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Feb 17, 2016 ~ Five BLM thugs beat and robbed a Bronze Star Marine Veteran Christopher Marquezoutside D.C. McDonald's. They asked him if "I think that black lives mattered... it was very hostile. I felt they were really trying to intimidate me and just trying to start a confrontation with me." [BLM, Crime, Race, Racism]
Nov 17, 2016 ~ Walter Williams, The nation's most dangerous cities 'for decades, all of them have been run by Democratic and presumably liberal administrations. Some cities - such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark and Philadelphia - haven't elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century.' [Walter Williams, Crime, Politics]
Nov 28, 2016 ~ Ambush Style attacks on the police continue - police being executed left and right by anti-police thugs - 20 so far this year - police killings up 67% year to date [Police, Crime]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Black Lives Matters is getting lots of black people and cops killed. Since Jan. police stops for suspicious behavior is down massively because the politicians turned against the police to appease BLM. With police on the sidelines, murder rates skyrocketed - The Ferguson Effect. [Police, Crime, Race, BLM]
Jan 8, 2017 ~ Chicago has 762 murders in 2016. Police barely doing their jobs because the liberal leaders do not have their backs. Manifestation of The Ferguson effect in other cities. [Police, Crime, Race]
Feb 9, 2017 ~ Quanice Hayes killed by Portland police. Police called to armed robbery. Found him him crouching in alleyway. Ordered to come out of confined area with hands up. "All of a sudden, he dives his hands back down towards his waistband." Gun he had was fake but police could not have known. Officer cleared by grand jury. Many #BLM protests, say his name, etc. [BLM, Crime, Fake Racism, Police]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Pawns of Liberals' Dr. Williams explains again the stats of race and policing - how proactive policing has saved 10,000 black lives in NYC alone and eliminating it is leading to many more black deaths thanks to liberals creating the Ferguson Effect. [Police, Crime, Race, Walter Williams]
Mar 11, 2017 ~ Liz Crokin, Sex Trafficking and Child Porn Busts are way up under Trump - That is a good thing but mainstream media is ignoring it because its being done by Trump - their only interest in a story is if it can hurt Trump - Bury stories that might make him look good. [Trump Win, Crime]
Mar 28, 2017 ~ Rafael A. Mangual, 'The Left's Tendency to Over criminalize' - 5000 federal criminal statutes and 30,000 federal criminal regulations not even including state and local - Famous WSJ article about it, 'You Commit 3 Felonies a Day' unknowingly. You could never know all the laws. [Regulations, Crime]
Apr 8, 2017 ~ White Social Justice Warrior Corrina Mehiel Dies at Hands of Black Killer. She was praised for spreading the false but politically correct narrative that black people are frequent victims of white violence. It did not matter to the guy who tortured and killed her for her ATM card [Race, Crime]
May 13, 2017 ~ Mayor of Baltimore asking FBI for help with out of control murder rate - Cities Abandon Their Police Departments and murder skyrockets - Police can't and won't do their jobs in this environment - Ferguson Effect at work. [Crime, Police]
May 14, 2017 ~ White officer Betty Shelby who killed Terence Crutcher trying to get a fair trial but Sharpton and other race hustlers are fanning flames. Crutcher was high on PCP and would not follow repeated orders to freeze. He went back to his car and reached to the window when he was shot. [Police, Crime, Race, Fake Racism]
Jun 18, 2017 ~ Trump aggressively dealt with the MS-13 murder problem in NY - around 40 accused members of MS-13 were rounded up in New York City and Long Island - many deported - communities now much safer. [Trump Win, Crime]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ David French, Afghan Refugees in Europe Launched a 'Rape Jihad'. Report by Cheryl Benard, 'Europe's Afghan crime wave.' They view western women as war spoils - in Iraq they would gang rape women and then convince them to be suicide bombers as only way to redeem their lost honor. [Islam, Immigration, Crime]
Jul 29, 2017 ~ Under the leadership of Trump and Sessions, ICE is making good progress against MS-13 gangs but MSNBC analyst calls ICE director 'head of a violent gang,' 'they are the deadliest gang' [Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Jul 30, 2017 ~ 'Shocking' Violence Against Police as Riots, and Sexual Assaults Grip German Summer Festival - perps were Afghan immigrants [Immigration, Islam, Crime]
Aug 1, 2017 ~ Chris Tomlinson, 'Four Teenage Girls Raped at Swedish Music Festival, Many More Sexually Abused'. Sexual Assaults in Sweden are up 1000% since 2016, mostly due to recent migrants. Recall that Trump was called a bigot and liar for raising this issue by those trying to cover it up. [Immigration, Crime]
Sep 3, 2017 ~ Jack Cashill, "Want a Pass from the Media - Be a black man named 'Mohammed'" - many examples of people who commit horrible crimes with many victims but the media drops it when it is revealed the man is a black Mohammed. Mass shootings, cop killings etc. Started as big stories. [Islam, Crime, Race]
Sep 12, 2017 ~ Portland Police purge gang database because not enough white people on it. 81% were non-white minorities which by liberal definition is 'racist'. Liberals believe this and have actually eliminated the gang database thinking racists are keeping all the white gangbangers off of it. [Fake Racism, Crime, Race]
Sep 15, 2017 ~ Austin Community College Professor Rob Ranco tweets 'I'd be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted. #SexualAssault #TitleIX' Was Sexually Assaulted' because Devos is restoring the due process rights guaranteed by the constitution. Due process is an essential protection. [Education, College, Crime, Due Process]
Sep 15, 2017 ~ Florida police arrest dozens after looters ransack homes and businesses following hurricane Irma curfew - Journalist Sarah Jaffe says it is 'White Supremacy' to arrest black people for looting high end sneakers. [Fake Racism, Crime, Race]
Sep 23, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, "The Welfare State's Legacy" 'The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure.' 75% of black children born are out of wedlock. Used to be 11%. Main cause of poverty, crime etc. Not 'a legacy of slavery' or due to racism. [Walter Williams, Entitlements, Race, Crime, Poverty]
Oct 9, 2017 ~ Shari Goodman, 'Blacks, Crime, and the Bended Knee' Crime stats do not support idea that blacks unfairly targeted by police. Commit 57% of homicides. 8 times more likely to commit crime against a white than white against a black. Interracial rape almost 100% black on white. [Crime, Race, Fake Racism, Police]
Oct 16, 2017 ~ Chicago Police sit back while 3000 shootings occur in Chicago as of October. Under orders from the DOJ not to police. Worst offenders not punished for their roles in murders and threats. Example of the Ferguson Effect. Police fearing false racism charges, don't police. [Fake Racism, Police, Crime]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ CBS News "Rash Of 'Knockout' Attacks Has Some New Yorkers Worried". The Knockout Game continues. Sucker punching innocent people, then taking selfies with the unconscious victims. Several similar incidents in just a couple of months. Game has been fatal several times in the past [Crime]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ Denzel Washington says the prison system and society not to blame for black incarceration. 'It starts at home. It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn't have a father figure? I can't blame the system. It's unfortunate that we make such easy work for them' [Crime, Race, Police]
Dec 16, 2017 ~ Trump is winning against MS-13. Over 4000 arrested by DOJ, 800 by DHS, up 83% vs. last year. Deporting if illegal. Trump, 'we will throw you the hell out of the country'. Making communities safer. Hispanics benefit the most because MS-13 terrorizes their communities the most. [Trump Win, Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Philly bans convenience store protective glass barriers around cigs and other things. People claim the barriers are racist - but they protect cashiers in dangerous neighborhoods - but they have saved lives and prevented theft. They go into high crime stores. [Fake Racism, Crime]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ The Big Lie is disproven. Liberals claim immigrants commit less crime than citizens. Non-citizens were responsible for 22 percent of all murder, 18 percent of fraud, 33 percent of money laundering, 29 percent of drug trafficking, and 72 percent of all drug possession convictions. [Crime, Immigration, Illegal Immigration]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Rosie O'Donnell Offers $2M Bribe to 2 Senators if they will vote the way she wants. A clear felony. Offered money to a public official to influence an official act. 'i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake if they vote NO.' [Crime, Tax Cuts]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Fake News Debunked, Blockbuster Report from DOJ, DHS destroys liberal myth that non-citizens are less likely to commit crimes than citizens. Its actually far higher especially for illegal immigrants. 20% of federal inmates foreign born, 94% are illegal. Non-citizens 22% of murder [Fake News, Immigration, Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Jan 7, 2018 ~ Kyle Smith, 'Were Conservatives Wrong about Stop and Frisk' - Murder Rate continued to go down in NYC after it was stopped - Heather Mac Donald argues that the decline was more to do with gentrification as rate went up everywhere else like Baltimore and Chicago. [Police, Crime, Kyle Smith]
Apr 21, 2018 ~ Rush Limbaugh, What happens when liberals run cities - high crime, ridiculously high taxes, high poverty, high homelessness, drug infested, needles in the streets, feces in the streets, bad schools, sanctuary cities protecting criminal aliens [Crime, Drugs]
May 28, 2018 ~ 32 percent of federal prisoners are aliens, and that over 90 percent of those are in the country illegally. Most illegals are not criminals but its undeniable that illegal immigration brings in a lot of crime. That crime can be minimized by border enforcement with vetting. [Illegal Immigration, Crime]
May 29, 2018 ~ Police officer Amy Caprio is dead because Marilyn Mosby of Freddy Gray fame botches yet another case. She was begged to keep a 'one man crime wave' Dawnta Harris locked up until sentencing but she knew better and let him out. 'This shouldn't have happened. It's preventable.' [Police, Crime]
Jun 18, 2018 ~ Larry Elder, "If Tough Anti-Drug Laws Are 'Racist,' Blame Black Leaders" - tough sentencing for drug offenders was pushed for and applauded by black leaders in the 80s and 90s - now they are trying to tell us those laws and sentences were due to racism. [Fake Racism, Crime, Larry Elder]
Aug 19, 2018 ~ Walter Williams, 'Enough's Enough' Thousands shot in Chicago every year but we're only allowed to focus on the police shootings which are an insignificant amount and mostly justified - prevents the real problems from being addressed. [Police, Crime, Walter Williams]
Aug 19, 2018 ~ Fourth instance of mob violence this year shuts down Chicago's fanciest shopping district - vandalism and violence by 'urban youths' - no videos released - city and merchants want to cover it up so people will not stop shopping there. [Crime]
Aug 25, 2018 ~ Rahm Emanuel gets heat for telling the truth, 75 shot in Chicago in 1 weekend - 'there is a shortage of values about what is right, what is wrong, was is acceptable, what is condoned and what is condemned'. Liberals are furious because 'racism' is the only acceptable explanation. [Guns-Mass Shootings, Crime]
Aug 27, 2018 ~ After the Mollie Tibbetts murder by an illegal alien, dems keeps insisting that immigrant crime rate is lower than non-immigrant crime rate but as usual they lump legal and illegal immigration together. Illegal immigrant crime rate is much HIGHER than the non-immigrant crime rate [Illegal Immigration, Immigration, Fake News, Crime]
Aug 27, 2018 ~ Mollie Tibbetts is another Kate Steinle - young girl murdered by an illegal alien who was never supposed to be here - totally avoidable with proper border enforcement that democrats are against - illegal killer even has anchor baby here. [Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Sep 2, 2018 ~ Sheriff David Clarke says we don't need Criminal Justice Reform - by the time people get to jail after pleas and 2nd chances, they are multiple repeat offenders - or they are murderers or rapists. I.e. their official rap sheet is almost always very understated due to plea downs. [First Step, Crime]
Sep 23, 2018 ~ Walter Williams, 'Reasoning About Race'. Williams explains why many things that look like racial discrimination are really discrimination based on crime stats. and other real things. Gives examples of how even black cabbies and Jesse Jackson behave in ways some claim is racist. [Race, Crime, Walter Williams]
Nov 8, 2018 ~ Hate crimes against Jews represent 'half of all hate crimes in New York this year' according to NYT article - 142 crimes - 'During the past 22 months, NOT ONE person caught or identified ... has been associated with a far right-wing group' despite dem attempts to blame the right. [Anti-Semitism, Crime, Violent Left]
Nov 8, 2018 ~ Police are blamed for death of a burglary suspect Demaszjae Miller. Cops did nothing more than show up to a call and turn on their light Miller ran and was hit by a car. A cop was assaulted and a cop car destroyed in 'protest' of them doing their job. [Police, Crime, Fake News]
Nov 11, 2018 ~ The Middlesex County authorities ignored an ICE Detainer because of Sanctuary City Policies while holding illegal alien Luis Rodrigo Perez for domestic abuse charges. They let him out and he has now killed 3 innocent people and wounded 2 others. Sanctuary policies costing lives. [Illegal Immigration, Crime]
Nov 18, 2018 ~ Andrew McCarthy, 'On Criminal Justice, Trump Embraces the Left's Racism Rhetoric' Sets the record straight. The sentencing disparities between rock and powder cocaine were not due to racism. They were based on greater harm and asked for by inner city black leaders. [Fake Racism, Fake News, Crime]
Nov 18, 2018 ~ FIRST STEP Prison Reform Act is a major achievement for President Trump - fixes unreasonable sentences and allows discretion in mandatory minimums - provides for education and job training to help prisoners re-enter society. [Trump Win, Crime, First Step]
Nov 28, 2018 ~ Europe is becoming more right wing due to the problems caused by recent immigration. Racism falsely blamed of course. Were the Swedes who switched parties and Obama voters who voted for Trump bigots all along? Unlikely. Rejecting politicians saying don't believe your lying eyes. [Immigration, Crime]
Dec 1, 2018 ~ David Harsanyi 'There Is No 'Surge' in Right-Wing Violence'. Shows how the narrative is just a bogus political smear. Starting in 2002 to eliminate 9-11, wrongly labelling things like the Vegas shooter as 'right wing' but not labelling the same kinds of crimes if done by the left [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Crime]

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