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Apr 10, 2017 ~ The left has a cow when they find out Pence won't have dinner alone with women who are not his wife. He never said he wouldn't work with them and record showed he often has. This is a reasonable policy that protects him and would have helped many others avoid problems. [Me Too]
Dec 16, 2017 ~ Three Women accuse President Trump of sexual assault or harassment. No corroborating witnesses or evidence of any kind. 6 Democratic senators, including Gillibrand, are calling for Trump to resign. Trump said, 'it's totally fake news... made up. I don't know these women.' [Me Too, Fake News]
Dec 18, 2017 ~ Linda Sarsour accused of enabling sexual assault as director of the Arab American Association. Asmi Fathelbab said, 'She oversaw an environment unsafe and abusive to women' Sarsour called Fathelbab a liar, body shamed and intimidated her. Man was 'a good Muslim, always at Mosque' [Me Too, Women's March, Islam]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Harvey Weinstein Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, John Conyers and many others show there was a huge double standard for who could get away with sex assault. Those who towed the liberal line or donate huge were allowed to get away with it but that's over. [Me Too, Politics]
Dec 28, 2017 ~ Heather Wilhelm, 'Where the MeToo campaign goes off the rails. Not all women are victims. Not all men are guilty'. Distinctions blurred between rape, assault, harassment, unwanted attention. Witch hunts are starting to throw out due process. Women will be avoided professionally. [Me Too, Due Process]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ Ann Coulter explains why Al Franken got what he deserved - maligned Bill O'Reilly and did not apologize when proven wrong - pushed Jamie Leigh Jones story even though it was obviously a false accusation of rape. [Me Too, Fake Rape]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ The Me Too movement has a setback with the Aziz Ansari story - there was nothing unconsensual - just a clumsy impatient lover who didn't read non-verbal clues - most side with Aziz -pretending women want the same thing as men is a problem. [Me Too]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ Whistling at women & asking for phone number could cost men $435 in France [Me Too]
Feb 4, 2018 ~ Turns out Hillary was protecting another sexual harasser, Burt Strider, on her campaign - gave him some counseling and let him continue on in a different spot - The Clinton Reckoning Is One of the Most Essential #Me Too Revelations Yet [Me Too, Hillary]
Feb 11, 2018 ~ Is Me Too turning into a witch hunt? - Scott Baio and Ryan Seacrest apparently falsely accused. [Me Too]
Feb 20, 2018 ~ #Me Too Movement Could be going too far - several feminists starting to get worried about overreach and unintended consequences - other women lament the end of courtship and seduction - back to puritanism and witch hunts against men. Many articles about these worries. [Me Too]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ The way liberals treat conservative women like Dana Loesch and Michelle Malkin is beyond despicable and criminal - while claiming to support #Me Too, they threaten to assault, rape and kill these women and their families. [Me Too, Violent Left, Sexism]
May 5, 2018 ~ Ronan Farrow told George Stephanopoulos that Hillary Clinton's team threatened to cancel her interview with him because he was working on the story about her friend Harvey Weinstein. Her campaign 'sounded very concerned' 'We hear you're working on a big story.' [Me Too, Hillary]
May 6, 2018 ~ American University believes women can revoke consent after sex - If both the man and woman were drunk, the woman can re-write history and revoke the consent she gave. Policy seems to be if both were intoxicated and consented, the man can become guilty the next day. [Me Too, Fake Rape, College]
May 14, 2018 ~ How far can the #Me Too nuttery go - Gender Studies prof files formal complaint against a man who made a joke asking the elevator to stop at ladies lingerie - had to apologize for calling complaint frivolous which it was. Quoting an Aerosmith song. [Me Too, Cancel Culture]
May 14, 2018 ~ NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman goes down with major creepy and violent sexual harassment charges - one of the worst - feminists and other libs try to protect because he is ultra liberal - victims urged not to come forward [Me Too]
Jun 18, 2018 ~ Bill Clinton comments on the 'Me Too' phenomenon - 'People have different rules today about where you're allowed to touch them on their bodies involuntarily' - Oy - Jake Tapper says 'Worst Answer He Could Give' [Me Too]
Jun 24, 2018 ~ The takedown of Chris Hardwick shows #Me Too has gone too far - Lost his show over an unproven allegation - 'Now it's being used as a cudgel for aggrieved parties to exact revenge' - if it loses credibility, women won't be believed. [Me Too]
Aug 25, 2018 ~ Me Too Movement takes a hit - Asia Argento, among the most prominent accusers of Harvey Weinstein, had paid $380K to young actor Jimmy Bennett in order to keep him silent about her encounter with him when he was underage. [Me Too]
Sep 16, 2018 ~ Theodore Kupfer, 'In Defense of Norm Macdonald'. Norm got caught in Me Too. He didn't DO anything inappropriate. He just said not ALL women are telling the truth. Some men actually have been falsely accused. But Norm had to apologize. Women are biologically incapable of lying. [Me Too, Cancel Culture, Anti-Science]
Sep 22, 2018 ~ Karen Monahan, the woman who has accused Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN of domestic abuse, said that she has been 'smeared, threatened, and isolated' by the Democratic party. Democrats say 'believe all women' regarding Kavanaugh but only 5%!!!! believe Monahan. [Me Too, Kavanaugh]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Another Kavanaugh accuser! Says she was raped by Kavanaugh AND Mark Judge in August 1985 on a 36-foot boat in Newport, Rhode Island after meeting him at a bar. Story does not hold up to questioning. Accuser recants. Admits to making it up. How long can this farce continue? [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Me Too]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Woman's Rape Claim Against 4 Dentists Falls Apart - Video Evidence proved she was lying - Las Vegas prosecutors drop all charges - if the video didn't exist, 4 lives would have been destroyed. [Fake Rape, Me Too]
Oct 6, 2018 ~ Matt Patterson, 'New Rules for Men' - With due process discarded, some men adopt new rules to protect against false accusations - rules include don't hire women, don't interact with women in a professional setting without witnesses, use robots for sex. [Me Too, Due Process]
Oct 15, 2018 ~ Hillary Clinton Says Bill's Accusers Don't Fit into 'Me Too' - utterly ridiculous - Bill Clinton had 14 accusers - 14! - many are not even in dispute - he settled a sexual harassment suit and was disbarred. [Me Too, Hillary]
Oct 16, 2018 ~ Matt Vespa, 'The Kavanaugh Clown Show Was Predicted By Bill Maher Who Warned That Me Too Was Drifting Towards Sexual McCarthyism' which Maher called 'MeCarthyism' - no due process and no degrees of badness - death penalty for everything. [Me Too, Kavanaugh, Due Process]
Nov 17, 2018 ~ Michael Avenatti is arrested for domestic violence - During the Kavanaugh hearing he demanded that we 'Believe All Women' including his client who was obviously lying and ended up recanting. Avenatti says believe all women but don't believe the woman that is accusing me. [Me Too, Kavanaugh]
Nov 19, 2018 ~ 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink 'always' or 'usually' constitutes sexual harassment - We may be finished as a species. [Me Too]
Dec 13, 2018 ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson is accused by 3 women of sexual harassment - one said she was drugged and then raped - He writes 'On Being Accused' showing why these charges are all absurd like in the Kavanaugh case - these cases are killing Me Too. [Me Too, Kavanaugh]
Dec 14, 2018 ~ Sanity starts to prevail with song 'Baby Its Cold Outside' - returning to stations - people realizing the song understood in the 1940s context had nothing to do with rape. It was written at when time women needed an excuse to say yes. [Cancel Culture, Me Too]
Dec 17, 2018 ~ Wall Street Journal story 'Wall Street Rule for the #Me Too Era. Avoid Women at All Cost' - Unintended consequences of #Me Too make men less likely to mentor women because men afraid to be alone with women - make sure no way can be accused. [Me Too]
Dec 26, 2018 ~ USC students are demanding the termination of a professor James Moore who defended due process rights for those accused of sexual assault. The SJW mob demands that the accused be given no rights. Believe accusers, case closed. Due process creates an 'unsafe' 'hostile environment' [Me Too, Cancel Culture, Silencing, College, Due Process]
Feb 1, 2019 ~ Virginia's Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, next in line if Ralph Northam resigns, is accused of rape by two women - these allegations are far more credible than the ones against Kavanaugh which everyone denied even supposed witnesses. [Kavanaugh, Me Too]
Feb 22, 2019 ~ SJW mob out of control in Portland - A woman expresses some well known concerns with 'me too' overreach - her husband's coffee shops then are targeted by the mob as 'hostile', 'unsafe' and 'rape culture' supporting - They are going out of business. Cancel Culture mob. [Silencing, Fake Sexism, Me Too, Cancel Culture]
Feb 25, 2019 ~ Time's Up CEO, Lisa Borders, resigned after her son was accused of sexual harassment. Not because Time's Up is an advocacy group created fight sexual harassment. But to defend his innocence which is at odds with believe without due process. [Me Too, Due Process]
Feb 25, 2019 ~ Miami University settles lawsuit with John Doe who was suspended - Jane Doe got in bed with him where he was already sleeping. She initiated sex even though he was too drunk to consent. Yet he was the one punished. He was denied the due process of a defense. [Me Too, Fake Rape, Due Process]
Mar 11, 2019 ~ One of Kirsten Gillibrand's closest aides resigned because Gillibrand's basically ignored the sexual harassment she reported. Gillibrand identifies as a Me Too advocate, having called for many scalps. Malik fired only after Politico found 'a pattern of harassment in the office'. [Me Too]
Mar 15, 2019 ~ The co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees was fired in the wake of 'allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.' Others step down. [Me Too]
Mar 22, 2019 ~ HBO makes Michael Jackson documentary where two men describe in detail how MJ sexually abused them for years. Barbara Streisand says 'You can say 'molested', but those children ? were thrilled to be there? it didn't kill them.' MJ told them they would go to jail if they talked. [Me Too]
Mar 29, 2019 ~ Joe Biden off to a rocky start on his Presidential run. Goes on an apology tour; apologizes for allowing Anita Hill to be interviewed by 'a bunch of white guys', apologizes for 'white man's culture' which has 'got to change'. Then gets accused by Lucy Flores of sexual assault. [Fake Racism, Me Too, Biden]
Mar 29, 2019 ~ Jonathan Tobin on 'Biden's Ridiculous Anita Hill Apology Tour'. Argues that Biden has nothing to apologize for with Thomas hearings. Biden was so hard on Thomas that Thomas called it a 'lynching'. But Biden gave Thomas some due process which is a modern dem party no no. [Fake Racism, Me Too, Due Process, Biden]
Mar 30, 2019 ~ People questioning the motives and timing of Biden's accuser. Mika Brzezinski, 'are we allowed to bring up that Lucy Flores is a huge Bernie person?' All it takes is an accusation to eliminate a candidate. Recall Kavanaugh was falsely accused by many people for political reasons. [Me Too, Kavanaugh, Sanders, Biden]
Apr 3, 2019 ~ Biden accuser Lucy Flores called a 'fraud' by Bernie staffer. 'someone who was racist, who also implemented retaliation' Has 'a long history of her picking the perfect timing quote, unquote on speaking on these issues'. Example of Me Too being weaponized for political reasons? [Me Too, Politics, Sanders, Biden]
May 14, 2019 ~ SWJ got prof who represented Harvey Weinstein fired from Harvard. Said they felt 'unsafe'. Alan Dershowitz, 'Feeling "unsafe" is the new mantra for the new McCarthyism.' 'When I was a college student, lawyers who represented Communists would be fired from academic positions.' [Me Too, Cancel Culture]
Jul 13, 2019 ~ Christine Cromer convicted of falsely accusing two police officers of rape. 'Cromer made her accusations after being inspired by the #Me Too movement, which insisted any claim against a man made by a woman must be instantly believed, implying investigation ... was disrespectful.' [Fake Rape, Police, Me Too]
Jul 18, 2019 ~ Alan Dershowitz claims New Yorker ran a dishonest hit piece on him because he doesn't tow the liberal line on all issues. 'to say anything in defense of Trump, nowadays, is to invite fire from all of his enemies: political and journalistic' They know the claims have been debunked [Fake Rape, Me Too, Silencing]
Jul 23, 2019 ~ Liberals now upset Al Franken didn't get 'due process' despite not giving due process to Kavanaugh, college males, me too. Bette Midler slut shames Leeann Tweeden suggesting she had it coming for racy pictures she once took. Others join the victim blaming. Ignore 7 other accusers [Loathsome Left, Me Too, Due Process]
Oct 9, 2019 ~ Ronan Farrow's new book reveals that 'Weinstein also attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow' into not doing the expose on Weinstein. Clinton would not do an interview with Farrow because Weinstein story is a 'concern for us.' [Me Too]
Oct 18, 2019 ~ Pharrell apologized for lyric 'I know you want it' in 'Blurred Lines'. Called 'Rapey'. He blamed the 'chauvinist culture in our country' and white people. It's 'very racial, this conversation. Because the dominant force on this planet right now is the older straight white male.' [Me Too, Fake Racism]
Oct 28, 2019 ~ Katie Hill resigns from congress. Admitted to an affair with 22 year old campaign staffer and ethics investigation opened after evidence of an affair with a congressional staffer as well. Dems and celebs including A. Milano look ridiculous claiming some kind of 'double standard'. [Me Too, Fake Sexism]

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