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Jul 8, 2024 ~ Job posting surfaces from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) where any race but white can apply. The listing specified, "Any race except caucasian." [CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Jun 29, 2024 ~ 'Feedback Taken: Tractor Supply Company Ends All “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” Programs' After getting an earful from its customers impacting its bottom line to the tune of $2 billion, Tractor Supply eliminated all of its DIE, Climate Change or LGBT efforts and spending. [Climate Change, CRT DIE Wokeness, LGBT]
Jun 26, 2024 ~ Alan Dershowitz on how DIE has led to antisemitism on campuses: "Every university has created departments of antisemitism through their diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s diversity, equity, and exclusion. Jews are excluded. And many of these campaigns are led by students who see themselves as part of the oppressed, even though they’re among the wealthiest people probably on campus, the children of billionaires, many of them. But they see themselves as part of the intersectionality and oppressed, and they take it out on Jews." [Anti-Semitism, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Loathsome Left]
Jun 25, 2024 ~ 'It’s not just Disney that’s refusing to hire white people; they all are' According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics since 2020, companies in the S&P 100 hired 94% POC and only 6% white people even though white people are 58% of the population. [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Jun 21, 2024 ~ Senior Vice President at The Walt Disney Company Michael Giordano admits Disney is not looking to hire or promote white males and often Asians. They even rejected a black candidate for not looking black enough. "Look, nobody else is going to tell you this, Mike, but they’re not considering any white males for the job." Manager bonuses would be tied to how much 'diversity' (i.e. non-white) they created with hiring and promotions. [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Jun 18, 2024 ~ 'My University Required DEI Training. I’m Suing' Owen Anderson, Arizona State University professor of philosophy and religious studies for more than two decades is suing because he is forced to take training where white people are demonized falsely. [College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Jun 9, 2024 ~ 'White Men Deserve Gratitude, Not Demonization'   "Men tend to do most of the physically demanding and dangerous jobs everywhere. This is not a privilege that men have but rather a responsibility they carry. The takeaway from this shouldn’t be that we need more women doing these jobs. It’s that men (and white men in particular, historically) have had a unique and essential role in building and maintaining our civilization. We would not have this civilization without them. Rather than this constant drumbeat of scolding and lecturing and guilt and resentment — and treating the presence of this group as a problem that must be solved or a cancer that must be treated — the appropriate attitude is one of appreciation and gratitude. Men built every building you’ve ever been in, every bridge you’ve ever crossed, every road you’ve ever driven on." "White men have been uniquely indispensable contributors to western civilization. Most modern technology was invented by white men. Most of the great discoveries were made by white men. Most of our wars were fought and won predominately by white men. Most of the advances in medicine and science have been achieved by white men. Most of the great leaders, artists, thinkers, and philosophers in western history have been white men. And yet this is the one group most demonized — most hated for the sin of providing us with so much of what we value. A sane society would be finding ways to get this group more involved in things, given its incredible track record. Instead we go the other way." "Even if racial discrimination were somehow profitable, that still wouldn’t justify it. And it’s pretty remarkable that a sitting member of Congress would imply otherwise... Her goal, and the goal of her party, isn’t simply to erase white men from history. Their goal is to erase white men from the workforce, as punishment for doing everything so well, for so long." [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Gender, Race]
Jun 9, 2024 ~ 'Yale Tells Hopeful Scientists: You Must Commit to DEI' "Want to be a molecular biologist at Yale? Well, make sure you have a ten-step plan for dismantling systemic racism. When making hires at Yale’s department of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, faculty are told to place “DEI at the center of every decision,” "Every job advertised on the site links to a DEI “rubric” that tests candidates’ “knowledge of DEI and commitment to promoting DEI,” their “past DEI experiences and activities,” and their “future DEI goals and plans.”   The questions are designed to find out how they would infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion—a focus on race, gender, sexual orientation, and other categories of “marginalization”—into their work."   "The assessment puts the thumb on the scale for those with progressive sensibilities." [College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Education]
Jun 9, 2024 ~ 'How Neuropsychology Lost Its Mind' "confronted by far-left activists demanding to transform it based on unfounded accusations of systemic racism." 'Unfounded' AS ALWAYS. "The preamble states that clinical neuropsychology must 'strive to repair historical and contemporary bias' as well as 'structural and systemic oppression.' Practically, our profession’s members should be taught to 'demonstrate awareness of intersectionality' and 'advocate for marginalized and/or minoritized individuals, populations, and perspectives.' The conference even decided to authorize an apology to be written for the field’s alleged complicity in systemic racism." Disagreement was silenced with the usual censorship, accusations and fear based tactics: "The academy’s leadership responded by increasing its moderation of speech on its internal listserv. Soon to follow were insinuations that racism was the real reason for opposition to far-left ideology replacing science and standards. With suppression of online discourse and neuropsychologists self-censoring out of fear of being labeled a racist, the momentum against the guidelines has been effectively squashed." [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Health Care, Silencing]
Jun 9, 2024 ~ 'Sacrificing Children to the God of CRT' NYC hospitals are ignoring and not reporting stats that affect the safety of kids if there is 'disproportionate' numbers between blacks and whites. For example “Black families are seven times as likely as white families to be accused of child maltreatment,” so they stopped reporting because according to the bogus #CRT theory, the disproportionality cannot be real; it must be a consequence of 'racism.' Except the theory is easily proven false by the fact that "black children who live with parents charged with abuse are about seven times more likely to be killed than kids in white and Asian households." Consequently, Rafael Mangual, resigned from the New York State Advisory Committee of the US Council on Civil Rights saying, "I resigned because I believe the committee’s pathological obsession with racial disparity will endanger the lives of our most vulnerable children, especially black children." His resignation letter lists many examples. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ 'Biden's All-of-Government Vote-Buying Scheme' Biden is handing out $50 million to the 'Climate Justice Alliance' which believes that "the path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine" and all the standard DIE poison. But that is just a drop in the bucket as the ridiculously named 'Inflation Reduction Act' "provides $2.8 billion to the EPA for environmental and climate justice block grants," (Section 60201). That's a license to hand out walking-around money to many political activists, not just the Climate Justice Alliance." Biden and the Democrats hand out billions of your taxpayer dollars or borrowed money to buy votes. [Anti-Semitism, Biden, Climate Change, CRT DIE Wokeness, Politics]
Jun 6, 2024 ~ City Journal 'Didn’t Earn It' Timely takedown of DEI, aka Didn't Earn It. Businesses and Universities spend 10s of millions on proven 'counter-productive' trainings. "University of Virginia paid two DEI executives annual salaries of more than $500,000 apiece, spent $20 million annually on over 200 DEI employees, and has committed almost $1 billion over the long term to race-based scholarships, faculty chairs, and other 'equity projects.' [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
Jun 4, 2024 ~ Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed is arrested for a mass shooting in Minneapolis killing 2 including police officer Jamal Mitchell. 3 other people were wounded in the shooting. Mohamed had a lengthy criminal record and had 2 warrants for his arrest at the time of the shooting but the defunded Minneapolis police force could not keep up with him. [Crime, CRT DIE Wokeness, Police]
May 27, 2024 ~ "Erie County, Pennsylvania just gave $300,000 of public grants to non-White businesses. These grants are funded by taxpayer-money (Biden's 2021 ARP). White-owned businesses are excluded. The checks had "DEI" written on them." These illegal race based taxpayer grants continue to occur. h/t @EndWokeness [CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
May 27, 2024 ~ UCLA is an examples of once good medical school that torched its education and reputation on the alter of DIE and CRT. UCLA dropped from 8th the 18th after Jennifer Lucero took over and made DIE a priority. "In some of the cohorts she admitted, more than 50 percent of students failed standardized tests on emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics." Lucero said, "The candidate's scores shouldn't matter. We need people like this [i.e. with this color skin] in the medical school." Failure rates increased 10 fold since 2020. "One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot. Another said that students at the end of their clinical rotations don't know basic lab tests and, in some cases, are unable to present patients." "And for those who've seen the competency crisis up close, double standards in admissions are a big part of the problem. 'All the normal criteria for getting into medical school only apply to people of certain races,' an admissions officer said. 'For other people, those criteria are completely disregarded.'" "UCLA still produces some very good graduates," one professor said. "But a third to a half of the medical school is incredibly unqualified." "Race-based admissions have turned UCLA into a ‘failed medical school,’ a former member of the admissions staff said. “‘We want racial diversity so badly, we’re willing to cut corners to get it.’" Unfortunately, because these woke medical schools hold black people to lower standards, sometimes much lower standards, they've made it such that people can no longer take the risk of using a black doctor. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Health Care, Loathsome Left, Race]
May 27, 2024 ~ 'Biden Inspires Black Graduates By Telling Them That Democracy Is Dead And White People Are Out To Kill Them' Biden gives commencement speech at historically black Morehouse College. Non-stop divisive lies as usual. "You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and their was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if democracy you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street? If Black men are being killed on the streets, we bear witness. For me, that means to call out the poison of white supremacy, to root out systemic racism. I stood up for George -- with George Floyd's family to help create a country where you don't need to have that talk with your son or grandson as they get pulled over. What is democracy if a trail of broken promises still leave black communities behind? What is democracy if you have to be ten times better than everyone else to get a fair shot? ... What does it mean ... to be a Black man who loves his country even if it doesn't love him back in equal measure?" None of this is true but if the new graduates believe it they will be demoralized and hate back a country they are told hates them. [Biden, BLM, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, George Floyd, Police]
May 26, 2024 ~ 'Biden Admin To Spend Over $2 Million To Diversify Marine Biology, Climate Science' The DIE madness continues and there is no limit to how much money will be thrown at this nonsense. [CRT DIE Wokeness]
May 26, 2024 ~ 'Equitable Grading?' The DIE madness continues. "Dublin Unified School District (east of the Bay Area) is dropping the traditional grading system in favor of 'Equity Grading.'" Low grades raised and high grades LOWERED! [CRT DIE Wokeness, Education]
May 14, 2024 ~ 'Preserving my children’s innocence is an act of preserving white supremacy' More white guilt trash using bogus examples. "When I shield my children from injustice in the name of preserving their innocence, what I’m actually preserving is white supremacy." [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
May 14, 2024 ~ Warren Smith, the teacher who went viral for challenging a student who claimed JK Rowling was 'transphobic' to back it up as a lesson in critical thinking and the Socratic Method was fired. Smith: "I'm not going to say what is right or wrong or which way to think. The whole point is to learn how to think not what to think." But even that is no longer allowed. Its not just dissent of the orthodoxy that is prohibited - it is questioning the dogma itself. We are living under an authoritative theocracy where merely questioning the accepted scriptures is heresy and has severe consequences. Affirmation or silence is required on many issues. [Anti-Science, CRT DIE Wokeness, Education, Free Speech, Silencing, Trans]
May 5, 2024 ~ One of the Columbia pro-Hamas protesters, PhD student Johannah King-Slutzky, illustrates why the woke in academia are beyond parody. Besides absurdly demanding food and water be provided to the building they are forcibly occupying, we learn her "dissertation is on fantasies of limitless energy in the transatlantic Romantic imagination from 1760-1860. My goal is to write a prehistory of metabolic rift, Marx's term for the disruption of energy circuits caused by industrialization under capitalism. I am particularly interested in theories of the imagination and poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens in order to update and propose an alternative to historicist ideological critiques of the Romantic imagination." I challenge any professional satirist to invent a more ridiculous and pointless area of study. No one could. [College, CRT DIE Wokeness]
May 4, 2024 ~ If tearing down American flags and chanting "Death to America" did not convince you that the anti-Israel protesters were also, anti-American, here is a UCLA protest spokesperson saying: “I think, given the fact that the University of California is founded on colonialism, it’s inherently a violent institution. There needs to be an addressment (sic) of U.S. imperialism and its ties to the UC system, and how it perpetuates war and violence abroad. Not only abroad, but also here locally.” [California, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Loathsome Left, Western Civilization]
May 2, 2024 ~ A Boeing insider describes how DIE has poisoned the once great company: "Status games rule every boardroom in the country. The DEI narrative is a very real thing, and, at Boeing, DEI got tied to the status game. It is the thing you embrace if you want to get ahead. It became a means to power. DEI is the drop you put in the bucket, and the whole bucket changes. It is anti-excellence, because it is ill-defined, but it became part of the culture and was tied to compensation." [CRT DIE Wokeness]
May 1, 2024 ~ Randall Kennedy, the Michael R. Klein Professor at Harvard Law School says "mandatory DEI statements, however, make me wince." "Mandatory DEI Statements Are Ideological Pledges of Allegiance. Time to Abandon Them." "Playing ball entails affirming that the DEI bureaucracy is a good thing and asking no questions that challenge it, all the while making sure to use in one’s attestations the easy-to-parody DEI lingo." [College, CRT DIE Wokeness]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ 'Biden Administration Declares That Criminal Background Checks Are Racist Against Black People' According to the DIE ideology, anything that shows differences between the races is 'racist' by definition. The Biden administration is suing Sheetz for using criminal background checks in their hiring decision. There was no actual discrimination except of criminals. "This is why many companies choose to head off the whole problem in the first place, by openly discriminating against white people. If you do that, then the Biden administration won’t touch you." [Biden, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ 'Another day and another plagiarism story out of academia' Almost always black women in the DIE field. The PhD dissertation of Natalie J. Perry, head of DIE at UCLA’s School of Medicine was "ridden with the worst sort of plagiarism, reproducing large swaths of text directly from several other authors, without citations." Even without the plagiarism, her career is a fraud; a single paper explaining why college DIE programs should be even bigger. [College, CRT DIE Wokeness]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ "‘DEI Is Garbage’: Pulitzer Prize Winner Delivers Scathing Takedown Of Woke Hollywood" David Mamet: “DEI is garbage. It’s fascist totalitarianism.” “I can’t give you a stupid fucking statue unless you have 7% of this, 8% of that. It’s intrusive.” [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness]
Apr 20, 2024 ~ State sponsored media @NPR is exposed as being #FakeNews (like we didn't already know). 25 year veteran NPR editor Uri Berliner writes an article in The Free Press exposing how biased NPR has been. Not just trafficking in pure #FakeNews like the Russia Hoax and many others, but routinely ignoring anything that might hurt Biden like Hunter's laptop while pounding stories that would hurt Trump. And of course how they drunk the DIE poison to the max. Berliner was suspended without pay by CEO Katherine Maher, whose prior statements show her to be so woke that a woke parody of herself, would be herself. Berliner ended up resigning. "I cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged by a new CEO whose divisive views confirm the very problems at NPR I cite in my Free Press essay." [Cancel Culture, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake News, Russia Hoax]
Apr 14, 2024 ~ 'OJ and CRT' OJ Simpson is dead. Antisemitic, race hustling Professor Marc Lamont Hill reminds us that OJ's verdict was correct because the system is 'racist' so black people should be able to kill white people. "His acquittal for murder was the correct and necessary result of a racist criminal legal system." This is essentially what members of the jury said too. They knew he was guilty but acquitted him because he is black and the victims were white and it was close in time to Rodney King. [Crime, CRT DIE Wokeness, Police, Race, Racism]
Apr 8, 2024 ~ 'Does The New York Times Actually Care About Mass Shootings?' Another mass shooting the #FakeNews doesn't mention race because the shooters are black. Coulter shows that this happens all the time while they always report race report if shooter is white. "A Times' compilation of some of the mass shootings in 2022 listed 25 gunmen in 19 separate incidents. Of the 25 mass shooters, 17 were black, five were white (one nonbinary and one in a dress), one was Asian and one was Hispanic. The Times gave the race of only two of the perpetrators." The white ones. White people do not commit the majority of mass shootings but the selective reporting allows other #FakeNews orgs to make the following false claims: -- The Chicago Tribune: "Why are mass shooters overwhelmingly white men?" -- Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper: "Mass Shooters Are Almost Always White Men." -- The Conversation: "[M]ass shooters tend to be young white men." Leave it to NBC News to dress up the lie with gratuitous insults: -- NBC: "'White heterosexual male entitlement fuses with downward mobility, subordinated masculinity, and other disappointing life course events' to lead mass shooters to carry out their attacks." [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake News, Racism]
Apr 7, 2024 ~ 'Alleged Financial Benefits of Diversity Vanish Under Scrutiny, Study Shows' Contrary to the DIE narrative, "The researchers — Jeremiah Green, an associate professor of accounting at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, and John Hand of the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School — found there were no statistically significant correlations between the racial and ethnic diversity of a company’s executive team and its financial success." No real surprise. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Economics]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ 'The Intellectual Wasteland of Our American College Campuses' Lieutenant Colonel Allen West continues to get shouted down and heckled at Universities by left wing children. They call him a 'racist' and 'fascist.' The usual garbage. They always refuse to debate. He need a police escort off campus once because of violent #BLM protesters. "It appears to me, and perhaps you as well, that our American college campuses are becoming intellectual wastelands. Sure, there are awesome students who are getting solid educations in specific fields of study, but for the most part, these campuses are nothing more than illogical, radical indoctrination centers." [BLM, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Free Speech, Loathsome Left, Silencing]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ Just when you think wokeness could not get more absurd and racist, UCLA blames 'whiteness' for the opiod crisis. UCLA health advertised an event with professor Dr. Helena Hansen titled, “Beyond Magic Bullets: Whiteness as a Structural Driver of the Opioid Crisis.” [College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ Charlamagne Tha God @cthagod correctly calls Diversity Inclusion and Equity (DIE), 'bullshit.' “The truth about DEI is that although it’s well-intentioned, it’s mostly garbage, okay? It’s mostly like the black little mermaid. Just because racists hate it, doesn’t mean it’s good. And you know I’m right because everyone one of you has sat through one of those diversity training sessions and thought, this is some bullshit.” [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Racism]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ "UC Berkeley accused of segregation 'ban whites from community farm'" White people were not allowed on the Gill Tract Community Farm farm on Saturdays. Berkeley also has People of Color housing "to avoid white violence and presence." "White guests are not allowed in common spaces." DIE has ushered in naked, out in the open racism into society. They don't even try to hide it. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Education, Loathsome Left, Racism]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ 'NYC Agrees To Pay Out Millions After Muslim Women Told To Remove Hijabs For Mug Shots'  $17.5 MILLION!!! paid out to 2 women who had to remove their hijab for mug shots. A totally reasonable requirement considering identification is the point. Apparently NYC was not bankrupting itself fast enough with all of its woke policies. It had to accelerate the process with more stupidity. [Crime, CRT DIE Wokeness, Islam]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ "A prestigious Boston hospital stops reporting maternal drug abuse because of ‘racism’" Wokism poisons everything. They found out more black mothers than white were addicted so they stopped reporting endangering countless children of drug addicted mothers. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Health Care]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ You could never imagine what the woke are going to call 'racist' next but its something new (and inane) every day. Today the Utah Royals soccer team is criticized for being sponsored by the "America First Credit Unit." Critics claim America First means "racism, fascism and hateful ideology." Community Notes points out that the word First is the 2nd most common word in the names of banks and credit unions. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism]
Mar 31, 2024 ~ The National Organization of Women (NOW) completely embarrasses itself with this post somehow linking opposing males in female sports to something called the "white supremacist patriarchy" LOL! They say, "Repeat after us: Weaponizing womenhood against other women is white supremacist patriarchy at work. Making people believe there isn't enough space for trans women in sports is white supremacist patriarchy at work." It would be impossible to parody this garbage. Its a satire of a parody. You're a 'white supremacist' if you think males should not compete in female sports? How much woke-crack would you have to smoke before that starts to make sense? And sure throw the 'patriarchy' in there. Clowns... [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 29, 2024 ~ 'The New Racism is Poisoning America' Positions all over the economy that can only be filled by certain races. Programs to give only black people $40k for a home down payment. Special treatment in medicine. Different standards for different races. #DIE. [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Racism]
Mar 29, 2024 ~ 'Color-Blindness Is America’s Most Transgressive Idea' Coleman Hughes advocates for a 'colorblind society' which enrages racists like Sunny Hostin who hate the idea "that people should be treated equally regardless of their race." MLK believed that but Democrats do not. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Racism]
Mar 29, 2024 ~ 'Temporary Insanity' Societies sometimes go through temporary insanities like during the witch trials. We're in one since George Floyd. Crazy beliefs like black people can't be racist but white people can't not be. If you disagree you can lose everything. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, George Floyd]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ Christopher F. Rufo exposes more and more plagiarism in the fake 'educational' areas he calls 'grievance disciplines.' "Harvard racial-studies professor @ChristinaJCross plagiarized multiple passages in her dissertation and at least one other paper, according to a new complaint filed with Harvard’s research integrity office. Harvard's plagiarism crisis is spinning out of control. Let's not ignore the pattern: This is the fourth black female CRT/DEI scholar to be accused of plagiarism at Harvard. We need further research, including a control group of more rigorous fields, but initial reports suggest that the grievance disciplines are rife with fraud." The usual suspects jump right to the "attacked for being black" race card. [College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Education, Fake Racism]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ 'Stanford Professor Behind California's New Equity-Focused Math Curriculum Accused of Bogus Citations' Jo Boaler had "52 instances of misrepresented research" "Reckless Disregard for Accuracy." Distorted research to support DIE conclusions. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Education]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ "‘Diversity’ is the enemy of equality" "Woke initiatives in the workplace are doing far more harm than good." "According to the report, EDI practices are ‘polarising’, ‘counterproductive’ and in some cases even ‘unlawful’. Apparently, employers are often so desperate to be seen ‘doing the right thing’ that they rush into initiatives that don’t even work on their own terms." "EDI schemes often end up being discriminatory and exclusionary, rather than empowering or inclusive. The report notes that some employers have even inadvertently broken the law in pursuit of a more diverse workforce. So-called positive discrimination is relatively common, even though this is illegal under the Equality Act 2010." "Data suggest that EDI training has not reduced discrimination claims against employers, but has actually increased them." [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Racism]
Mar 21, 2024 ~ The Director of National Intelligence put out a DEI newsletter explaining that phrases like ‘Jihadist,’ ‘Islamic-Extremist,’ and ‘Radical Islamists’ are 'problematic.' Also, the words 'cakewalk', 'brown bag' and 'grandfathered' are 'racist' for reasons too ridiculous to mention. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 20, 2024 ~ Vince Coyner, 'There’s A Deadly Race War Raging In America' How to explain the almost daily videos of black people beating the hell out of white people, often many on one, often trying to kill them? 1) Democrats lie about race constantly telling black people they are the 'victims' and white people are their 'oppressors.' "At the same time, we had the Pentagon, the White House, and practically every news organization in the country telling us that white nationalism is the single biggest threat to the country and that blacks were in constant danger. The left has done to whites what the Nazis did to the Jews, what the Japanese did to the Chinese, and what the Hutu did to the Tutsi… dehumanize them, make them into the Other, the ones towards whom no humanity need be shown. Once that mindset is absorbed, there are no limitations on what can be done to members of the target group." 2) "The second component is that black Americans have been told by Democrats that they cannot succeed. Regardless of what they do, they are incapable of success in America because of white oppression. As such, the rules need to be changed for them—most critically, the elimination of consequences for crimes. Essentially, the argument is that given that blacks cannot find success when they behave properly, society can’t punish them for behaving improperly." 3) The third component is the collapse of the black family. Today, more than 70% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. That leaves a single mother, often on welfare, to raise the children. And children in fatherless homes are far more likely to be criminals."   "The outcome of this perfect storm is that a significant proportion of the black population hates white people, has little belief that blacks have a vested interest in civilized society, and comes from homes in which no one teaches them right from wrong. With little reason to have self-respect and even less reason to respect others, too many black Americans are simply acting out as a child would, with no filters, no self-control, no empathy, and no real remorse. That’s a recipe for disaster for society.   "If America is coming apart at the seams, it’s not because of and “systemic racism” but rather because Democrats have seen fit to weaponize blacks, and not just against whites, but against the very fabric of America." [BLM, Crime, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, Race, Racism]
Mar 20, 2024 ~ 'Hospital’s DEI Training Implied Racial Bias Is Killing Black Mothers, Former Nurse Says' Brad McDowell disagreed with the ridiculous and racist messages given in the Meritus Medical Center's DIE training which claimed "that white nurses like me are killing black mothers. I was supposed to internalize this message and somehow apply it to the management of my team." He revealed that the "“course ignored the complex factors that contribute to higher black maternal mortality, including comorbidities, while defining any death from any cause after a year of giving birth as maternal mortality – a logical stretch." He also had to endure the usual DIE poison saying the US was built on "an ideology of White supremacy that justifies policies, practices and structures which result in social arrangements of subordination for groups of color through power and White privilege." For mildly pushing back on this toxic garbage, Dowell predictably was fired. [Cancel Culture, CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Health Care, Silencing]
Mar 20, 2024 ~ 'New York Doomed to Be Migrant Central -- Other Cities Take Note' NY is getting killed by their self inflicted 'right to shelter' policy that no other large city has. NYC "spends more than 10 times as much as Los Angeles per migrant and more than five times as much as Chicago." Illegals are put up in hotels and taken care of at great expense while citizen taxpayers lose services. They are turning the city into a magnet for unlimited illegal immigration sending them into an unsustainable death spiral of inevitable bankruptcy. US Democrats are the dumbest people on the planet. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Economics, Illegal Immigration]
Mar 18, 2024 ~ 'DIE Kills American Chip Manufacturing' Another article showing how Biden's DIE requirements defeated the whole purpose of his CHIPS Act. They couldn't possibly meet the quotas so they are cancelling the plants. Even American Intel is building overseas. [Affirmative Action, CRT DIE Wokeness, Loathsome Left]

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