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Apr 29, 2017 ~ Iran Arrests More Than 30 men suspected of homosexuality, Will Subject Them to 'Sodomy Tests' - Iran has executed over 4000 homosexuals since 1979 per the requirements of Islam [Islam, LGBT]
Apr 29, 2017 ~ Islamic Terrorist shoots people in Fresno. Kori Ali Muhammad yells 'Allahu Akbar' as he shot random white people, killing 3. Muhammad who is black told police that he 'hates white people' so this shooting is classified both as terrorism and a hate crime. [Islam, Terrorism, Racism]
Apr 28, 2017 ~ Chelsea Clinton defends FGM - says calling it female genital mutilation is 'racist'. Should be called 'genital cutting' says it 'has many health benefits' and 'is practiced in many beautiful cultures.' '#ImWithMuslims'. Ayaan Hirsi Ali sets her straight, explains 5 levels of FGM. [Islam, Fake Racism]
Apr 20, 2017 ~ Another Islamic Terrorist attack in Paris - ISIS claims responsibility - Muslim gunman uses AK-47 to shoot 3 police officers - would have shot many more people but he was killed in the act. [Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 19, 2017 ~ Female Genital Mutilation - first case in America - FBI arrests Muslim doctor Dr. Jumana Nagarwala - She correctly says it was basic religious practice of Islam. [Islam]
Apr 17, 2017 ~ Huffpo, Islamic Chechnya is arresting gay men, 'dark cells so small they can't even lie down, the men are mercilessly beaten? Some who survive are released to their families, a move that is usually a death sentence? taken by their male relatives to remote places to be killed.' [Islam, LGBT]
Apr 11, 2017 ~ Coptic churches are devastated by double ISIS bombers. More than 55 Coptic Christians are killed at two Palm Sunday services in Cairo Egypt. [Islam, Terrorism]
Apr 10, 2017 ~ Hollywood director Josh Whedon warns Trump will start rounding up, arresting and killing gay people after that happened in 95% Muslim Chechnya. 'This is harrowing, and it's where we're headed if we don't unite and act. Please use your #resistance skills to address this atrocity.' [TDS, LGBT, Fake News, Islam]
Apr 7, 2017 ~ TERRORIST ATTACK IN SWEDEN - Several deaths and injuries - Another truck driven into a crowd in Stockholm and others fired guns - terrorist killed - Vehicles are becoming a favorite weapon of terrorists - ISIS claims responsibility. [Islam, Terrorism, Immigration]
Apr 2, 2017 ~ Muslim Chechnya police arrest 100 alleged gay people, 3 killed - penalty for being gay in much of the Muslim world is death yet liberals and democrats defend Islam and Sharia while fighting the injustice of sales tax on tampons. [Islam, LGBT]
Mar 30, 2017 ~ Muslim ISIS member Khalid Masood drives truck into people in London then stabs others with a knife before being killed by police - the usual suspects keep their heads in the sand - London's Muslim mayor says just life in the a big city. [Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 11, 2017 ~ Dennis Prager, 'Why Do American Jews Want Thousands of Jew Haters in America?' - Need to be honest about how their beliefs have been shaped - Many Jews no longer feel safe in Europe and are leaving as attacks are increasing. Atlantic, 'Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?' [Dennis Prager, Islam, Anti-Semitism, Terrorism]
Mar 11, 2017 ~ Amal Clooney to UN - Don't let Islamic State get away with genocide - protect evidence of mass graves and rapes so they can be brought to justice. Amal Clooney represents the victims of Islamic State rapes and kidnappings. [Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 2, 2017 ~ More than 7000 flee Boko Haram Islamist attacks in Nigeria - Boko Haram has killed over 20,000 since 2009 and continues to kill and enslave despite Michelle Obama's best hashtaging efforts. #BringBackOurGirls. Obama is considering another tweet, perhaps more strongly worded. [Islam, Terrorism]
Mar 1, 2017 ~ Arlington, Texas pre-school teacher Nancy Salem is fired over social media posts, where she told followers To 'Kill Some Jews'. Salem is a Muslim activist in 'Justice for Palestine' group. [Islam, Anti-Semitism, Israel]
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Afghan bride Fatiha, 18 sold for 30 goats executed for instead eloping with someone else. women are property under Islam and are very often sold into marriages - 'Feminist' and Sharia apologist Linda Sarsour says no problem - tax free tampons are where the real fight is at. [Islam]
Feb 13, 2017 ~ Susan Stamper Brown, 'Leftists are Fake Feminists' - Linda Sarsour, one of the Women's March organizers says 'Sharia is reasonable' and hates on real feminists Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel who bravely fight for truly oppressed and brutalized women. [Islam, Feminism, Women's March]
Feb 12, 2017 ~ Georgetown professor and Muslim Scholar Jonathan Brown defends Islamic slavery and 'non-consensual' sex. Unfortunately, he is right if you accept the premises. IF Mohamed is THE prophet of God and moral example and he kept sex slaves and other slaves then it must be ok. [Islam, Slavery]
Feb 6, 2017 ~ ATTACK AT THE LOUVRE - Machete-wielding man shouting 'Allahu akbar' attacked group of soldiers - shot by soldier. [Islam, Terrorism]
Feb 5, 2017 ~ Two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists who used IEDs against our soldiers came into US as refugees - found in Bowling Green, KY - caused Obama to suspend Iraqi Refugee program. [Immigration, Terrorism, Islam]
Jan 30, 2017 ~ 6 people killed in Quebec Mosque attack - one of the shooters named Mohamed - yelled 'Allahu Akbar - Left wing orgs including Daily Beast at first report fake news about it saying the shooters were 'white supremacists' and Trump supporters. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Islam, Terrorism]
Jan 22, 2017 ~ ISIS inspired terrorist Aashiq Hammad shoots up Ft. Lauderdale airport, killing 5 and injuring several others - He was interviewed by the FBI a few months prior but was released. The radicalized jihadist confirmed that he carried out the attack on behalf of ISIS. [Islam, Terrorism]
Jan 15, 2017 ~ Michael Brown , 'The Sickening Nature of Anti-Israel Hatred' - Palestinian rams truck into crowd killing 4 Israelis in their 20s, 3 women - Palestinians celebrate the killer and killings and express joy he died killing Jews - 'good Muslim', 'the most beautiful martyrdom'. [Israel, Anti-Semitism, Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Andrew McCarthy, "Does Trump Grasp the Reality of 'Radical Islam'? " Why Palestinians will not accept a Jewish State at all. Imam Mundhir Abdallah explains that Muhammad said, 'Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them'. [Islam, Terrorism, Israel]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Andrew McCarthy, "The Problem with Islam Is Aggressive Scripture, Not Aggressive 'Traditionalism'". The problem for people trying to moderate Islam is that the Koran and other docs actually support the terrorism of non-Muslims, killing of gays, oppression of women, etc. [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ James Arlandson, 'The most dangerous verse in the Quran'. Chapter 9 verse 29, 'Fight against those who believe not in Allah... nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger... until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.' [Islam]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Islamic terrorism again - Multiple Shooters in Istanbul attack - 39 people were killed and 79 wounded in an attack at a nightclub. 'This is an attack on the Western lifestyle'. One of many recent ISIS attacks in Turkey. Airport, 44 dead, Wedding, 54 dead, bombing, 44 dead. [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ ISIS terrorists plowed a truck plowed through people at a Christmas Market in front of a church in Berlin - 12 killed, dozens injured - attacks on Christians at their places of worship becoming common. The Islamic Jihadist was Anis Amri, a migrant Merkel let in for asylum. [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ The Russian Ambassador to Turkey is assassinated in Ankara by an Islamic gunman - shouting in Arabic - Allahu Akbar 'Allah is greatest! Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. Allah is greatest!' [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 31, 2016 ~ Spencer Case 'The High Hidden Costs of Terrorism - Its immense damages go well beyond a rising body count.' Bangladesh is a case study. Islamists circulated a 'hit list' of 84 people. 9 already dead. Everyone else bullied into silence and complying 100%. 90% Muslim now. [Islam, Terrorism]
Dec 17, 2016 ~ Muslim Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Somali refugee injures 11 at Ohio State plowing into crowd of people with his car then slashing others with a butcher knife - Killed by heroic officer before he could do more harm. Islamic State says 'Brother Abdul Razak Ali Artan, God accept him.' [Islam, Terrorism, Police]
Dec 13, 2016 ~ Islamic Suicide Bomber Mahmoud Shafiq Mohammed Mustafa kills 25 in Cairo, Egypt Coptic Christian church, mostly women and children during mass. [Islam, Terrorism]
Nov 11, 2016 ~ Michael W. Chapman writes about the ISIS Genocide of Yazidi Christians - horrible rapes, tortures and murders including children. Stories too horrible to tell. 'Once I rape you, you will be Muslim' - fed a ground up child to his mother etc. Many thousands slaughtered. [Islam, Terrorism]

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