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Mar 6, 2018 ~ Auto makers are forced by the government to take huge losses on their electric vehicles that no one wants. States like California making it even worse by enacting mpg requirements way higher than the national average. These significantly harm regulations make US auto makers. [Economics, Climate Change]
Mar 6, 2018 ~ Steve Moore, 'How Environmentalists and Liberals Keep Heating Bills High' - They push LIHEAP program which would help far fewer people than shale gas with they opposed - they blocked pipelines that would have lowered prices further requiring imports. [Economics, Climate Change]
Mar 6, 2018 ~ Wake Forest Review, Wake Forest U. does not allow racial slurs or racial bullying except if directed at white students. Their bias response team allows whites to be called crackers, pictures of crackers, 'mayonnaise monster' etc. Not tolerated against any other group of people. [Racism, College]
Mar 9, 2018 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'The Paradoxes of the Mueller Investigation'. The only collusion he found was between the Hillary Campaign and a foreign investigator. Steele was using Russian intelligence to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign - no collusion on the GOP side [Witch Hunt, Russia Hoax, Fake News, Spygate]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Elizabeth Yore, 'The Chilling Face of Cowardice and the Perils of Political Correctness on International Women's Day' - Look the other way at honor violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriage for fear of being called an 'Islamophobe'- 200 Million FGM alone. [Islam, Feminism]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Antifa shuts down debate at King's College London for Objectivist and Libertarian talk - violent and in black masks these pathetic tyrants prevent people from speaking - absurd irony of Antifa acting like fascists. [Antifa, College, Silencing, Violent Left]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Bobsledder Lauren Gibbs is brutalized by the liberal mob on twitter for posting a selfie with Ivanka Trump - finally gets so much hatred and incivility from the intolerant left that she takes the picture down - common bully tactics of the left to silence and shame falsely. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Clemson student arrested for falsely accusing a man of rape. Investigation concluded sexual relations were consensual and the the woman 'had not been truthful in the information that she provided to the investigator in the case.' [Fake Rape, College]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Disgusting student protesters sing, shout over 'known fascist' Christina Hoff Sommers. Shut down her speech at the Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland. As usual, the vile left despises free speech, preventing alternative viewpoints from being heard - happens very often. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, College, Holocaust Denial]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'Do Not Give An Inch On The Second Amendment' - Derek Hunter uses Adam Carolla's cigarette analogy to show that if you keep giving inches, eventually you are down the block - a place you never would have agreed to at the start. [Guns-Mass Shootings, Derek Hunter]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Gary Oldman Was Criticized for Thanking Winston Churchill in His Acceptance Speech. Churchill was called 'racist war criminal'. The fake fighters of fake fascism criticize one of the biggest fighters of real fascists and Nazis. The vile woke left wants to cancel all past leaders. [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Graffiti at Evergreen State College equates science with white supremacy. Bret Weinstein says this was predictable. 'During the riots, students of color were chastised as traitors for studying science, science faculty were hunted, and you ordered campus police to stay out of it.' [Fake Racism, Violent Left, Anti-Science]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Segregated staff meetings were instituted at Nichols Middle School in Evanston, Ill. because of a big gap in test scores between blacks and whites. Which was of course assumed to be due to racism. In other schools where these measures were taken black scores fell instead of rose. [Fake Racism, Education]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Anti-Gun liberal Shannon Watts tells mom who bought gun for self defense that she is doing so because of 'white privilege' - the woman had a very non-privileged life but the claim is ridiculous regardless. One thing has nothing to do with the other. [Fake Racism, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Gender reassignment surgeries and regrets over same are on the rise - people are usually no happier - studies can't even show any real benefit - many want to reverse it but of course can't - therefore it is an ethical problem to allow for minors who would outgrow it more than 80% [Trans]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Another global warming scare goes bust as scientists are 'surprised' to find 1.5 million Adelie penguins. They were discovered after having been classified as endangered due to global warming. Similar to the false claim that polar bear are endangered while they are thriving. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Vijay Jayaraj, 'Arctic Climate Change Fairytales vs. Reality' - long term data of sea ice and temperature shows that current events are not unprecedented nor unusual. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Thomas Lifson, 'Half a Century of Blaming White Racism for Black America's Problems'. 'The dogma of racism and victimhood has been thoroughly institutionalized' but considering recent progress has been slow, is it time to re-evaluate the cause of the problems. [Race, Racism]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Jack Hellner, I'll take the 'incompetent' Trump over the supposedly brilliant Obama or the corrupt Hillary every day of the week - still the lesser of two evils - point by point Trump accomplishments vs. Obama's supposed accomplishments. [Politics]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Andrew C. McCarthy, 'The Curious Michael Flynn Guilty Plea' - The FBI Agents Who Interviewed Michael Flynn Didn't Think He Lied To Them - He was probably under strong financial pressure to plead guilty anyway - legal fees were bankrupting him. [Witch Hunt, Russia Hoax, Spygate]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Jack Hellner, The idea that Hollywood women are underpaid is a myth. Plenty of examples of females being paid more, sometimes far more than males in the same position. J. Lo was paid more than Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr's combined on Idle. Pay is based on draw not gender. [Fake Sexism]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ CaliBurger creates a burger flipping robot named Flippy that does a better job at it than humans. Created in an environment where minimum wage just hit $12 and is rising to $15. As the minimum wages rise, companies automate to remain competitive, killing those very jobs. [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ The way liberals treat conservative women like Dana Loesch and Michelle Malkin is beyond despicable and criminal - while claiming to support #Me Too, they threaten to assault, rape and kill these women and their families. [Me Too, Violent Left, Sexism]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Michael Tanner, 'Tread Carefully on Mental-Health Reform' - This is not an easy thing to do as history has shown - many liberties are at stake with abuses a real and historical concern - not an easy fix to the mass shooting problem. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Economy continues to boom - Blowout jobs numbers, record number employed, manufacturing adds 263,000 since Trump, black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. [Trump Win, Economics]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ U.S. Steel to Call Back 500 Employees to Illinois Plant After Trump Announces Tariffs on Foreign Steel [Trump Win, Economics, Trade, Tariffs]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Dennis Prager, 'Why Christians Support Israel' - 'They believe in supporting American allies and supporting countries that share their moral values.' Prager explains it and laments that Christians seem to support and defend Israel more than Jews. [Israel, Dennis Prager]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Why I Will Not Turn on President Trump. Rush addresses critics who accuse him of supporting things he once or would disagree with just because Trump is doing or saying them, doesn't actually defend. Defeating the left is more important than Trump flaws because they are far worse. [Politics]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ David French, 'Why the Left Won't win the debate on Gun Control' - can't persuade a rational, reasonable adult who's experienced a threat that they're safer without effective means of self-defense - bully and shaming tactics instead of facts. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Mar 11, 2018 ~ Years After Obama's School Lunch Rules, Kids Fatter Than Ever - Obama lunch program was not only widely disliked by the students, it did not even achieve the desired results - the opposite in fact. Childhood obesity continues to rise. - Thomas Phippen [Health, Education]
Mar 11, 2018 ~ California which already has the most unaffordable housing in the country thanks to too much regulation has just added many more very costly regulations determined to make the problem much worse - Bruce Bialosky [Regulations]
Mar 16, 2018 ~ Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipped off the public to ICE raid in the San Francisco Bay Area last week -- put both residents and law enforcement at risk - dems side with illegal immigrants over citizens - Sessions sues California [Illegal Immigration]
Mar 18, 2018 ~ Rex Murphy, The slur of 'white privilege' is just angry racism. Now you are called a racist if you want to live in a society where people are not defined by race. Told 'colour blindness as a defense actually contributes to racism. Please check your privilege and be quiet'. [Fake Racism, Silencing]
Mar 18, 2018 ~ Federal judge dismisses civil rights lawsuit filed by father of Ahmed Mohamed - Judge dismisses 'Clock Boy's' lawsuit against the school 'with prejudice' - A ridiculous FAKE STORY orchestrated by his Muslim activist father that every idiot on the left from Obama on down fell for. [Fake Islamophobia, Fake News]
Mar 18, 2018 ~ Two Million Americans Got Off Food Stamps In Trump's First Year. [Trump Win, Economy, Entitlements]
Mar 19, 2018 ~ Why would anyone follow US Immigration laws anymore - sneak over, or overstay a visa and democrats roll out the red carpet - drivers licenses, in state tuition, welfare benefits, free health care and no deportation. [Illegal Immigration]
Mar 19, 2018 ~ Climate alarmism has changed back and forth from warming to cooling many times. From a 1981 Chicago Tribune article, 'Climatologists now blame recurring droughts and floods on a global cooling trend that could trigger massive tragedies for mankind.' Newsweek 'The Cooling World'. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 19, 2018 ~ Transgender woman Tifanny Abreu is dominating female Brazilian volleyball. Abreu who was male for most of her life has significant physical advantages over natural born females. If she makes the Olympics, she takes a female athlete's spot. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 19, 2018 ~ FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired after 'Both the OIG and FBI OPR reports concluded that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor - including under oath - on multiple occasions.' according to Attorney General Sessions statement. [Russia Hoax, Witch Hunt]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ College Dean Jennifer E. Walsh, "Why States Should Abandon the 'Free College' Movement" 'Subsidies reduce motivation, distort the education market, and often end up reducing students' motivation' - results say it just doesn't work at all. [College]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Jack Crowe, 'Afraid of Islamophobia Racism and Accusations, British Police Didn't Address Child-Sex Ring' - authorities failed to meaningfully address an epidemic of child prostitution that claimed as many as 1,000 victims over the past three decades. [Islam, Political Correctness]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders and explaining why the gender pay gap is bogus. Barred from class. Liberals must silence opposing views because facts not on their side. Won't debate. Conservatives not allowed to voice views. [Loathsome Left, Free Speech, Silencing, College]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Portland State University Biology Professor Heather Heying notes men are taller than women on average, SJWs storm out angrily. Damage sound system on the way out. Call Haying a Nazi and a Fascist - The left tries to silence speech even when its obviously true. Tantruming tyrants. [Loathsome Left, Free Speech, Silencing, College, Anti-Science, Holocaust Denial]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Katie Pavlich, 'FBI reports The Obama Administration Purged 500,000 Fugitives From the Gun Background Check System' - dems claim to want to make background checks stronger but undermine them at every turn. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Massive food stamp fraud uncovered - many millions of dollars ripped off the bloated system in each major city. [Trump Win, Entitlements]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ New book on Solar Energy - 'Taming the Sun' - totally flawed, bogus and misleading. Norman Rogers debunks point by point in article 'Chasing Sunbeams: Taming the Sun and Solar Energy' [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Philip H. DeVoe, 'Rolling Back Dodd-Frank' - not enough but some of the worst parts of Dodd-Frank are being fixed or removed by the Republicans in charge. [Trump Win, Regulations, Economics]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Secret Society revealed within the FBI determined to exonerate Hillary no matter the evidence and convict Trump no matter the lack of evidence - McCabe Resigns - Nunos releases memo showing DNC funded bogus dossier basis for FISA spying. [Russia Hoax, Spygate, Witch Hunt]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ Sex reassignment surgery doesn't work - 'party of science' needs to look at the evidence - does not really change their sex so they usually remain very unhappy - just become feminized men or masculine women - suicide rate does not improve post surgery. [Trans, Anti-Science]
Mar 20, 2018 ~ The House's Collusion Investigation Ends - No collusion was found between Russia and the Trump Administration. It was just a political witch hunt from the beginning. [Russia Hoax, Spygate, Witch Hunt]

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