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Feb 13, 2017 ~ John Stossel, 'Smearing Team Trump' - Stossel debunks several blatant lies found in the New York Times about Trump cabinet nominees. [Fake News]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ A California State University Fullerton Professor Eric Canin sucker punches a student for supporting President Trump. Republican students dared to counter protest the alleged 'Muslim Ban' protest. Campus Reform has the video. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Silencing, College, Fake Islamophobia]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Steve Nelson, principal of The Calhoun School in New York City says Trump 's election is more devastating than the Vietnam War, Watergate, the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Junior and the 9-11 terrorist attacks. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Riot Forces Cancellation Of Milo Talk At UC Berkeley. Violent democrats do over $100K in damage, people attacked, beaten, pepper sprayed, spit on, fires started, police attacked, then stood down. Lower standards for leftists. Violence becoming a common silencing tool of the left. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Free Speech, College, Police]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Whoopi Goldberg says Trump not 'really much different than the Taliban'. In reality, where Democrats do not live, there is almost no similarity between President Trump and the Taliban. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'The Death of Comedy' - Constantly outraged and offended Left wingers have killed humor by making it impossible. [Cancel Culture, Silencing]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ David French, 'The 'Botched' Yemen Raid - A Dose of Perspective' - Clueless people using it to attack Trump because 1 American was killed - Many terrorists were killed and information was obtained - planned by Obama who had many worse raids [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Trump looking to repeal the Durbin Amendment to Dodd-Frank - This will tremendously reduce fees and minimum account requirements for consumers and allow banks and CUs to offer free checking and cheaper services. [Trump Win, Economy, Regulations]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ New York Times 'Bombshell', 'Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence' Anonymous 'sources' as usual. Every aspect of this story is denied and debunked by the FBI including Comey himself. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Michael S. Goldstein, 'A Brief and Appalling History of the Department of Education' - No constitutional basis for federal involvement in education - started small but as usual grew to $70 Billion, 5000 employee monstrosity. Suck tax dollars up, doles some back down. [Education]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Afghan bride Fatiha, 18 sold for 30 goats executed for instead eloping with someone else. women are property under Islam and are very often sold into marriages - 'Feminist' and Sharia apologist Linda Sarsour says no problem - tax free tampons are where the real fight is at. [Islam]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Thomas Sowell, 'Education at a Crossroads' The great Dr. Sowell comes out of retirement to argue for once in a lifetime opportunity of confirming Betsy Devos so that inner city kids have a chance for a good education. Argues for why vouchers and school choice can work better. [Education]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Gay New York writer Chadwick Moore writes a simple article about Milo and feels the full wrath and hate of his liberal friends including 'Nazi'. Realizes liberalism has become 'ugly, lock step, incurious and mean-spirited'. Realizes conservatives are now the sane, tolerant side. [Loathsome Left, Holocaust Denial, #WalkAway]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Obama Seized Enough Land and Water in 8 Years to Cover Texas Three Times. Massive abuse of the 'Antiquities Act'. Seized millions of acres at a time and calls it a 'monument'. Act specifies 'minimum amount of land' needed to secure the monument. Obama grabbed 500 million acres. [Politics]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Jenny Crofton, 'What Does Multigender Mean?' There are apparently an infinite number of genders. You can be many genders at once - you can even be all infinite genders at once. Therefore, the word gender no longer has any meaning at all. [Trans, Gender]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Protesters initially physically block DeVos from entering a DC school she is trying to help - screaming 'shame shame shame' at her. She said 'No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation's school children.' This is the modern left. [Violent Left, Education]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Sarah Silverman who thinks Trump supporters are 'Nazis' mistook some Utility Markings painted on the sidewalk for Swastikas. Of course she assumed the 'Nazis' that elected Trump are sending messages... Smart people but the hatred that is inside them is eating their brains. [TDS, Fake News, Holocaust Denial, Fake Hate Crime]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Unintended but predictable Consequences of the Philadelphia soda tax - stores outside city limits doing much better - stores in city limits harmed - the poor are harmed - more gas is burned driving farther to get soda - no one is any thinner. [Taxes, Regulations]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ John Hawkins, 'Donald Trump's Top 10 Accomplishments in His First Month in Office' - moving fast. Including ordering agencies to cut two regulations for every new one they propose. Approving the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines, Killing the TPP, Selecting Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. [Trump Win, SCOTUS, Energy, Regulations, Trade]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ ESPN Tennis Analyst Doug Adler is fired over bogus charge of racism. He used word 'guerrilla' to describe aggressive, attacking-style play for Serena Williams which is a common term in tennis. Accused of calling her a gorilla. Others have used the term. SI article about it. [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ General Flynn resigns - did nothing actually wrong when meeting with Russian ambassador but misled Pence and Trump about what was discussed for some reason - discovered due to another White House leaker. [Russia Hoax, Witch Hunt]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Whistleblower Dr. John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation reveals that reports allegedly showing 'the pause' never happened were fabricated with intent to influence Paris accord to pressure countries to give money. 'blatant attempt to intensify the impact'. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Michelle Malkin, 'Huge Double Standard: Trump vs. Obama ' Double standard in the way Obama's first 100 days were covered vs. Trump - several very similar problems but were called 'Bumps in the Road' but are chaos and disasters for Trump. [TDS, Fake News, Politics]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Jacob Bernstein, son of Carl Bernstein says Melania Trump used to work as a 'hooker' which is a vicious lie. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Fake News]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Joy Villa wears Trump Dress to Grammys. Massive amount of hate directed at her from the left. Always especially vicious for black supporters. Called a coon, an uncle tom, the N-word, death threats, attack, die. 'Love trumps hate' say the most hateful, intolerant people around. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Dan Rather, the godfather of Fake News says Flynn scandal might be bigger than Watergate. Skepticism is called for. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Thomas Friedman puts Trump's election in the same category as the attacks of Pearl Harbor and September 11th 2001. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 19, 2017 ~ Mitchell Blatt, 'Why Social-Justice Warriors Think It's Okay to Be Racist Towards Asians'. Treated horribly and not allowed to describe if they have been subject to racist behavior from black people - their success is considered unearned and privileged. 'hierarchy of oppression' [Racism, Identity Politics]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Dennis T. Avery, Author of 'Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years' puts a lot of history in context including the current fraud exposed with the NOAA temperature measurements revised to eliminate the pause. [Climate Change]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Pawns of Liberals' Dr. Williams explains again the stats of race and policing - how proactive policing has saved 10,000 black lives in NYC alone and eliminating it is leading to many more black deaths thanks to liberals creating the Ferguson Effect. [Police, Crime, Race, Walter Williams]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ John Stossel, 'Repeal! No, Wait!' Stossel explains why regulations are so hard to undo no matter how bad - gives several examples of horrible regulations that were impossible or nearly impossible to repeal due to special interests. [John Stossel, Regulations, Economics]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Judd Apatow commenting on Trump winning the election - 'I feel like I've just been raped and I just don't know if I'm going to get murdered' [TDS]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Rep. Maxine Waters says Tillerson and other Trump Administration people are 'A Bunch Of Scumbags' and Russians hacked the elections to get those scumbags in. Trump is supposedly rude but the other side is so much worse. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Woman who owns a hairdresser businesses tries to explain to Bernie Sanders why Obamacare prevents her from expanding and being able to provide more jobs - he is clueless like most dems trying to rule over us. [Health Care, Obamacare, Regulations, Sanders]
Feb 25, 2017 ~ Howard Dean Says of Trump Election. 'This is your Edmund Pettus Bridge. This is your Kent State'. No, this is your unhinged rhetoric. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 25, 2017 ~ Tom Perriello, democratic candidate for Virginia governor Says Electing Trump Was a 'Political September 11' [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 26, 2017 ~ George Will, "Big Government' Is Ever Growing, on the Sly" - The Federal Government is 3.5 times as big (10 million employees) as it was in the 1950s - cleverly disguised to with contractors and grants to state governments to not look as big as it is - spending way up too. [Politics, Debt]
Feb 26, 2017 ~ Jonathan S. Tobin, 'Who's Encouraging Anti-Semitism?' Most anti-Semitism comes from the left, not the right and not from Trump - The BDS movement - boycott, divest, sanction is a deeply anti-Israel movement consisting of Islamists, anti-Zionists worldwide and American democrats. [Anti-Semitism]
Feb 26, 2017 ~ Ashley Judd says election of Trump is worse than being raped as a child. [TDS]
Feb 26, 2017 ~ Two children were burned, one severely, at the Dakota Access camp evacuation Wednesday after remaining activists set fire to about 20 shelters and a vehicle - morons hurting their own kids trying to be destructive. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left, Energy, Climate Change]
Feb 27, 2017 ~ Rachel Dolezal presents a problem for the transgender narrative - she is white but identified as black - liberals did not end up accepting that but its essentially the same thing - identifying differently than biology is supposed to be accepted as 'being' that thing. [Trans]
Feb 27, 2017 ~ University of California Santa Cruz creates Rachel Carson College to honor woman who started the most deadly environmental movement of all time - responsible for the deaths millions of African children - Even Moyers says DDT not cancerous. [Environment]
Feb 28, 2017 ~ Milo Disinvited From CPAC, Fired from Breitbart and loses his book contract After Controversial Video Emerges - seems to indicate support for man-boy love but he denies it. [Cancel Culture, Silencing]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Muslim Arab Osama Nazzal Arrested for Painting 'Fuck Arabs' on Garage Door trying to make it seem like she is the victim of an anti-Muslim hate crime. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Islamophobia]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Muslim girl who claimed she was pushed in front of a train because of her headscarf faces prosecution in Austria after CCTV shows she invented the story. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Islamophobia]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Environmentalist and Statistician Bjorn Lomborg estimated we'd have to spend $100 trillion on renewables to cut global warming by merely 0.3 degree in 2100 - the cost benefit ratio is so far out of whack that it is madness to pursue it. [Climate Change]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Increased risk of 11 types of cancer linked to being overweight, researchers warn - cancer risk of being overweight is 2nd only to cancer risk of smoking. [Health]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Liberals losing the 'Trump is a racist' narrative - Trump just has huge meeting in the Oval Office with the leaders of historically black colleges and discusses plans to help them. Democrats will persist with the false narrative. [Trump Win, Fake Racism]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'States Are Going Broke Because They Broke the Bank' Many States, mostly blue Are Going Bankrupt. Combination of slow Obama economy growth, additional Obamacare spending and out of control budgets. Can't tax their way out. People leaving as they raise taxes. [Debt, Obamacare, Taxes]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Frederick M. Hess & Grant Addison, "Media Coverage of New Transgender Directive Qualifies as 'Fake News'" - Trump simply rolled back an Obama overreach that went way beyond bathrooms to locker rooms, sports teams, and residences. Obama made sex as a protected class meaningless. [Trans, Fake News]

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