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May 14, 2018 ~ North Korea releases 3 American prisoners ahead of Trump visit - Unfairly imprisoned - Pompeo returns with them - The president's 'maximum pressure' tactics have borne fruit [Trump Win, North Korea]
May 15, 2018 ~ Rachel Alexander, 'Will Rosie O'Donnell Serve Time Like Dinesh D'Souza' Caught contributing more than the legal limit to 5 dem political candidates. If she skates, further proof D'Souza prosecution was politically motivated. Obama also had millions in campaign finance violations. [Politics]
May 15, 2018 ~ Walter Williams, 'Before and After Welfare Handouts'. Williams notes that people were taken care of in both cases - but before people gave willingly because recipients were grateful and did not take advantage. [Economics, Walter Williams, Entitlements]
May 15, 2018 ~ Food Stamp program has gone from 17 million, $25 billion in 2000 to 43 million, $70 billion today - Unemployment dropped 61% since 2009 but food stamp recipients dropped only 10% - Trump reforms to save $216 Billion over 10 years. [Trump Win, Economy, Entitlements]
May 15, 2018 ~ John Stossel, 'Hating DeVos' - Taxpayers spend $634 Billion per year on education, tripled over 30 years but test scores stayed flat - DOE spends $193 Billion, DeVos wanted to cut but got $2 Billion increase - Charter schools deliver better results. [Education, John Stossel]
May 15, 2018 ~ Erich Reimer, 'The Obama Era ELD Rule Is Hurting The Trucking Industry And Our Nation' - causing accidents and hurting the very people its supposed to benefit - i.e. it is a typical government regulation where the unintended consequences are worse [Regulations]
May 16, 2018 ~ Trump scraps the Obama Iran Deal - Was never a legit treaty because never signed by Congress - Israel proved Iran was already cheating and money to Iran was going to terrorists. [Trump Win, Iran]
May 16, 2018 ~ Bari Weiss writes about the 'Intellectual Dark Web' - Thinkers who stand up to the left wing thought police; Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Christina Hoff Sommers, Bret Weinstein, Richard Dawkins, Charles Murray, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan [Free Speech, Silencing, Ben Shapiro]
May 16, 2018 ~ KKK Robe Sighting at Oberlin Was Just a cold Student Wearing a Blanket - caused major disruption on campus - classes cancelled etc. Police 'traced the early-morning sighting to someone wearing a blanket' [Fake Racism, College, Fake Hate Crime]
May 16, 2018 ~ Dennis Prager, 'The War on Wisdom' - The left in America is founded on the rejection of wisdom - equate getting married before having children, working hard and eschewing substance abuse and crime with 'white supremacy' [Fake Racism, Dennis Prager]
May 16, 2018 ~ Matt Vespa, 'Good Guy With A Gun, School Resource Officer Stops Would-Be Shooter In Illinois' - former student had mass murder planned but didn't find what liberals wanted to create - a 'gun free zone' - so he was stopped before anyone was hurt [Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 16, 2018 ~ The debate within conservatism on if there are things to compromise on with Transgenderism. Many articles debate. Fine line between being polite and denying biology. Also many people believe the 'treatments' do more harm than good especially for minors who would have outgrown. [Trans, Anti-Science]
May 16, 2018 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'The Left and The Press Just Cannot Let Inaccuracies About Charlottesville Go' - Trump was right to condemn violence on both sides and good people on both sides - Nazis were not the only ones marching and did not start the violence. Trump condemned the Nazis. [Charlottesville]
May 17, 2018 ~ Heather Wilhelm, 'Tough Times for the Resistance' - The whole Resistance thing is looking more and more ridiculous - as they hyperventilate every day for over a year over nonsense, Trump keeps racking up successes, accomplishments and approval ratings. [TDS, Trump Win]
May 20, 2018 ~ Megan Henney, GOP votes to repeal auto loan regulations that were based on the false premise that blacks were getting less loans because of racism - Mike Kelly blasts Maxine Waters for falsely playing the race card again and dividing us. [Fake Racism, Regulations]
May 21, 2018 ~ Gina Haspel Makes History, Officially Confirmed as the Next CIA Director - First Female Director of the CIA - Dems disgrace themselves by debating the use of enhanced interrogation again that led to Bin Laden and kept us safe. [Trump Win]
May 21, 2018 ~ Scott Morefield, 'Jimmy Kimmel Says School Attacks Don't Happen Where There Are 'Real, Sensible Gun Laws' -- But the facts do not support his claim. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 21, 2018 ~ Kurt Schlichter 'Liberal Lies And Slanders Are A Slippery Slope To Trouble' Liberals have moved beyond political correctness to deplatforming and disallowing any speech or thought that they disapprove of. Ideas cannot withstand debate. Trouble at the bottom of this slippery slope [Silencing, Loathsome Left]
May 21, 2018 ~ Valerie Greenfeld, Palestinians hang on to the myth that they have a 'Right to Return' to Israel - based on false history - 22 other Arab countries wont take them - in fact, they expel them and mistreat them horribly - no one treats them better than Israel. [Israel]
May 22, 2018 ~ Dan McLaughlin, 'The Unfixable Tragedy of Gaza' - Why there is no workable solution for the Palestinian problem - 2 million people who can neither govern themselves, nor be governed by others, nor leave - no one wants them and they can't accept Israel [Israel]
May 22, 2018 ~ Monica Showalter, 'BuzzFeed soils itself with extortion-style 'journalism' against Candace Owens' and college students she worked with years ago - threatened to expose students' names if they don't spill dirt. Candace as always does not back down. [Loathsome Left, Silencing]
May 22, 2018 ~ University of Toronto Professor Rinaldo Walcott Says Free Speech Is White Supremacy - 'free speech and academic freedom, both of them, are presently constituted and defended are white supremacist speech' [Free Speech, Fake Racism, College]
May 22, 2018 ~ John Kelly says most illegal aliens don't speak English, have little education, little skills and don't assimilate easily - Obvious Truths but Leftists Go Crazy - call it 'racist rant'. Also says 'They're not bad people.' 'They're not criminals.' [Fake Racism, Illegal Immigration]
May 22, 2018 ~ Larry Elder, 'Fake Russian Ads Stoked Racial Tensions and Democrats played along - colluded - It turns out only about 100 of the 3517 ads explicitly endorsed Trump or opposed Hillary Clinton and most ran after the election. [Russia Hoax, Fake News, Larry Elder]
May 22, 2018 ~ Lionel Bonaventure, Physicist Garth Paltridge says climate scientists are giving science a bad name - 'seriously threatening the public's perception of the professionalism of scientists in general' - skeptics afraid to publish - severe consequences for dissent [Climate Change, Anti-Science]
May 22, 2018 ~ Minnesota taxpayers involuntarily funding $100 million in cash to jihadists - being called worst scandal in Minnesota history. Using daycares as fronts to launder the money that at least some of which went to terrorists in the middle east and Africa. [Islam, Terrorism]
May 22, 2018 ~ EPA chief Scott Pruitt and his family get numerous credible death threats - even his children are threatened - Then Pruitt is criticized for spending on security. [Violent Left, Environment]
May 22, 2018 ~ Deranged Democrat Jonathan Oddi arrested for firing gunshots in the lobby of the Trump National Doral while shouting anti-Trump rhetoric. Oddi was shot multiple times in a firefight with police. [TDS, Violent Left]
May 22, 2018 ~ White House weighs in on Laurel vs. Yanny debate - Progressives get really upset - tell them to 'stop pretending they're human' - criticize their whiteness etc. Tell them to focus on going to jail for 'collusion'. TDS dems are just joyless, hate-filled angry people all the time. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
May 22, 2018 ~ Amil Imani, 'To Know Muhammad Is to Know Islam'. He is by definition the example to Muslims of how to live. Was a warlord who killed non-believers, enslaved their wives sexually, married children, hated Jews, abused women, owned slaves. But not fair to judge by today's standards. [Islam]
May 23, 2018 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'Trump Syndromes' - Victor Davis Hanson explains Trump and Trump voters - his supporters don't think he is perfect but is still the lesser of evils - also critics underestimate his appeal on working class and every day issues [Politics, Victor Davis Hanson]
May 23, 2018 ~ A Tale of Two School Shootings - Why did the media and the left ignore the Texas shooting - used a handgun, not assault rifle, it wasn't his gun so no law would have stopped him, had bombs which can't be blamed on the NRA etc. [Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 23, 2018 ~ Byron York, 'Is The Trump Tower Meeting Really Proof Of Collusion' - No, more like a clumsy attempt at lobbying than a conspiracy to interfere with a presidential election - no one from Russian Government was involved [Russia Hoax]
May 24, 2018 ~ Bipartisan Dodd-Frank Reform Bill Moves to Trump's Desk - Trump lessens the regulatory burden of Dodd-Frank especially for smaller financial institutions - Raised limit regulations kick in to $250 Billion [Trump Win, Economy, Regulations]
May 24, 2018 ~ Fake News of the highest order - Trump calls MS-13 gang members 'animals' justifiably - Pelosi and many dems claim he was calling 'immigrants' animals - fake news media plays along disgracefully. New York Daily News, 'Trump Hurls Pure Hate At Immigrants'. Fake News, Fake Smears. [Fake News, Fake Racism, Immigration]
May 27, 2018 ~ Jessica Valenti says conservatives can't be feminists - she is right only because feminism has changed from 'women and men deserve equal rights and opportunities' which everyone agrees with to the radical left politics of perpetual but false victimhood. [Feminism]
May 27, 2018 ~ Bernard Goldberg explains how Fake News used to work with 2 big stories from the 80s and 90s that were grossly misrepresented - Homelessness and AIDS - there was no alternative media then to challenge the false narratives. Now its regularly exposed by many sources. [Fake News]
May 27, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'Why Liberal Groups Like PETA Lie'. PETA has been caught pushing multiple fake news stories. One is about how PetSmart mistreats animals which has led to their demise. [Derek Hunter, Fake News]
May 27, 2018 ~ NAACP chapter president Jerrod Moultrie claims his traffic stop was racially motivated and made MANY inflammatory claims about racial profiling and threats of arresting him and how he was treated - body cam video proves they were ALL FALSE. 'he made the whole story up' [Fake Racism, Police]
May 27, 2018 ~ Joy Overbeck, 'Five Things That Won't Stop School Shootings and the One That Will' - single point of entry, metal detectors, more gun laws, are all easily defeated - armed security is the only proven way to minimize the damage [Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 27, 2018 ~ John Zmirak, 'Five Tips for Explaining Immigration Issues to the Open Minded but Uninformed'. One important reason for shutting down the flow. 80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S. (Huffpo). This is why Trump connected illegal immigration to rape. [Illegal Immigration]
May 27, 2018 ~ Leftist Professor Patricia Hill Defaced Family Home of NRA's Chris Cox - prosecuted and convicted. Behavior like this becoming routine and expected from Democrats. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 27, 2018 ~ Koen van Weel, "Netherlands 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by 'Migrant Background' Males" - 'Loverboys' seduce and record them without knowledge and use compromising videos to blackmail them into servitude. [Immigration, Islam]
May 27, 2018 ~ Obama Spy Chief James Clapper Says Russia Decided Outcome of 2016 Election - which has been thoroughly debunked - Obama said 'No serious person would suggest that you could even rig America's elections'. [Russia Hoax, Fake News]
May 27, 2018 ~ The Doomsday Scenario - What If School Walkouts, gun laws and gun free zones Don't Work to stem gun violence - Ann Coulter lists many many examples of the only thing that does work - armed good folks being around to stop the bad guy [Guns-Mass Shootings]
May 27, 2018 ~ Tomi Lahren gets water thrown on her at a restaurant by a group of vile liberals while they chanted 'Fuck that bitch' repeatedly - no isolated incident - This is ROUTINE behavior from liberals these days. New incidents every day of extreme verbal abuse crossing over to assault. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Cancel Culture]
May 27, 2018 ~ Trump Cancels the Summit With North Korea - part of the Art of the Deal is being willing to walk away - North Korea was acting in bad faith but are already changing their tune after Trump move. [North Korea]
May 27, 2018 ~ Trump's trade war with China is already paying dividends - China Pledges $200 Billion in U.S. Purchases by Overhauling Trade Rules [Trump Win, China, Trade, Tariffs]
May 27, 2018 ~ The United States is now the world's top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons - Now have long desired energy independence - recall how 'Drill Baby Drill' was mocked as not workable. [Trump Win, Energy, Economy]
May 27, 2018 ~ Trump Has Secured the Release of Another American Prisoner Overseas, Joshua Holt being held for bogus reasons in Venezuela for 2 years [Trump Win]

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