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Jan 13, 2018 ~ Miami Ends Red-Light Camera Program. Other Cities Should Too - Perfect example of unintended consequences of government intervention - cameras actually cause significantly more accidents - strong evidence - no doubt [Regulations]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ Terry McAuliffe and Chris Matthews indulge in thuggish fantasy about physically beating up President Trump - 'You would have to pick him up off the floor'. Matthews laughed while stereotyping Irish people saying McAuliffe, 'sounds like an Irish-American politician.' [TDS, Violent Left]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ That new soda tax in Seattle is working out about as well as Chicago's - outraging consumers who then go out of city to get soda and since they're there, everything else - net loss of tax revenue - no health benefit [Taxes, Economics]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'The New Tax Bill explained in Simple Terms and Without the Snarky Comments' - dem tax cut for the rich talking point is a lie, 'even the left of center Brookings Institute's Tax Policy Center states 80% of Americans will receive a significant tax cut.' [Tax Cuts, Economics, Fake News]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ Aid to Palestinians cut off until they stop the acts of terrorism - Saves taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars - worse than wasted money - it funds terrorism of people who have no desire for peace or Israel's existence [Trump Win, Israel, Terrorism, Foreign Aid]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau slush fund that funneled federal dollars to democratic causes has been shut down - The CFPB awarded cash to liberal, Democratic groups 593 times for every one Republican or conservative recipient. [Trump Win]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ GW - Extremely cold winter - Gore and others argue that cold weather proves climate change just like hot weather does - whatever happens proves their point - then it turns out the extreme winter was NOT caused by Global Warming [Climate Change]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ Bruce Bialosky article 'He Did a Wonderful Thing' - Good article about how Trump did the right thing moving the Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and why all the criticism of is is ridiculous and hypocritical given their pre-Trump stances. [Israel]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ Michael Reagan warns don't get burned on DACA like his father did - got screwed by signing Simpson-Mazzoli which gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens in exchange for border security - but the border security was NEVER done. [Illegal Immigration]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ Hawaii state agency falsely tells people missiles incoming - liberals stupidly blame Trump. Jamie Lee Curtis 'YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM. RAGE. EGO. IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY. Shame on your hate filled self. YOU DID THIS!' Trump Derangement Syndrome is real... [TDS, Fake News]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ Due to Trump Tax Cuts, Fiat Chrysler will spend $1 billion to revamp its Warren Truck Assembly Plant and bring back 2,500 jobs from Mexico to Michigan by 2020. Also, a one-time bonus of $2,000 for 60,000 employees. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Due to Trump Tax Cuts, Waste Management announced that 34,000 employees will receive $2,000 'special bonuses' - Pelosi continues to roll her eyes at the 'crumbs' real Americans appreciate. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Susan Stamper Brown article, 'Democrats' Contribution to Haiti's "Craphole" Status' - How the Clintons profited greatly from aid the Clinton Foundation was supposed to provide but instead donations were funneled to huge foundation donors and Arkansas farmers. [Hillary]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Jay Cost, Earmarks have been banned for good reasons - don't bring them back - once one guy gets one, everyone else will withhold support until they get earmarks as well - explode budget, corruption etc. [Economics, Politics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Another anti-Muslim 'hate crime' exposed as a hoax - An 11-year-old Toronto girl says a man attempted twice to cut off her hijab. As always, celebs and politicians all in. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his 'heart goes out the young girl who was attacked'. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Islamophobia, Fake News]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Rice University black students take out an ad, 'Hey there white people, do something productive like beating off in a sock and wondering whatever happened to your 8th grade girlfriend. You're disgusting'. Allows rhetoric that would be unacceptable from any other group of people. [Racism, College]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Democrats Keep Beclowning Themselves With Tax Reform Lies. Continue to disparage the obvious benefits workers are getting. Schumer 'There's nothing about this bill that is suited to the needs of the American worker or the American economy.' [Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Trump Announces 2017 Fake News Award Winners. Krugman wins with economy will 'never' recover. 2nd place to Brian Ross who tanked the stock market with fake Russia news. CNN takes 4 of 11 spots for their work on HUGE, but fake stories. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Appointee Mick Mulvaney, submitted a budget request for the CFPB that may be a first in the history of government - $0. 'I have been assured that the funds currently in the bureau fund are sufficient for the bureau to carry out its statutory mandates for the next fiscal quarter.' [Trump Win]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Andrew Sullivan on feminism vs. nature - Says as a gay man he can tell you men are the way they are because of nature, not some patriarchal social constructs or whatever - feminism is making claims against nature and so will lose. [Gender, Feminism]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Katie Pavlich, 'Blockbuster DOJ Report Shows Vast Majority of Convicted Terrorists in America Were Born Abroad'. 75% of convicted terrorists were foreign born. 'Many convicted terrorists came to the U.S. through chain migration.' [Terrorism, Immigration]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ John Lott study, 'Undocumented Immigrants, U.S. Citizens, and Convicted Criminals in Arizona' shows Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of crime than other Arizonans - 163 percent more likely to commit first degree murder than are U.S. citizens. [Illegal Immigration]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Christmas song 'Jingle Bells' is rooted in racism Boston University professor Kyna Hamill says. Example of how to decode the 'racism', '"Words such as 'thro,' 'tho't,' and 'upsot' suggest a racialized performance that attempted to sound 'southern' to a northern audience." Yikes! [Fake Racism]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Germany's experiment with green energy has been a dismal failure. Viv Forbes article, 'The Green Empress Has No Clothes' 'During December 2017, Germany's millions of solar panels received just 10 hours of sunshine. When sun was out 'most of the panels were covered in snow.' [Climate Change]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Joy Reid lies - claims David French ok with a nuclear attack as long as it only kills democrats and minorities - of course he never said any such thing [Fake News]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Andrew Klavan article 'Of Crudeness and Truth' No one on the right tries to silence the left but the left constantly tries to silence the right. Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth. Why else would they be so desperate to prevent people from speaking? 'even criminalizing' [Silencing]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Clemson Prof Bart Knijnenburg calls for violence against GOP. 'all republicans are racist scum'. 'I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy, Violent or non-violent... by any means necessary. #PunchNazis' Demands 'denounce your affiliation, or admit you're a racist' [TDS, Violent Left, Fake Racism, Silencing]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Cory Booker compares Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to a Nazi enabler - 'we know what happened in Europe when people just did their jobs.' [TDS, Holocaust Denial]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'The Democratic Playbook'. Cry racism, falsely, then offer redemption for the guilty deplorable republicans. 'different races being involved is enough "proof."' The only way to prove they are not racist by voting the way the dems want. [Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Derek Hunter]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Heather Wilhelm, 'The Feminist War on Common Sense Dogma: Women thrive in hookup culture. But they also lack agency and the ability to state their desires, so men should read their minds. Or else.' Truth is men and women are different and hookup culture is a bad deal for women. [Gender, Feminism]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Apple announces plans to repatriate $250 billion in overseas cash and will contribute $350 billion to the US economy over the next 5 years - will hire 20,000, give $2500 bonuses - credits Trump Tax Cuts [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Software Company Spellex Corporation CEO Credits 'Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act' for $1,000 Employee Bonus Checks - the 'memo' section of each $1,000 bonus check read, 'Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act' [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 22, 2018 ~ Why bitcoin is NOT MONEY - many reasons - its far too volatile - money needs to be more stable, backed by the government and universally accepted - John Horvat II [Economics]
Jan 22, 2018 ~ Democrats foolishly back themselves into a corner by shutting down the government - people will realize its not about Dreamers, which would be taken care of, but unpopular policies like chain migration and the diversity lottery [Illegal Immigration]
Jan 22, 2018 ~ Rupert Darwall, 'Europe's Energy Crack-Up' - The whole thing has been a disaster and now the are replacing coal plants with wood burning plants. 'burning the world's carbon sinks to meet the EU's arbitrary renewable-energy targets is environmentally insane.' [Climate Change]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ The Me Too movement has a setback with the Aziz Ansari story - there was nothing unconsensual - just a clumsy impatient lover who didn't read non-verbal clues - most side with Aziz -pretending women want the same thing as men is a problem. [Me Too]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Tom Purcell, 'Hey, Feds, Take Your Ethanol Mandate and Shovel It!' - Ethanol continues to destroy the fuel systems of cars, boats, lawn equipment and other engines - provides absolutely no benefits in exchange for all the harm. [Economics, Regulations, Energy, Climate Change]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Dennis Prager, Male Sexual Nature - A Primer for the College-Educated - Prager has to again explain the difference between men and women and why men objectifying women is natural and not misogynistic [Gender, Dennis Prager]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Disney to Give over 125,000 employees in the U.S. a one-time cash bonus of $1,000, as well as make a new $50 million investment into an education program for employees thanks to GOP tax cuts. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Due to GOP tax cut, 22,000 JPMorgan Chase workers are getting a raise to between $15 and $18 per hour - also hiring 4000 new workers, opening 400 new branches - increasing small business loans by $4B, philanthropic $ by 40% [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ Due to GOP tax cut, Starbucks Announces Employee Raises and the disbursement of $250 million in bonuses and expanded benefits - between $500 and $2000 bonus per employee [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ California is America's Poverty Capital - has the highest poverty rate in the US - predictable result given they've implemented every left wing idea and regulation they could - bankrupting themselves in many ways but keep adding more [Regulations]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ California is considering a bill that would punish waiters at sit-down restaurants with up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000, for offering customers straws before they ask [Regulations]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ Cher publicly shames Sarah Sanders on how she dresses. 'Would someone tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife'. Posts a picture to shame Sanders. Cher's twitter feed reveals what an awful person she is - the left treats women horribly and then lectures. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Sexism]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ Eminem says 'A fucking turd would have been better as a president.' [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ Heritage Foundation rates Trump's first year better than Reagan's first year [Trump Win]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ Whistling at women & asking for phone number could cost men $435 in France [Me Too]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ Book 'Fire and Fury' trashes Trump and his family - Bannon is quoted saying Don treasonous and Ivanka dumb as rocks - book has so many known errors it can't be trusted for anything. Trump calls the book 'fiction'. [TDS, Fake News]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ The Root 'Charles Barkley Is a Great Example of a Black White Supremacist' 'no one exemplifies the black man's subconscious acceptance of white superiority more' 'Charles Barkley is a white supremacist.' 'He is a true believer in the infallibility and superiority of whiteness.' [Fake Racism]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ Racist articles at The Root - 'The Most Useless Types of White People, Ranked' [Racism]

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