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May 25, 2024 ~ "Climate Change ‘Solutions’ Are Harming the Environment" One of many crazy examples, Scotland cut down 16 million trees (natural carbon sinks) to make room for wind turbines!!" The insanity of of that is beyond belief. [Anti-Science, Climate Change]
May 25, 2024 ~ Here's the Godfather of #FakeNews, Dan Rather and the Grifer in Chief, Al Gore explaining how 25% of Florida is going to end up under water due to burning fossil fuels. That was 42 years ago! How long can they keep up the alarmism? New terms: Climate Emergency, Chaos, Apocalypse. [Climate Change, Fake News]
May 19, 2024 ~ 'The Carbon-Offset Game Is Up' Even thought it was obvious a over decade ago, it apparently can no longer be denied that carbon offsets are a total scam which allows some to profit off of others virtue signalling while having no impact on the climate. [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Economics]
May 2, 2024 ~ Climate adviser for the UN Ayisha Siddiqa (@Ayishas12) says the 'climate crisis' is the fault of white people. "The climate crisis is man made. And its not just man made, its white man made. (big applause from the mooing racists) Years of capitalism, years of colonialism, years of racial oppression... The way that we save our planet is when we protect the most vulnerable communities among us. And this includes black trans women." These people are beyond parody and their movement is not at all serious. Protecting black trans women is the key to saving the planet from the white man's climate crisis. Clap, Clap, Cheer, Cheer. What ridiculous fools... [Climate Change, Fake News, Fake Racism, Racism, Trans]
May 1, 2024 ~ View Host Sonny Hostin thinks eclipses and earthquakes are due to climate change. “We got a solar eclipse. We’ve got earthquakes. … The Rapture is here. Also, I learned that the cicadas are coming. For the first time in a hundred years. This is for the first time in many, many years. … All of those things together, would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on.” No, she was not joking... [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Fake News]
May 1, 2024 ~ 'Biden Effectively Bans Coal Power . . . Again' "The latest EPA regulations are a whopping 681 pages of unreasonable demands that will kill the American coal industry." Must reduce emissions by 90%. Not possible. Goes around congress and just dictates. [Biden, Climate Change, Energy]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ Just like the left and the #FakeNews has to find and hammer new fake examples of 'racism' every day, they also have to find and hammer new fake examples of climate change every day. The Independent headline: 'How climate change is hitting vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers' [Climate Change, Fake News]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ If you are on the fence about whether climate change alarmism is a religion or not, consider that people are now blaming earthquakes on climate change. (Its bad enough that EVERY storm is blamed on it even though the frequency and magnitude of those storms are the same as they have ever been.) Senate candidate Christina Khalil said "The climate crisis is real" after an earthquake hit NJ, which is on a fault line. [Anti-Science, Climate Change]
Mar 26, 2024 ~ Will Tanner, "In yet another massive L for 'green' energy boondoggles, a massive swathe of solar panels in Damon, Texas were taken out by a hail storm And not only were the expensive panels rendered useless by the weather, but now they're leaking a toxic compound, cadmium telluride, into the water So not only do Texans get intermittent energy instead of constant energy, not only do they waste thousands of acres of land with solar farms, but now the pointless panels are leaking into the groundwater Nuclear energy and natural gas are the answer. They're cheap, clean, reliable, and won't be shattered by a bit of hail. The other "green" energy is an expensive boondoggle that destroys the natural environment." [Climate Change, Energy]
Mar 25, 2024 ~ 'Electric Vehicles: The EPA’s Fast Track to Fiasco' "All the world’s mines, both currently operating and planned, can supply only a small fraction of the 700% to 4,000% increase in various minerals that will be needed to meet the wildly ambitious EV goals. The IEA [International Energy Agency] estimates that we’ll need hundreds of new mega-mines to feed factories across the “transition” landscape, and that it takes 10 to 16 years to find, plan, and open a new mine." "Mining battery ingredients causes environmental damage. EV batteries weigh about 1,000 pounds and can reach 2,000 pounds. About 100,000 pounds of ore are needed to get the lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, and copper to make the batteries function. To get the 100,000 pounds of ore, it’s necessary to move 500,000 pounds of earth. Cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is partly performed by children who are sent into the mines to retrieve the minerals…" "50 to 90% of the critical materials required to make EVs are now produced in China." "Consider just copper, the pillar of electrification. EVs use 300% to 400% more copper than conventional cars. Industry data show that the world will need twice as much copper as it will be producing well before aspirational EV goals are reached. Unsurprisingly, one major mining CEO observed that the coming chasm between demand and supply could trigger a ten-fold copper price hike. That alone would add about $15,000 to the cost of building an EV." "The CO2 emissions arising from building an EV before it gets driven revolve around a simple fact: a typical EV battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. That half-ton battery is made from a wide range of minerals, including copper, nickel, aluminum, graphite, and lithium. Accessing those minerals requires digging up and processing some 250 tons of earth per vehicle. All that mining, processing, and refining uses hydrocarbons and emits CO2." [Climate Change, Energy]
Mar 25, 2024 ~ 'Climate The Movie' Informative and infuriating at the same time. Yes, the so called climate 'emergency' or 'chaos' or whatever they're calling it today is a scam. But its not going away because its HUGE business for more and more people. [Climate Change]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ 'Polar bears and coral reefs are doing just fine' The #FakeNews alarmism about both have been totally wrong. They said polar bears were going extinct and their population is 3X. They said it would take 100 years for the Coral Castles Reef to recover from the 1988 El Nino but it was thriving just a few years later. The Great Barrier Reef is doing fine as well despite the #FakeNews about it. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ John Stossel, 'The Renewable Scam' California is showing how unfeasible this is. Due to the mandates, they pay 3X for electricty as the rest of the country and have more outages. It make housing far more expensive too. And harms the environment rather than helping it. "Just to produce one turbine, we have to extract 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, and 45 tons of non-renewable plastic. Then we've got to transport that and burn fuel, getting it all carried across the world. None of these things that go into a turbine are renewable." These huge turbines create huge landfills of non-recyclable waste. [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Energy]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Bjorn Lomborg, "Despite breathless climate reporting about ever more fire The US burned area last year was the lowest this century It was less than 7% of the 1930s." Square that with how the #FakeNews reports that every modern fire is caused by 'climate change.' Its absurd as there is only a small fraction today compared to before so called 'climate change.' [Climate Change, Fake News]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ .@BjornLomborg calls out the @washingtonpost for ONCE AGAIN spreading #FakeNews about climate change. "The front page of Washington Post claims: 'disasters worsen for 85% of world' No, study shows no such thing." Article links increase heart disease deaths to increased heat but "Study finds exactly the opposite: cold kills." [Climate Change, Fake News]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Jack Hellner, 'MSM recycling the threatened polar bears story despite it being viciously debunked' Like most of the #FakeNews narratives, this one is the opposite of the truth. The polar bear population is 5-6X what it was in the 1950s. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ 'Britain’s Disastrous Path to Net Zero Is a Warning to the U.S.' Another cautionary tale that Biden is ignoring. The UK seems to be following Germany over the green energy cliff. As a result, Brits pay almost 2X for energy vs. the US. Less reliable and does not reduce 'worldwide' emissions a bit - it just shifts them around. [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Energy]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ "There's an 'Office of Climate Change and Health Equity'?" Another government bureaucracy created by Biden whose purpose is to dole out money to favored groups and left wing organizations. Its based on total BS like "Climate change is having a disproportionate effect on the physical and mental health of black communities." [Anti-Science, Climate Change, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
Feb 13, 2024 ~ Jo Nova, 'Mark Steyn ordered to pay $1 million to deter climate deniers from criticizing sacred scientists' "Michael Mann’s hockeystick graph was wildly different from hundreds of studies of other studies and instantly became the pet graph of the IPCC. It used the wrong proxy, the wrong tree, and the wrong type of averaging. Whole books were written on how bad it was. But when Mark Steyn called it fraudulent Mann sued." [Cancel Culture, Climate Change, Free Speech, Silencing]
Feb 11, 2024 ~ A DC court orders Mark Steyn to pay Michael Mann $1 Million in Mann's defamation case. Extremely chilling decision. The climate cult is a religion with high priests who can't be questioned. The litigious Michael Mann vows to go after National Review again after losing his first case against them. "Michael Mann Vows to Target NR Yet Again: 'They're Next'" Mann, who is an excellent researcher who has never faked his data and does not behave like a cartoon super villain, threatens to ruin the lives of anyone who suggests otherwise. [Anti-Science, Climate Change, Free Speech, Silencing]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Nick Pope, 'Germany Went All In On The Green Transition. Now, Its Economy Is Crumbling'. Merkel closing all of Germany's nuclear plants was one of the dumbest things a politician has ever done. They go all in on green energy. The first thing that happens is Germany becomes dependent on Russian natural gas. Then they have to RESTART old coal plants to keep the lights and heat on. Energy prices soar almost 50% killing consumers and forcing businesses to close or move out of the country. "It is not [even] reducing emissions, because manufacturing is being shifted to other nations, like China and India, that use dirtier energy. The German economy is going down, and their people do not have the jobs and economic opportunities that they used to." [Climate Change, Energy]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Swiss banker Hubert Keller says at the World Economic Forum: "The coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee... Every time we drink coffee, we are basically putting CO2 into the atmosphere." Literally everything people do is a 'problem.' FO [Climate Change]
Dec 11, 2023 ~ #FakeNews @CNN claims "Climate change poses a huge threat to the coffee business and to farmers" because "rising temperatures will reduce the area suitable for growing coffee by up to 50%." In reality, increased CO2 has had the opposite effect, considerably benefiting plants. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Dec 9, 2023 ~ David Strom, 'Washington State Economist Refused to Lie, So They Forced Him Out' Economist Scott Smith was forced to resign for correctly saying that cap and trade would increase gas prices. Opposing the narrative, no matter how absurd, has consequences. [Cancel Culture, Climate Change, Energy, Silencing]
Dec 9, 2023 ~ "As reported by EPA, only 19% of all weather stations report an increase in the number of hot days since 1948!" "A total of 863 stations, or 81%, reported either a decrease or no change in the number of hot days!" [Climate Change]
Dec 3, 2023 ~ 'EPA: Few Stations Show Increase in Hot Days' "As reported by EPA, only 19% of all weather stations report an increase in the number of hot days since 1948!" "A total of 863 stations, or 81%, reported either a decrease or no change in the number of hot days!" [Climate Change]
Dec 2, 2023 ~ Linnea Lueken, 'Climate Change Is Not Threatening Human Health' Debunks a lot of nonsense. Its fashionable to blame everything on climate change [allergies, malaria, climate anxiety, etc.] but the data does not support the claims. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Nov 9, 2023 ~ Olivia Murray, "Harvard study: deforestation for solar panels major cause of ‘emissions’" "Since 2010, over 5,000 acres of natural and working lands have been destroyed for solar development in Massachusetts, resulting in the emission of over half a million metric tons of CO₂ - more than the annual emissions of 100,000 passenger cars." "When these panels reach the end of their lifespan, they become piles of toxic waste, as they contain high amounts of heavy metals." "By 2050, the disposal of worn-out solar panels will constitute over double the tonnage of all of today’s global plastic waste." [Climate Change, Environment]
Nov 4, 2023 ~ Brianna Lyman, "It Takes Trucker Two Minutes To Pick Apart The EV Narrative: ‘You Would Need To Pack 50,000 Pounds Of Batteries’" Fantastic article exposing the absurdity of the net-zero idea. The numbers do not even remotely add up. [Climate Change, Economics, Environment]
Oct 29, 2023 ~ John Kerry is pushing for a “climate losses and damages fund” funded mostly by the US of course with the world's biggest emitter of CO2, China exempt. These transfer payments will have no effect on climate. "These climate reparations are nothing more than a global shakedown orchestrated by those who live under the fallacy that money changes weather." [Climate Change, Economy]
Oct 13, 2023 ~ Australia is about to bulldoze old-growth forests that contain endangered koala bear habitats to put up wind turbines. They are harming a beloved endangered species and clearing old-growth forest land in service to a cult that does more environmental harm than good. [Climate Change, Energy]
Oct 13, 2023 ~ Ha ha, @ClimateDefiance ran Pete Buttigeig out on a rail for not being able to end all fossil fuels in transportation. "We just chased Secretary Pete Buttigieg off the stage at the Meyerhoff Symphony," the idiots brag. He tried to debate them but leftists don't debate. [Climate Change, Loathsome Left, Violent Left]
Oct 1, 2023 ~ NYC receives more than 7 inches of rain in less than 24 hours from tropical storm Ophelia causing some flooding in subways and streets. Partly to blame were sewers blocked by garbage etc. Many locales handle that amount of rain just fine. Of course the #FakeNews blames 'climate change' as they currently do for anything other than a partly cloudy day of average temperature.. They said it was 'unprecedented' and as always, that claim never true. They go on to say things like, "This is the new normal.' like they did with the 2005 hurricane season. And that never ends up being true either. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 24, 2023 ~ Craig Rucker, 'Net Zero grid batteries alone would bankrupt America' Yet another article that exposes the obvious fantasy that is 'net zero.' "Just the batteries needed to back up wind and solar electricity generation in a 'net zero' USA would cost $23 trillion." "Trillions more would be needed to cover financing, repairs, maintenance, replacements, burying broken and worn out non-recyclable equipment, and building systems strong enough to survive hurricanes." "Professional engineer Ken Gregory determined that grid-backup battery costs could reach $290 trillion." All to maybe affect the temperature a fraction of a degree 100 years from now. [Climate Change]
Sep 21, 2023 ~ James Taylor, 'Fewer hurricanes are hitting New England' As usual, reality is the opposite of the #FakeNews narrative. Several #FakeNews outlets like @AP and @USATODAY blame hurricane Lee on climate change but historical data indicates that is total BS. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 21, 2023 ~ Incredibly, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order creating a new Climate Corps, 20,000 strong. Congress voted it down but he created it anyway by EO. He acts like a dictator, bypassing congress and the constitution to 'create' anything he wants. He had NO authority to do this. [Biden, Climate Change]
Sep 18, 2023 ~ Ryan Mills, "California EV Rules ‘Totally Impractical,’ Truckers Say; May as Well ‘Build a Spaceship and Go to Mars’" All of these many problems were forseeable by all but Democrat politician pinheads. The US needs to route supply chains around CA fast. [Climate Change, Economics, Economy, Regulations]
Sep 15, 2023 ~ Tropical storm Daniel dumped a lot of rain on Libya and thousands died in the resultant flood. The #FakeNews blamed 'climate change' as they do for every weather event in today's world. In reality, that area flooded many times in the past so they built dams. Those dams both broke because they were old and poorly maintained. And a massive amount of people lived downstream from them. According to Derna's deputy mayor, Ahmed Madroud, the first dam that broke had not been maintained since 2002! After that dam broke, the second one failed because it could not hold the water on its own. They didn't maintain the dams for more than 20 years in a region that is prone to flooding before fossil fuels and the #FakeNews ignores all that and simply moos, 'climate change.' This is a religion. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 14, 2023 ~ The #FakeNews now lies 100% of the time on the subject of climate change. Example: @NPR article, 'Venice may be put on the endangered list, thanks to human-created climate change' The article claims Venice floods due to man-made climate change sea level rise and also repeats the myth that wildfires are increasing and that the Maui fire was caused by climate change. All of these things are false. For land that is neither sinking nor rising, sea level rise has been constant for hundreds of years. It did not accelerate after humans started using fossil fuels. Venice is one of the locations on Earth that is sinking. "It’s long been known that Venice suffers from subsidence. Built on a muddy lagoon with inadequate foundations, the ground beneath it has slowly compacted over time... Underlying plate tectonics are also to blame, thanks to the subduction of the Adriatic plate beneath the Apennine mountains." Pumping ground water from under the city also contributed but they have since stopped that practice. "It’s even been discovered that the whole area also tilts very slightly to the east, with the city itself on the slightly higher end and this is why Venice is sinking." Sink rate due to these factors is 1-2 mm per year. The #FakeNews will continue to falsely blame this and dozens of other normal events on man-made climate change. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 13, 2023 ~ .@AlexEpstein debunks another popular climate change myth. "The trend of real (inflation-adjusted) weather damage is flat—despite many factors increasing vulnerability, like increasing coastal populations and bad incentives from government bailout policies. This is the opposite of an emergency.” Every part of the alarmist narrative is a lie. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 13, 2023 ~ Boston's mayor Michelle Wu beclowns herself by declaring a heat warning for normal summer temperatures. It never even got to 90 degrees. She opens 'cooling centers', splash pads, and "a variety of projects to support extreme heat mitigation." The left is desperate to make claims like "The impacts of climate change are more palpable than ever, with extreme heat posing risk to our communities." [Climate Change]
Sep 12, 2023 ~ AlexEpstein summary on the Maui wildfires: "Maui's wildfire tragedy was caused by 'green' policies, not warming The unnecessarily large wildfires in Maui were not caused by the slow warming of climate but by 'green' policies that prevented proper wildfire management." "How 'green' policies caused the Maui tragedy • Failure to actively manage flammable grasses and instead letting them grow 'naturally' • Spending $ on expensive 'green' energy and not on power-line maintenance • Deprioritizing water release in favor of 'green' concerns." "Unfortunately, many commentators, instead of admitting that the root cause of HI’s wildfire problems is their bad land, maintenance, and water policies—something fully within their control to fix—blame rising CO2 levels, a minor factor that is totally outside HI’s control." Long thread, worth the read. [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 11, 2023 ~ Sean Moran, 'Biden to Cancel Alaska Oil, Gas Leases Issued Under Trump' Inflation and energy prices are not high enough for Biden so he is canceling leases for 20 million ANWR acres of land that Trump opened up. Biden lost our energy independence. [Climate Change, Energy]
Sep 11, 2023 ~ Jennifer Granholm makes a fool of herself doing an EV road trip with her team. They can't find enough chargers. Someone on her team used a gas powered car to reserve a charger blocking a family with a baby from using it. They called the cops. Imagine if more people used EVs. [Climate Change, Energy]
Sep 7, 2023 ~ Bombshell article by climate scientist blowing the whistle on why the public cannot and should not trust 'Science' Patrick T. Brown, 'I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published' "I just got published in Nature because I stuck to a narrative I knew the editors would like. That’s not the way science should work." The current [false] narrative is that climate change is driving wild fires when in reality it is AT BEST a minor factor. "I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell.   This matters because it is critically important for scientists to be published in high-profile journals; in many ways, they are the gatekeepers for career success in academia. And the editors of these journals have made it abundantly clear, both by what they publish and what they reject, that they want climate papers that support certain preapproved narratives—even when those narratives come at the expense of broader knowledge for society.   To put it bluntly, climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve."   "In reality, though, the biases of the editors (and the reviewers they call upon to evaluate submissions) exert a major influence on the collective output of entire fields. They select what gets published from a large pool of entries, and in doing so, they also shape how research is conducted more broadly. Savvy researchers tailor their studies to maximize the likelihood that their work is accepted. I know this because I am one of them.   Here’s how it works.   The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative—namely, that the effects of climate change are both pervasive and catastrophic and that the primary way to deal with them is not by employing practical adaptation measures like stronger, more resilient infrastructure, better zoning and building codes, more air conditioning—or in the case of wildfires, better forest management or undergrounding power lines—but through policies like the Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions."   "This type of framing, with the influence of climate change unrealistically considered in isolation, is the norm for high-profile research papers. For example, in another recent influential Nature paper, scientists calculated that the two largest climate change impacts on society are deaths related to extreme heat and damage to agriculture. However, the authors never mention that climate change is not the dominant driver for either one of these impacts: heat-related deaths have been declining, and crop yields have been increasing for decades despite climate change. To acknowledge this would imply that the world has succeeded in some areas despite climate change—which, the thinking goes, would undermine the motivation for emissions reductions."   "I left academia over a year ago, partially because I felt the pressures put on academic scientists caused too much of the research to be distorted... But climate scientists shouldn’t have to exile themselves from academia to publish the most useful versions of their research. We need a culture change across academia and elite media that allows for a much broader conversation on societal resilience to climate.   The media, for instance, should stop accepting these papers at face value and do some digging on what’s been left out. The editors of the prominent journals need to expand beyond a narrow focus that pushes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. And the researchers themselves need to start standing up to editors, or find other places to publish."   [Anti-Science, Cancel Culture, Climate Change, Fake News, Free Speech, Silencing]
Sep 5, 2023 ~ Contrary to what you hear from the #FakeNews about how every hurricane proves man-made climate change, the Advancing Earth and Space Sciences paper, 'Trends in Global Tropical Cyclone Activity: 1990–2021' says otherwise: "Global hurricane counts and Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) have significantly decreased since 1990 likely due to a trend toward LaNina. (The) decreasing trend in global hurricanes and ACE is primarily driven by (the) downturn in western North Pacific activity." [Climate Change, Fake News]
Sep 4, 2023 ~ Bjorn Lomborg, "Polar bear population increasing But doesn't fit climate narrative, so info cancelled. Reality: Polar bears were intensely hunted 1976 world banned much hunting Polar bear population recovered and now at its highest in 6 decades." [Climate Change, Fake News]
Aug 30, 2023 ~ The #FakeNews @nytimes blames white people for the Maui fires: "To understand these fires, you have to rewind to the 19th century, when Christian missionaries transformed an area that was mostly wetlands into large-scale sugar plantations that required the digging of tunnels and the building of reservoirs to divert water to mills and away from sustainable agriculture. Dominated by American investors, the sugar and pineapple industries led to deforestation and left native Hawaiians with insufficient water for their crops." [Climate Change, Fake News, Fake Racism]
Aug 30, 2023 ~ #FakeNews @cnn ridiculously claims Hurricane Idalia is due to 'climate change' which is absurd. The #FakeNews impossibly claims EVERY weather related disaster is due to 'climate change' but Idalia is completely within historical norms. In addition, "Recently, the United States experienced the fewest number of hurricane strikes in any eight-year period in recorded history (2009 through 2017). In 2016, Florida, America’s most vulnerable state for hurricanes (where Idalia is threatening), concluded an 11-year period without a landfalling hurricane, the longest such period in recorded history. And from 2013 to 2016, the Gulf of Mexico also recently benefited from its longest hurricane-free period in recorded history." --H. Sterling Burnett [Climate Change, Fake News]
Aug 30, 2023 ~ #FakeNews @washingtonpost publishes ridiculous article, 'Climate change came for Maui. The rest of us are next.' This has been debunked repeatedly. Maui wasn't even drier than normal. But the #FakeNews impossibly claims EVERY weather related disaster is due to 'climate change.' [Climate Change, Fake News]

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