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Mar 1, 2017 ~ Liberals losing the 'Trump is a racist' narrative - Trump just has huge meeting in the Oval Office with the leaders of historically black colleges and discusses plans to help them. Democrats will persist with the false narrative. [Trump Win, Fake Racism]
Feb 18, 2017 ~ ESPN Tennis Analyst Doug Adler is fired over bogus charge of racism. He used word 'guerrilla' to describe aggressive, attacking-style play for Serena Williams which is a common term in tennis. Accused of calling her a gorilla. Others have used the term. SI article about it. [Fake Racism, Cancel Culture]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Alexandra DeSanctis, 'No, Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Belong in the Same Breath as Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks'. She was silenced for breaking senate rules of impugning the motivations of another senator falsely calling Sessions a racist. No where near the same category. [Fake Racism]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali white people are 'sub-human', 'genetic defects', less intelligent, etc. than black people. 'Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today' 'Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist'. [Racism, Fake Racism, BLM]
Feb 9, 2017 ~ Quanice Hayes killed by Portland police. Police called to armed robbery. Found him him crouching in alleyway. Ordered to come out of confined area with hands up. "All of a sudden, he dives his hands back down towards his waistband." Gun he had was fake but police could not have known. Officer cleared by grand jury. Many #BLM protests, say his name, etc. [BLM, Crime, Fake Racism, Police]
Jan 29, 2017 ~ Bowling Green State University Student Reports KKK Sighting but It Turned Out to Be a Sheet on Lab Equipment - more fake hate crimes stirring up false outrage at Trump supporters. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Fake Racism, College]
Jan 23, 2017 ~ Time Magazine Reporter falsely reports that Trump removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the White House. Totally fake news. [Fake News, Fake Racism]
Jan 23, 2017 ~ Obama lies about voter id laws. He says we are only nation to require it but the opposite is true. All other industrialized nations require. He said its like Jim Crow suppression but its nothing at like Jim Crow. He says fraud not a real concern, also not true. [Fake Racism, Politics, Voter Integrity Laws]
Jan 22, 2017 ~ Lewis and Clark black student Tanguy Muvuna claims white guys attacked him and made him drink something. Police have reason to believe he 'fabricated the attack to increase his public profile'. He refused to cooperate with police to even give descriptions, had no injuries. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Fake Racism]
Jan 14, 2017 ~ Police Charge Student For Threat Made At Arundel High - Another fake hate crime - Supposedly the KKK threatened to attack a Baltimore high school - was a black student pretending to be the Klan. Twitter account @KoolkidsKlanKkk tweeted 'We're planning to attack tomorrow.' [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Fake Racism]
Jan 14, 2017 ~ Rich Lowry, 'The Sessions Smear'. Democrats using a joke Sessions told about the KKK 30 years ago to falsely smear him as racist - very dishonest - even those smearing him know better. You'd have to purposely misunderstand the joke. [Fake Racism]
Jan 9, 2017 ~ Liberals still crying wolf about racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, etc. Slate Article proves - '2016 Was the Year White Liberals Realized How Unjust, Racist, and Sexist America Is'. The proof is according to Slate is that Trump was elected. [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Jeff Sessions, a good Selection for Attorney General. His record belies the smear they are trying. Dems trying to smear him as a racist. Is anyone or anything not racist anymore? Used a joke he made 30 years ago about the KKK out of context. Got death penalty for a KKK murderer. [Fake Racism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Heather Mac Donald, 'CNN Fans More Hatred of Cops, in Touting Flawed Study. Pundits ignore real reasons for racial disparity in police shootings' Misleading headline 'Black men nearly 3 times as likely to die from police use of force, study says' Reason nothing to do with racism. [Fake Racism, Police, Race]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Deroy Murdock, "Beyond 'Angry White Men' - Trump won by appealing to all races, genders, and education levels." The smear that Trump won by appealing to angry white men is debunked. He won higher black, Hispanic, and Asian vote percentages than Romney and McCain. [Trump Win, Fake Racism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Scott Alexander, 'You Are Still Crying Wolf' Really good article by someone who is not a Trump fan imploring the unhinged to stop crying wolf about racism, KKK, Nazis, anti-Semitism anti-gay etc. Author shows that it is all BS. Trump proudly held the LGBT flag. KKK not a thing. [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake Homophobia, Fake Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Ron Hosko, "The Real 'Fake' News in America" Black Lives Matters with the help of pandering politicians like Hillary Clinton is a leading creator of fake news. False narratives in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte and many others have gotten many good cops killed execution style. [Fake News, Fake Racism, Police, BLM]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ What 'Make America Great Again' means to unhinged leftists. False racism charges. They claim Trump and supporters mean returning to 'the time we were in slavery, we were in chains, when we worked on plantations, internment camps for the Chinese' - said on CNN [TDS, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Unhinged democrats explain election with claim that half of America is sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, KKK, Nazi, stupid, anti-gay etc. The democrat playbook is to label those who disagree as 'haters' and 'bigots' of various kinds. Unhinged and Fake News [TDS, Loathsome Left, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Fake Islamophobia, Fake Xenophobia]
Dec 27, 2016 ~ Larry Elder, "Trump's Victory: Even Charlie 'Race Card' Rangel Doesn't Blame 'Whitelash'" Charles Rangel - long list of profoundly unfair false charges of racism against Republicans and the Tea Party. Ex. He said wanting to cut taxes is code for calling people 'spic and n-word' [TDS, Fake Racism, Larry Elder]
Dec 26, 2016 ~ And another hate crime hoax. David Williams and his wife claimed they found their garage door spray-painted with 'N-word lovers' and their truck and motorcycle ablaze on their front lawn. Investigation revealed it was a hoax and David Williams confessed. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Dec 21, 2016 ~ Yet another hate crime hoax. A black church in Greenville, MI was vandalized with messages like 'Vote Trump' and set on fire. A black congregant of that church, Andrew McClinton has been arrested for the crime. The average American thinks Trump supporters are doing all this. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Fake Racism]
Dec 19, 2016 ~ CBS News Report, '86 people carrying fake or toy guns killed by police in 2 years'. It can be very difficult for cops to determine if a weapon is not real. 54 were white, 19 were black and 11 were Hispanic. But narrative was that Tamir Rice would not have been shot if not black. [Fake Racism, Police]
Dec 19, 2016 ~ The Clinton Campaign Can't come to grips with why they lost - Jen Palmieri accuses Conway of winning by making a 'platform for white supremacists' - still blind to the real reasons they lost. [Hillary, Politics, Fake Racism]
Dec 17, 2016 ~ Riots in Charlotte. Keith Lamont Scott is killed by a black officer with black police chief. Hillary blames 'White People'. Brother calls white people the devil. Story of being unarmed was false. Scott was told to drop his gun 10 times but he did not drop it. 12 officers injured. [Fake Racism, Police, Guns-Mass Shootings]
Dec 17, 2016 ~ Rachel Alexander, 'Watch Out, Everything Is Racist Now'. Liberals reflexively label any criticism of any minority as racist - its almost always a false accusation but it still has power - conservatives need to stop being afraid to fight back and call them on their lies. [Fake Racism]
Dec 14, 2016 ~ 3 black people shoplift wine bottles from the iconic Gibson's Bakery and then assault the employee trying to stop them who was called a racist. Big protests at Olberin including the dean. Falsely smeared the bakery which lost its school contract and has damaged reputation. [Fake Racism, College]
Dec 2, 2016 ~ Black female Villanova University claimed she was attacked and knocked down by young white males yelling 'Trump'. Police closed the investigation because the student did not want it investigated. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 19, 2016 ~ Black professors at Harvard Law had black tape put over their pictures. Turns out to be YET another hate crime hoax. Supposedly done by white racists but was done 'by black law students protesting' against certain professors that called them race traitors for failing to protest. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, College]
Nov 17, 2016 ~ Jonah Goldberg, 'Obsession with Race and Racism is Stretching Beyond Reason' - everything and all whites are racist and that is the explanation for everything they don't like. Several absurd examples 'The Electoral College is an instrument of white supremacy - and sexism' [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Nov 17, 2016 ~ Boston Herald, 'Man admits to faking hate crime in Malden' Black man claimed he was harassed after getting off the bus by two Trump supporters who told him its 'Trump country now' and 'used a racial slur, made a reference to lynching'. He now admits to fabricating the story. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Nov 16, 2016 ~ Two students at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts were caught perpetrating another hate crime hoax to frame Trump supporters. Graffiti including 'AMKKK Kill' was made to look like it was done by Trump supporters. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Nov 16, 2016 ~ Bowling Green State University student Eleesha Long claimed 3 white males shouted profanity and racial slurs at her while wearing Trump shirts. And they threw rocks at her. Made it up as usual. 'Long was charged with falsification and obstructing official business.' [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Nov 15, 2016 ~ Kara Stevens says 3 men with Trump sticker said she should be scared bc 'We got a president who finally feels how we feel and we're going to make America great again by getting rid of (N-words) like you.' Threw brick at her. 'turn her into our sex slave' 'string her up by a tree' [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Fake News]
Nov 13, 2016 ~ Aaron Sorkin writes garbage letter explaining Trump's win. Gets everything totally wrong. Repeats the smears that got Trump elected, 'The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons.' 'deep and prolonged recession.' 'Trump's fans are not fans of Jews.' [Fake Anti-Semitism, Fake Racism, Loathsome Left, TDS]
Nov 13, 2016 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'Is Race Baiting Finished' The race card has been destroyed by Obama and liberals for the past 8 years. So much crying wolf turned it into an ineffective weapon. 'By the time Trump came around, the American people were sick and tired of it all.' And resentful of it. [Fake Racism, Ben Shapiro]
Nov 13, 2016 ~ Even Michael Moore sees through the absurd and bogus narrative that says people voted for Trump because they are racist. 'They're not racist," Moore said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "They twice voted for a man whose middle name is Hussein.' And who was black btw. [Fake Racism]
Nov 13, 2016 ~ Will Rahn CBS, 'Commentary - The unbearable smugness of the press'. Rahn starts to become aware of the real reasons Trump won. Most other liberals and the press are still clueless. 'if we mock them enough, call them racist enough, they'll eventually shut up and get in line.' [Fake Racism]
Nov 13, 2016 ~ John Hawkins, '7 Things Liberals Should Learn From This Election But Won't' 'Smearing People As Racists Has Consequences' Ditto for falsely calling them Nazis, Fascists, Sexist etc. 'Hillary Clinton? Seriously?' 'Liberals Have Gone Way Overboard With Political Correctness' [Politics, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ A hateful note saying "Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista was found in Kivette Hall Room 100 at @Elonuniversity. It was written by a Latino student as some kind of commentary on the election. Not a hate crime by a Trump supporter as reported. [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ Hateful vandalism in South Philly found to be another hate crime hoax. Messages like 'Sieg Heil 2016' swastikas, 'Hail Victory' 'Trump Rules Black Bitch', 'T'. Perpetrator seen on video is clearly a young black male, very unlikely to be a Trump supporter, racist against blacks. [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ An African-American woman claimed 'four males, all Caucasian' harassed and threatened her with racial slurs. She claimed that they had all been caught after she reported the incident to the Smyrna police. The Smyrna Police Department stated they have no record of the incident. [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ Northwestern University students Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker were arrested for faking a hate crime trying to frame Trump supporters. Vandalized a chapel with anti-gay, anti-black messages. Spray painted over pictures of Muslim students, painted swastika. Wrote "Trump". [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Islamophobia, Fake Racism, Fake Homophobia]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ Shaun King posts picture claiming two 'White students @ Southern Illinois University decided to put on blackface... to celebrate Trump'. The story was false. The students were doing a 'boscia face mask' skin treatment and were showing it off. Had 0 to do with blackface or Trump. [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 10, 2016 ~ A University of Minnesota student Kathy Tu claimed she was "stopped in my tracks by a white male, who yelled at me to 'Go back to Asia.'". Campus police investigated and say 'The student has since deleted her Facebook page and appears to have fabricated the story.' [Fake News, Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism]
Nov 9, 2016 ~ Even Jillian Michaels believes the liberal lies about why people voted for Trump - 'It appears racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia are powerful drugs. I'm so sad tonight. So so sad' she said. What's sad is how half the US is hated based on false narratives. [Fake Homophobia, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Fake Xenophobia]
Nov 9, 2016 ~ Van Jones explains Trump's win 'This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was whitelash against a black president in part' So a country that votes for a black person twice is racist because it doesn't vote for a white person. These are arguments that make sense to dems. [TDS, Fake News, Fake Racism]

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