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Feb 17, 2016 ~ Five BLM thugs beat and robbed a Bronze Star Marine Veteran Christopher Marquezoutside D.C. McDonald's. They asked him if "I think that black lives mattered... it was very hostile. I felt they were really trying to intimidate me and just trying to start a confrontation with me." [BLM, Crime, Race, Racism]
Nov 20, 2016 ~ James Longstreet, 'The left is 'projecting' its own evil onto conservatives'. The left is everything they accuse the right of being. Violent, Intolerant and Racist. [Violent Left, Racism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ MTV releases '2017 Resolutions for White Guys' Stop mansplaining, realize America was never great for anyone who is not a white guy, stop saying 'blue lives matter' because its 'not a thing'. Some white people are ok but many can 'do better' 2016 was bad because of white people. [Racism, Race, Police]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Drexel Professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweets 'all I want for Christmas is white genocide'. So called higher education is getting increasingly toxic and violent. Left wing professors can advocate for the genocide of a race of people and 'ho hum' if its white people. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Jan 4, 2017 ~ Mentally disabled white man kidnapped, gagged, tortured and beaten by 4 black people in Chicago. Cursed white people and Trump. Made him say he loves black people, made him drink toilet water. Repeatedly kicked and hit while making him say 'fuck Donald Trump' 'fuck white people'. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Jan 4, 2017 ~ Mentally disabled white man kidnapped, gagged, tortured and beaten by 4 black people in Chicago. 'This n-word right here represents Trump. One says he will put the victim in the trunk of a car and 'put a brick on the gas.' They cut off a piece of his scalp. 'Oooo, that bit's gone' [Loathsome Left, Racism, TDS, Violent Left]
Jan 15, 2017 ~ MTV Tells Jeff Sessions to 'kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys R Us you stole her from' - it turned out to be his own granddaughter - typical left wing hypocritical hatred - they did the same thing to Romney and his black family member. They are the racists as usual. [Loathsome Left, Racism]
Jan 22, 2017 ~ Steve Harvey, Kanye West, Darrell Scott, Dr. Ben Carson, and Martin Luther King III are called 'Mediocre Negros' by Marc Lamont Hill on CNN for daring to be black and work with Donald Trump. Black people who don't support democrats are put in their place by Democrats. [Loathsome Left, Silencing, Racism]
Jan 29, 2017 ~ DNC Chair Candidate Sally Boynton Brown says 'white people need to shut their mouths' and her job will be to 'shut white people down'. The left doubling down on its divisive anti-white identity politics. If dems have their way, who is allowed to speak depends on skin color. [Loathsome Left, Identity Politics, Racism]
Jan 29, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Universities Cave to Snowflakes' - curriculum becoming more and more toxic - anti-white and anti-American. Gives many examples including U. Penn. professor Anthea Butler who tweeted, "If only there was a 'coon of the year' award." about Ben Carson. [Loathsome Left, Racism, College, Walter Williams]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali white people are 'sub-human', 'genetic defects', less intelligent, etc. than black people. 'Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today' 'Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist'. [Racism, Fake Racism, BLM]
Feb 19, 2017 ~ Mitchell Blatt, 'Why Social-Justice Warriors Think It's Okay to Be Racist Towards Asians'. Treated horribly and not allowed to describe if they have been subject to racist behavior from black people - their success is considered unearned and privileged. 'hierarchy of oppression' [Racism, Identity Politics]
Apr 5, 2017 ~ Black Lives Matter Philly chapter bans white people from their meeting - 'White people can support us but they cannot attend our meetings.' [Racism, BLM]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Worse Than Racists', White Teacher sues school. Black students frequently called her 'white bitch, white motherfucker, white cunt and white ho' - school told her that's just black culture. 'insulting lie' and damaging that blacks are held to such a low standard. [Walter Williams, Racism]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Chelsea Clinton sides with Anitfa against Ann Coulter. Calls Coulter a 'Nazi' and applauds them violently shutting her speech down. Says shame on the police for making Antifa remove their masks. Retweets guy who says 'i hate white people and their stupid ignorant hypocrite asses' [Antifa, Free Speech, Holocaust Denial, Loathsome Left, Racism, Silencing, Violent Left]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Islamic Terrorist shoots people in Fresno. Kori Ali Muhammad yells 'Allahu Akbar' as he shot random white people, killing 3. Muhammad who is black told police that he 'hates white people' so this shooting is classified both as terrorism and a hate crime. [Islam, Terrorism, Racism]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Black students at Pomona College demand hiring of sociologist be rescinded because she is white - credentials, qualifications and expertise in subject matter less than skin color. [Racism, Identity Politics, College]
May 12, 2017 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'Racism Is Only Racism If Comes From Groups the Left Hates' - many on the left say black people cannot be racist which is a racist idea - say its fine to call white men 'white boy' in a derogatory way. Its not racist they say because black people can't be racist. [Ben Shapiro, Race, Racism]
May 13, 2017 ~ Huffington Post runs article, 'Could it Be Time to Deny White Men the Franchise?' meaning the vote. It was a hoax but they did not know. Why would they? They said it 'fit into standard feminist theory'. Susan Sontag declared white people to be a cancer and many on the left agree. [Racism, Loathsome Left]
May 21, 2017 ~ Black University of Hawaii Professor Piper Harron demands that white cis men 'Get Out of the Way' which means 'quit your job, or at least take a demotion'. Of course any white person saying the reverse about black men or women would be branded a racist and fired immediately. [Racism, Sexism]
Jun 4, 2017 ~ Paris's Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo called to ban the Nyansapo Festival for racial discrimination. 80% of events are open only to black women. The remaining 20% divided between women of color only, black only and a few open to all. The left is furious. Hidalgo backs down. [Racism, Identity Politics, Loathsome Left]
Jun 10, 2017 ~ Left Wing thugs take control of Evergreen State College. Hold president in his office. Demand liberal white professor Bret Weinstein be fired because he would not participate in 'Day of Absence' where white people had to leave the campus. Police tell him it is not safe to remain. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, College, Identity Politics, Racism, Fake Racism]
Jun 11, 2017 ~ NSA emp. Reality Winner, self proclaimed member of The Resistance is arrested for leaking classified docs to The Intercept. Bernie supporter, tweets things like #TrumpIsACunt, pledged allegiance to Iran AND Taliban, says 'being white is terrorism', wanted to burn down White House [Loathsome Left, Sanders, Iran, Racism, Violent Left]
Jun 18, 2017 ~ Mark Ruffalo tells NBC and MSNBC 'to stop the white conservative hiring spree' because they hired Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Sustren and Nicolle Wallace - none of whom are really conservatives - but they ARE white, which is bad. Apparently. [Racism, Silencing]
Jun 25, 2017 ~ Trinity College Race Professor Johnny Eric Williams says the Capitol police officers should've let Rep. Scalise and other Republicans die in shooting 'Let. Them. Fucking. Die. And smile a bit when you do' White people are 'inhuman assholes'. Higher Education has become toxic. [Violent Left, Loathsome Left, College, Racism]
Jun 25, 2017 ~ The hate filled racist left despicably attacks Otto Warmbier. University of Delaware Katherine Dettwyler said 'he got what he deserved' because 'white males routinely get away with raping women'. Many other examples of left's extreme hatred and intolerance toward Warmbier. [Loathsome Left, Racism]
Jun 26, 2017 ~ Black Professor Lisa Durden defends segregated celebrations. "boo-hoo-hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn't use your 'white privilege' card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter's all-black Memorial Day celebration" The left is bringing back segregation. [Racism, BLM]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ La Raza changes its name - finally after 50 years realizes that calling itself 'The Race' is racist as it would be if any other race had an organization for their race called 'The Race'. [Racism]
Jul 22, 2017 ~ Katherine Timpf, 'U.K. University to Replace Portraits of Its Founding Fathers Because They're White' - King's College in London - not even because they did anything wrong by today's standards - They FOUNDED the University. That's what the portraits are for. [Racism, College, Kat Timpf]
Aug 2, 2017 ~ Jack Montgomery, 'Cambridge University Diversity Officer Under Investigation After Anti-White Racist Rant'. Jason Osamede Okundaye said 'ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.' [Racism, Race, College]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Stacey Evans, white Democrat who dared to run against a black democrat was shouted down for having the wrong skin color at the Netroots conference. 'Support black women!' they shouted. Racism on the right is a handful of nuts. Racism on the left is systemic and openly practiced. [Racism, Cancel Culture, Identity Politics]
Aug 19, 2017 ~ Ben Carson, whose house was recently vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric is called a 'House Negro' by the Michigan Chronicle. 'Behold the House Negro' they say about the brain surgeon they are smearing. Any black person who is not a democrat must be willing to pay the price. [Loathsome Left, Racism]
Sep 2, 2017 ~ David French, 'AG Sessions Takes On Affirmative Action in College Admissions' 'Skin color has become the most important factor in the college-application process.' Asians hurt the most. Must score 450, 270, 140 points higher than blacks, Hispanics and whites for the same spot. [Affirmative Action, Racism]
Sep 18, 2017 ~ Issa Rae at Emmys asked who she is rooting for - she says 'I'm Rooting for Everybody Black' - Essence writes an article claiming that the real racists are the ones pointing out Rae's racism. How about rooting for deserving individuals and not skin colors? [Racism, Fake Racism]
Sep 19, 2017 ~ Google skewing search results to remove whites and increase black presence to the point of ridiculousness. According to Google search, most prominent American inventors, mathematicians, scientists have been black. [Race, Racism, Tech Bias]
Sep 23, 2017 ~ Justice pricing' at the Roxy Theatre - $15 for white males, $10 for everyone else - Democrats and the left applaud this kind of blatant racism. The right wants a colorblind society that treats everybody equally. [Racism]
Sep 23, 2017 ~ Larry Elder 'Uncle Tom' Is More Destructive Than the 'N-word' Black people who tell the truth tarred with being Uncle Toms even though the false narratives they criticize get a lot of black people killed. The Ferguson Effect is preventing needed police protection in Chicago, etc. [Larry Elder, Racism, Loathsome Left, Silencing]
Oct 12, 2017 ~ Jack Montgomery "UK Police Force Uses 'Positive Action' to Ban White Men from Recruitment Workshops" 'In line with our Positive Action initiative we are initially only offering this workshop to women and black/minority ethnic groups'. Racial discrimination supposed to be illegal. [Racism]
Oct 26, 2017 ~ University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler called Ben Carson a 'Coon'. She said he should win the 'coon of the year award'. Black liberals are permitted to spew real racist hatred at other black people if they are conservative. A conservative would be fired immediately. [Racism, College]
Nov 4, 2017 ~ Thomas Lifson, 'The rise of overt, unapologetic anti-white racism' DNC posts for IT jobs but says do 'not forward to cisgender straight white males'. Singer Lido Pimienta at a concert told whites to go to the white people section in the back. Those who didn't were called racist. [Racism, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Nov 6, 2017 ~ Practice of calling on white men last becoming common in the classroom. 'I will always call on my black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. [White women] come next. And, if I have to, white men'. Racism practiced by those claiming to fight it. [Racism, Sexism]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Black professor Ekow Yankah of Yeshiva Law School writes NYT article asking 'Can My Children Be Friends With White People'. He says he has to teach his children that there is little reason to trust white people. Racism in America is A-Ok with NYT if it is against white people. [Racism, Race, College]
Nov 30, 2017 ~ Feminist Jody Allard writes article, 'I'm Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons)' She declares that ALL MEN are 'unsafe'. This is what modern feminism has become: rape culture bla bla bla, toxic masculinity bla bla bla, misogyny bla bla bla. Also, 'White people aren't safe'. [Feminism, Fake Racism, Racism]
Dec 3, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College has section of paper 'for people of color by people of color' to escape the 'dark cloud that is living under white supremacy' - 'Dear White people, please take a step back'. [Racism, Fake Racism, College]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ City University of New York sociology professor Jessie Daniels says having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy. 'Reproducing white children that you want the best for' perpetuates 'systemic white supremacy'. White people can maybe exist but reproducing is a problem. [Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 10, 2017 ~ Texas State student Rudy Martinez writes column, 'Your DNA is an abomination'. Argues 'white death will mean liberation for all' and 'I hate you because you shouldn't exist'. 'Whiteness will be over because we want it to be'. Would be unacceptable to say about any other race. [Racism, College]
Dec 11, 2017 ~ Cal State San Marcos conducts and event called the 'Whiteness Forum' which features sentiments such as 'Whiteness thrives on the hate of everyone. Realize we are all pawns in this chess game. Every day is a day to challenge whiteness'. Lots of discussion of 'Whites Supremacy'. [Race, Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Evergreen State College getting more dangerous and despicable. White students are being told they are not allowed to speak because they are white. They're called racist and white supremacists if they object. Culture of violence and harassment allowed by Bridges. 'literal anarchy' [Loathsome Left, Free Speech, Silencing, College, Racism, Fake Racism]
Dec 21, 2017 ~ Jim Corbett and Tim Jones create a coloring book called 'I Am So Sick of White Guys'. They are not ridiculed or shamed like they would be if this kind of racist hatred was foist upon any other race. The book is sold on Amazon. [Racism, Race]
Dec 29, 2017 ~ BuzzFeed publishes yet another blatantly racist article titled '37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018'. One of those 'things' was 'United States of America' because they voted for Trump. Such vile racism would be unacceptable if against any other group of people. [TDS, Racism]

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