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Jan 27, 2019 ~ Islamic Terrorists detonate 2 bombs in a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Philippines. At least 20 people were killed, 111 injured. The church is destroyed. [Islam, Terrorism]
Jan 26, 2019 ~ Driessen, 'Fossil fuels are compact and dense. Small land and raw material impacts provide bountiful, affordable, reliable energy.' 'By contrast, wind, solar and biofuel energy is dispersed, weather-dependent, expensive and land-intensive.' [Climate Change, Energy]
Jan 26, 2019 ~ In Defense of Western Civilization (can't find author) - 'All people may be equal, but all cultures are not.' Greatest progress in human history. It has given the world democracy, freedom, affluence, equality before the law, the separation of church and state to name a few. [Western Civilization]
Jan 26, 2019 ~ '1,000 Girls' Subjected to African Practice of 'Breast Ironing' in the UK - 'deforming the breast with a hot rock' - 'Like FGM and forced marriage, the third-world practice has been imported to the UK due to mass migration' [Immigration]
Jan 26, 2019 ~ Britain's Telegraph apologizes to Melania Trump for making 3 separate fake news claims about her - pays 'substantial' damages plus legal fees [Trump Win, Fake News]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Not all persons here illegally are alike; The wall keeps the worst ones out - dems like to point out that about half of all undocumented are visa overstays - but those people were invited so we at least vetted them - criminals sneak across [Illegal Immigration, Crime, Wall]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ AOC is racking up the Pinocchios - gets 3 more from the Washington Post saying 'a vast majority of the country doesn't make a living wage', that Amazon and Walmart pay less than minimum wage, and those companies get 'wealth transfer' from the public [For the record, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Fake News, Ocasionomics]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Sarah Sanders asks When will the FBI surround the homes of and arrest, "Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper? People we know have also made false statements [to the FBI] - will the same standard apply?" [Witch Hunt]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Roger Stone Indicted - more 'process crimes'. Mueller is simply creating crimes - has not found any crimes related to the election that took place before he started - McCarthy says that means he's known 'no collusion' for at least a year [Witch Hunt]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Palestinian Authority spent at least 502 million shekels in payments to terrorist prisoners in 2018 - Israel is trying to put a stop to this 'pay for slay' program that rewards and incentivizes terrorism [Islam, Israel]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Nigeria Tells Gay Citizens - 'Leave the Country or Face Prosecution' 'If you are homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you? penalties of up to 15 years in jail.' [LGBT, Islam]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Ricky Gervais Rips the anti-speech Left. 'I'm an old fashioned liberal lefty, A pro-equality, opportunity-for-all, welfare state snowflake. But if I ever defend freedom of speech on here I'm suddenly an alt right nazi. How did that happen?' [Free Speech, Silencing]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Andrew Sullivan notes that none of people who vilified the boys for imagined racism, criticized the Black Israelites for very real racism, homophobia, misogyny and insults of Indians. A real kind of racism in America is that liberals hold black people to a much lower standard. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ COMEDY clubs contract for comedians, 'you are agreeing to our no-tolerance policy with regards to racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia or anti-religion or anti-atheism' [Political Correctness]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Andrew Sullivan speaks truth to the liberal mob, 'What I saw was extraordinary bigotry, threats of violence, hideous misogyny, disgusting racism, foul homophobia, not by the demonized schoolboys, but by grown men with a bullhorn', the Black Israelites who the dem mob sided with. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 25, 2019 ~ Another bit of 'Settled Science' bites the dust - 'Current guidelines for sun exposure are unhealthy and unscientific' - causing people to become deficient in Vitamin D leading to 'significantly higher rates of virtually every disease' [Anti-Science]
Jan 24, 2019 ~ Ocasio-Cortez says 'The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change' 'this is our World War II' 'the America that we're living in today is so dystopian with people sleeping in their cars so they can work a 2nd job' [For the record, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Climate Change]
Jan 24, 2019 ~ Ocasio-Cortez says 'I do think that a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don't have access to public health is wrong'. She decides who gets to exist. [For the record, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Health Care]
Jan 24, 2019 ~ Walter Williams article, 'Who Benefits From Democratic Control' - 19 of the 20 poorest and most dangerous cities have a Democratic mayor, most have been run exclusively by democrats for decades - blacks hit hardest - Why would them keep voting for Democrats he asks? [Walter Williams, Crime, Politics, Race]
Jan 24, 2019 ~ Donald Trump Jr. wrote one of the best Covington summaries - 'The problem, beyond the appalling fact that people were calling for teenagers to be murdered over a viral video, was that absolutely nothing about that story was true.' [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 24, 2019 ~ U.S. weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since 1969 - 50 years! [Trump Win, Economy]
Jan 22, 2019 ~ Jussie Smollett, a gay black actor on Empire received a letter containing white powder. Return address said 'MAGA', letter said 'You will die black fag', Picture of gun shooting man hanging from a tree. The letter was sent by Smollett himself. Another fake hate crime. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Smollett]
Jan 22, 2019 ~ Linda Sarsour links to an article that says the Jewish community is waging a 'profound war on black people' Mercy Morganfield, former head of the Women's March D.C. chapter had enough, 'Linda Sarsour is an anti-Semite. She can't help it.' [Anti-Semitism, Women's March]
Jan 22, 2019 ~ American Psychological Association declares 'traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful' - Prager says 'Without traditional masculinity, civilization is lost' - Jordan Peterson says 'lack' of fathers that creates the problem childs [Gender, Dennis Prager]
Jan 22, 2019 ~ Hirono Stands By Anti-Catholic Smear, Calls Defense of Religious Liberty an 'Alt Right' Stance - wants to apply a 'religious test' for judicial nominees [Religion]
Jan 21, 2019 ~ President Trump proves he has the backs of innocent people targeted for destruction by the liberal mob and the fake news media. 'Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be.' They hate being called fake news but earn it. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Trump Win]
Jan 21, 2019 ~ SNL Writer Sarah Beattie offers oral sex in exchange for committing violent assault on an innocent minor child - 'I will blow whoever manages to punch that maga kid in the face' then calls him 'evil homophobic racist misogynistic sociopath' [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Violent Left]
Jan 21, 2019 ~ Rep. Hakeem Jeffries D- NY called President Donald Trump 'the Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. One of the things we've learned is that while Jim Crow may be dead, he's still got some nieces and nephews that are alive and well.' [Fake Racism]
Jan 20, 2019 ~ Dem CA State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson bans gender-specific pronouns in Senate Judiciary Committee - 'He' and 'She' must be replaced with 'They' - She instantly trips over the stupidity of it - 'we won't be hearing from her. From them! From they!!' [Trans]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Chris Hayes, 'I haven't seen the broad conservative coalition as fired up about a story since Kavanaugh' - Bingo!! Both are innocent people being destroyed by a rabid, hate-filled, fact-free liberal mob - Conservatives are realizing it could happen to ANY husband, father or child. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Kavanaugh]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ After it was shown the kids were the victims of racist abuse rather than the perpetrators Alyssa Milano says the kids were asking for it because of their attire. 'The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.' The hat has never meant that but dems desperately push this smear. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ After the initial story was proven false, Alyssa Milano falls back on 'It is not debatable that bigotry was at play from the start' because being pro-life is 'bigotry' against women - this smear ignores millions of pro-life women and the unborn. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Abortion]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Howard Dean, former DNC Chair - '#CovingtonCatholic High School seems like a hate factory to me. Why not just close it?' - The DNC seems like the hate factory. Why not just close it? [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Loathsome Left]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ After The View falls for 2 fake stories in one week, Whoopie says 'have to walk stuff back when it turns out we're wrong? Why is that? Why do we keep making the same mistake?' Behar says 'Because we're desperate to get Trump out of office? I think the press jumps the gun a lot.' [Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Samuel L. Jackson - '#seenthispunksfaceonlynchingphotos', Shaun King 'White men and boys have mocked indigenous people like this for centuries.' - insanely tying innocent kids to lynching's and centuries of Indian abuse. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Loathsome Left]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Many of the Covington Kids and their parents are receiving death threats - the high school has not reopened due to numerous credible threats of violence - sad but unsurprising after so many well known people have called for violence against them with a national audience. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Violent Left]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Nathan Phillips Was in the News 4 Years Ago, Telling an Eerily Similar Story - he claimed white students told him 'Go back to the reservation' and said Covington students said the EXACT same thing - but video showed that it never happened. Almost certainly lied the first time too [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ The Covington kids did not even know there was an Indian event there, did not know why a drum was banging in their face, were not harassing black people. When they got on their bus, the Indians danced around celebrating 'We won Grandpa. We fucking won!' Won what? Truly pathetic. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Movie producer Michael Green on the Covington kids, 'A face like that never changes. This image will define his life. No one need ever forgive him.' A 16 year old. How can America ever forgive the left for what they have done to these kids. No one needs to. Just vote! [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Several kids asked 'what's going on?' - very unsure why Phillips forced his way into their group and was banging a drum inches from their face - they behaved better than most would after being harassed for over an hour and now the Indians are engaging them in a confusing way. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Jessica Valenti, 'this group of teens who crowded around to mock & harass Nathan Phillips were there for the March for Life: There is an inextricable link between control over women's bodies, white supremacy & young white male entitlement' There is absolutely no link. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Abortion]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Indians told students 'Go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land.'. These are grown men that walked into a group of high school kids, banged a drum in their face, harassed them and then claimed they were the ones surrounded and harassed by the kids. Dems agree. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Racism]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ April Ryan on the Covington kids, 'Entitlement, arrogance, ignorance and racism right here in full display. Any parent of these kids should be ashamed.' No, you and almost everyone on the left and fake news arrogant and ignorant media should be ashamed of smearing innocent kids. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Black Israelites to another Indian, 'You ain't no child of God. You are the Indian... You worship the buffalo... That's why you're drunkards in the casinos... Dumb-ass N-words. Bunch of demons. You're a bunch of Uncle Tomahawks' 'Savages'. But dems say the kids were the bigots. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Racism]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Actor Michael Rapaport, 'You little shitstain, you fuckin' little creeps. Shorty shitstain. Handjob. Catholic school cuck. Fuckboy? You little fuckin' scumbag. You fuckin' loser. You little Kentucky Catholic school cocksuckers'. BTW, 'Come see our movies!', Hollywood says... [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Loathsome Left]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Black Israelites to an Indian woman 'You're out of order. Where's your husband? Let me speak to him' 'This is the problem, women thinking they can come and distract things with their loud ass mouth' 'not used to dealing with no real men'. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Sexism]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Patton Oswalt commenting about an innocent kid who after having been harassed by abusive racists for more than an hour was confronted by an Indian who beat a drum an inch from his face, 'THIS leering, privileged little shit.' - Projection? [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Loathsome Left]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Black Israelites told the Covington kids - 'you give faggots rights' - the students booed them for saying that - the Black Israelites said 'The Bible condemns homosexuality' - A Covington student responds, 'They're still human!'. Who are the real bigots? Don't ask dems or the FNM [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington, Homophobia]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ The New York Times does puff piece on the Black Israelites and somehow fails to mention any of their constant and blatant racism and homophobia that they are very open about - The Covington kids are falsely called 'racists', but the real racists are not. Modern Fake News Media. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]
Jan 19, 2019 ~ Sandmann's reaction to Phillips - 'I did not speak to him. I did not make any hand gestures or other aggressive moves. I was startled and confused as to why he had approached me. We had already been yelled at by another group of protestors' referring to the Black Israelites. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News, Covington]

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