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Feb 25, 2018 ~ David French, 'Our Government Is Not Constructed for Competence' - essentially impossible to be fired from a government sector job - no one is ever let go and it never shrinks - The public sector is paid higher than the private sector where you actually have perform to keep job. [Economics]
Feb 21, 2018 ~ Really good explanation by Jim Geraghty for why a Utopia can't exist - There are no solutions, only trade-offs - You can't get the good side of every tradeoff and not get its associated negative consequences. Freedom vs. Security, Socialist equality vs. incentives for prosperity. [Economics, Politics]
Feb 20, 2018 ~ CNN and other news reports that Obama reduced the deficit by two thirds - Stephen Moore 'Obama's Real Debt and Deficit Legacy' - 'this takes data torturing to new heights' - complete opposite - Obama was the worst debt accumulator of any President ever. [Fake News, Economics, Debt]
Feb 18, 2018 ~ Foreign Freeloading To Blame For High Drug Prices - Betsy McCaughey explains that many foreign countries put price caps on drug prices meaning drug companies can only recoup their costs from the US Market making US prices much higher than they should be. Trump says 'very unfair' [Economics, Health Care]
Feb 10, 2018 ~ Due to tax cuts, Chipotle rolls out new benefits, cash bonuses due to tax cut - $1000 bonuses to 71,000 employees plus additional family leave, also added life insurance and short-term disability insurance coverage. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Feb 10, 2018 ~ Due to tax cuts CVS to hike wages, introduce paid parental leave with windfall from new tax law - 240,000 employees - starting hourly wage increased from $9 to $11 per hour - $425 million being returned to workers. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Feb 8, 2018 ~ 100s of large companies and more every day have announced bonuses, raises, new hiring, expansion, money repatriation, etc. due to Trump Tax Cuts - Democrats said it wouldn't happen. Then when it did, they dismiss it all as 'crumbs'. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Feb 7, 2018 ~ Michael Novak - 'capitalism better helps the poor to escape from poverty than any other system. ... capitalism is a necessary condition for the actual success of democracy' [Economics]
Feb 6, 2018 ~ Monica Showalter, 'In their love for illegals, Democrats pitch the black community overboard' - after decades of not improving anything for blacks, dems sit on their hands as Trump announces lowest black unemployment ever - dismiss black people killed by MS-13 [Illegal Immigration, Economics, Race]
Feb 4, 2018 ~ Lowe's Announces $1,000 Bonuses and Expanded Benefits Due to Tax Reform [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Feb 2, 2018 ~ Trump Triumphs at Davos Economic Forum - treated like a rock star - says 'America is open for business' - gets incredible reception to the annoyance of liberals. [Trump Win, Economics]
Jan 28, 2018 ~ Due to tax cuts, Home Depot hourly employees to receive up to $1000 bonuses - Home Depot has 406,000 employees. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 27, 2018 ~ Due to GOP tax cut, Starbucks Announces Employee Raises and the disbursement of $250 million in bonuses and expanded benefits - between $500 and $2000 bonus per employee [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Due to GOP tax cut, 22,000 JPMorgan Chase workers are getting a raise to between $15 and $18 per hour - also hiring 4000 new workers, opening 400 new branches - increasing small business loans by $4B, philanthropic $ by 40% [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Disney to Give over 125,000 employees in the U.S. a one-time cash bonus of $1,000, as well as make a new $50 million investment into an education program for employees thanks to GOP tax cuts. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Tom Purcell, 'Hey, Feds, Take Your Ethanol Mandate and Shovel It!' - Ethanol continues to destroy the fuel systems of cars, boats, lawn equipment and other engines - provides absolutely no benefits in exchange for all the harm. [Economics, Regulations, Energy, Climate Change]
Jan 22, 2018 ~ Why bitcoin is NOT MONEY - many reasons - its far too volatile - money needs to be more stable, backed by the government and universally accepted - John Horvat II [Economics]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Software Company Spellex Corporation CEO Credits 'Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act' for $1,000 Employee Bonus Checks - the 'memo' section of each $1,000 bonus check read, 'Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act' [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 21, 2018 ~ Apple announces plans to repatriate $250 billion in overseas cash and will contribute $350 billion to the US economy over the next 5 years - will hire 20,000, give $2500 bonuses - credits Trump Tax Cuts [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Democrats Keep Beclowning Themselves With Tax Reform Lies. Continue to disparage the obvious benefits workers are getting. Schumer 'There's nothing about this bill that is suited to the needs of the American worker or the American economy.' [Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Jay Cost, Earmarks have been banned for good reasons - don't bring them back - once one guy gets one, everyone else will withhold support until they get earmarks as well - explode budget, corruption etc. [Economics, Politics]
Jan 20, 2018 ~ Due to Trump Tax Cuts, Waste Management announced that 34,000 employees will receive $2,000 'special bonuses' - Pelosi continues to roll her eyes at the 'crumbs' real Americans appreciate. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 14, 2018 ~ Due to Trump Tax Cuts, Fiat Chrysler will spend $1 billion to revamp its Warren Truck Assembly Plant and bring back 2,500 jobs from Mexico to Michigan by 2020. Also, a one-time bonus of $2,000 for 60,000 employees. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'The New Tax Bill explained in Simple Terms and Without the Snarky Comments' - dem tax cut for the rich talking point is a lie, 'even the left of center Brookings Institute's Tax Policy Center states 80% of Americans will receive a significant tax cut.' [Tax Cuts, Economics, Fake News]
Jan 13, 2018 ~ That new soda tax in Seattle is working out about as well as Chicago's - outraging consumers who then go out of city to get soda and since they're there, everything else - net loss of tax revenue - no health benefit [Taxes, Economics]
Jan 11, 2018 ~ Jamie Dimon explains how the tax cuts are good for America - his and other companies will give bonuses, raises, hire more, bring money back to the US etc. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 11, 2018 ~ Because of Tax Cuts, Walmart to raise its starting wage to $11, far above the federal minimum - expanding maternity and paternity leave, giving employees bonuses. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 11, 2018 ~ Stephen Moore, 'One Year in Office, Trump Keeps Defying His Critics' - long list of economists and pundits predicting he would tank the stock markets and economy which would never recover - exact opposite happened - he defeats those who call him a moron [Trump Win, Economics]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ Over 1 Million Workers Have Received a Bonus Since The Trump Tax Bill Became Law - dems either silent or still trying to pretend this is a tax cut for the rich. [Trump Win, Tax Cuts, Economics]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ Walter Williams, 'Dangers of Government Control'. Walter Williams explains how the Great Depression was a series of disasters caused by government intervention having unintended consequences. [Economics, Walter Williams]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ America Needs a Balanced Budget Amendment now more than ever - Transfer payments are now about 70 percent of federal spending - as long as politicians are allowed to spend borrowed money, they will beat politicians who try to be responsible [Deficit, Economics]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ David Harsanyi article, 'Economists Say' a Lot of Things. Many of Them Are Wrong - Journalists quote the economists that fit their bias - ignore the hundreds of others and never report when their predictions did not come true. Provides many examples. [Economics, Fake News, David Harsanyi]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ The rich are fleeing Connecticut in droves - obvious consequence of high taxes but liberals don't get it - lost over $100 million in tax revenue in just one year - counter-intuitive but taxes too high make the deficit worse. 'more than $2 billion in income moved from CT to FL' [Taxes, Economics]
Jan 7, 2018 ~ Jazz Shaw article, 'Canadians shocked when minimum wage hike negatively impacts workers' - loss of paid breaks, benefits, and perks - shift from full time to part time - and wages set to keep rising. Liberals think artificially raising wages has no negative consequences. [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Dec 10, 2017 ~ Michael Tanner, 'Trump's Plan to Cut Corporate Taxes Would Help Both Workers and Businesses'. The left portrays his tax plan as just benefiting the wealthy. The truth is the opposite. It benefits almost everyone except a few wealthy. [Tax Cuts, Economics, Economy]
Dec 5, 2017 ~ Bruce Bialosky, 'Taking Advantage of Women'. One reason for the apparent gender pay gap - there is essentially no overlap between the top 10 careers chosen by women vs. the top 10 chosen by men - men and women do completely different jobs for the most part. Not apples to apples. [Gender Pay Gap, Economics]
Nov 30, 2017 ~ John Stossel, 'The Evil Rich'. Democrats 'routinely portray rich people as parasites who take from other people.' The rich don't get rich by taking more of your pie. They get rich by baking new pies. They are actually underpaid vs. how much they contribute to our lives. [John Stossel, Economics]
Nov 20, 2017 ~ John Fund, 'Japan's 'Lost Generation' of No Economic Growth' - High Taxes and High Regulations were to blame - whenever the growth did not materialize, they doubled down and increased taxes and regulations more - let's not repeat their mistakes here. [Taxes, Economics]
Nov 13, 2017 ~ Stephen Moore, 'Why the Left Has Been so Wrong About the Trump Boom'. Many quotes from prominent left wing economists and politicians about how impossible it would be for Trump to get to 3% GDP and he's exceeded it already. [Trump Win, Economics]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Kevin Williamson, 'The Myth of the Idle Rich' - very few people have life of leisure by inheriting - most who are wealthy have worked hard for it and continue to work hard - most put their money to work to benefit the economy etc. [Kevin Williamson, Economics]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Rachel Marsden 'The Myth of Economic Prosperity Through Mass Immigration' 'The idea that more immigration will increase economic productivity runs counter to the facts of technological advancement' Labor market shrinking due to automation. How will all the new arrivals find jobs? [Economics, Immigration]
Nov 12, 2017 ~ Thomas Sowell said 'It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance' - Good economists know how impossible it is to centrally control any aspect of the economy due to that ignorance [Economics]
Oct 29, 2017 ~ Steve Moore, 'A Lifetime of Taxes Is Enough'. Moore argues against the death tax - the ultra rich avoid it with trusts and estate planning - mostly hits family businesses - kids have to sell the business to pay the tax. [Taxes, Economics]
Oct 26, 2017 ~ Dudley Dough, the Boston pizza restaurant based on the principles of 'economic justice' and 'fair wages' went out of business. No one who understands actual economics is surprised. Its failure illustrates the unworkability with a high minimum wage. [Minimum Wage, Economics]
Oct 21, 2017 ~ Jonathan S. Tobin, 'Chicago Repeals Its Soda Tax' - Even liberals fed up with the nanny state - tax hit the poor the hardest and did not have the desired effect as was easily predicted. It neither decreased soda consumption nor raised revenues. [Regulations, Economics]
Sep 28, 2017 ~ Ryan Bourne, 'Corporate Tax Cuts Would Benefit Ordinary Americans' - 'lower corporate-tax rates increase GDP and boost worker wages'. The majority of corporate taxes come out of wages - maybe 70% - a smaller amount is taken from investors and the rest are passed to the consumer. [Tax Cuts, Economics, Economy]
Sep 25, 2017 ~ Tom Purcell, 'Spending Other People's Money' - when landlords charge a flat rate for utilities, renters run up bills many times what they otherwise would - this is exactly why government provided services cost so much. When things are 'free', people over consume. Basic economics [Economics, Entitlements]
Sep 24, 2017 ~ W. Bradford Wilcox 'Why Marriage Matters, It greatly reduces the risk of poverty' You are almost certain to avoid poverty if you follow the 'Success Sequence'. Finish high school, get married and start a family IN THAT ORDER. 97% of millennials who did that are not in poverty. [Poverty, Economics]
Sep 3, 2017 ~ Price Gouging - John Stossel tries to explain yet again why the anti-gouging laws are counter productive in a disaster. If prices are not free to equalize supply and demand, shortages result blocking people who really need something, enabling people who don't need it to stock up. [John Stossel, Economics]
Aug 26, 2017 ~ Michael Tanner, "The Problem with the 'Otherwise, People Will Die' Argument for Big Government" Economic growth does more to save lives than any government program ever could. Big government and high taxes reduce economic growth. Nothing kills like poverty. [Economics, Entitlements]

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