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Feb 18, 2017 ~ Dan Rather, the godfather of Fake News says Flynn scandal might be bigger than Watergate. Skepticism is called for. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ Thomas Friedman puts Trump's election in the same category as the attacks of Pearl Harbor and September 11th 2001. [TDS, Fake News]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Judd Apatow commenting on Trump winning the election - 'I feel like I've just been raped and I just don't know if I'm going to get murdered' [TDS]
Feb 22, 2017 ~ Rep. Maxine Waters says Tillerson and other Trump Administration people are 'A Bunch Of Scumbags' and Russians hacked the elections to get those scumbags in. Trump is supposedly rude but the other side is so much worse. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 25, 2017 ~ Howard Dean Says of Trump Election. 'This is your Edmund Pettus Bridge. This is your Kent State'. No, this is your unhinged rhetoric. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 25, 2017 ~ Tom Perriello, democratic candidate for Virginia governor Says Electing Trump Was a 'Political September 11' [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Feb 26, 2017 ~ Ashley Judd says election of Trump is worse than being raped as a child. [TDS]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Eric Guster, civil rights attorney and Fox News Legal Analyst tweets about Trump's speech to congress. 'Did Hitler draft part of this speech'. Also lies nonstop about Trump and his supporters being racists. Hitler, Fascists, Nazis, Resistance, etc. The left has lost their minds. [TDS, Holocaust Denial, Fake Racism]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Trump honors widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens at Congressional Address. Dan Grilo, an Obama and Hillary Volunteer tweets. 'Sorry, Owens' wife, you're not helping yourself or your husband's memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you'. Pure hate. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Mar 2, 2017 ~ Reaction to Trump's speech to Congress. Charlie Sheen- 'suck a bag of soiled dicks, you FASCIST, legally retarded, DESPOTIC IMBECILE' 'Ho-ass piglet fraud' - Sarah Silverman- 'What a cunt' - Arsenio- 'KKK' - George Takei- 'White Supremist'. Trump Derangement Syndrome. [TDS, Fake Racism, Holocaust Denial, Loathsome Left]
Mar 9, 2017 ~ Obama administration's former Attorney General Loretta Lynch calls for violence. She says what's needed is more marching, blood and death on the streets. Recalls people who did what needed to be done. 'They've marched, they've bled and yes, some of them died.' [TDS, Violent Left]
Mar 11, 2017 ~ 3 cops, pepper spray used in arrest of Sen. Tim Kaine's son near Trump rally at Capitol - Son of Vice Presidential candidate is one of the left wing thugs who disrupt peaceful events with their violence and hate. Nation in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome. [TDS, Violent Left]
Mar 11, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'College Campus Disgrace' Prof. Bob Lange of Brandeis University says 'It is not terrorism to kill representatives of a government that you are opposed to.' Prof. Olga Perez Cox of Orange Coast College says Trump's election 'act of terrorism' 'white supremacist'. [TDS, Violent Left, Terrorism, Fake Racism, College, Walter Williams]
Mar 13, 2017 ~ Andrew McCarthy 'Sessions' Firing of 46 Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys Isn't Scandalous. 'Clinton and Obama did exactly the same them - its totally routine but the media and liberals act like its some huge scandal. Everything under Trump admin seems to be a reason to freak out. [TDS, Politics]
Mar 13, 2017 ~ A Deranged Democrat harasses Sean Spicer in the Apple Store. 'How does it feel to work for a fascist' 'Are you a criminal as well' 'Have you committed Treason too' 'How do you feel about destroying our country Sean'. Similar disgusting divisive behavior every day from democrats. [TDS, Loathsome Left, Holocaust Denial]
Mar 19, 2017 ~ Rachel Maddow could not have looked more ridiculous. Claimed she had Trump's tax returns! Tricked people into watching her show. Hugh ratings. She only had 2 pages of one 1040 showing Trump paid $38M on $150M. A higher percentage than Obama and Bernie Sanders. Viewers furious. [TDS, Fake News, Taxes, Sanders]
Mar 19, 2017 ~ Maxine Waters links Trump to the KKK. 'Who knew that the Kremlin was involved in the KKK. Since when has the Klan embraced foreigners'. Ashley Judd recently told a Trump Voter 'You voted with the KKK'. 53 Million Trump voters have nothing to do with the remaining 2 thousand KKK. [TDS, Fake Racism, Russia Hoax]
Mar 19, 2017 ~ Snoop Dogg makes music video where he 'Shoots' 'Fucking Clown' Trump - Dresses Trump up in clown outfit and makeup, puts gun to his head and pulls trigger. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Mar 19, 2017 ~ The left invents slanderous story that President Trump's top counterterrorism advisor, Dr. Sebastian Gorka swore an avowed allegiance to some Nazi group in Hungary. Fake story ran on left wing Jewish news site The Forward. [TDS, Fake News]
Mar 20, 2017 ~ Conservative talk show host Michael Savage is violently assaulted outside a restaurant. Violence is being encouraged against Trump and those who support him, with many progressive journalists and intellectuals silent about the wave of political violence always from the left. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Silencing]
Mar 21, 2017 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'Are We on the Verge of Violence?' Left wing thugs are stepping up their political violence based on unhinged nonsense about the other side being nazi fascists that deserved to be assaulted. These are false smears but real people are getting hurt and silenced. [TDS, Violent Left, Silencing, Ben Shapiro]
Mar 24, 2017 ~ A 10th grade teacher at Saratoga Springs High School in NY Compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and the rise of fascism. Outraged parents complain 'Trump has absolutely no relation to World War Two. There's no reason why he should be included with Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler'. [TDS, Holocaust Denial]
Mar 28, 2017 ~ Deranged Democrat Andrew Alemao is arrested for throwing tomatoes at Trump. Another violent Democrat afflicted with TDS. The bigger problem is that he has become a hero to democrats and lefties everywhere. Celebrated on social media. The modern left is far worse than the right. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Mar 29, 2017 ~ Michael Moore Says Trump Will Cause Human Extinction, 'Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump' Just when you thought the loons could not sound more unhinged. Totally idiocy. [TDS, Climate Change]
Apr 2, 2017 ~ Witches Gather to put a Hex on Trump - dressed up like witches with green face paint, raised brooms above their heads and danced around a cauldron - ironically they say it is Trump who is the stupid fool. [TDS]
Apr 3, 2017 ~ Patricia McCarthy, 'They are all Maxine Waters Now' - Loony disrespectful dems forced to play to their unhinged base now refusing to attend events that Trump is at - 28 senators at last one - reduced to uncivil jerks to play to the wingnuts who demand uncivility and 'resistance'. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Apr 10, 2017 ~ Hollywood director Josh Whedon warns Trump will start rounding up, arresting and killing gay people after that happened in 95% Muslim Chechnya. 'This is harrowing, and it's where we're headed if we don't unite and act. Please use your #resistance skills to address this atrocity.' [TDS, LGBT, Fake News, Islam]
Apr 10, 2017 ~ Articles that should not have to be written. Elise Cooper 'Trump is not Hitler', David Harsanyi 'Constant Nazi Analogies Belittle the Holocaust. Comparing everything to 1933 is now a big part of our national discourse.' and many more. And his supporters are not Fascists. Stop it. [TDS, Holocaust Denial]
Apr 16, 2017 ~ Prof Lars Maischak of Fresno State says 'To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.' Wants 'a monument honoring the Trump assassin'. Calls for 'two Republicans' to be 'executed' for 'each deported immigrant'. Obama deported 2 million fyi. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Illegal Immigration, College]
Apr 16, 2017 ~ Bret Easton Ellis is sick of snowflake liberals so deranged they blame their own neuroses on Trump. Says liberals acting like hysterical embarrassing children. Addicted to 'Russian conspiracies discussed on Reddit, Rachel Maddow detailing Russian conspiracies'. Mocks 'Resist' [TDS, Russia Hoax]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ John Hawkins, 'The 7 Worst Liberal Personal Attacks on Donald Trump's Family' - huge double standard - The President's family is usually off limits except not in the case of the Trump family including children. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ DNC Chair Tom Perez says 'Donald Trump, you didn't really win the election' and 'Republicans don't give a shit about people'. Mainstream democrats are getting loonier and more hateful. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Malcolm Nance, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst nominates a Trump Tower in Istanbul to the first Trump property to be suicide bombed by ISIS. 'This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.' It's unclear why he's nominating properties for ISIS to bomb. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
May 8, 2017 ~ Bill Maher jokes about Ivanka Trump giving her dad hand jobs. Not his first incest 'joke' about involving her. Was upset Ivanka tried to 'humanize' Trump. No comparison between the way the left treats the President and his family vs. how the right treated Obama and his family. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
May 8, 2017 ~ Colorado teacher from Roosevelt High School allows students to smash pinata with Trump's picture on it. Teacher is placed on administrative leave. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
May 12, 2017 ~ Colbert says Trump is becoming a 'pricktator' and 'The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster' - Liberals cheer - Colbert's ratings improve. This is who the modern left has become. Besides which, this vulgar joke is based on a hoax. [Loathsome Left, Russia Hoax, TDS]
May 12, 2017 ~ A Doctor is forcefully thrown off United flight because refuses to give up his seat. New York Magazine's Frank Guan blames Trump for this. 'fits a general pattern that has emerged since the presidential election, of increased hostility from law enforcement toward people of color' [TDS, Fake News]
May 12, 2017 ~ The so-called 'March for Science' just another left wing, anti-Trump rally disguised as a support for science. Same hateful intersectional nonsense the women's march embraces. Women's march advises: dress as genitalia and demand tax free tampons if you want to be taken seriously. [Anti-Science, TDS, Women's March]
May 13, 2017 ~ Kyle Smith, 'Trump the Witch', Trump is claimed to have the ability to make people go on meds, lose weight, gain weight, drink more, drink less etc. - Like a Witch, all kinds of ailments are attributed to his powers. Trump derangement syndrome. [TDS, Kyle Smith]
May 14, 2017 ~ Trump Derangement Syndrome all over. A Social Justice Warrior at Western Washington University screams like a loon because she saw a Trump sign - she won't stop screaming - people who don't know she's just a left wing nut ask if she needs an ambulance or medical attention. [TDS, College]
May 16, 2017 ~ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted, "Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts." Democrats are all in on a bogus "stolen election" conspiracy theory. They do this every time they lose. [2020 Election, Politics, Russia Hoax, TDS]
May 19, 2017 ~ SNL fat shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders - makes fun of her looks, what she wears, has her eating constantly - a new low even by SNL standards - not funny, just mean. 'My mother is a big Southern hamburger.' They would never treat a democrat woman remotely this shamefully. [TDS, Loathsome Left]
May 21, 2017 ~ Democrat party sinks into new depths of vulgarity and depravity. CA Democratic Party Chair John Burton to the crowd. 'All Together Now, Fuck Donald Trump!' Crowd Holds Up Two Middle Fingers and says it with him. They say Trump is bad but democrats are orders of magnitude worse. [TDS, Loathsome Left, California]
May 21, 2017 ~ Maxine Waters explains on MSNBC that Trump must be impeached for saying 'Crooked Hillary' because 'calling Hillary crooked, the "lock her up, lock her up," all of that was developed I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin.' Pure insanity. [TDS, Russia Hoax, Impeachment]
May 28, 2017 ~ CNN host cracks the whip, rebukes Bob Schieffer for 'normalizing' President Trump. Schieffer simply said Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia was not bad. How dare he? Nothing good must be said about Trump. Them's da new rules. Must not 'normalize' or 'humanize' this monster. Resist! [TDS, Loathsome Left]
May 28, 2017 ~ Democrats look idiotic with over-the-top rhetoric on Trump budget - 'unimaginable cruelty' and other totally ridiculous characterizations for a budget not even being cut - just slows the growth. No one is listening to dems anymore because everything is the end of the world. [TDS, Budget]
May 30, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'No, Trump Didn't Cause Obamacare to Fail' - new ridiculous argument from the left trying to explain Obamacare's long predicted implosion as now Blue Cross follows other major carriers by pulling out of markets - lost $100 million [Health Care, Obamacare, TDS]
May 30, 2017 ~ Hillary Clinton declares she's 'part of the resistance'. Very sad what has happened to once sane people. [TDS, Holocaust Denial]
Jun 4, 2017 ~ Kathy Griffin blows up her career by taking photos of herself holding up the severed bloody head of Donald Trump ISIS style. 11 yr old Baron sees it in TV and is traumatized. Kept blaming white men for the mess. 'I've dealt with white guys trying to keep me down my entire career' [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, Fake Racism]
Jun 4, 2017 ~ Kurt Schlichter, 'The Left Freaks Out As Everything It Tries Makes It Look Stupider' from trying to overturn a democratic election, to parading around dressed as genitalia, to going all in on a ridiculous Russian Collusion conspiracy theory. Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS, Women's March, Russia Hoax]

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