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Jul 22, 2017 ~ Katherine Timpf, 'U.K. University to Replace Portraits of Its Founding Fathers Because They're White' - King's College in London - not even because they did anything wrong by today's standards - They FOUNDED the University. That's what the portraits are for. [Racism, College, Kat Timpf]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ Tiana Lowe, 'Third-Wave Feminist Bullies Are Destroying Feminism' - attacking Ivanka Trump again complaining about the clothes she wears - she can't be taken seriously in a pink dress they say as she is working with world leaders ON WOMEN'S ISSUES [TDS, Feminism]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ The unhinged left goes nuts because Trump who was at the G20 Meeting for the purpose of talking with world leaders talked to Putin after dinner - they really have lost it. The Democratic party has become loony conspiracy nuts. [TDS, Russia Hoax]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ Louise Mensch, a former member of UK Parliament Says Trump and Bannon Facing 'Execution' For Espionage - unhinged conspiracy theorist nutcase, but has a scary number of democrat followers. [TDS, Fake News]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ Global Warming Alarmists now claiming the best thing you can do for the planet is to have less or no kids - more overblown hype and alarmism - reasonable people tuning out. Sad that people are giving up kids and many things they enjoy for no good reason. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer he thought had oppositional research on Hillary - she was not connected to the Russian government. She had no info - stupid mistake of a novice - not criminal or treasonous. Hillary purchased oppo research from foreign agents. [Russia Hoax]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ After making many many false charges of racism and bigotry and also suing the Trump Administration, the NAACP is insulted that he won't come to their dinner. [TDS, Fake Racism]
Jul 20, 2017 ~ La Raza changes its name - finally after 50 years realizes that calling itself 'The Race' is racist as it would be if any other race had an organization for their race called 'The Race'. [Racism]
Jul 18, 2017 ~ Nick Selby, 'Police Aren't Targeting and Killing Black Men' Myths keep getting recycled and media keeps repeating divisive headlines while not understanding the disparate numbers are not due to police bias or racism. 'The context of each encounter is key' [Fake Racism, Police]
Jul 17, 2017 ~ Larsen C calves trillion ton iceberg in Antarctica - Gore and other alarmists tie to global warming - scientists say its a natural event - will no effect on sea levels because already floating. [Climate Change]
Jul 17, 2017 ~ Columbia University pays large settlement to male student put through the ringer by Mattress Girl's Emma Sulkowitz fake rape claim. Finally vindicated. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand brought her to State of the Union despite strong exculpatory evidence. [Fake Rape]
Jul 16, 2017 ~ Under Mad Dog Mattis' command, ISIS is driven from Mosel and out of Iraq - Jihadis paraded for all the world to see after being caught. [Trump Win, Islam, Terrorism]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ Merkel defends Ivanka Trump for sitting in on G-20 meeting - Left hyperventilates for bogus reasons - ignores the real story that she was instrumental in securing $50 million from US for Women's Entrepreneur Finance Initiative Fund [TDS]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ Maine restaurant workers successfully lobby to reduce their minimum wage. They understand economics better than liberal politicians who are busy 'helping' people out of jobs and wages elsewhere. Now St. Louis reduces their minimum wage from $10 to $7.70 for same reasons. [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ How can people support Trump given X, Y and Z? Trump supporters see a bigger picture, greater things at stake if dems were in charge - and he has already accomplished much despite his flaws. Support if the sum total of pros mins cons is greater than the total of the alternative. [Politics]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ Walter Williams, 'Democrats' Hoodwinking of Blacks' Goes through the sad history of democrats and blacks: slavery, Jim Crow, Bull Conner, George Wallace, Byrd civil rights filibuster. GOP has been way better. Unions and minimum wage were anti-black. Dems against school choice. [Walter Williams, Race, Politics]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ Comey Testimony - Confirms Trump not under investigation, Russian collusion story is BS, anonymous sources were BS, Loretta Lynch interfered with Clinton investigation, Comey himself was leaker of his classified memo to NYT - govt docs [Russia Hoax, Witch Hunt]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ David French, Afghan Refugees in Europe Launched a 'Rape Jihad'. Report by Cheryl Benard, 'Europe's Afghan crime wave.' They view western women as war spoils - in Iraq they would gang rape women and then convince them to be suicide bombers as only way to redeem their lost honor. [Islam, Immigration, Crime]
Jul 15, 2017 ~ The origin of the 'birther' idea that Obama was born in Kenya was Obama himself. Both online author bio and promotional pamphlets promoting his books said he was born in Kenya. They were not changed until after he announced presidential run. So reasonable, not racist to question. [Fake Racism]
Jul 13, 2017 ~ Leftist factions turn on each other over who is the biggest victim - in the 'Dyke March' they kicked out the Jewish Lesbians for having a Star of David on the rainbow flag - Black Lives Matter SHUT DOWN another pride parade for 20 minutes to stage their protest. [LGBT, Identity Politics, Cancel Culture, Israel, Anti-Semitism, BLM]
Jul 13, 2017 ~ CNN Hurt Its Credibility bullying a little guy having some fun - upset that someone edited the old Wrestling video to make a meme that looks like Trump beat up CNN, CNN found the video editor and blackmailed him - will release his person info if he does not behave as CNN says. [Cancel Culture, Silencing]
Jul 13, 2017 ~ Maine State Rep. Scott Hamann Threatens Trump - 'Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I get within 10 feet of that pussy' - Trump supporters are stupid and 'have their head up their ass'. This kind of loathsome, violent rhetoric becoming more common from dems. [TDS, Violent Left, Loathsome Left]
Jul 12, 2017 ~ New York cops turn their backs on de Blasio again during funeral for slain officer Miosotis Familia - de Blasio skipped her wake to make an anti-capitalist anti-US speech - The protest was to protest de Blasio's anti-cop rhetoric that falsely fuels hatred of the police. [Police]
Jul 12, 2017 ~ Jemma Beale convicted for making up fake rape claims against 15 innocent men in Britain, one who has already been wrongly imprisoned. Beale was convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice. [Fake Rape]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ US nonfarm payrolls total 222,000 in June vs 179,000 expected - Trump signs an executive order seeking to expand apprenticeship and vocational training, close the skills gap and reduce regulatory burdens. [Trump Win, Regulations, Economics]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Laura Hollis, 'The Left is ruining art with Identity Politics'. Sofia Copola is accused of making 'a racist, white supremacist fantasy' for not having black characters and slavery in her movie set in the old south. She said the movie was too short to properly address slavery. [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'The Fracking Industry Deserves Our Gratitude' - Despite Obama's best efforts, fracking provided energy independence for the US, lowered energy and gas prices for consumers, provided jobs etc. [Energy, Economy]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ The costs of the War on Drugs are far worse than the benefits - 1.25 million Americans are arrested annually for drug possession - 643,000 of them were only in possession of marijuana [Drugs]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ More Fake News from CNN again from anonymous sources - Katherine Rodriguez, 'CNN's Anonymous Source Falsely Claimed Trump Would Not Press Putin on Election Interference'. These 'News' organizations keep using anon sources that feed false information. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Max Bloom, 'Migrants Won't Solve Europe's Demographic Problem' - Europe has a low birth rate problem but importing migrants won't help because they are a net drain and likely will continue to be so. [Immigration]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Duke University admitted that its researchers had falsified or fabricated data that were used to get $113 million in EPA grants - and advance the agency's air pollution and 'environmental justice' programs [Climate Change, Environment, College]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Many liberals repeatedly claimed that 17 Intelligence Agencies Were Involved In Russian Interference Analysis. That number was laughable and now its most are saying only 3 but still no evidence has been presented. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Aaron Klein, 'How CNN Fueled the Discredited 'Peeing Russia Prostitutes' Anti-Trump Dossier'. Very detailed history of this debunked piece of foreign propaganda paid for by Hillary's campaign. CNN was instrumental but it was far from the only complicit media outlet. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ New FX Show Spreads Debunked Smear that CIA sold drugs in the inner cities to finance Nicaraguan operations - ridiculous and debunked multiple times but many liberals believe [Fake News, Drugs]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Howard Dean makes ridiculous fake claims about the NRA 'The NRA put an appalling ad out there which really, basically made the statement that the NRA was now a white supremacist group' and some of its members are 'right wing nut jobs that want to shoot up the place'. FAKE CLAIMS. [Fake News, Fake Racism, Guns-Mass Shootings, Loathsome Left]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Artists against Theater - Left Wing anti-Semites try to shut down Lincoln Center play because it is sponsored by Israel. Almost all Anti-Semitism comes from the left. [Anti-Semitism, Israel]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Alabama's Food Stamp Experiment - After Alabama reinstated food-stamp work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents, the rolls dropped by 85 percent. [Entitlements]
Jul 9, 2017 ~ Manufacturing Pickup Signals Boost to US Economic Growth - the fastest pace in nearly three years [Trump Win, Economy]
Jul 8, 2017 ~ Paul Ryan Did Not Create a Sexist Dress Code for the House Floor - neither men nor women can go sleeveless or wear open toed shoes - same dress code for decades and men's is more restrictive - liberals scream 'sexism'. [Fake News, Fake Sexism]
Jul 2, 2017 ~ NONE OF IT WAS REAL - Glenn Greenwald, 'CNN Journalists Resign: Latest Example of Media Recklessness on the Russia Threat' exposes fake story after fake story about Russia. Russians hacked the Power Grid, There was a Trump-Russia email server. The Crowdstrike Ukraine link, etc. [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jul 2, 2017 ~ Project Veritas infiltrates CNN - Producer admits Russia story is 'bullshit' but CEO says push it over real news for ratings, 'American Voters Are 'Stupid as Shit', 'Trump Is A Fucking Clown' [Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Jul 1, 2017 ~ Trump is considering not allowing transgender people to serve in the military. Military is on the hook to provide sex change operations, time off other procedures and lifetime hormones to thousands of transgender people serving in the military - would cost billions over 10 years. [Trans]
Jun 30, 2017 ~ Chris Matthews suggests Trump might want to execute Jared Kushner, 'So the son-in-law - you know, one good thing Mussolini did was execute his son-in-law.' 'That was an extreme measure. But this is a strange situation'. What has happened to these people? TDS. [TDS, Violent Left]
Jun 30, 2017 ~ EPA to rescind Obama 'Waters of America' power grab - It was spectacular overreach - Benefits to water quality would be miniscule to non-existent in exchange for tons of red tape for businesses and farmers [Trump Win, Regulations, Environment]
Jun 28, 2017 ~ Supreme Court Restores Vast Majority of Travel Ban - some say it is not much of a victory but the court will hear full arguments in October [Trump Win]
Jun 27, 2017 ~ Liberal law professors, the attorneys general for Maryland and the District of Columbia, and 196 Democratic members of Congress are suing President Trump for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. The next ridiculous 'resistance' effort to disrupt and overturn 2016. [Loathsome Left, Witch Hunt]
Jun 27, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'The Banana Republic of Illinois' - Careening toward bankruptcy - $15 Billion in debt - government and benefits too big - keep raising taxes forcing more tax payers out so hole keeps getting bigger - other states not far behind [Debt]
Jun 27, 2017 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'The Architecture of Regime Change' 'The "Resistance" is using any and all means - lies, leaks, lawbreaking, and violence - to overturn the results of the 2016 election'. VERY GOOD summary of all of the loathsome tactics. [Loathsome Left, Violent Left]
Jun 27, 2017 ~ Will Atkins, 'Seattle Gun Tax Backfires As Gun-Related Deaths Double' - big tax which hurt businesses and jobs - stated purpose was to reduce gun related deaths - Instead Gun-Related Deaths Doubled - gun control targets and hurts the wrong people as usual. [Guns-Mass Shootings, Taxes]
Jun 27, 2017 ~ Simon Kent, University of Oslo 'Report. Muslim Extremists Drive Anti-Semitic Violence in Western Europe'. Followed closely by the radical left. Right wing % tiny. Example France attacks: 53% Islamic, 18% left wing, 4% right wing, 3% Christian. Other countries similar numbers. [Anti-Semitism, Islam, Terrorism]

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