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Apr 17, 2017 ~ Melania Trump receives approximately $3 Million Dollars in damages from Daily Mail over fake news model claims. They falsely claimed she worked as an escort. Daily Mail states they accept the allegations 'are not true and we retract and withdraw them'. [Trump Win, Fake News]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ MSNBC hosts think they don't have to pay taxes - so many of them owe back taxes including Melissa Harris Perry $70K. Al Sharpton at one point owed $4.5 million, slightly less than sent Al Capone to prison - Sharpton still owes millions. [Taxes]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Prager, 'Note to the Left: Four Years Ago, Conservatives Were Just as Depressed' However, The Right did not riot, destroy property, take over offices, shut down speakers, protest at houses, exhibit violence, extreme rudeness and disrespectful behavior regularly, etc. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Dennis Prager]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Joseph Bilello, "Remember When 'White Privilege' Was Called 'The Protestant Work Ethic. Why 'White Shaming' Hurts Minorities The Most". Telling minority kids the system is rigged against them, can kill their motivation to try. Is there Jewish and Asian privilege too? [Fake Racism]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Rolling Stone mag settles suit with UVA dean over fake gang rape story - awarded $3 million - lawsuits brought by the falsely maligned fraternity are still ongoing. [Fake Rape, Fake News]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Notre Dame Students Complain - Mike Pence Makes Us 'Feel Unsafe' - Object to Pence giving commencement speech based on SAFETY issues. They don't feel 'unsafe'. This is language designed to cancel those with views they disagree with. [Cancel Culture, Silencing]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ John Hawkins, 'The 7 Worst Liberal Personal Attacks on Donald Trump's Family' - huge double standard - The President's family is usually off limits except not in the case of the Trump family including children. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Ethel C. Fenig, Trump Was Right about Sweden - took some heat for a sloppy comment that made it sound like a terrorist attack just happened, but Sweden has had the same trouble rest of Europe has assimilating refugees - rape crimes are way up as are other criminal offenses. [Immigration]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Black Lives Matter shouts down 'War on Cops' author Heather Mac Donald, 'we are here to shut down a fucking fascist', 'fuck the police'. The police actually defend and protect black lives more than anyone but facts don't matter. The left will silence those with unauthorized facts [Loathsome Left, Silencing, Police, BLM]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Black students at Pomona College claim objective truth is a myth of white supremacy - this is why it is ok for them to shut down speakers. Declare Heather MacDonald 'is a fascist, a white supremacist, a warhawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, a classist, etc.' All false smears [Fake Racism, Fake Homophobia, Loathsome Left, Silencing]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Female Genital Mutilation - first case in America - FBI arrests Muslim doctor Dr. Jumana Nagarwala - She correctly says it was basic religious practice of Islam. [Islam]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Student commits suicide after declining advances from a gay student and then changing seats - was accused of harassment and denied all due process per the Obama Title IX guidelines - not allowed to call witnesses etc. [Fake Rape, Loathsome Left, Due Process]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Trump Strikes Airbase in Syria that launched the chemical attack on its people - Sends proper message that it cant happen again or rest of airbases will be destroyed - Susan Rice and John Kerry assured us Assad eliminated chemical weapons. [Trump Win, Syria]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Another Islamic Terrorist attack in Paris - ISIS claims responsibility - Muslim gunman uses AK-47 to shoot 3 police officers - would have shot many more people but he was killed in the act. [Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'Coal's Colossal Comeback' - mining jobs in America were up by 11,000 in March alone - 2 coal companies in bankruptcy moved out of bankruptcy - Hillary and Obama tried to shutter them - Democrats ignored over 100,000 coal workers and families. Trump did not. [Trump Win, Economy]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Racist graffiti found at San Leandro's Marina Park. Showed a person in a red hat. Graffiti referenced KKK, Jews, blacks, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Turns out to be done by gang members who are essentially all Hispanic, not white supremists or Trump supporters. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake Homophobia]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ USA Today and MSNBC reported that 'DREAMer' Juan Manuel Montes was deported but should have had DACA amnesty. Durbin says 'Disturbing'. Pelosi says 'Alarming'. Was Fake News. He lost his DACA status in 2015 by leaving and sneaking illegally back into US. Criminal record. [Fake News, Illegal Immigration]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ California drought not result of climate change. Crisis because California refused to build new reservoirs. More than 50 million acre-feet of water has been lost to sea again setting up the next man made disaster. Population is 2X since a new reservoir was allowed to be built. [Climate Change]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ DNC Chair Tom Perez says 'Donald Trump, you didn't really win the election' and 'Republicans don't give a shit about people'. Mainstream democrats are getting loonier and more hateful. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Malcolm Nance, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst nominates a Trump Tower in Istanbul to the first Trump property to be suicide bombed by ISIS. 'This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.' It's unclear why he's nominating properties for ISIS to bomb. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ The pattern of violent leftists - large crowd of supposedly peaceful protesters provide a cover crowd for the violent thugs to melt back into and escape any consequences - then the 'peaceful' democrats profess public outrage at the violence. [Violent Left]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Worse Than Racists', White Teacher sues school. Black students frequently called her 'white bitch, white motherfucker, white cunt and white ho' - school told her that's just black culture. 'insulting lie' and damaging that blacks are held to such a low standard. [Walter Williams, Racism]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Recent Washington Post poll shows that Trump would beat Clinton even today. 43% of those polled said they would vote for Trump if the election were held today vs. 40% for Clinton. [Trump Win, Politics]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Chelsea Clinton defends FGM - says calling it female genital mutilation is 'racist'. Should be called 'genital cutting' says it 'has many health benefits' and 'is practiced in many beautiful cultures.' '#ImWithMuslims'. Ayaan Hirsi Ali sets her straight, explains 5 levels of FGM. [Islam, Fake Racism]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Chelsea Clinton sides with Anitfa against Ann Coulter. Calls Coulter a 'Nazi' and applauds them violently shutting her speech down. Says shame on the police for making Antifa remove their masks. Retweets guy who says 'i hate white people and their stupid ignorant hypocrite asses' [Antifa, Free Speech, Holocaust Denial, Loathsome Left, Racism, Silencing, Violent Left]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Marc Morano, 'It's not just droughts, but nearly all extreme weather is declining or at or near record lows' 'But it is not just droughts that are at or near record levels... Tornadoes, floods, droughts, and hurricanes are failing to fit in with the global warming narrative.' [Climate Change]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Milo, Coulter and David Horowitz are the latest victims of Berkeley 'silencing'. Speeches cancelled bc university can't provide security from the violent, anti-free speech left wing thugs. Most dems cheer or look the other way. Only one political side is allowed to talk anymore. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Free Speech, College]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Portland is forced to cancel its annual Roses Parade after threats from 'The Resistance'. Left wing thugs threaten to stab to death Republicans at the parade. Police decide its unsafe to allow the parade to occur. Democrats stamp out opposition daily with threats and violence. [Antifa, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Violent Left]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Trump signs the 'Buy American, Hire American' Executive Order for the government. 'We are finally standing up for our workers and for our companies.' President Trump said to the Wisconsin Snap-On Tools crowd. [Trump Win, Economy]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Islamic Terrorist shoots people in Fresno. Kori Ali Muhammad yells 'Allahu Akbar' as he shot random white people, killing 3. Muhammad who is black told police that he 'hates white people' so this shooting is classified both as terrorism and a hate crime. [Islam, Terrorism, Racism]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Bill Maher says that the U.S. is morally equivalent to Assad using chemical weapons in Syria. 'We talk about Assad gassing people, we're gassing them too. We're just doing it slower with CO2.' His ridiculous claim is that climate change caused by us, is why farms failed in Syria. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Black students at Pomona College demand hiring of sociologist be rescinded because she is white - credentials, qualifications and expertise in subject matter less than skin color. [Racism, Identity Politics, College]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ DNC Chair Tom Perez declares there is no place for pro-life people in today's democrat party. 'Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman's right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable.' [Abortion, Politics]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Christine Rousselle, 'No, The NRA Doesn't Ban Attendees From Carrying Guns At Its Annual Meeting' despite many tweets from the left including the AP. It was a secret service deal during Trump's speech only. [Fake News, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Iran Arrests More Than 30 men suspected of homosexuality, Will Subject Them to 'Sodomy Tests' - Iran has executed over 4000 homosexuals since 1979 per the requirements of Islam [Islam, LGBT]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Veronique de Rugy, 'It's Time to Repeal FATCA' - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - supposed to catch off shore tax shelters but compliance costs are enormous to recoup less than $1 Billion in taxes annually [Taxes, Regulations]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Daniel John Sobieski, 'Shooting Down False Fracking Claims', Another study shows fracking does not contaminate groundwater. Several documentaries like FrackNation, Gas Land, Promise Land are based on junk science. Claim can light tap water on fire due to fracking. [Fake News, Energy, Environment]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Brandy Zadrozny, Student suing Notre Dame. Says they 'Expelled Me Because I'm Male'. Another case of the dangers of throwing out due process and real investigations ruining the lives of innocent college men. 'ignored evidence that the girl wanted to ruin his reputation.' [Fake Rape, Due Process]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ California Senate Leader Kevin De Leon says Trump Immigration Crackdown 'Based on Principles of White Supremacy'. [Fake Racism, Illegal Immigration]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ The true cost of California's minimum wage hikes - CA business owner explains how he has to deal with them - not just layoffs and business failures - people above minimum wage can't get raises - high performers can't be rewarded [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Egyptian American prisoner Aya Hijazi is freed and returns home following Trump intervention - imprisoned falsely for more than 3 years - Obama either would not or could not bring her home. Brother, 'We're very grateful that President Trump personally engaged with the issue.' [Trump Win]
May 1, 2017 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'While MSM Focuses on Insignificant Alt-Right, They Should Be All Over the Black Bloc' - left wing antifa fascist group committing acts of violence, intimidation and vandalism in the name of left wing tolerance and safe spaces. [Antifa, Violent Left]
May 1, 2017 ~ Tom Harkin keeps trying to pass his 'Fair Pay Act' which goes beyond Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. No longer apples to apples - mandates equal pay for arbitrary non-equal work, so it fails to pass. The gender pay gap has been debunked many many times. [Gender Pay Gap]
May 8, 2017 ~ Bill Nye the 'science guy' goes off the deep end - new show 'Bill Nye Saves the World' - pushes eugenics idea to punish people for having more than 2 children - very over the top gender and orientation fluid messages called 'exactly right'. [Anti-Science, Climate Change]
May 8, 2017 ~ Bill Maher jokes about Ivanka Trump giving her dad hand jobs. Not his first incest 'joke' about involving her. Was upset Ivanka tried to 'humanize' Trump. No comparison between the way the left treats the President and his family vs. how the right treated Obama and his family. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
May 8, 2017 ~ Colorado teacher from Roosevelt High School allows students to smash pinata with Trump's picture on it. Teacher is placed on administrative leave. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
May 12, 2017 ~ Louis Freedberg, '1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent' - How 14th Amendment anchor baby interpretation has created tons of de-facto citizens who have jumped the line to citizenship. [Illegal Immigration]
May 12, 2017 ~ Katherine Timpf, 'British Student Union Aims to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because It Excludes Deaf People' - The National Union of Students says people should do Jazz Hands instead even though that would exclude blind people. [Political Correctness, Kat Timpf]
May 12, 2017 ~ CNN and the Washington Post report that Comey asked for additional money for the Trump Russia investigation just before getting fired implying that was a motivation for Trump to fire Comey. McCabe debunks the Fake News. 'The FBI doesn't run on last-minute, pay-as-you-go funding' [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
May 12, 2017 ~ Katie Pavlich, 'No, U.S. Press Wasn't Kept Out of Trump's Meeting With Lavrov While Russian Reporters Were Let In. More Fake News. Only photographers were there. 'Our official photographer and their official photographer were present, that's it.' [Fake News, Russia Hoax]

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