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Apr 5, 2024 ~ Robert Kennedy Jr. @RobertKennedyJr said Joe Biden "is the first candidate in history, the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech or censor his opponent." [Biden, Free Speech, Politics, Silencing]
Mar 10, 2024 ~ Biden was shamed for ignoring Laken Riley who was killed due to his immigration policies. So he reluctantly mentioned her at the SOTU address but he called her Lincoln. He correctly said she was killed by an "illegal alien" but Dems were furious he used that term. They were far more upset at calling him an illegal than the fact that he killed an innocent college student. Biden apologized. “I shouldn't have used 'illegal.' It's undocumented." He also weirdly and insultingly claimed "they built the country." Ho boy... [Biden, Crime, Illegal Immigration]
Feb 26, 2024 ~ Biden cancels another $1.2 billion in student loan debt despite the Supreme Court ruling he has no constitutional power to do it. He's already canceled $138 billion and is on track to cancel $475 billion over 10 years. He's vote buying with taxpayer money, adding to the already out of control national debt, and keeping college costs unnecessarily expensive. [Biden, College, Debt, SCOTUS, Student Loans]
Feb 11, 2024 ~ Special counsel Robert Hur concluded his investigation of Biden's mishandling of classified documents. Hur said that Biden did in fact commit crimes by taking and stashing classified documents in many unsecure places. Biden "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen," but that he should not be indicted because he was "a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Hur gave many examples of Biden's memory being incredibly bad including twice not remembering when he was vice president and not even knowing when his son died. Add to those recent examples of him mixing up several world leaders, thinking he recently spoke with leaders who have been long dead, mixing up the Presidents of Mexico and Egypt, forgetting the name of Hamas and more. It is now impossible to deny that Biden's mental capacity has severely declined. Who will the Democrats run in November? [Biden, Politics]
Feb 6, 2024 ~ President Joe Biden tells a story of how in 2021 he talked to President François Mitterrand of Germany (then corrected himself and said France) about how the Capitol was stormed to overturn an election and 2 police officers were killed. They used to say 5 officers were killed but the correct number is still 0. Also, Mitterrand died 25 years ago in 1996. Biden is beyond senile at this point. He barely knows who HE is but the Democrats are going to run him for president again. [Biden, Politics]
Jan 14, 2024 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, "Biden 'Saves' Democracy by Destroying It" By removing Trump's name from the ballot, "five officials in two states [Colorado, Maine] have taken away the rights of some 7 million Americans to vote for the president of their choice." Yet Dems claim the GOP is anti Democracy. [Biden, Politics]
Dec 11, 2023 ~ David Harsanyi, 'A Short History of Joe's Long Record of Lying About Biden Inc.' Its hard to deny the corruption when the evidence is stacked up this well including having "blatantly lied about his role in the family influence peddling business." [Biden, David Harsanyi, Politics]
Nov 3, 2023 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'The Islamophobic Lie' "This month has seen the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. It has also seen the worst global spike in anti-Semitism since the Holocaust." So naturally, Biden and Harris start lecturing us about 'Islamophobia' which almost doesn't exist compared to antisemitic hate crimes which are 7 times as frequent as anti Muslim crime. Biden and Harris are ridiculous clowns who are always on the wrong side of everything. [Anti-Semitism, Biden, Harris, Islam, Islamophobia, Israel, Terrorism]
Oct 10, 2023 ~ Biden can't stop trying to buy votes by forgiving student loan debt even after the Supreme Court told him he doesn't have the authority to do so. He creates the Public Service Loan Forgiveness via EO. "I'm announcing my administration has approved an additional $9 billion in relief for 125,000 borrowers... With the latest debt cancellation, in total, my administration has canceled $127 billion in student debts for nearly 3.6 million Americans." [Biden, Debt, SCOTUS, Student Loans]
Oct 1, 2023 ~ Byron York explains how Biden (who caused the current illegal immigration crisis) is accelerating it through a program called the CBP One parole which permits inadmissible aliens to fly directly to airports in the interior of the United States, bypassing the border altogether. "The program applies to migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti. The migrants, according to the Center, request 'advance travel authorizations' through the CBP One mobile app." This program is bringing in between 200-300 thousand per year more migrants above the millions being allowed to come in through the border. [Biden, Illegal Immigration]
Sep 22, 2023 ~ Wendell Husebø, 'Third IRS Agent Says Biden‘s DOJ Blocked Weiss from Charging Hunter' Biden administration corruption is naked and out in the open. They know they can operate above the law with impunity. [Biden, Crime]
Sep 22, 2023 ~ House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer said that it was “unfortunate” House Republicans have started an impeachment inquiry, but President Biden and his legal team “have blocked and obstructed” their investigation at “every turn.” “We’re having an impeachment inquiry because we have gotten to the point to where there is so much evidence of wrongdoing by the Biden family, and Joe Biden has lied so many times to the American people about his knowledge of his family’s wrongdoings.” [Biden, Impeachment]
Sep 21, 2023 ~ Ryan Ellis, 'Joe Biden’s 95% Drug Tax That You Didn’t Know About' With no authority, unelected government bureaucrats will set the Medicare price for many drugs and if companies don't accept the 'negotiated' price, those drugs will be taxed 95% on all sales. [Biden, Health Care, Regulations, Taxes]
Sep 21, 2023 ~ Incredibly, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order creating a new Climate Corps, 20,000 strong. Congress voted it down but he created it anyway by EO. He acts like a dictator, bypassing congress and the constitution to 'create' anything he wants. He had NO authority to do this. [Biden, Climate Change]
Sep 13, 2023 ~ Fiscal 2023 the second straight year that the federal debt has increased by more than $2 trillion! These are record deficits and Biden goes around claiming he's a deficit CUTTER. The man lies non-stop. But his lies are not mere exaggerations. They are the opposite of the truth. [Biden, Debt, Deficit]
Sep 13, 2023 ~ The @AP shows it is a proud, card carrying member of the #FakeNews. Despite a mountain of evidence including whistle blowing eye witnesses and millions of dollars of grift, they say Republicans are "claiming without evidence that they engaged in an influence peddling scheme." [Biden, Fake News]
Sep 11, 2023 ~ Rich Lowry, 'Yes, Joe Biden Is Corrupt' This article is a good summary of the corruption racket the Bidens have been running for some time. [Biden, Rich Lowry]
Sep 7, 2023 ~ Mary Margaret Olohan, 'Former Harvard Journal Editor Accuses Biden of More Plagiarism' "He had lifted language straight out of a [Supreme Court] opinion, changed a couple words, and called them his own." Found more and more as he kept digging! [Biden]
Sep 5, 2023 ~ More information coming out about how the Biden family corruption racket worked. Joe Biden went by a variety of code names and false names, including Robin Ware. Robert L. Peters, JRB Ware, Celtic, “The Big Guy” and more. 20 different LLCs and shell companies, used to launder money which has been disbursed to nine different members of his family from countries such as Romania and the Ukraine. [Biden]
Sep 5, 2023 ~ Brandon Gillespie, 'Hunter's text about Biden making him fork over half his salary resurfaces amid new Democrat talking point' More evidence showing how the Biden family corruption machine worked. "Don't worry unlike Pop I won't make you give me half your salary." Hunter wrote in 2019. [Biden]
Aug 13, 2023 ~ "'Bidenomics' Has Been a Disaster" "The president and his allies had far more to do with destroying jobs than creating them... Approximately 10 million of the jobs that Biden now brags about overseeing are just people coming back to the workforce after state-compelled lockdowns." He also did nothing to reduce inflation beyond fed policies. He tried to make it worse but was stopped by the 2 sane people in his party. [Biden, Coronavirus, David Harsanyi, Economy]
Aug 3, 2023 ~ Andrew C. McCarthy, 'The Biden Family’s History of Influence-Peddling, Explained' and 'How the Bidens Got Rich.' Day by day, new depths of Biden family bribery and corruption are revealed by whistleblowers and investigations. Tens of millions of dollars in influence peddling. Being called "The greatest political scandal in American history." Comer, "We found that the Bidens had took millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries. And we don’t know why they received the money. No one can explain one simple thing the Bidens did to receive those payments." At the same time, IRS revelations of favorable treatment for Hunter Biden's millions in tax evasion, drug charges and federal firearms violations. Garland's DOJ tried and are still trying to bury all of it. [Biden]
Jul 14, 2023 ~ After being told by SCOTUS that he can't illegally (without Congress) spend $500 billion on student loan forgiveness, Biden announces a bold NEW plan to instead illegally spend $39 billion. [Biden, College, SCOTUS, Student Loans]
Jul 7, 2023 ~ A black student asked Biden, “If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I’m stopped by the police?” He responded, “If you were my daughter, you’d be a caucasian girl, and you wouldn’t be pulled over.” Biden is a very sick man. Always lying to divide. [Biden, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Police]
Jul 5, 2023 ~ Cocaine is found in the White House (first time ever) following Hunter Biden's visit. Democrats and the #FakeNews scramble to say that doesn't mean it was Hunter's. Biden claims his administration has restored dignity and normalcy to the White House. [Biden]
Jun 30, 2023 ~ The Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN President Biden's student-debt-relief plan by a 6-3 vote. SCOTUS confirms the obvious fact that the plan is not authorized by the HEROES Act. Biden immediately vows to look for other illegal methods of funding the the program. [Biden, College, Education, SCOTUS, Student Loans]
Jun 19, 2023 ~ Biden says, "Guns are the #1 killer of kids in America." This is a lie. To make it true, you have to EXCLUDE kids 1 year old and less and INCLUDE 18 and 19 year old adults. He concludes from his lie that 'assault weapons' need to be banned even though they account for about 1% of the deaths of kids being killed by gun violence. [Biden, Fake News, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Jun 15, 2023 ~ President Trump was indicted on 37 federal felony charges relating to mishandling classified information and obstruction of justice. No indictments for Joe Biden for similar or Hillary Clinton for worse infractions. Trump however refused to turn over the docs and lied about them. [Biden, Hillary, Politics]
May 28, 2023 ~ Jazz Shaw, 'The MSM isn't biased. It's flatly corrupt' "[James] Comer laid out rock-solid proof that tens of millions of dollars came from very shady characters in China, Ukraine, and a bunch of other countries yet to come. And it wound up in the bank accounts of at least ten members of the Biden family." But the #FakeNews completely ignores it. [Biden, Fake News]
May 15, 2023 ~ Biden says at Howard University commencement speech, "Stand up against the poison of white supremacy. As I did in my inaugural address throughout a single hour, the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say it wherever I go." Yes he does, because he is a sick, sick man. Every the liar, ever the divider. He wants everyone in the country to hate each other. [Biden, Fake Racism]
May 6, 2023 ~ The Biden administration's Federal Housing Finance Agency announced new rules to punish people who have maintained good credit and reward those with bad credit. Those with good credit pay more so those with bad credit can pay less! What could go wrong? They truly are morons. [Biden, Economics]
Mar 15, 2023 ~ Biden tweets a letter written by 4 year old 'Charlotte', complaing about the gender pay gap. He says, "Charlotte, I couldn’t agree more. Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps." Gender pay gap has been debunked dozens of times by economists including female economists. Democrats repeat the lie anyway to capture the votes of the ignorant. Its one of many many big lies they tell like systemic racism in policing, climate change is an 'existential threat', etc. [Biden, Economics, Fake Racism, Gender Pay Gap]
Feb 28, 2023 ~ President Biden implies that white people are inherently stupid (but he is an exception.) "I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid," Biden tells a black audience. [Biden, Racism]
Feb 24, 2023 ~ Biden's 'Executive Order On Further Advancing Racial Equity And Support For Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government' poisons all aspects of Govt. Requires every agency to create at DIE organization within 30 days. Requires that the entire govt discriminates on race. [Biden, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Feb 20, 2023 ~ Biden implements new EO to entrench DIE into every Govt. Agency. Establishes DIE depts. and Agency Equity Teams who “shall support continued equity training and equity leadership development for staff across all levels of the agency’s workforce.” Straight white men are specifically excluded from whatever this 'equity' is. Agencies must also implement 'climate justice' and adhere to official gender narratives. [Biden, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Feb 17, 2023 ~ Biden claims white people still want to lynch black people and take pictures of it: "White families gathered to celebrate the spectacle, taking pictures of the bodies ... Some people still want to do that." Democrats have always divided with their lies but this is over the top even by Democrat standards.   WhatHappened.com @JohnBla27209136 · 2m Biden claims white people still want to lynch black people and take pictures of it: "White families gathered to celebrate the spectacle, taking pictures of the bodies ... Some people still want to do that." Democrats have always divided with their lies but this is over the top. Quote Tweet Tom Elliott @tomselliott · Feb 16 Biden on lynching: "White families gathered to celebrate the spectacle, taking pictures of the bodies ... Some people still want to do that"   WhatHappened.com @JohnBla27209136 What's ironic is that in the distant past, when slavery, the KKK, segregation, lynchings and Jim Crow were actually a thing, it was all Democrats perpetrating it. [Biden, Racism, Slavery]
Feb 5, 2023 ~ #FakeNews 102: In order to deflect public outrage that Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to surveil a large part of the Continental United States for 8 days, Democrats and the #FakeNews started claiming that 3 such balloons were allowed to do this under Trump. Totally false. [Biden, China, Fake News, Politics]
Jan 22, 2023 ~ Biden stokes racial division with lies. "If you live in one of those neighborhoods and you have the same exact car I have in the other neighborhood, you pay more for your insurance than that side. No basis for it! None at all other than you’re black, and I’m white." Total BS. The basis for it is different neighborhoods have different car theft and vandalism rates. And different drivers have different driving and accident records. Racism is not a factor but Democrats can never understand this because data and facts do not matter. Only skin color. [Biden, Fake Racism]
Jan 18, 2023 ~ Biden continues to prove he's a pathological liar spinning bizarre lie after bizarre lie. I "used to go to 7:30 Mass every morning in high school and then in college, before I went to the Black church." "We would organize to march and to desegregate the city." "When I was a teenager in Delaware, for real, I got involved in the civil rights movement. I’d go to 8 o’clock Mass, then I’d go to Rev. Herring’s church where we’d meet in order to organize and figure where we were going to go, whether we were going to desegregate the Rialto movie theater or what we were going to do." None of this is true. [Biden]
Jan 15, 2023 ~ More classified documents (including top secret) keep being found in more Biden locations: office, house, garage. Democrats and the #FakeNews could not look more ridiculous after calling for Trump to be impeached, imprisoned and even executed for documents he had at Mar a Lago. [Biden, Fake News]
Jan 12, 2023 ~ Let's ignore the laughable excuse Biden made for why he took and stored classified docs while VP in now multiple locations and focus on this one statement: "I was a professor at Penn." Totally ridiculous. He was paid almost $1M by Penn for a handful of appearances. No classes. [Biden, College]
Jan 11, 2023 ~ After weeks if not months of hyperventilating about Trump taking classified docs (which as President he had power to declassify), we find out Biden took many classified docs as VP (no power to declassify). Dems and the #FakeNews are working overtime trying to minimze and bury it. [Biden, Fake News]
Jan 6, 2023 ~ Biden lies almost non-stop. He just tied the death of Capitol Police Officer William Evans to the "sick [Jan 6 2021] insurrectionists." Evans was killed in April by a supporter of the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan. The attack had 0 to due with the 2020 election. [2020 Election, Biden, Capitol Riot, Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 14, 2022 ~ Biden swaps arms dealer Viktor Bout nicknamed 'The Merchant of Death', responsible for thousands of deaths including Americans for basketball player Brittney Griner who was carrying illegal drugs into Russia and who often knelt for the US anthem. Biden left former cop and US Marine Paul Whelan in Russian prison. [Biden, Russia]
Nov 2, 2022 ~ Biden can't say 1 sentence without telling several lies: "Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq, excuse me the war in Ukraine. I'm thinking of Iraq because that's where my son died." Inflation has nothing to do with Ukraine and his son died of cancer. In the same speech he claimed he spoke to the inventor of insulin and that he attended an HBCU, also both lies. [Biden, Economics]
Oct 13, 2022 ~ President Biden said his son died in Iraq. He really died of brain cancer in Delaware. Biden tells huge lies daily. Almost constantly. Democrats just look up and to the side and whistle. He’s either a pathological liar, or his dementia has progressed to non-functional levels. [Biden]
Sep 30, 2022 ~ The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been severely damaged through sabotage. The same morons who believed the #RussiaHoax say Russia did it! Which makes 0 sense since its their pipeline and gave them great leverage. Biden has said, "If Russia invades... we will put an end to it [NS2]." [Biden, Russia Hoax]
Sep 29, 2022 ~ Kamala Harris says, "The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea." Probably meaning South Korea. No one in this administration has any idea what is going on. No one in this administration can get through a sentence that is correct or makes any sense. At least Biden has the excuse of being senile. [Biden, Harris, North Korea]
Sep 28, 2022 ~ At the hunger conference, senile Joe Biden looks for Rep. Jackie Walorski who died in a car crash last month. “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here to make this a reality.” At the time of her death Biden issued a statement saying he was "shocked and saddened." [Biden]
Sep 25, 2022 ~ Joe Biden spoke fondly of a May-December relationship in his past. He sees a woman in the crowd and says "(You) gotta say ‘Hi’ to me. We go back a long way, she was 12 and I was 30." The crowd of Democrats laughs heartily. [Biden]

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