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Mar 21, 2018 ~ Simmons College in Boston says 'God bless you' is a microaggression - this is something called 'anti-Islamomisia' There are 6 "anti-oppression" categories: anti-racism like saying all lives matter, anti-transmisia, anti-ableism, anti-Islamomisia, anti-sanism and anti-queermisia. [College, Fake Islamophobia, Fake Racism]
Mar 21, 2018 ~ John Hawkins '7 Techniques Liberals Use to Silence Conservatives' - False Accusations, false labelling and Shaming, de-platforming with violence if necessary, straw man arguments - Political Correctness, Safe Spaces, Microaggressions [Silencing, Loathsome Left, Cancel Culture]
Mar 21, 2018 ~ Chad Felix Greene, 'Despite The Hysteria, There's No Proof Mike Pence Is Anti-LGBT' Fake news based on debunked stories about supporting conversion therapy or instructing the CDC to scrub sensitive words. 'Pence Went Out of His Way to Create LGBT Preferences' [Fake Homophobia]
Mar 23, 2018 ~ Mike Pence's daughter writes a children's book - John Oliver writes a similar book 'to annoy Mike Pence' and tell him 'to go fuck himself' - John Oliver thinks Pence, who is not really anti LGBT, is the one full of hate. [Loathsome Left, LGBT]
Mar 25, 2018 ~ Jonah Goldberg, The Crusades were in every way a defensive war. They were the West's belated response to the Muslim conquest of fully two-thirds of the Christian world. [Islam]
Mar 27, 2018 ~ Devout Muslim woman Lasandra Johnson with ties to radical Islamic mosques crashes car into police station with accelerants in the car designed to explode - Official story is that the motive remains a mystery. [Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 27, 2018 ~ Dennis Prager, 'Trump, Adultery, Morality' Ridiculous to say that Trump's adultery overshadows the good he has done and continues to do for America and the world - see also JFK, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr. and many many others. [TDS, Dennis Prager, Politics]
Mar 27, 2018 ~ Tantrum throwing toddlers disrupt lecture by University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo, at Ottawa Public Library - pulled fire alarm, blocked people from entering, caused disruption - typical left wingers who despise free speech. Disgusting behavior happens every day. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Silencing, College]
Mar 28, 2018 ~ DeVos's team radically revamped the collective-bargaining agreement CBA that governs the 3,900 employees at the Department of Education - rolled back ridiculous Obama union rules - better for taxpayers and most workers [Trump Win]
Mar 28, 2018 ~ Slate Writer falsely asserted the Austin Bomber was a 'White Supremacist'. No evidence of this was ever found. [Fake Racism, Fake News]
Mar 28, 2018 ~ Fallen Pedestrian Bridge At FIU Funded By Obama-Era Grant Program With Sketchy Review Protocol - Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery - way to spend stimulus dollars - grants given to dems and identity groups and not given due to merit. [Politics]
Mar 29, 2018 ~ John Hawkins, The 20 Worst Quotes From Louis Farrakhan, Liberal America's Favorite Racist and anti-Semite - White people deserve to die, White people are not human - Jews are bloodsuckers - Hitler was a very great man - Judaism is a dirty religion. [Racism, Anti-Semitism]
Mar 29, 2018 ~ Shortly after Parkland, MD High School Shooter Proved the proposed gun control measures are useless - Used Handgun not a Rifle - He Was Prohibited from Purchasing so gun laws did not stop - only stopped by armed security guard on site. All the gun control narratives disproven. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 1, 2018 ~ National Review Editorial Board, The Omnibus Disgrace - Loaded with Pork - fiscally irresponsible and not what conservatives want - had to give dems everything just to get some additional military spending. [Politics, Deficit]
Apr 1, 2018 ~ Fake Outrage - Trump congratulates Vladimir Putin's election win - idiots lose their minds as if its the worst thing ever - except Obama did the same thing under similar circumstances. Trump did not call specifically to congratulate him - had other things to discuss. [TDS, Russia, Fake News]
Apr 1, 2018 ~ Hillary doubles down on hating Americans and GOP - 'didn't like black people getting rights. You didn't like women getting jobs. You don't want to see that Indian-Americans are succeeding' - then insults women, 'vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever' says. [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Sexism, Hillary]
Apr 1, 2018 ~ GW - NYC hasn't seen snow like this in 130 years - remember when climate change was supposed to be the end of snow? Whatever weather is happening now proves climate change. If the opposite of what you warn about happens, that proves man made climate change too. [Climate Change, Anti-Science]
Apr 1, 2018 ~ Stossel on why exiting the Paris Accord was absolutely the right thing to do - almost no one but the US had to do anything they weren't already going to easily do - AND they're still failing - and it would make no difference anyway. [Climate Change, John Stossel]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ The Left's Farrakhan Problem - From Obama on down, many prominent democrats have ties to the known racist and virulent anti-Semite - The equivalent would be Trump paling around with David Duke or Richard Spencer [Anti-Semitism]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ Candace Owens is a young black woman who created a YouTube site she calls Red Pill Black - She is a conservative black woman exposing the lie that the democrat party has been good for black people - going viral [#WalkAway]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ Fordham students kicked out of campus Coffee Shop simply for wearing MAGA hats - were told the hats represent 'fascism' and 'nazis'. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, College, Holocaust Denial]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ Fake News - Larry King Says the Second Amendment Was Created by Southern Senators so they could be able to Fight Off Slave Uprisings - hopefully he is just senile and not actually that stupid [Guns-Mass Shootings, Fake News, Slavery]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ Bob Barr, "Gun Crimes Are Not a 'Public Health' Issue - Keep the CDC Out" of the gun rights issue - Its a ridiculous idea. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 2, 2018 ~ Economy booming - Jobless Claims Hit Lowest Level Since the Nixon Administration - now more than 4 million workers have received tax cut bonus, plus countless benefit improvements rolled out to workers - most Americans got a tax cut. [Trump Win, Economy, Tax Cuts]
Apr 3, 2018 ~ Trump win - McDonald's announced it would triple the amount of funding allocated to its employee tuition-assistance program due to the GOP tax reform bill signed into law last year [Trump Win, Economy, Tax Cuts]
Apr 5, 2018 ~ Steve McCann, The left follows Plato, Hobbes, and Marx believes in sovereignty of the the state, rights permitted by state- The right follows Aristotle, Locke and Smith believes in sovereignty of the individual who has natural rights to be guaranteed [Politics]
Apr 5, 2018 ~ Larry Elder, Al Sharpton's anti-Semitic 'diamond merchants' and 'bloodsucking Jews' rhetoric led to the Crown Height riots which got two people killed and 100s injured under chants of 'Kill the Jew!' Yet Sharpton was at the White House all the time during the Obama Administration [Anti-Semitism, Larry Elder]
Apr 5, 2018 ~ Liberals despise the 1st and 2nd amendments - look to Britain to see where they want to head - violent crime in London now higher than New York but law abiding are disarmed with no means to defend - people are now being jailed for speech. [Free Speech, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 5, 2018 ~ Sandra Bernhard explains why women voted for Trump because "It's being either under the thumb of your husband? or feeling inadequate, feeling like, 'How can somebody [like Hillary] be so educated". "A lot of women... have not had the luxury of being able to think for themselves' [TDS, Sexism]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Washington Post Max Boot says stupid Russian Facebook ad buy 'Worst Attack on America Since 9-11' - other people equally deranged - making idiots of themselves. Most of the ads were bought after the election - did not affect the election. Total madness. They had almost no effect. [TDS, Russia Hoax]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Kurt Schlichter, 'Don't Go To College' - college degree has become way way more expensive than it is actually worth - many degrees actually worthless - can learn almost anything online for free these days [College]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Matt Vespa, 'MSNBC Host's Nutty Claim That He's Secretly An NRA Member Just Exploded In His Face' - Ali Velshi tried to claim that the NRA secretly signs up members to inflate its member roles. Caught lying. [Fake News, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Pulse Nightclub trial debunks a liberal Anti-Christian narrative. Many liberals said the attack was the result of a homophobic US and GOP - turns out he didn't even know it was a gay club. Was confused in the club asking where the women were. Just a normal Islamic Terror attack. [Fake News, Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Mass shooting at YouTube - nothing fit the narrative the left is trying to push - Iranian refugee female perp - used handgun, not assault rifle - some still make fools of themselves by blaming the NRA - actually vindicates travel ban. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Political Correctness Gone Mad - UK court CONVICTS comedian Mark Meechan for 'illegal speech' - portrayed his girlfriend's dog as a nazi to annoy her because she was always saying how cute he is. This is what can happen in countries without a right to free speech. [Free Speech, Political Correctness]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Sean Penn's debut novel is Trump assassination porn - 'we are a nation in need of an assassin' [TDS, Violent Left]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Joe Biden threatens Trump with violence - 'If we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him' - Trump responds of course - 'Don't threaten people Joe!' [TDS, Violent Left, Biden]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ The Facebook Cambridge Analytica 'Scandal' Is a Giant Nothingburger - Obama did the same kind of social media data mining and bragged about it and was praised for being so clever and resourceful. [Fake News]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Scott Morefield, 'The Police Shooting of Stephon Clark Beyond the Hysteria and Screaming Headlines' - stories leave out the details that he led the police on a foot chase over fences etc. Was not cooperating . Leads to mistakes. No one ever looks at police shoots of white people. [Police, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Apr 7, 2018 ~ Caravan of at least 1500 headed through Mexico headed for US to enter illegally - Trump gets tough with Mexico and Mexico agrees to help stop and disperse it before it got here. [Trump Win, Illegal Immigration]
Apr 12, 2018 ~ Southwire has announced that they will be distributing some $9 million to bonuses and benefits thanks to the GOP Tax Cut legislation [Trump Win, Economy, Tax Cuts]
Apr 12, 2018 ~ Reid Wilson viral tweet alleging racism in voter fraud sentencing is bogus - claims white women treated differently than a black woman under similar circumstances - but not apples to apples. Black woman was on probation for same crime already. [Fake Racism]
Apr 12, 2018 ~ Lloyd Marcus, 'Ignorance - The Greatest Threat to Black Americans' - Believe the democrat party lies and so stay on the plantation even though nothing gets better under democrats - has actually gotten better under Trump [Race]
Apr 14, 2018 ~ Joyce Lee Malcolm - The 'Nice Girl' who saved the second amendment - did important research that was cited in Heller showing how gun control has many times led to governmental tyranny. John J. Miller article. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 14, 2018 ~ Thomas Lifson, 'Body camera revolution protecting cop who shot student' - knowing the truth is turning out to benefit the cops more than the criminals. [Guns-Mass Shootings, Police]
Apr 14, 2018 ~ Deroy Murdock, 'Trump's "Atrocities" Began as Democrat Policies' - many of the things Trump is being accused of racism over used to be mainstream democrat positions - illegal immigration, census, border wall etc. [Illegal Immigration, Fake Racism]
Apr 15, 2018 ~ Michael Barone, 'Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quotas' - people who deny the possibility of substantial biological differences among human populations are digging themselves into an indefensible position. The anti-science left. [Anti-Science, Affirmative Action]
Apr 15, 2018 ~ Rich Lowry, 'Amazon Isn't a Villain' - Trump starts foolish war against this great American company based on bogus easily debunked reasons - very few republicans even agree - real reason is to punish Washington Post for what he considers Fake News [Fake News, Rich Lowry]
Apr 15, 2018 ~ Another Islamic Truck Attack in Munster, Germany. Killing 2, injuring 20. [Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 15, 2018 ~ It was decided that 'implicit bias' was the reason black and Hispanic kids were being disciplined more than other groups in schools - the remedy was to allow them to get away with violent and dangerous behavior - led to Parkland shooting. [Fake Racism, Guns-Mass Shootings]

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