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Mar 7, 2024 ~ Ann Coulter 'The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime' Democrats and the #FakeNews want us to believe that bringing in over 10 million unvetted people from poor countries will not increase crime. All based on one very flawed (Nowrasteh) study which only counts a fraction of the crimes committed by illegals vs. all the crimes committed by citizens plus the non counted illegals. [Crime, Fake News, Illegal Immigration]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ Michael @shellenberger releases THE WPATH FILES. (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). It's clear they know that 'gender affirming' treatments sterilize patients and destroy their ability to achieve orgasm both for life. "Many gender medicine patients lose sexual function, including experiencing orgasm. As such, they are not only deprived of sexual pleasure, they are significantly undermining their ability to form long-lasting romantic relationships. It’s clear from the Files that even many people within gender medicine do not understand this." Minors certainly cannot understand the implications or consequences of these irreversible decisions and many deeply regret them later in life. Cross sex hormones also cause serious complications after years including cancer and death. [Anti-Science, Trans]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ 'Polar bears and coral reefs are doing just fine' The #FakeNews alarmism about both have been totally wrong. They said polar bears were going extinct and their population is 3X. They said it would take 100 years for the Coral Castles Reef to recover from the 1988 El Nino but it was thriving just a few years later. The Great Barrier Reef is doing fine as well despite the #FakeNews about it. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ John Stossel, 'The Renewable Scam' California is showing how unfeasible this is. Due to the mandates, they pay 3X for electricty as the rest of the country and have more outages. It make housing far more expensive too. And harms the environment rather than helping it. "Just to produce one turbine, we have to extract 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, and 45 tons of non-renewable plastic. Then we've got to transport that and burn fuel, getting it all carried across the world. None of these things that go into a turbine are renewable." These huge turbines create huge landfills of non-recyclable waste. [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Energy]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ You wouldn't think it possible for @KeithOlbermann to take the role of "unhinged moron" to new heights but he keeps over achieving! He wants to 'dissolve' SCOTUS because they ruled that a single random bureaucrat can't decide for an entire state who the people are allowed to vote for. You don't need many functioning brain cells to know that is not compatible with democracy. Fortunately all 9 Justices have more brain cells than Olbermann. 9-0. Olbermann said on X: "The Supreme Court has betrayed democracy. Its members including Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. And collectively the "court" has shown itself to be corrupt and illegitimate. It must be dissolved." Sadly, Oblbermann is not an outlier. Many Democrats are upset that they are not being allowed to remove candidates from the ballot. [Loathsome Left, Politics, SCOTUS]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ 'Apple Slapped with $2 Billion Fine by EU Over Anticompetitive Music Streaming Practices' The EU is a criminal organization whose primary purpose is to extort billions of dollars from successful companies. They do this regularly to companies such as FaceBook, Apple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Google, airlines and more. None of these extorted companies have done anything wrong. The EU takes the money because it can. [Loathsome Left, Politics, Regulations]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ Stephen Moore, 'Biden's OTHER Immigration Calamity' Because Biden pissed everyone off with illegal immigration, he "has contaminated the historic public support for LEGAL immigration. And he has done so at the very moment in time when we need to continually increase legal visas." We need to be able to choose who comes to the US. We need Intelligent and skilled people. [Illegal Immigration, Immigration]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ Dennis Prager, 'The Left-Right Divide Is Not Bridgeable' Good but partial list on issues the right and left believe opposite things. Trans, colorblind good or bad, Israel good or bad, tough on crime vs. defund the police, free speech vs censorship, etc. [Dennis Prager, Loathsome Left, Politics]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a taste of her own medicine' @AOC blows up at aggressive left wing assholes harassing her about Gaza. They are treating her the same way conservatives are treated all the time. In a way that she has encouraged but she doesn't like it when its done to her. "The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable," she has said in the past. Fortunately for her, this kind of behavior will continue to be mostly directed at the right because it always comes from the left. [For the record, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Israel, Loathsome Left]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ A rare voice of courage among a sea of cowards: Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr., the president of Houghton University in New York speaks up for female athletes.   “I reached the place where I could no longer remain silent on this issue. When I see young women with Houghton written across their uniform . . . at a competitive disadvantage, sometimes losing opportunities that are hard-earned, there is no way that I, as their president, will continue to sit on the sidelines and refuse to advocate for change.”   “A fringe agenda under the guise of making school and collegiate athletics more inclusive for transgender people has grown to the place of now unfairly displacing gifted and hardworking female athletes, obliterating the historic achievements and records of female athletes of the past, and threatening to dismantle the opportunities and protections for girls and women in sport trailblazing leaders fought so hard to create and protect."   “Too many leaders, parents, professional athletes, and people of goodwill have been silent as female athletes are humiliated, silenced, and robbed of hard-earned opportunities. That silence is complicit with the fringe agenda that threatens to dismantle girls’ and women’s athletics.” [College, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ Biological male Rose Johnson (6'2") is leading LTS High School girls basketball team in Vermont to a 17-1 record. Nevermind the girl who should be playing in his place or the girls who get concussions from his elbows. What matters is that the boys get to dominate girl's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ 'Police officer in Pakistan is praised for saving woman accused of blasphemy by angry mob' Let that sink in. A mob of Muslims were about to beat a young woman to death because they thought her dress was blasphemous. It wasn't but even if it was, that kind of dark ages barbarism, not uncommon in the Islamic world, is unacceptable. [Islam]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ An Orthodox Jewish man was stabbed multiple times in Zurich Switzerland by an Islamic Jihadist. He shouted “death to all Jews” and “Allahu Akbar” during the attack. He previously had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). Bystanders stopped the attack and saved him. [Anti-Semitism, Immigration, Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ The Supreme Court restores Trump to the Colorado Primary Ballot in a unanimous 9-0 ruling. The Democrats, who claim they are "saving democracy", keep trying to remove their political opponents from the ballot but SCOTUS is not standing for it. Justice Barrett explained that the states cannot create a "chaotic state-by-state patchwork, at odds with our Nation’s federalism principles." Its incredibly scary that many democrats are upset with this decision, believing that they should be able to remove their political opponents from the ballot with no awareness of where such chaos would lead. They are, as always, the "by any means necessary" party. [Loathsome Left, Politics, SCOTUS, Trump Win]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ Bjorn Lomborg provides more data showing that Sweeden's no lockdown, no mask mandate approach to #COVID19 was the right one. "Across Europe, Sweden saw lowest total death during and after Covid The data shows the relative cumulative age-standardized mortality rate, meaning it controls for non-modifiable population characteristics, such as the age structure and size of differing populations, so that like-for-like comparisons can be made Relative means mortality compared to five previous years (2015-19) Cumulative means total mortality from week ending 3 January 2020 to week ending 26 August 2022 Age-standardized means all countries are adjusted to the same 2013 European Standard Population." [Coronavirus]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ 'Two Trans-Identified Males To Compete In The Female Division Of The 2024 New England Track and Field Championship' Biological male, Lizzy Bidwell won the GIRLS New England Track & Field Championship high jump title. He owns the highest female jump in CT. He was 1 of 2 boys in the girls' event of 32. Girls are left cheering the boys on the sidelines in their own sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ The US Customs and Border Protection office data shows that crimes committed by illegals have skyrocketed from when Trump left in 2020 to 2023. Murders up 10X. Other violent crimes up 6X. Burglary, robbery, larceny, theft up 6X. Other crimes up similarly. [Crime, Illegal Immigration]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'With The Trump Verdict, Is New York City Bringing Down Its Financial House?' Good summary of the bogus property value case against Trump. Its such an abuse of power that it may drive other businesses out of NY. How could anyone justify the risk? [Witch Hunt]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'Alabama’s IVF Dilemma' Alabama Republicans are in a bind. They have 100% banned abortion. They claim life begins at conception but are ok with 100s of embryos being destroyed by IVF because they want to support IVF. [Abortion]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'Why Biden Cooperated with the FBI in His Classified-Info Case' "For decades, Biden hoarded highly sensitive intelligence, including removing it from safekeeping on Capitol Hill, which senators well know they are not allowed to do. Biden, moreover, had many private locations — homes and offices — and irresponsibly spread the mounds of classified documents across them. It’s not like he had a single storage area, and it’s not like he made real efforts to keep his various storage locations secure — to deny access to people who were not authorized to read classified documents. Finally, Biden was so reckless and his offenses were so persistent, that he could not keep track of the classified documents he had retained." "Biden did not cooperate because he is a well-meaning, law-abiding person. He cooperated because his offenses were so extensive that the FBI needed to search several locations for lots of classified intelligence that he’d willfully retained for decades in violation of federal laws with which he was intimately familiar — laws that, by the time he was found out, he had taken an oath to execute faithfully." [Politics]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ Sheryl Swoopes embarrasses himself by hating on Caitlin Clark with false accusations. She claims her record is not as impressive as Kelsey Plum because she's 25 years old, played 5 years and takes 40 shots a game. None of those things are remotely true. She just turned 22, this is her 4th year and she averages 22 shots a game. Swoopes was so far off that people wondered if racism wasn't involved in the attacks. Swoopes responded by saying, "Black people can't be racist." Ridiculous. No one actually believes that including the people who say it. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Racism]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ Dailymail, "Top girls' league faces being shut down by Football Association" Girls sports will be destroyed one way or the other. If they allow males to play, the males dominate and they get injured. If they don't, their whole league gets shut down! Sick. [Cancel Culture, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'The Latest Despicable Anti-Israel Lie' Pro Palestinian lefties are just like #BLM supporting lefties. Every narrative they spew is a complete lie, usually the opposite of the truth. The ridiculous narrative is that Israel gave food aid to Gaza just to draw them out so they could massacre them as they went for the food. You would think only a moron could believe a story that stupid but the narrative has gotten traction. Over 100 people were killed almost all trampled by the crowd trying to get to the food before Hamas stole it. The few shot by the IDF were advancing despite numerous halt and back off warnings. [Anti-Semitism, BLM, Fake News, Israel, Loathsome Left]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'Berkeley Students Violently Shut Down Event Featuring Israeli Attorney' The left is as violent and anti-free speech as ever. They attacked attendees at an event organized by a Jewish student group at UC Berkeley until security decided they could not protect people. The 'protesters' bragged "We are 'combating the lies' by SHUTTING IT DOWN." Ironically, they are the ones who perpetrate lies but no one stops them from doing so because the right actually believes in free speech. [Anti-Semitism, Cancel Culture, Free Speech, Israel, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Violent Left]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ The play “Slave Play,” running at the Noël Coward theater in London’s West End has shows called "Black Out Nights" where only black people are allowed. The stated purpose of these nights is that so black people can enjoy the play "free from the white gaze." What a disgusting and racist phrase. A favored race should not have to endure breathing the same air as a disfavored race. They also outright state that black people will be "safer" at these showings; a completely ridiculous lie. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'American Paralysis and Decline' Another insightful article by VDH. "We can bear neither our diseases nor their remedies." We are unwilling to fix our worst problems because we don't have the stomach for what needs to be done. The flood of illegal immigration, the unsustainable national debt, rampant shoplifting and other crimes, the homeless, corrupt prosecutors who destroy political opponents on fake charges. Everyone knows we can't ignore these problems and survive but no one is willing to address them for fear of being called a 'racist' or other criticism. [Crime, Debt, Deficit, Illegal Immigration, Victor Davis Hanson, Witch Hunt]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Bjorn Lomborg, "Despite breathless climate reporting about ever more fire The US burned area last year was the lowest this century It was less than 7% of the 1930s." Square that with how the #FakeNews reports that every modern fire is caused by 'climate change.' Its absurd as there is only a small fraction today compared to before so called 'climate change.' [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ .@BjornLomborg calls out the @washingtonpost for ONCE AGAIN spreading #FakeNews about climate change. "The front page of Washington Post claims: 'disasters worsen for 85% of world' No, study shows no such thing." Article links increase heart disease deaths to increased heat but "Study finds exactly the opposite: cold kills." [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ "Vermont Girls’ Coach Defends Decision To Forfeit Game Over Transgender Player: ‘Boys Just Play At A Different Speed’" "We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players. Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general." The team was subsequently banned from future competition anywhere in the state. [Cancel Culture, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Adam Rubenstein, 'I Was a Heretic at The New York Times. I did what I was hired to do, and I paid for it." “The fight over Cotton’s op-ed was never about safety, or the facts, or the editing, or even the argument,” @RubensteinAdam writes, “but control of the paper and who had it. In the end, all that mattered was that an example had been made.” Rubenstein related a story from his first week where he mentioned that he liked Chick-fil-A and "The HR representative leading the orientation chided me: 'We don’t do that here. They hate gay people.' People started snapping their fingers in acclamation." He knew that early that it was a cult. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2024/02/tom-cotton-new-york-times/677546/ [Cancel Culture, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Homophobia, Fake News, Free Speech, Silencing]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Kids movie "‘Mary Poppins’ Receives Adult Rating Due to Racism" You can't make this up. First the morons said its 'racist' because they danced in 'blackface' when they came out of a chimney - his job literally is a chimney sweep. Now its 'racist' for using the made up term 'Hottentot' which allegedly offends someone somewhere in Africa. As has been pointed out numerous times, the left has to fabricate instances of 'racism' every single day to hammer home to the masses that the world is massively racist against black people. Even if they notice some are fake, they certainly won't notice that all are fake. [Fake Racism]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Melina Abdullah, professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State University and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter says its 'racist' to be a Taylor Swift fan. "Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?" She defended herself by saying "Folks think they’re attacking me by asking why I think everything is racist…I’m not offended. Virtually everything is racist." Then in response to the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl she said, "Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?!" She thinks policing was created to keep slaves in line. Hope you've enjoyed this quick tour into the mind of a #BLM leader and African Studies professor. [BLM, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Slavery]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ 'Police Arrest Mohammed Abdulkareem For Allegedly Murdering Jewish Dentist' Two other people were also shot in the incident. Police are investigating if antisemitism was the motivation. [Anti-Semitism, Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Joy Behar said "That was the day democracy died" about when SCOTUS stopped the ridiculous, unconstitutional selective recounts that Gore demanded in the 2000 election. Bush had won all recounts including those but Gore wouldn't quit. And Dems call the GOP "anti-democractic." [Politics, SCOTUS]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Another women's record falls to biological male Sadie (Camden) Schreiner. Schreiner is the new regional collegiate meet record holder in the women's 200 meter dash. Congrats to the misogynists who are succeeding in destroying women's sports and shame on the cowards enabling them. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 1, 2024 ~ Male player Henry Hanlon led SF Waldorf High School to a GIRLS Section Championship title. This 'girls' team, led by Henry rolled over team after team and of course prevailed in the finals. Shame on any adult who sat silent as this travesty unfolded. The destruction of women's sports is perpetrated by two groups of people. 1) Actual misogynists and 2) the cowards who enable them. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 29, 2024 ~ At the European Pool Championships, female player, Kim O'Brien, forfeited the women's final where she was set to play male player, Harriet Haynes. Women's rights activist @Riley_Gaines_ offered to pay O'Brien's forfeited prize money. Way to take a principled stand Kim O'Brien! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 28, 2024 ~ 'Two Trans-Identified Males To Compete In The Female Division Of The 2024 New England Track and Field Championship' Biological males Lizzy Cohen Bidwell and Maelle Jacques displaced qualified females from their own sport. When will enough be enough? [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 26, 2024 ~ The death of Nex Benedict is the latest hate crime hoax pushed by the left and the #FakeNews. The narrative is that Nex had a history of being bullied by 3 older girls because she was 'non-binary'. The girls allegedly "beat her to death" on Feb 7. All the #FakeNews is covering. There are vigils. Blue states are crafting "Nex Benedict" laws. And they claim @libsoftiktok somehow contributed to her death. The reality is that these girls and Nex never met before the fight and there is no indication the conflict had anything to do with Nex being 'non-binary.' Nex thought they were laughing at her and instigated a fight with them by pouring water on them and pushing one into a towel dispenser. Nex was examined and released but died the next day. The autopsy has not yet revealed the cause of death but the medical examiner stated it was "not a result of trauma." Leaked reports are claiming it was an overdose of some substance but the toxicology report is forthcoming. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Trans]
Feb 26, 2024 ~ "Microsoft Brags That It Pays White Employees Less Than Non-White Employees Despite ‘Same Job Title’" DIE is still if fashion and as such discrimination against white people is still the norm, illegal though it is. They actually brag about it. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Feb 26, 2024 ~ Biden cancels another $1.2 billion in student loan debt despite the Supreme Court ruling he has no constitutional power to do it. He's already canceled $138 billion and is on track to cancel $475 billion over 10 years. He's vote buying with taxpayer money, adding to the already out of control national debt, and keeping college costs unnecessarily expensive. [Biden, College, Debt, SCOTUS, Student Loans]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Dominic Miller and Lyndell Mays are charged with 2nd degree murder in the Chiefs Super Bowl parade in Kansas City. At least 20 people were injured in the mass shooting. 9 Children were shot. Local DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed. No mug shots for over a week. We were told because the were juveniles but it was because the shooters were black. Miller and Mays are adults. If the shooters were white, the mug shots would have been released immediately. But the #FakeNews always tries to cover up black crime for some reason. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake News, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Ramapo College senior Meghan Cortez-Fields continues to break female school records even though he is male. He's broken 2 records in the last 3 months. Cowards and misogynists continue to allow these travesties of justice to occur. These records must be returned to their owners! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Matt Walsh, 'We’re Living Under A Tyranny Of Mediocre Morons' Fani Willis replaced Paul Howard as the Atlanta DA. Howard ridiculously charged 2 officers with Capital murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks. Brooks fought with them, stole a taser and tried to shoot them with it. Howard was eventually fired and the charges were dropped. Willis is as least as bad. Prosecuting Trump on trumped up charges while diverting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to her boyfriend. [2020 Election, BLM, Fake Racism, Police]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ 'The Meaning of Malcolm X’s Death' Malcolm X was killed by Thomas Hagan whose Islamic name was Mujahid Abdul Halim. X became disillusioned with Islam after finding out that Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad was lying about Mecca and other things. Malcolm X was killed by a Nation of Islam member for withdrawing from them. [Islam, Terrorism]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'Blue Laws for Red Citizens' Hason gives example after example of using the legal system in BS ways to go after GOP political opponents especially Trump. Several cases against Trump are total BS. Others throw the book at him while letting many Dems skate for the same thing. [Loathsome Left, Politics]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Yale, Dartmouth and other woke schools are reluctantly re-instating the SAT test after formerly deciding that the test was 'racist' and anti-DIE because all the races didn't do exactly the same. Their studies found what everyone with a brain already new. That SAT scores are the single best predictor of students’ academic performance. "This is true even after controlling for family income and other demographic variables." The SAT was never biased against certain races. Many colleges still reject it in the name of DIE including all University of California schools. [Affirmative Action, California, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Google's new Gemini 1.5 AI completely erases the existence of white people. If you ask it to show a white family it won't. If you ask it to show a black family it will. If you ask it to show the US founding fathers, Vikings, popes, medieval UK knights, it never shows any white people. It shows black popes, Asian female popes, everything but what every single pope in history has ever been: a white male. It made George Washington black. Even when an entire group is supposed to be white, it won't even make a single one white. Investigations into who is in charge of this AI at Google reveals some ultra woke nutjobs but even so, who could envision how far they would carry their anti-white animus? [CRT DIE Wokeness, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Jack Hellner, 'MSM recycling the threatened polar bears story despite it being viciously debunked' Like most of the #FakeNews narratives, this one is the opposite of the truth. The polar bear population is 5-6X what it was in the 1950s. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ 'Don’t Want to Pay for Health Care or Groceries? Then Don’t. Pretend to Be an Illegal Alien Instead.' While Americans are getting killed with health care costs, illegals get free health care. And free food, hotels. NY even gave them cards with $10k each! [Health Care, Illegal Immigration]

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