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Nov 18, 2017 ~ 5 black cadets candidates at the Air Force Academy's prep school found racial slurs, 'go home n-word' on message boards outside their rooms. Tons of media stories. Gen. Jay Silveria praised for speech against it. Trump and supporters denounced. Turns out 1 of the victims did it. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, College]
Nov 18, 2017 ~ Larry Elder, 'No, Colin Kaepernick Is No Muhammad Ali'. GW names him 'Citizen of the Year' but his cause is not like Ali's. Elder debunks the entire case for police killing black people because of racism. 2X as many white people killed by police. No one knows a thing about them. [Police, Fake Racism]
Nov 27, 2017 ~ Ron Perlman calls Trump a 'racist cunt' because he thought certain rules gave Indian casinos an unfair advantage. Routine discourse for the left. No well known person on the right ever said things like this about Obama publicly. But this happens constantly with no consequences. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Fake Racism]
Nov 30, 2017 ~ Feminist Jody Allard writes article, 'I'm Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons)' She declares that ALL MEN are 'unsafe'. This is what modern feminism has become: rape culture bla bla bla, toxic masculinity bla bla bla, misogyny bla bla bla. Also, 'White people aren't safe'. [Feminism, Fake Racism, Racism]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College has section of paper 'for people of color by people of color' to escape the 'dark cloud that is living under white supremacy' - 'Dear White people, please take a step back'. [Racism, Fake Racism, College]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Howie Carr, "Why Trump Is Still Calling Sen. Warren 'Pocahontas'". Trump is falsely called racist for using the term but she pretended to be part Indian to get hired into high paying cushy jobs at Ivy League schools and plagiarized the recipe for Pow Wow Chow. [Fake Racism]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ City University of New York sociology professor Jessie Daniels says having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy. 'Reproducing white children that you want the best for' perpetuates 'systemic white supremacy'. White people can maybe exist but reproducing is a problem. [Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 10, 2017 ~ Navy sailor Marquie Little posted photos of his personal space trashed and N-word written. Writes 'I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I'm receiving in return.' But once again, 'the alleged victim staged the incident himself'. A similar Air Force hoax happened months ago. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Dec 11, 2017 ~ Cal State San Marcos conducts and event called the 'Whiteness Forum' which features sentiments such as 'Whiteness thrives on the hate of everyone. Realize we are all pawns in this chess game. Every day is a day to challenge whiteness'. Lots of discussion of 'Whites Supremacy'. [Race, Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 12, 2017 ~ Former Rep. Corrine Brown is sentenced to five years in prison for 'fraud and tax crimes that included raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a sham charity.'. She tried to shut down the investigation saying she was being targeted because of racism. Fake race card failed. [Fake Racism]
Dec 15, 2017 ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates article, 'The First White President' claims the only reason conservatives opposed Obama's policies was because they were racist. They voted for Trump to undo the 'n-word presidency'. Claims Trump's 'ideology is white supremacy' Very false and divisive accusations [Fake Racism]
Dec 16, 2017 ~ Katherine Rodriguez, "45 Pennsylvania Teachers Resign over Students' Violent Behavior" No longer permitted to properly discipline or suspend violent students. 'those who raise concerns' are called racist. With legit concerns going unaddressed, teachers are just giving up. [Education, Fake Racism]
Dec 16, 2017 ~ Kurt Schlichter, Become a 'Woke Conservative'. Understand that no matter what you do or say, they will claim 'you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesting, greedy, NRA terrorist determined to murder kids'. They will never accept or even acknowledge your real motivations [Loathsome Left, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Dec 16, 2017 ~ Eminem is absurdly smearing Donald Trump, 'get this Aryan a sheet' Violent fantasies about having Ivanka in the trunk of his car who he calls a 'dumb little blonde girl, motherfuckin' baton twirler'. Violent rape fantasies about Ann Coulter, 'fuck Ann Coulter with a lamp post'. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Fake Racism]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College getting more dangerous and despicable. White students are being told they are not allowed to speak because they are white. They're called racist and white supremacists if they object. Culture of violence and harassment allowed by Bridges. 'literal anarchy' [Loathsome Left, Free Speech, Silencing, College, Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 22, 2017 ~ Philly bans convenience store protective glass barriers around cigs and other things. People claim the barriers are racist - but they protect cashiers in dangerous neighborhoods - but they have saved lives and prevented theft. They go into high crime stores. [Fake Racism, Crime]
Dec 23, 2017 ~ Black conservative Candace Owens exposes how the dems who have done nothing for black people falsely accuse opponents of racism. Get votes by sprinkling the word 'racist' on anything that is opposed to their agenda. She implores people to not let these false accusations work. [Fake Racism]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ University of Hawaii Professor Piper Harron says resign or you're racist, sexist etc. 'If you are a white cis man you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism, racism, transphobia is showing' [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Fake Homophobia, Trans, College]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ In the 'everything is racist' category, even building roads is racist! Feminist Caroline Criado-Perez, 'spending money on roads instead of welfare is literally choosing rich white men over everyone else - they are the ones who drive' You cannot make stuff up this ridiculous. [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Jesse Jackson on the NFL Protests, 'To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress' Incredibly absurd to compare players voluntarily playing sports for millions of dollars a year to SLAVES! 'not very much progress'? [Fake Racism, Slavery]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Evergreen Prof Naima Lowe, 'White supremacy...lives and breathes within every single white person standing here right now. I refuse to shut my mouth and let white people set this agenda?the white gays, the white middle class assimilationist motherfucking gays.' [Fake Racism, Homophobia, College, Loathsome Left]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ The Slate complains that Hallmark Christmas movies have too many white leads with 'white nationalist haircuts' Also that there are not enough Muslims in a Christmas movie! Ridiculously tie to Trump: 'they all depict a fantasy world in which America has been Made Great Again.' [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake Islamophobia]
Dec 26, 2017 ~ Hans A. von Spakovsky & Roger Clegg "The Bogus Science behind 'Implicit Racism'" The left's theory about how every white person is implicitly racist whether they even know it or not does not hold up to scrutiny. Article explains why Implicit Association Test (IAT) is very flawed. [Fake Racism]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ USA Today, 'How white nationalists tapped into decades of pent-up racism to spark a movement' Fake News continues to try to falsely tie Trump to the KKK even though he has repudiated them several times. KKK used to have 4 million members all dems. Now less than 8000, .002% of pop [Fake News, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Newsweek article, 'How Trump And The Nazis Stole Christmas To Promote White Nationalism'. Saying 'Merry Christmas' Is 'Promoting White Nationalism'. Article insanely links 'Merry Christmas' to White Supremacy, Nazis, Hitler, anti-Muslim, anti-minority white identity politics. [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake News, Loathsome Left, Fake Islamophobia, Holocaust Denial]
Dec 29, 2017 ~ San Diego State University geography professors Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco Farmers' markets are a racially biased because of 'environmental gentrification' - They are 'white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized'. [Fake Racism, College]
Dec 29, 2017 ~ Professor George Ciccariello-Maher who tweeted, "All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide," resigned from Drexel University. He was unhappy with the negative attention that the call for the genocide of a race of people caused. He blames the "right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and Internet mobs" for that attention. [College, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Dec 30, 2017 ~ Sheila Jackson Lee falsely accuses a passenger of racism because she was upset HER first class seat was given to Lee while she gets booted to coach. Jackson Lee says she was upset 'because I was an African American woman'. 'I hope one day, we will accept our collective diversity' [Fake Racism]
Jan 2, 2018 ~ Atlantic Article, ''The Nationalist's Delusion' claims all income levels of whites voted for Trump. So if economics not a factor then the explanation must be racism. But only faulty exit polling showed that. Real random large studies show 2 upper income brackets voted for Clinton [Fake News, Fake Racism, Politics]
Jan 2, 2018 ~ White House intern Jack Breuer is accused of making 'white power' OK gesture in photo with Trump. This idiocy was covered by multiple 'news outlets' that keep falling for a 4chan prank. Also, it makes no sense for Jewish man to support anti-Semitic white nationalists. [Fake News, Fake Racism, Fake Hate Crime]
Jan 9, 2018 ~ Video of Jordan Peterson Denying Being White Supremacist Blocked by YouTube in Europe for 'Incitement of Hatred'. So you are allowed to be falsely smeared but if you defend against the false charges of racism, you are inciting hatred. No win scenario. [Fake Racism]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ Dashcam shows Charles Smith firing at cops before being fatally shot - as usual, 'Misinformation gets out that says the subject wasn't armed ... didn't shoot' - social media fuels lies about cops shooting black people for no reason. [Police, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Christmas song 'Jingle Bells' is rooted in racism Boston University professor Kyna Hamill says. Example of how to decode the 'racism', '"Words such as 'thro,' 'tho't,' and 'upsot' suggest a racialized performance that attempted to sound 'southern' to a northern audience." Yikes! [Fake Racism]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Clemson Prof Bart Knijnenburg calls for violence against GOP. 'all republicans are racist scum'. 'I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy, Violent or non-violent... by any means necessary. #PunchNazis' Demands 'denounce your affiliation, or admit you're a racist' [TDS, Violent Left, Fake Racism, Silencing]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'The Democratic Playbook'. Cry racism, falsely, then offer redemption for the guilty deplorable republicans. 'different races being involved is enough "proof."' The only way to prove they are not racist by voting the way the dems want. [Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Derek Hunter]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ The Root 'Charles Barkley Is a Great Example of a Black White Supremacist' 'no one exemplifies the black man's subconscious acceptance of white superiority more' 'Charles Barkley is a white supremacist.' 'He is a true believer in the infallibility and superiority of whiteness.' [Fake Racism]
Jan 29, 2018 ~ California Woman Sues Walmart for Racism over Products in Locked Cases - locks are mostly on African American products in black neighborhoods but the lock placement were just based on what was getting stolen and where. [Fake Racism]
Feb 4, 2018 ~ Americans who practice yoga contribute to 'white supremacy', Michigan State University professor Shreena Gandhi claims. The "(mis)appropriation of yoga" that "is part of systemic racism" built on "the labor of black people and people of the global south." [Fake Racism]
Feb 4, 2018 ~ Senator Dick Durbin says the term 'chain migration' is racist. 'Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people. African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains' - term 'hurts them personally'. It just means one person brings other related people in. Links [Fake Racism, Illegal Immigration]
Feb 6, 2018 ~ Riot erupts following Charles Kirk lecture at Colorado State University - left wing scum again perpetrate violence after screaming false claims about White Supremacy, white nationalism, fascism and fascists etc [Violent Left, Fake Racism, Silencing, College]
Feb 11, 2018 ~ Democrats' Immigration Radicalism - The Gift That Keeps on Giving for Donald Trump - Democrats have gotten so extreme, their own positions from just a few years ago are now called racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Comparison quotes Trumps to dems are hilariously similar. [Illegal Immigration, Fake Racism]
Feb 11, 2018 ~ Black Panther actor claimed that white colonialists are to blame for why Africa is not technologically advanced. 'This movie will prove to the colonialists that if they had not interfered with Africa, we'd be so far advanced'. The movie proves that he says. [Fake Racism]
Feb 11, 2018 ~ Several articles written about how many prominent democrats said very similar things to what Trump is saying now about illegal immigration and boarder enforcement. Schumer, Bill Clinton, Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Feinstein etc. But Trump is a bigot for saying it now. [Illegal Immigration, Fake Racism]
Feb 12, 2018 ~ In one show, Chelsea Handler says Trump likes David Duke, Trump's father was arrested at a Klan rally, Ben Carson is a 'white supremacist' who thinks white people are better than black people - all lies. [Fake News, Fake Racism]
Feb 12, 2018 ~ Kirsten Gillibrand was shown that her previous views and statements on immigration essentially align with Trump's - she responds 'I think his positions are racist'. Logic is not a democrat party strong suit. Either they are both racist or neither are since they are the same. [Fake Racism, Illegal Immigration]
Feb 12, 2018 ~ Fake Racism at the Olympics. Skater claims it is racist that a white skater carried the flag even though it was decided by coin toss. People also claim racism is responsible for the % of whites at the winter Olympics even though blacks do not participate in those sports as much [Fake Racism]
Feb 15, 2018 ~ Parkland School Shooting - 19 dead - extremely preventable. FBI and Police failed. Should have had an arrest record. Obama PROMISE program allowed him to get a gun after offenses that should have prevented it - dems trot out useless gun control demands - vilify those who oppose. [Fake Racism, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Feb 18, 2018 ~ Brown University social justice warriors get tyrannical again - they demand Guy Benson be silenced and not allowed to speak on campus - They call the event 'unacceptable' and claim it 'enables white supremacy' which is absurd. Ironically, the talk is on Silencing of free speech. [Fake Racism, Silencing, Loathsome Left, Free Speech, College]
Feb 19, 2018 ~ Jeff Sessions says 'sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement' - liberals lose their remaining minds again - racist, white supremacy, white hoods etc. Demand he be fired But Obama used the same phrase in a similar context. [Fake Racism]
Feb 19, 2018 ~ Laura Inghram tells LeBron James to 'shut up and dribble'. Comment roundly called racist because James is black. But she's said shut up and sing, act, coach, make us laugh to lots of white people. Mostly white people. Treating black people THE SAME as white people is not racist. [Fake Racism]

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