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Apr 15, 2018 ~ Staffs of The #FakeNews New York Times and The #FakeNews Washington Post jointly win the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in journalism for their #FakeNews reporting about the entirely fake #RussiaHoax (i.e. the alleged 'collusion' between the Trump adminstration and Russia to influence the 2016 election). These brave 'journalists' heroically kept the fake story alive and on the front pages for years, damaging the Trump Administration substaintially enough to warrant this prestigious honor. That the story was false is completely irrelevant because the damage it inflicted was the entire purpose. [Fake News, Russia Hoax, Witch Hunt]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ New source of global nitrogen discovered - Explains why so much more carbon can be sequestered than by atmospheric nitrogen alone - reduces impact of global warming further - National Science Foundation study [Climate Change]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ David French, 'It's Right and Necessary to Let Boys Be Boys' Lack of fathers present is the biggest problem black kids face in both poor and non-poor neighborhoods - when they have fathers around they often do well but that is too often not the situation. [Poverty, Race]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Nick Kristof Argues with 'Straw Men about Guns; Straw Men Win' - the gun control arguments are so weak, they can't even defeat the ridiculous straw man arguments that gun control people cite [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Pompeo and others who expose the problems of Islam Are Not Hate Mongers - Twilight Zone world where aggressors are the victims, and opposition to hate is considered hateful. [Islam]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ A 'Dismantle whiteness' mural installed at USC - some racists were upset that it wasn't placed in a more prominent place on campus [Racism]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Scott Pruitt Isn't Anti-Science - Just the opposite - The EPA was setup to rubber stamp regulations so many worthless, expensive and even harmful regulations were imposed - DDT, BPA etc. - Pruitt is installing transparency and peer review [Environment]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Jimmy Kimmel 'insults' Trump by calling him gay and imagining him doing gay sex acts - some on the left don't get you can't claim its fine to be gay AND use being gay as an insult. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Homophobia]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ The real War on Science comes from the left - some on the right don't believe in evolution but does no harm - the left denies race and gender differences, bans DDT killing millions, are anti GMO - have poisoned sociology etc. with Marxism, have their share of anti-vax. [Anti-Science]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Kevin McCullough, "The Stupidity of the 'March For Our Lives'". David Hogg and other Parkland kids grossly oversimply the gun argument. Never understand guns are used 10 times more for good than bad which is a good trade off. Viscously vilify anyone who doesn't agree with them. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Jonah Goldberg, 'Tighter Regulation Would Probably Make Facebook More Profitable' - Facebook welcomes regulation as all big business does - seems paradoxical until you realize they can afford it but keeps smaller competitors out - liberals don't get [Regulations]
Apr 16, 2018 ~ Peter Skurkiss, Transgender surgery is a disaster - does not really change gender and as a result, psychological problems remain - many regret but think they just needed a better surgeon - lifetime of wrong body hormones has negative health consequences [Trans]
Apr 17, 2018 ~ Scott Morefield, 'Will Enough Ever Be Enough For the Gun Grabbers' - In Britain they banned guns and now they have a knife crime epidemic - more knife murders in London than gun murders in NY - now looking to ban knives but can't stop there [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 17, 2018 ~ Canada Legalizes GM Golden Rice - big victory in the Fight against Poverty and malnutrition - opposed by the anti-GM, anti-science left - they lost, humanity wins [Anti-Science]
Apr 17, 2018 ~ Steve Moore explains how Trump tax cuts are already paying for themselves due to the economic growth they are creating - this is the dynamic scoring the CBO could not take into account and dems said wouldn't happen. [Trump Win, Economy, Tax Cuts]
Apr 18, 2018 ~ Selwyn Duke, White people accused of 'cultural appropriation' of absurd things like hoop earrings but 'given no credit for birthing a recipe for civilizational success copied the world over' - condemned for slavery but not for being the ones to end it [Cultural Appropriation, Western Civilization]
Apr 18, 2018 ~ Walter Williams explains 'Accumulative Decay' process by which big cities decline - When schools and services decline, the first people to leave are those who care the most about those things and have means - city must then raise taxes which causes more to leave. [Economics, Walter Williams]
Apr 18, 2018 ~ David French, California Assembly Bill 2943 would BAN BOOKS that have what liberals consider incorrect opinions about gender and sexual orientation - liberals despise free speech. [Free Speech, Silencing, Trans, LGBT]
Apr 18, 2018 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'Why Conservatives Don't Become Democrats' If conservatives don't like Trump's behavior, past or present, why don't they just vote for democrats - Because they still agree with the GOP agenda and voting for democrats would get the wrong policies enacted. [Politics, Ben Shapiro]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'We Need To Get Real About Syria' - Trump bombs Syria again after Assad allegedly uses chemical weapons again - its not entirely certain Assad used them and Russians are pissed - possible disaster ahead [Syria, Derek Hunter]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ America Not as Intolerant As We Make it Out to Be - Jonah Goldberg - Actually it would be hard to find a less racist country by every measure - only country which has elected a minority as president [Racism]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ CUNY Law School Students Disrupt Professor's Lecture on Free Speech - typical stupid and violent liberals - shouting him down, refusing to debate, calling him a racist, fascist and white supremist - all lies - say 'Fuck the law' [Free Speech, Silencing, Loathsome Left, Holocaust Denial, Fake Racism]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Coldest winter in 150 years in the US - people complaining about the winter that will never end - snow storms in almost May - we're very far from the unusual heat of the 1990s but alarmist still scaring [Climate Change]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Environmental hypocrite Leonardo Di Caprio leaves of his several energy guzzling mansions to fly on a private jet across the world to see concert. [Climate Change]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ John Stossel, 'Hidden Taxes' - John Stossel demonstrates how the government imposes many many taxes that most people don't realize are there - most people paying 50% in taxes or more - taxes never go away even when their original purpose is done. [Taxes, John Stossel]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Holocaust Survivor Mireille Knoll Murdered in France - Killer yelled 'Allahu Akbar'. Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise all over Europe since they've let in countless Muslim immigrants whose religion preaches that infidels should be killed especially Jews - its a 'religious duty'. [Anti-Semitism, Immigration, Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Comedian Maria Bamford files a restraining order from Donald Trump in court over his tweets about North Korea. [TDS, North Korea]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Madeleine Kearns, 'The Decline of Boys' - Increasingly people are realizing that boys are lagging behind girls in many aspects - yet we are telling them they are privileged and their very nature is toxic [Gender]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ The Rush to Condemn Jordan Peterson as Racist - typical smears based on nothing except he rejects the idea of white privilege and wants to just treat everyone as an individual - and on a misinterpretation of an old tweet [Fake Racism]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ H. Sterling Burnett, EPA's Fuel Economy Change Will Expand Freedom and Save Thousands of Lives that have previously been sacrificed to false climate change alarmism. [Trump Win, Environment, Climate Change]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Kroger announces vastly expanded benefits for employees thanks to Trump and GOP tax reform [Trump Win, Economy, Tax Cuts]
Apr 20, 2018 ~ Two Florida sheriff's deputies killed in apparent ambush - Sherriff says 'What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it has been demonized' [Police]
Apr 21, 2018 ~ Rush Limbaugh, What happens when liberals run cities - high crime, ridiculously high taxes, high poverty, high homelessness, drug infested, needles in the streets, feces in the streets, bad schools, sanctuary cities protecting criminal aliens [Crime, Drugs]
Apr 23, 2018 ~ John Stossel, 'Selling Hate' - Stossel explains how the Southern Poverty Law Center set itself up as the arbiter of what is a hate group - SPLC is itself a hate group that unfairly labels Christians and Conservatives as hate groups. [Fake Hate Crime, John Stossel]
Apr 26, 2018 ~ Harry Reid and family lives in a neighborhood surrounded by a wall and armed guards must check photo id of everyone coming through the gate - proves walls, photo id not racist - Mexico even requires photo id to vote - dems just need fraud [Wall, Illegal Immigration]
Apr 27, 2018 ~ Openly Gay Richard Grenell Confirmed As Ambassador To Germany Despite Democrat Objections [Trump Win, LGBT]
Apr 28, 2018 ~ Democratic Party files a lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 election. 'This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery... in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency.' Total loons! [TDS, Russia Hoax]
Apr 28, 2018 ~ Discrimination and Disparities - new book by Thomas Sowell that shows how so called disparate outcomes are not the result of racial discrimination [Economics, Race]
Apr 28, 2018 ~ Kevin Williamson, Thought Criminal - He briefly got a job with Atlantic Magazine but they caved to the liberal speech bullies who can't stand to ever hear a dissenting idea - they are back to being safe. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, Kevin Williamson]
Apr 28, 2018 ~ The New York Times Best-Seller List - Doesn't actually list best sellers - chooses to exclude books by conservatives from the list - Another Reason Americans Don't Trust the Media [Fake News]
Apr 28, 2018 ~ Unpublished CDC Study Confirms over 2 Million Annual Defensive Gun Uses Per Year - Far far exceeds the few thousand gun murders per year proving disarming people would do far more harm than good. Democrats don't realize everything has pros and cons. Can't just get the pros. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Kevin McCullough, Why the 'Resistance' is failing besides just that it is idiotic - Trump's successes far outweighing the bad things - from the economy to foreign relation successes [TDS]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ John Hawkins, '5 Facts About Mass Shootings That The Gun Control Fanatics Don't Want You to See'. Banning rifles would do little, Whites are under represented among mass shooters, not over represented. US not even in the top 10 worst when population accounted for. [Guns-Mass Shootings, Race]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Andrew C. McCarthy, 'Comey Confirms - In Clinton Emails Caper, the Fix Was In' - From Obama on down, they would not allow the party's eventual nominee to be charged with a crime no matter what the evidence showed [Hillary Emails]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Europe Reaping What It Sowed With Refugees - Increases in rapes and other sexual assaults, increases in terrorism, increases in anti-Semitic attacks, no-go zones with little or no assimilation desired [Immigration, Islam]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Larry Elder, Democrats play fake race cards non-stop. Biden, 'They don't want black folks voting', 'He's going to put y'all back in chains' - Claire McCaskill, 'Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black.' Hillary too. [Fake Racism, Larry Elder, Biden]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Sportscaster Brian Davis gets suspended for saying a black basketball player was playing 'out of his cotton-pickin' mind' - meant nothing racial and the term is commonly used in the south by all races as substitute for profanity. [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Liberation Coalition students at Columbia University storm the library to denounce conservative 'hate speech'. Says allowing conservatives to speak is 'giving a platform to white supremacists'. They demand the school silence speakers they don't like or they will. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Silencing, College, Fake Racism]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Jibran Khan, 'Finland's Basic Income Experiment Comes to a Close' - It should have been obvious that it wouldn't work - Finland's unemployment rate is 9.2%. [Economics]
Apr 29, 2018 ~ Paul Krugman makes himself look ridiculous again buying into the discredited work of Stanford engineering professor Mark Jacobson, who has repeatedly claimed that renewable energy can easily replace fossil fuels. Not even close to the truth. [Climate Change, Fake News]

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