience store protective glass barriers around cigs and other things. People claim the barriers are racist - but they protect cashiers in dangerous neighborhoods - but they have saved lives and prevented theft. They go into high crime stores. [Fake Racism, Crime]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Climate change is driving record snows now. Some years ago we were told we were about to see the end of snow due to climate change. Climate change is not scientific because there is no way to disprove it. No matter what happens, it proves climate change. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ The Big Lie is disproven. Liberals claim immigrants commit less crime than citizens. Non-citizens were responsible for 22 percent of all murder, 18 percent of fraud, 33 percent of money laundering, 29 percent of drug trafficking, and 72 percent of all drug possession convictions. [Crime, Immigration, Illegal Immigration]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Rosie O'Donnell Offers $2M Bribe to 2 Senators if they will vote the way she wants. A clear felony. Offered money to a public official to influence an official act. 'i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake if they vote NO.' [Crime, Tax Cuts]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Appointed Four Times as Many Federal Appeals Judges as Obama in His First Year - a record number - packing the lower courts with conservative judges [Trump Win]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ AT&T is giving $1,000 bonuses to hundreds of thousands of workers after Trump tax bill passed - AT&T also plans to spend an additional $1 billion dollars in capital spending in the US [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Comcast is giving $1,000 bonuses to hundreds of thousands of workers after Trump tax bill passed - Comcast also pledges an outlay of at least $50 billion over the next five years invested in the US [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Fifth Third Bancorp will pay more than 200,000 employees a $1000 bonus and raise the minimum wage of its workforce to $15 an hour after Trump tax bill passed - also will increase capital spending in the US by $1 billion [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Trump Win - Wells Fargo, said it will be boosting its minimum wage for employees to $15 an hour and pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in community spending after Trump tax bill passed [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ Katherine Timpf , 'Centrist Privilege' Is a Thing Now. In the effort for the far left to further and further sub-divide everyone into victims and privileged, now being centrist is not good enough. You must be radical or you contribute to oppression. [Politics, Kat Timpf]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ 50 Million tax filers pay $0 in income tax - 30 million of those get $90 Billion back in cash payments. The typical democrat talking point that the rich don't pay their 'fair share' is absurd. Almost half of filers pay no taxes at all. The 'rich' pay the overwhelming majority. [Taxes]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ Black conservative Candace Owens exposes how the dems who have done nothing for black people falsely accuse opponents of racism. Get votes by sprinkling the word 'racist' on anything that is opposed to their agenda. She implores people to not let these false accusations work. [Fake Racism]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ CBC's decision against airing 'Transgender Kids' doc should leave everyone unsettled - very balanced - showed both sides which was the problem for liberals - they can't acknowledge that its even possibly harmful to 'transition' a 6 yr old. [Trans]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ Chain Migration is a multiplier of 5 or 6 for every immigrant brought it - Over the last 35 years, some 20 million of the 33 million legal immigrants admitted (61 percent) were chain-migration immigrants [Immigration]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ Socialism is crushing Venezuela. Shame how far it fell and how wonderful it used to be there before they tried socialism. Left wingers that praised the transition are now no where to be found - people are literally starving. Socialism still popular with clueless American youth. [Socialism]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ University of Hawaii Professor Piper Harron says resign or you're racist, sexist etc. 'If you are a white cis man you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism, racism, transphobia is showing' [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Fake Homophobia, Trans, College]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ In the 'everything is racist' category, even building roads is racist! Feminist Caroline Criado-Perez, 'spending money on roads instead of welfare is literally choosing rich white men over everyone else - they are the ones who drive' You cannot make stuff up this ridiculous. [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Jesse Jackson on the NFL Protests, 'To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress' Incredibly absurd to compare players voluntarily playing sports for millions of dollars a year to SLAVES! 'not very much progress'? [Fake Racism, Slavery]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Evergreen Prof Naima Lowe, 'White supremacy...lives and breathes within every single white person standing here right now. I refuse to shut my mouth and let white people set this agenda?the white gays, the white middle class assimilationist motherfucking gays.' [Fake Racism, Homophobia, College, Loathsome Left]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ CNN political commentator Sally Kohn says, 'Whether we realize it or not, most men hate women'. SHE realizes it, and is going to inform those of us who don't. You may not even know who you hate! [Fake Sexism, Feminism]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ The Slate complains that Hallmark Christmas movies have too many white leads with 'white nationalist haircuts' Also that there are not enough Muslims in a Christmas movie! Ridiculously tie to Trump: 'they all depict a fantasy world in which America has been Made Great Again.' [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake Islamophobia]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Hans A. von Spakovsky & Roger Clegg "The Bogus Science behind 'Implicit Racism'" The left's theory about how every white person is implicitly racist whether they even know it or not does not hold up to scrutiny. Article explains why Implicit Association Test (IAT) is very flawed. [Fake Racism]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ The GOP Tax Bill Repeals the unpopular Obamacare's Individual Mandate [Health Care, Obamacare, Trump Win]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ According to CNN's Carol Costello, It's a Wonderful Life, The Producers and the Nutcracker Suite are 'inherently sexist'. Those 'old-fashioned songs, plays and ballets can influence the way kids think about gender roles' 'Perhaps it is time we retire these dinosaurs' [Fake Sexism, Cancel Culture]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'Stacking the deck with anti-Trump staffers is proving to be a really bad idea.' Some fired they were so blatantly biased. Others were Hillary Donors who bent the rules for Hillary. Used the fake Dossier as 'insurance policy' for Fake FISA investigation. [Victor Davis Hanson, Russia Hoax, Spygate, Witch Hunt]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ Jonah Goldberg, 'Trump's List Of Accomplishments Isn't Small, But The Party Is Running The Show' The main reason it was better to have Trump instead of Hillary was because Trump's 3000 appointees and advisors would be better than Hillary's, leading to this year of accomplishment. [Trump Win, Politics]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ After Trump decides to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, At least ten more countries are in talks with Israel to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Brave leadership allows others to follow. [Trump Win, Israel]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ Consumer Confidence Climbs to 17-Year High [Trump Win, Economy]
Dec 27, 2017 ~ Trump Win - Sinclair Broadcasting Group is giving $1,000 bonuses to 9000 workers after Trump tax bill passed - They praise the tax bill and what will be its effects for American businesses and workers. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economy]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Trump and Mattis defeat ISIS - All of the territory ISIS occupied in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been retaken. Trump policies should get credit. 10s of thousands of ISIS casualties - 'utterly defeated'. Major military operations liberated Raqqa and Iraq. Not getting much press. [Islam, Syria, Terrorism, Trump Win]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Educational Rot' Professor Williams looks at another reason for poor performance by black students. The quality of the teachers has fallen to abysmal levels - 700 Georgia teachers failed VERY EASY certification - 300 failed 5 or more times. [Walter Williams, Education, Race]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ USA Today, 'How white nationalists tapped into decades of pent-up racism to spark a movement' Fake News continues to try to falsely tie Trump to the KKK even though he has repudiated them several times. KKK used to have 4 million members all dems. Now less than 8000, .002% of pop [Fake News, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Fake News Debunked, Blockbuster Report from DOJ, DHS destroys liberal myth that non-citizens are less likely to commit crimes than citizens. Its actually far higher especially for illegal immigrants. 20% of federal inmates foreign born, 94% are illegal. Non-citizens 22% of murder [Fake News, Immigration, Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Newsweek article, 'How Trump And The Nazis Stole Christmas To Promote White Nationalism'. Saying 'Merry Christmas' Is 'Promoting White Nationalism'. Article insanely links 'Merry Christmas' to White Supremacy, Nazis, Hitler, anti-Muslim, anti-minority white identity politics. [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake News, Loathsome Left, Fake Islamophobia, Holocaust Denial]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Dr. John S. Theon, James Hansen's former supervisor at NASA told Congress that Hansen 'violated NASA's official agency position on climate forecasting' and 'thus embarrassed NASA by coming out with his claims of global warming'. Hanson was supposedly a climate change expert. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Harvey Weinstein Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, John Conyers and many others show there was a huge double standard for who could get away with sex assault. Those who towed the liberal line or donate huge were allowed to get away with it but that's over. [Me Too, Politics]

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