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Nov 16, 2018 ~ Fake Rape - Selfie saved a Texas man from 99 years in prison - ex-girlfriend claims he carved an X in her chest with a knife - he was almost convicted but posted selfie date showed he was nowhere near - girlfriend now admits she lied. [Fake Rape]
Nov 5, 2018 ~ 4 people are under FBI criminal investigation for making false statements to the Kavanaugh committee. Witness tampering being investigated as well. Democrats are FURIOUS that they have been misled in this way after demanding everyone be believed. Just kidding, they knew all along [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Nov 3, 2018 ~ Judy Munro-Leighton who accused Kavanaugh of rape now admits she never met him. She is the 4th person Grassley has referred to the FBI for criminal prosecution for making false statements to the committee. People were lying left and right but Kav supporters are 'rape apologists'. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Oct 30, 2018 ~ A mob at the University of Texas became enraged by students with signs supporting Kavanaugh. Students wanted debate but large mob shouted obscenities, destroyed their signs, screamed in their faces. Called 'rape apologists' even though almost all the accusations were proven false [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Violent Left, Loathsome Left, College, Silencing]
Oct 30, 2018 ~ Woman falsely accuses two Sacred Heart University football players of rape - sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to false reporting - lied so she wouldn't lose a boyfriend - player suspended, massive stress. [Fake Rape, College]
Oct 30, 2018 ~ Revealed that NBC hid exculpatory information that would have cleared Kavanaugh of the gang rape accusation. Witness says Avenatti lied about her testimony. NBC and other networks run stories or bury stories based on if they will help democrats. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Oct 25, 2018 ~ Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnik are referred for criminal prosecution over bogus Kavanaugh claims of gang rapes given to Senate Committee - another false accuser to the committee has recanted - amazingly, democrats still opposed to due process. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Due Process]
Oct 16, 2018 ~ College kangaroo court decisions on alleged sexual assault continue to be overthrown by real courts for very good reasons - David French, 'The university hearing was a carnival funhouse of due-process violations'. [Fake Rape, College, Due Process]
Oct 14, 2018 ~ A male student at the University of California-Davis is vindicated after a female student changed her mind about their consensual hookup and charged him with assault - Proven completely false but defense cost $12000. [Fake Rape, College]
Oct 9, 2018 ~ Jane Mayer, Ronan Farrow admit they ran with their Kavanaugh hit piece because it was important to show a 'Pattern Of Behavior' - the non-existent evidence of such pattern mattered less than the impact that establishing the pattern would have. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Oct 9, 2018 ~ Gillibrand and much of the left go 0 for 5 - were all in on Duke Lacrosse, all in on Jamie Leigh Jones, all in on Mattress Girl, all in on UVA, all in on the Kavanaugh accusers - wrong on all accounts but they still oppose due process. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Due Process]
Oct 8, 2018 ~ Derek Hunter, 'Susan Collins Drove A Stake Through The Heart Of The Liberal Mob'. She became the deciding vote for Kavanaugh and in 'her finest moment' gave a thorough accounting of the entire situation and her vote 'leaving no stone unturned'. Victory for truth and due process. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Derek Hunter, Due Process]
Oct 8, 2018 ~ Liberals turning on Michael Avenatti over Kavanaugh. Claim he is partly or largely responsible for yes votes. They can't simultaneously claim that all accusers must be believed and then trot out a woman whose story is impossible to believe. Many others caught lying as well though [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Oct 8, 2018 ~ The parents of a Seneca Valley High School teenager in Germantown, Pennsylvania falsely accused of sexual assault are suing the five girls who later admitted to lying about the boy's alleged attack - 5 girls lied in this one case! [Fake Rape]
Oct 8, 2018 ~ The Women's March, which once called Trump's pick of XX 'a death sentence for thousands of women in the US' before they even knew who XX was proving they couldn't care less about the facts, is calling Susan Collins a 'rape apologist' and a 'traitor to women'. [Kavanaugh, Women's March, Fake Rape]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Kevin Williamson, 'Why Would Accusers Lie' Is the Wrong Question - some men lie, some women lie - there are many reasons we could come up with but all that is important is that some do - including many prominent, well known cases. Many Kavanaugh accusers have already recanted. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Kevin Williamson]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Kamala Harris Presents Letter Claiming Kavanaugh & Friend Repeatedly Raped 'Jane Doe' in Car - 'They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each'. How did Kavanaugh have time for anything but rape? More totally fake accusations. [Fake Rape, Harris, Kavanaugh]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Julie Swetnick Gang Rape story falls apart. Backtracks all of her initial claims. Now says did not see Kavanaugh spike punch or rape anyone. Not one person could be found who backs up any of her story. Even her ex does not believe her. Circus of lies trying to destroy Kavanaugh. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Woman's Rape Claim Against 4 Dentists Falls Apart - Video Evidence proved she was lying - Las Vegas prosecutors drop all charges - if the video didn't exist, 4 lives would have been destroyed. [Fake Rape, Me Too]
Oct 5, 2018 ~ Another Kavanaugh accuser! Says she was raped by Kavanaugh AND Mark Judge in August 1985 on a 36-foot boat in Newport, Rhode Island after meeting him at a bar. Story does not hold up to questioning. Accuser recants. Admits to making it up. How long can this farce continue? [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape, Me Too]
Oct 2, 2018 ~ Georgetown Prof Carol Christine Fair “Look at this chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s [Kavanaugh] arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine." Note: Kavanaugh is not a rapist at all, let alone a serial rapist. [College, Fake Rape, Kavanaugh, Loathsome Left, Racism, Violent Left]
Sep 28, 2018 ~ Michael Avenatti brings out a 3rd woman to attack Kavanaugh but they are too stupid to make these new lies even remotely plausible. She talks about 10 parties where Kavanaugh and his buds drugged and gang raped girls. Details are even more ridiculous. Obviously fake accusations. [Kavanaugh, Fake Rape]
Sep 28, 2018 ~ Betsy DeVos is absolutely right about campus sexual assault rules - The elimination of due process allowed 100s of men to be falsely convicted - new standards made no sense - over 200 unfair treatment lawsuits filed and men won the majority. [Fake Rape, Due Process]
Sep 19, 2018 ~ Sen. Mazie Hirono has a sexist message for men: "I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up." Hirono doesn't want to hear from anyone who supports Kavanaugh. If you don't believe his accuser, you must shut up even though there is no evidence they ever even met. [Fake Rape, Kavanaugh, Loathsome Left, Sexism]
Aug 4, 2018 ~ NYT Racist Sarah Jeong Defended UVA Rape Hoaxer. Convinced 'Jackie is not lying' because of 'inconsistencies and discrepancies'. People only doubt her because 'couldn't believe nice white college boys were monsters', Actually, their race why Jeong couldn't accept their innocence. [Racism, Fake Rape]
May 6, 2018 ~ American University believes women can revoke consent after sex - If both the man and woman were drunk, the woman can re-write history and revoke the consent she gave. Policy seems to be if both were intoxicated and consented, the man can become guilty the next day. [Me Too, Fake Rape, College]
Mar 10, 2018 ~ Clemson student arrested for falsely accusing a man of rape. Investigation concluded sexual relations were consensual and the the woman 'had not been truthful in the information that she provided to the investigator in the case.' [Fake Rape, College]
Jan 8, 2018 ~ Ann Coulter explains why Al Franken got what he deserved - maligned Bill O'Reilly and did not apologize when proven wrong - pushed Jamie Leigh Jones story even though it was obviously a false accusation of rape. [Me Too, Fake Rape]
Nov 17, 2017 ~ Johnson and Taylor 'Why Campus Rape Tribunals Hand Down So Many 'Guilty' Verdicts' 'Title IX training is a travesty.' Exculpatory evidence is often not permitted so as not to 're-traumatize' the victim. Pseudoscience of 'tonic immobility' allows any behavior to be proof of guilt. [College, Due Process, Fake Rape]
Sep 23, 2017 ~ Mike Adams, 'Harassment As a Political Weapon' Adams provides a list of numerous false accusations of sexual assault or harassment from just one mid-sized university. Need to fire those 'who make false charges of harassment that are clearly malicious and politically motivated.' [Fake Rape, College]
Aug 22, 2017 ~ Mary Zolkowski is facing felony charges for allegedly making a false rape claim at Delta College in University Center, Michigan. Zolkowski totally changed her story and upon being questioned about the inconsistencies, she tried to say she no longer wanted to press charges. [Fake Rape]
Aug 6, 2017 ~ Rape case against USC student Armann Karim Premje is dismissed after judge sees incontrovertible security video. 'There could never be any better evidence of there being consent. She was the aggressor.' [Fake Rape]
Aug 5, 2017 ~ Kyle Smith, 'The Pathetic Journey of 'Mattress Girl' Emma Sulkowicz'. First a total lie about being raped that only Democrat Senators fell for, then doing an actual porn, and now being whipped nearly naked on stage. The new show allegedly has something to do with Trump. [TDS, Fake Rape, Kyle Smith]
Jul 17, 2017 ~ Columbia University pays large settlement to male student put through the ringer by Mattress Girl's Emma Sulkowitz fake rape claim. Finally vindicated. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand brought her to State of the Union despite strong exculpatory evidence. [Fake Rape]
Jul 12, 2017 ~ Jemma Beale convicted for making up fake rape claims against 15 innocent men in Britain, one who has already been wrongly imprisoned. Beale was convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice. [Fake Rape]
Jun 18, 2017 ~ Rolling Stone starting to pay up for the UVA Fake Rape story, 'A Rape On Campus'. Frat awarded $1.65 Million - UVA Dean awarded $3 Million [Fake Rape]
May 13, 2017 ~ Left wing professor Laura Kipnis writes 'Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus' about 'her experience with the student speech police.' Says what's happening on campuses is 'officially sanctioned hysteria' 'Higher education... is almost unrecognizable.' Cancel Culture [Fake Rape, Cancel Culture, Silencing]
May 13, 2017 ~ American Association of University Women (AAUW) Study shows 89% of colleges reported zero campus rapes in 2015 - 0 is far from the 1 in 5 or even 1 in 4 that 'rape culture' activists like to throw around - of course no parent would send their daughter if it was really 1 in 5. [Fake Rape]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Brandy Zadrozny, Student suing Notre Dame. Says they 'Expelled Me Because I'm Male'. Another case of the dangers of throwing out due process and real investigations ruining the lives of innocent college men. 'ignored evidence that the girl wanted to ruin his reputation.' [Fake Rape, Due Process]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Student commits suicide after declining advances from a gay student and then changing seats - was accused of harassment and denied all due process per the Obama Title IX guidelines - not allowed to call witnesses etc. [Fake Rape, Loathsome Left, Due Process]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Rolling Stone mag settles suit with UVA dean over fake gang rape story - awarded $3 million - lawsuits brought by the falsely maligned fraternity are still ongoing. [Fake Rape, Fake News]
Apr 16, 2017 ~ Michelle Malkin, 'The Northwestern University Rape Outbreak That Wasn't' - Another fake rape story that got out of control - no actual victims or evidence - hoaxed by anonymous phone calls - predictable protests and media circus ensued. [Fake Rape]

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