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Nov 1, 2018 ~ Madeleine Kearns, 'Dr. Zucker Defied Trans Orthodoxy. Now He's Vindicated'. He resisted the orthodoxy that was saying that encouraging minors to 'transition' either hormonally or surgically does more harm than good. Very likely to regret the irreversible damage done. Most outgrow [Trans]
Nov 1, 2018 ~ Madeleine Kearns, 'Over 1000 Parents of Trans-Identifying Children Beg Doctors to Listen'. They write a moving letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics disagreeing with their one-size-fits-all, trans-affirming policy statement saying its not in their kids' best interest. [Trans]
Nov 1, 2018 ~ Downtown Hope Center, a women's shelter for battered women is being sued by Anchorage Equal Rights Com. for not accepting biological males. The policy exists because it's not safe and extremely distressing for recently raped or abused women to sleep in close proximity to males. [Trans, Feminism]
Nov 1, 2018 ~ Trump Administration clarifies that in Title IX, sex refers to biological gender. Will be based 'on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable'. This was necessary as with over 100 claimed 'genders', the word gender no longer has a meaning. [Trump Win, Trans]
Nov 6, 2018 ~ Trump 'Is The Women's Rights Champion' says Michelle Cretella, exec. director of the American College of Pediatricians. His new policy prevents 'female erasure' in sports etc. 'because he is preventing men from inserting themselves into the legal and cultural definition of women' [Trump Win, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 8, 2018 ~ Transgender Woman Jessica Yaniv files a human rights complaints against 16 female estheticians who only serve women for refusing to wax his male genitalia. They don't have the right equipment or training and did not sign up to handle penises and scrotums and should not be forced. [Trans]
Nov 10, 2018 ~ Dutchman who is 69 years old says he identifies as being 49 years old - wants all of his official records changed - According to trans ideology, you ARE something because you feel and identify as it. So people should legally be allowed to change their age to how they identify. [Trans]
Nov 10, 2018 ~ Transracialism is a form of being 'trans' where you identify as being a different race than you 'were assigned at birth' - Dr. Rebecca Tuvel argues that this form of trans should have no less validity than transsexual. The ideology says that you ARE as you identify. [Trans]
Nov 13, 2018 ~ Farrakhan on LGBT - 'It's the wicked Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality.' 'Jews were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out, turning men into women and women into men'. Democrats still won't denounce Farrakhan. [Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Trans]
Nov 18, 2018 ~ The Mail, '17 pupils at a single British school are in the process of changing gender.' Whistleblower teacher says vulnerable pupils are being 'tricked' into believing they are the wrong sex. Many are autistic or lesbian but trans is celebrated. Harmful surgery, puberty blockers. [Trans]
Nov 19, 2018 ~ Gym teachers in Pasco County Public Schools in trouble for objecting to a female who identifies as a boy in the boys locker and showers. The boys were uncomfortable with the situation and let the gym teachers know. Male teacher uncomfortable supervising minor girl in locker room. [Trans]
Nov 19, 2018 ~ Christian Student Senator Isabella Chow at Berkeley was kicked out of her own party, Student Action, for refusing to sign paper condemning Trump's new title IX trans policy. She quickly found out only one opinion is allowed. 100s demanded her resignation in nasty hate filled ways [Trans, Loathsome Left, Silencing, College]
Dec 2, 2018 ~ Kevin Williamson on why Twitter must be so authoritarian regarding banning misgendering, deadnaming trans people - you must conform or be banned from Twitter - 'It takes a very tall and sturdy wall to protect a house of cards'. [Trans, Tech Bias, Kevin Williamson]
Dec 16, 2018 ~ Until 2016, Hannah Mouncey played for Australia's men's handball league. But after transitioning to a woman, the 6-2, 220-pound Mouncey is utterly dominating Australia's women's handball league. Absurdly bigger and stronger than the women. This farce has to end. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 26, 2018 ~ Martina Navratilova stands up for female athletes being beaten by biological males. 'You can't just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.' [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 28, 2018 ~ David Thompson, a male pedophile and rapist announced he now identifies as a woman named Karen White. He was therefore transferred to a women's prison, where he went on to sexually assault his fellow inmates. Allowing males to occupy women's spaces puts women at risk. [Trans]
Jan 15, 2019 ~ Trans Gamestop customer Tiffany Moore claims to be a victim of 'blatant and malicious hate' The clerk who apologized profusely called Moore who looks very masculine, 'sir' accidentally - Moore became extremely abusive and damaged property. [Fake Hate Crime, Trans]
Jan 20, 2019 ~ Dem CA State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson bans gender-specific pronouns in Senate Judiciary Committee - 'He' and 'She' must be replaced with 'They' - She instantly trips over the stupidity of it - 'we won't be hearing from her. From them! From they!!' [Trans]
Jan 31, 2019 ~ Headline "Lesbian Activist Faces Leftist Fury After 'Misgendering' a Male Rapist". Kicked off LGBTQ Commission for ' Using male pronouns to talk about a convicted male rapist who identifies as transgender woman and prefers female pronouns.' [Trans]
Feb 1, 2019 ~ Police respond to call. Body cam clearly shows Antifa member Charlie Landeros pull gun and fire twice on cops before they killed him. Landeros previously said 'Time to start killing pigs'. Many crying 'murder' and 'racism' by the police. Was wearing a 'Smash the patriarchy' shirt [Antifa, Fake Racism, Police, Trans, Violent Left]
Feb 1, 2019 ~ Feminists in The Women's Liberation Front dispute that trans women are equivalent to biological women - they see early child transitioning as a way to 'fix' gayness - ruins single sex groups, events - 'deny lesbians their own unique safe space'. [Gender, Trans]
Feb 4, 2019 ~ USA Powerlifting Bans Transgender Women from Female-Only Competitions. 'Male-to-female transgenders are not allowed to compete as females in our static strength sports as it is a direct competitive advantage' - big win for sanity and for women. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 5, 2019 ~ Ilhan Omar writes letter to USA Powerlifting, 'The myth that trans women have a 'direct competitive advantage' is not supported by medical science'. This patently absurd comment is not supported by medical science which has identified at least half a dozen significant advantages. [Trans, Trans Athletes, Anti-Science, Omar]
Feb 12, 2019 ~ Meghan Murphy, the founder of the blog 'Feminist Current' filed a lawsuit against Twitter after the it banned her for stating that 'Women aren't men' - 'lawsuit on behalf of everyone who has had their voices silenced by social media'. [Trans, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
Feb 15, 2019 ~ UK government says that the word 'mother' is no longer a gender specific term preserved only for women. 'Being a mother is no longer necessarily a gendered term. A man can be ? a mother.' [Trans]
Feb 19, 2019 ~ Twitter bans users for having non-orthodox transgender opinions and for 'mis-gendering' people - Twitter just locked out an actual trans person Jamie Shupe, for saying 'gender dysphoria as a mental illness' and 'can be a learned behavior' [Trans, Silencing]
Feb 19, 2019 ~ Martina Navratilova continues to stand up for women - 'Letting men compete as women simply if they change their name and take hormones is unfair.' 'It's insane and it's cheating.' 'A man builds up muscle and bone density from childhood.' [Trans]
Feb 20, 2019 ~ LGBTQ Sports Group Expels Martina Navratilova After Transgender Criticism. 'Athlete Ally' called Navratilova 'transphobic' and said she 'has been removed from our Advisory Board and as an Athlete Ally Ambassador, effective immediately.' Martina is anti-LGBT say the loons. [Trans, Trans Athletes, LGBT, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
Feb 20, 2019 ~ The LGBT L's are starting to war with the T's - L's don't like men invading what were supposed to be 'women's spaces' like sports and women's shelters - feminism is to blame for preaching only 'superficial physical differences' between the sexes for decades. [Trans, Trans Athletes, LGBT]
Feb 25, 2019 ~ Two male runners who identify as female continue to dominate high school girls' track in Connecticut. They took 1st AND 2nd place in the state championship. This nullifies the years of dedicated, brutally hard work of the female runners. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 5, 2019 ~ Biologists and neurologists discussing well established differences between men and women is 'so taboo that a scientist risked ruining his career if he openly discussed them'. Patients suffer. Article 'Brain Wars: Return of the Sex Deniers'. The left routinely denies basic science [Gender, Trans, Anti-Science, Silencing]
Mar 8, 2019 ~ The Iowa Supreme Court struck down the state's Medicaid ban on transgender surgeries. Supreme Court said Medicaid must pay for transition surgeries which can cost $100,000 as well as daily hormone drugs for life even though it is cosmetic and not 'medically necessary'. [Trans, Health Care, Entitlements]
Mar 11, 2019 ~ Debra Messing celebrated International Women's Day by praising a collection of vagina-themed cupcakes. That was wrong because there were no penis themed cupcakes to celebrate trans women 'who don't have a vagina'. She had to apologize. 'I am so so sorry.' she said. [Trans, Gender]
Mar 13, 2019 ~ Trans woman in New York charged with hate crimes for pepper spraying 6 white people and threatening them with further attack. The victims were targeted because of their race. Suspect was often heard ranting about how she 'hated white people'. [Trans, Racism]
Mar 20, 2019 ~ British citizens do not have a 1st Amendment equivalent and are being arrested by the police for their stated opinions called 'hate incidents'. For example stating non-approved opinions on trans issues or the religion of Islam. Questioning or disagreeing is not allowed. [Silencing, Trans, Islam]
Mar 21, 2019 ~ Bioethicists starting to make 'the argument that some people should be able to legally change their age to correspond with their experienced age.' Follows that if you can have a biological gender and a gender identity, you can have a chronological age and the age you identify as. [Trans]
Mar 21, 2019 ~ Jamie Shupe continues to caution. 'All of my sexual confusion was in my head. I should have been treated. Instead, at every step, doctors, judges, and advocacy groups indulged my fiction.' Transitioned to a woman, then non-binary. Now believes it was all 'fraudulent'. 'the lie' [Trans]
Apr 10, 2019 ~ Young Americans for Freedom speech disrupted by at least a dozen protestors that shut the event down with shouting and violence. A violent leftist sprayed unknown liquid on the speaker which caused the sprayer to be arrested. 'Men are not Women' called an 'extreme viewpoint'. [Violent Left, Silencing, Trans]
Apr 13, 2019 ~ Ex-Transgender Walt Heyer says that affirming a young child's wrong gender is 'child abuse'. 'It's not affirming a child. It's causing them to be depressed and anxious about who they are.' 'consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and suicide' [Trans]
Apr 13, 2019 ~ Dems pass HR 5, 'Equality Act' to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include 'sexual orientation and gender identity'. It would require all female athletics to allow trans females to compete. Julia Beck, self described 'radical feminist' says 'Men will dominate female sports.' [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Apr 24, 2019 ~ Dr. Allan Josephson was Division Chief of the University of Louisville Medical School's Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology. Had impeccable record of success. Was demoted and forced to resign after expressing unapproved ideas on treating trans children. [Trans, Silencing]
May 1, 2019 ~ Transgender powerlifter Mary Gregory who spend most of her life as a man, won 9 out of 9 powerlifting events at the 100% Raw Weightlifting Federation competition and smashed 4 female world records. Male bodies will claim more and more female records until this madness stops. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
May 7, 2019 ~ Maya Forstater, was fired for expressing unapproved opinions about transgender issues. 'I lost my job for speaking up about women's rights, in a careful way... I worked for a think tank and I thought you ought to be able to think and talk about things. I found out I was wrong.' [Trans, Silencing, Cancel Culture]
May 10, 2019 ~ Many states are passing bills making it illegal for therapists to 'that seeks to change an individual's gender identity, including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions.' Transition is only permitted option to discuss even though 80% of children lose trans identity. [Silencing, Trans]
May 10, 2019 ~ Parents sue an Oregon school district after 2nd grade teacher repeatedly confused their child with transgender issues. He was avoiding the boy's bathroom because of a stomach issue but the teacher kept insisting it was because he was trans. Gave him books and repeated talks. [Trans]
May 12, 2019 ~ Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians talks about the 'Equality Act'. 'There won't be anymore girls sports'. 'You don't get anymore anti-science than the claim that there are no biological differences between males and females.' [Trans, Trans Athletes, Anti-Science]
May 12, 2019 ~ The 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation has stripped transgender powerlifter Mary Gregory of the records she broke. She broke 4 female powerlifting world records in 1 day but the federation says they are invalid because Gregory actually 'is male.' Not all federations followed suit. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
May 12, 2019 ~ Esteemed sexologist Ray Blanchard was banned from Twitter for unapproved transgender opinions. Says surgery a last resort and 21 is min age to consider. 'The sex of a postoperative transsexual should be analogous to a legal fiction.' I.e. applies to drivers license, not sports. [Trans]
May 12, 2019 ~ British family is permitted by judge to transition two boys to female, ages 7 and 3. The 3 yr old is a foster child and a 3rd foster child had experienced 'gender issues' with these parents who are clearly the cause of this confusion. Exactly why it has to be an adult decision. [Trans]
May 17, 2019 ~ Twitter suspended Heritage Foundation Media Director Greg Scott for violating the rules of 'hateful conduct'. Scott said that real biological differences between males and females makes it unfair for transgender women to compete in powerlifting. Liberals are 'gender deniers'. [Trans, Trans Athletes, Silencing, Cancel Culture, Anti-Science]

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