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Jun 23, 2024 ~ Judge Judy on the political show trial Alvin Bragg is staging against Trump: "I would be happier, as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the district attorney [Alvin Bragg] of New York County would take care of criminals who are making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway. To use those efforts to keep those people off the street, than to spend $5 million or $10 million taxpayers’ money trying Donald Trump on this nonsense. That’s my view. I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement. You have to twist yourself in a pretzel to figure out what the crime was. He [Bragg] doesn’t like him [Trump]. New York City didn’t like him [Trump] for a while.” [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 23, 2024 ~ Former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the political show trial Alvin Bragg is staging against Trump: "That case, the attorney general’s case in New York, should have never been brought. And if his name was not Donald Trump and he wasn’t running for president. I’m the former A.G. of New York, I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that’s what is offensive to people, and it should be, because if there’s anything left, it’s belief in the justice system." [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 18, 2024 ~ 'Biden Has Not Connected One Person with High-Speed Internet with $42.5 Billion from Infrastructure Bill' The amount of money this administration can flush down the toilet is staggering. Boondoggle after boondoggle designed to enrich his donors. [Biden, Politics]
Jun 16, 2024 ~ "I voted for this shit." Obama voter reveals how he finally figured out that the Democrats have been lying to him all along. "I voted for Obama/Biden in 2008 based on Obamacare." "Everything that they said was not true... Insurance premiums went up instead of down..." His insurance that he had through 2 bouts of cancer ($185 a month with $1000 deductible) was cancelled because Obamacare said it wasn't good enough. They could no longer offer it. After that, the cheapest insurance he could find was $1200 a month with a $6000 deductible. He could not afford to get insurance and keep a roof over his kids' heads. But then for 10 years he had to pay a penalty for not having health insurance. Thanks to Obamacare, he could not afford health insurance anymore and thanks to Obamacare, he had to pay a penalty for the privilege of no longer being able to afford health insurance. "I voted for that shit and it did nothing but hurt me and my family." He wasn't able to do his post-cancer followups. He couldn't keep his plan or his doctor and he had to pay penalties. "Insurance was through the roof. It literally killed the middle class... Obamacare was 100% supported by Democrats and 100% voted against by Republicans. That reason right there alone is why I left the Democratic party." "I also looked at when Trump got elected, I got a tax cut. My employer got a tax cut. My employer then gave all 3000 employees raises and raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. And I noticed Nancy Pelosi said its just crumbs if anyone got anything out of it. No, I got a $3 an hour raise back in 2017. That was not crumbs. I noticed other companies started giving bonuses, better benefits, better benefits, raises, etc. And I noticed who voted on that. 100% Republicans, not a single Democrat. So we had Republicans wanting me to have more of my money and the Democrats did not want me to have more of my money." "There are people who Obamacare helped... but the majority of Americans, they got it stuck to them." Then he went into how everything was so much more affordable under Trump. "Vote wisely." [Economics, Obamacare, Politics]
Jun 16, 2024 ~ Taral Patel, 30, candidate Fort Bend Precinct 3 Commissioner has been arrested for faking 'racist' messages on social media to make his opponent, Trump supporters and Christians look bad. One example: "I am against false gods and their worshippers (sic) winning office in a Christian nation. I am with Meyers ALL THE WAY because he serves Jesus, unlike Patel and his followers who worship Monkey and Elephant." [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Racism, Politics]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ 'Biden's All-of-Government Vote-Buying Scheme' Biden is handing out $50 million to the 'Climate Justice Alliance' which believes that "the path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine" and all the standard DIE poison. But that is just a drop in the bucket as the ridiculously named 'Inflation Reduction Act' "provides $2.8 billion to the EPA for environmental and climate justice block grants," (Section 60201). That's a license to hand out walking-around money to many political activists, not just the Climate Justice Alliance." Biden and the Democrats hand out billions of your taxpayer dollars or borrowed money to buy votes. [Anti-Semitism, Biden, Climate Change, CRT DIE Wokeness, Politics]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ 'Biden’s Collusion in the Anti-Trump Lawfare Gambit' Democrats lie that Biden is not involved in prosecuting his election opponent. "There is no daylight between President Biden, the Biden Justice Department, and the federal prosecutions of Biden’s opponent that — if Smith has his druthers — will keep Trump chained to courtrooms for four to six months while Biden is out campaigning in battleground states. Naturally, it is easier to discern Biden’s lawfare collusion in the federal prosecutions of Trump than in the criminal cases brought by elected Democratic prosecutors in the states of Georgia and New York. But the collusion is plain to see there, too." "Bragg recruited Matthew Colangelo. Most prosecutors see themselves as working in law enforcement; Colangelo specializes in anti-Trump enforcement. He comes to the DA’s office from a stint as one of the very top lawyers in the Biden Justice Department... To put it mildly, it is highly unusual for a lawyer in so lofty a federal perch to decamp to a county DA’s office for a line-prosecutor post — even allowing that the county is in the Big Apple and the trial gig is a prosecution of Donald Trump, which will make Colangelo a very famous fellow. But in this instance, it is a seamless transition. Prior to joining the top echelon of Biden’s Trump-hostile Justice Department, Colangelo had worked at the New York attorney general’s office — where Bragg was then a top deputy and where Colangelo specialized in lawsuits against Trump and his organization. It was Colangelo’s work against Trump that Bragg touted in running for district attorney in blue, blue Manhattan." "The best collusion evidence in the New York case is the silence of the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission." "The Department of Justice is so territorial about its jurisdiction that it would make a tiger wilt in admiration. Similarly, the FEC jealously guards its turf. Do you really think for a moment that the Biden Justice Department and the FEC would sit in silent passivity if any other state prosecutor, besides Bragg in this particular case, usurped federal authority and undertook to enforce federal law — in a matter as to which the DOJ and FEC, after thoroughly investigating, had decided not to prosecute? Unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign actually did violate the campaign-finance laws by misdescribing its disbursements in concocting the Russiagate smear (e.g., the production of the Steele dossier) as legal expenses rather than opposition research. Consequently, the FEC fined Clinton’s campaign." [Biden, Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University and not a Trump supporter explains what a politically motivated farce the Trump 'hush money' trial was: "So Trump was convicted in a trial with a Biden donor judge, who has a daughter who is a major Democratic operative, a lead prosecutor previously paid as a DNC political consultant and a jury selected in a district that voted roughly 90% against Trump." "Even liberal legal analysts have admitted that the case against Trump was unprecedented and would not have been brought against anyone other than Trump ... The trial itself was a travesty. Even after sitting in the courtroom watching the trial and the verdict, I still have no idea what Trump was convicted of in the case. This was a thrill-kill conviction, and the response of many in the media bordered on the indecent. For many outside of Manhattan, the scene was repulsive and chilling. You can hate Donald Trump but still be repelled by the use of the criminal justice system for political purposes." [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ Dennis Prager, 'America Has Its First Show Trial' "The Left has done something never done before in American history: put on trial a former president and the opposition political party candidate for president... The reason for the trial was the same reason dictatorships put opponents on trial: to prevent them from assuming or regaining power. When dictatorships do this, such as in the former Soviet Union, we call it a show trial -- because the verdict has been predetermined. The 'hush money trial' was such a trial. The first such trial of an American president and head of the opposition in American history." "The corrupt judge prevented the most important expert defense witness from testifying on Trump's behalf. But the Left got what it wanted: the right to label President Trump, in the words of the lead editorial in the similarly corrupt New York Times, 'Donald Trump, Felon.' We are bequeathing our children and grandchildren a completely different country than the one our parents, grandparents and Founders bequeathed to us. [Dennis Prager, Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ 'America Has Crossed the Rubicon' "Donald Trump’s conviction on nonsensical misdemeanor process crimes, beyond the statute of limitations, a dispute over whether fees paid to a lawyer were actually legal fees (as opposed to what, medical bills?), that these payments influenced an election concluded a year before said payments were made, tried within a rigged courtroom construct by a conflicted judge and attorneys guaranteeing a guilty verdict, and last but not least federal charges inappropriately tried at the state level after the feds declined to pursue these charges. These all blew up Lady Justice’s scales and any premise of due process or equal protection under the law. The die has indeed been cast. When those in charge can prosecute and imprison their political opponents, any semblance of democracy is long gone, the Rubicon crossed." [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 8, 2024 ~ 'The War on Contraception That Wasn't' "The charge that Republicans are working to cut off access to contraception is so ludicrously unfounded that it amounts to an outlandish conspiracy theory." The Democrats are getting desperate in this election so they're trying to scare low information voters into thinking Republicans want to ban contraceptives. They write the “Right to Contraception Act” and load it with poison pills that Republicans could never vote for and then say "see, Republicans want to ban contraception." “Thanks to Donald Trump and the right-wing MAGA Supreme Court, Americans now have to question whether or not they’ll have access to something as basic and widely supported as birth control,” lying Chuck Schumer ridiculously claims. They are so ridiculous but sadly this kind of crap works politically. [Loathsome Left, Politics, Rich Lowry]
Jun 4, 2024 ~ 'No Justice and No Peace for Persecuted Trump' Good summary of ALL the bogus trials Trump is being hit with by corrupt politicians and prosecutors. Mislabeling an expense, disagreeing with the value of his properties, rape in a department store, Russia Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, 'insurrecection' and others. Lawfare designed to take him out. [Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 1, 2024 ~ National Review, 'The Horrendous Trump Verdict' "Alvin Bragg has made history — by becoming the first prosecutor in the history of the country to abuse his office in hopes of damaging an opposition presidential candidate ahead of a national election." [Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 1, 2024 ~ 'Trump Found Guilty. Pray For The Republic' "The actual methodology by which he was found guilty is utterly uncertain. The reality is there were two crimes alleged: a misdemeanor falsification of business records — which would not have resulted in any possible jail time — but to become a felony that was reliant on other unspecified crimes. And those crimes could have been a violation of federal finance law — except that Donald Trump clearly did not violate federal finance law. Not only that, the federal government never even bothered to charge him with violating federal finance law, federal election law in 2016. Check your calendar. It is currently 2024, and the case that New York just made is effectively that Donald Trump violated election law in 2016 and falsified business records in 2017. Somehow, despite the fact that the statute of limitations has run already, this is now a class E felony in the state of New York, lengthening the statute of limitations. The number of hoops they had to jump through in order to manufacture this case, is extraordinary. The number of pretzel-like contortions the prosecution had to drag the jury through was extraordinary. This is a thwarting of basic standards of democracy; To take a political opponent on trumped-up charges, find him guilty, and then throw him in jail for purposes of the election, is insanity. It is third-world crap. It is insanity. You’ve got all the same people crying, 'Trump will be a tyrant. Trump will undermine the rule of law. We cannot have a country with Donald Trump, who will certainly destroy democracy.' It is hard for me to think of anything less democratic than trumping up a charge on your political opponent to jail him during an election cycle. Especially when the candidate on your side is losing, which is what Joe Biden is doing right now." [Ben Shapiro, Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 1, 2024 ~ 'Felon? Trump is in good company' Trump joins a long line of leaders falsely prosecuted by the corrupt powers that be: Nelson Mandela, Alexei Navalny, Lech Walesa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nicolas Sarkozy, Jair Bolsonaro and Jesus Christ. [Politics, Witch Hunt]
Jun 1, 2024 ~ 'In Memory of Justice' Judge Merchan's kangaroo court convicts Trump of 34 felonies! This is the most corrupt trial in history. A politically motivated abuse of power from start to finish. Alvin Bragg campaigned by promising to 'get Trump.' Bragg's co-prosecutor in the case, Matthew Colangelo is a well-known Democratic partisan who served as a political consultant to the Democratic National Committee! Colangelo came straight to Bragg's team from Biden's DOJ where he was AG Garland's 3rd ranking prosecutor. Bragg charged Trump with a minor misdemeanor (mislabeling an expense) with an expired statute of limitation. He claimed the SOL doesn't matter because Trump mislabeled the expense to cover up a felony. But then he never specified the felony. He threw out a few (federal, not in his jurisdiction) in the closing argument that it 'could have been' but none were actually valid which is why he didn't even bother trying to prove them. The corrupt judge instructed the jury that they didn't even have to agree with each other on which crime they thought Trump committed, (nor did the prosecution need to prove a crime was committed) for them to find Trump guilty! Bragg took the minor expense mislabeling and multiplied it by a random number (34) and poof, Trump committed 34 FELONIES! Merchan, who donates to Biden, Democrats and a group called 'Stop Republicans', disallowed exculpatory witnesses and gave the jury instructions guaranteed to get conviction. Now Democrats and celebs are celebrating claiming Trump was guilty of committing 34 felonies. Not one of them can explain 1 of those felonies, let alone 34. Most know it was all a total farce but don't care because abusing power is fine to these people if it means they can damage Trump's chances in the election. Democrats have turned the courts into a political weapon. What is ironic is that 'election interference' is one of the 'felonies' they throw out as the crime Trump 'might' have committed (he didn't) justifying extending the statute of limitations of the misdemeanor. But there is no bigger election interference than this and the rest of the lawfare waged being by Democrats. Andrew McCarthy: "What happened in Manhattan was monstrous. The fallout is the antithesis of a constitutional republic that presumes innocence, imposes the burden of proof on the state, venerates its due-process rules, and guarantees equal protection of law. The antithesis is now the norm. Regardless of what happens to Donald Trump, all of us will live to regret it." [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
May 30, 2024 ~ 'Trump's Trial Has Already Damaged the Office of the Presidency'   "In bringing a series of deeply flawed cases against Trump, both federal and local prosecutors have violated Jackson’s principles. They have targeted an unpopular figure first and looked for the crime second. “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” Stalin’s secret-police chief Lavrentiy Beria reportedly said."   "The superficiality of the facts and the vagueness of the crimes magnify the harm that Democrats have inflicted on our political norms. Make no mistake, Democrats have crossed a constitutional Rubicon. For the first time in American history, they have brought criminal charges against a former president. For the first time in American history, they have brought criminal charges against the major (and leading) opposition candidate for president during the campaign. If elected leaders, whom our constitutional system vests with the authority over prosecution, must break American political practice that goes back to 1789, they should do so for a compelling reason and an airtight case. Instead, they’ve brought a prosecution in which the facts presented had almost nothing to do with the charges and the charges are unconstitutionally vague and beyond the authority of the district attorney. The weakness of the case against Trump lowers the bar for prosecuting future presidents below that for prosecuting garden-variety criminals in New York City. While Bragg scrutinizes Trump for alleged accounting misdeeds, he has sought no bail and little jail time for such crimes as theft and assault." [Politics, Witch Hunt]
May 27, 2024 ~ Byron York, 'The Insanity at the Heart of the Trump Trial' "So Trump faced felony charges without knowing what he was accused of doing. And the really amazing thing is that the trial is now underway and Bragg has still not specified what the other crime is. It is a key element of the case. Without it, the charges against Trump could never have been brought because they were misdemeanors long past the statute of limitations. It is the other crime that makes this whole prosecution possible. But the prosecutor has not specified what it is. If that sounds vaguely unconstitutional to you, you're right. As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy points out, the Fifth Amendment 'requires a felony charge to be spelled out in an indictment whose criminal elements have been established by probable cause to the satisfaction of a grand jury.' The problem, McCarthy continues, is that the election-stealing conspiracy Bragg's prosecutors are accusing Trump of engaging in is 'not charged in the indictment' and, further, 'there is no such conspiracy crime in New York penal law.' McCarthy also argues that the charges violate the New York Constitution." [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
May 27, 2024 ~ Bill Maher on the ideas of the modern left: "you can be healthy at any weight and gender is always a social construct and maybe we should give communism another try and maybe we should get rid of capitalism and the Border Patrol. And let’s tear down statues of Lincoln and get rid of the police. Just, you know, know, no. It’s not that I’ve gotten old, it’s that your ideas are stupid." [Politics]
May 25, 2024 ~ Biden cancels another $7+ Billion in student loan debt for 160,000 people. There is no end to his illegal vote buying with taxpayer dollars transferred to people who he hopes will vote for him if he showers them with money that doesn't belong to him. He still has no legal authority to do this. [Biden, Politics]
May 25, 2024 ~ 'How The Trump Trial Has Backfired Spectacularly On The Democrats' Matt Walsh, "For all the talk about how Donald Trump is a 'threat to the rule of law' and 'democracy,' this trial is easily the single most lawless, vindictive and undemocratic prosecution that’s been brought in modern history. They’re trying to imprison the man who could very well be the next president on the basis of a crime they can’t even define, based on the testimony of a witness who admits he’s a liar who’s out for revenge." [Politics, Witch Hunt]
May 19, 2024 ~ Victor Davis Hanson on how one of Biden's desperate re-election strategies is to charge Trump with bogus crimes to damage his reputation, bankrupt him and keep him in court instead of on the campaign trail: "Left-wing local, state, and federal prosecutors are tying Trump up in court on crimes that have never been seen before and will never be again after the election. All the cases are politically motivated, with many coordinated with the White House.   Even if Trump is not convicted by blue-state prosecutors, in blue-state courtrooms, in front of blue-state juries, he will lose critical campaigning time.   Trump may end up paying out $1 billion in legal fees and fines. At 76, the monotonous days in court are designed to destroy him financially, physically, and mentally.   Biden and his operatives know that, in the long term, they may have fatally damaged the American legal system with such judicial sabotage. But short-term, they hope to destroy Trump before the ballots are cast." [Biden, Loathsome Left, Politics, Victor Davis Hanson]
May 5, 2024 ~ Bill Maher summarizes Biden's student loan grift: “[The] Biden administration’s student debt cancellation will cost to combine 870 billion to 1.4 trillion. That’s a lot of debt forgiveness. Okay, so colleges constantly raise tuition, then the kids take out more loans, then the government comes by and pays those loans. Okay, so my tax dollars are supporting this Jew-hating. No, I don’t think so.” [Biden, Politics, Student Loans]
Apr 28, 2024 ~ JK Rowling on the left destroying women's rights and the lives of women and girls and criticizing her because people on the right agree with her. JK can admit the right is right about these issues. The left is so tribal, they have to disagree with the right no matter how wrong that makes them. "The truth is that the left has fucked up monumentally on gender identity ideology and until it owns the mistake, it will continue to hand the right valid talking points. As more and more PMCWs realise this, they’ll take shameless refuge in accusations that we, the women criticising the injustice and insanity of gender identity ideology, were enabling the far-right. The fact is that they’ve done exactly that, by refusing to accept that there was anything wrong with a movement that was causing serious harm to troubled young people, trampling all over women’s rights and seeking to remove single-sex services for the most vulnerable. The sense of betrayal women on the left feel towards men like Bragg will take a long time to disappear, if it ever does. I think we all take some grim satisfaction, though, in the fact that evidence of the PMCWs’ misogyny and complicity is a matter of public record, because the panicky back-pedalling and whitewashing that’s just begun is quite something to behold." [Anti-Science, Politics, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ 'The Absolutely Inane Case in Manhattan' One more article explaining why Bragg's hush money case against Trump is corrupt political lawfare. [Loathsome Left, Politics]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ "‘Hush Money’ Case Against Trump Is Bad On The Law and On the Facts" Another good article explaining why Alvin Bragg's hush money case against Trump is corrupt garbage. Entirely political lawfare. [Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Apr 27, 2024 ~ "Alvin Bragg, Election Denier" "As I’ve detailed, Bragg’s theory makes neither legal nor factual sense. The payments to the women do not technically qualify as campaign expenditures — which is why the federal authorities did not proceed against Trump. Moreover, even if they arguably qualified, there would have been no disclosure obligation until the reporting period after the 2016 election took place — in 2017. That is, the “hush-money” scheme could not possibly have affected the outcome of the election." [Loathsome Left, Politics]
Apr 14, 2024 ~ 'Try to Keep Up - Another Round of Vote-Buying Student Loan Billion Bucks Bail Outs Announced This Morning' Its hard to keep up but he just forgave another $7.4 Billion after just forgiving $153 Billion. Defying the SCOTUS, the constitution and Congress. [Biden, Politics, Student Loans]
Apr 9, 2024 ~ Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman continues to forget that he is a Democrat. First he supports Israel instead of Hamas. Then he supports law abiding people instead of criminals by being tough on crime and says "squatters have no rights. How can you even pretend that this is anything other than you’re just breaking the law? It’s wild, that if you go away on a long trip, for 30 days, and someone breaks into your home and suddenly they have rights. This is crazy. Like if somebody stole your car, and then they held it for 30 days, then somehow you now have some rights?" Then on crime in general: "If you have those kinds of established records, It doesn’t serve any greater goal to allow people that are offending, offending, offending and allow them to not be held accountable. We have to be very smart and aggressive on crime. I have gone to police funerals. If this individual is convicted, then he should spend the rest of his life and in prison, and never have an opportunity to get out." This guy has too much sense to be a Democrat... [Crime, Politics]
Apr 7, 2024 ~ Trump Derangement Syndrome #TDS is back in time for the election year. Here's actress Jenifer Lewis: "If that man gets in, as soon as he takes the oath, he will have generals walk down the steps of the Capitol. He will take a hammer and break the glass where the Constitution is, and he will tear it up in our faces and say, 'Now I'm the king of the fucking world. You will bow down, bitches.' He will punish everybody that didn't vote for him." "This motherfucker is Hitler. He didn't come to play." "That motherfucker will have us in camps." Sigh... This is what we're going to have to deal with for 8 months. [Holocaust Denial, Politics, TDS]
Apr 5, 2024 ~ Robert Kennedy Jr. @RobertKennedyJr said Joe Biden "is the first candidate in history, the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech or censor his opponent." [Biden, Free Speech, Politics, Silencing]
Mar 31, 2024 ~ 'Rogan Praises DeSantis For Leading The Fight Against Home Squatters: ‘Every State’ Should Do This' Incredibly, 'Squatter Rights' are a thing in blue states. DeSantis says not in Florida. Why do Democrats allow it? They always side with criminals. [Politics]
Mar 29, 2024 ~ 'Only Democrats Get to Lie on NBC News' Ronna McDaniel was hired then fired immediately by #FakeNews @NBCNews because employees like Chuck Todd had a hissy fit. NBC hires all kinds of pundits like Jen Psaki. Psaki explains that her case is different because its "truth versus lies." Harsanyi gives a LONG but partial list of all of Psaki's lies. [Fake News, Politics]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ 'The GOP seems to be on the verge of capitulating before the Democrats, again!' Dem gameplan. Propose a ridiculous budget full of poison. GOP rejects. Then a 'compromise' is formed. GOP celebrates. Bill arrives 1000s of pages. Must sign immediately before midnight without a chance to read. Dems sneak in a bunch of poison. GOP signs without being able to read. Dems win. [Politics]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ Jonathan Turley, @JonathanTurley harshly criticizes the corrupt and despicable New York Judge Arthur Engoron. "He imposes this ridiculous amount of penalty on Trump. He could have picked any figure because none of us could make sense out of this. He could have said a trillion dollars and he just sits back and watches the defendant scramble to have to sell off properties in order to protect properties. And, you know, this is going to eventually have to go to some judge who is going to say enough. I mean, this really shocks the conscience." "What’s happening to the New York legal system is truly alarming. This was one of the premier systems in the world for businesses and now people are fleeing New York. They see what’s happening here. And, you know, this is a judge who could have resolved this... This judge has done nothing to introduce any element of fairness through this. And so you’re really between a rock and a hard place if you’re Donald Trump. You’ve got a portfolio with real estate and people don’t take real estate to float a bond." [Politics, Witch Hunt]
Mar 20, 2024 ~ Ben Shapiro, 'The Dems Try To Bankrupt Trump. It’s Incredibly Ugly.' "Attorney General Letitia James came into office pledging to target Trump, which prosecutors should not do. One does not go into office vowing to target 'that guy.'... If a specific person is targeted, then that looks very much like malicious and selective prosecution, which is exactly what James was doing. She prosecuted Trump in this New York court for the great crime of supposedly inflating the value of his real estate assets in obtaining loans from the bank.   There was no allegation the banks that gave the loans were actually damaged. In fact, they all got their money back. Instead, the allegation is that by inflating the price of the real estate, inflating his assets, somehow Trump had perpetrated a fraud against the people of New York despite there being zero damages.   Then, a judgment was brought down of nearly half a billion dollars, which is totally insane. Of all the cases that have been brought against President Trump, this one is by far the most insane. The judgment is completely off-kilter. The insanity of using a statute like this in order to bankrupt someone for no damages is totally crazy."   "This is purely an attempt by James to bankrupt Trump. That is all. This is an attempt to bankrupt him so as to forestall his ability to pay his legal bills in other legal cases. Of all the cases brought against Trump, this is the one that is most obviously malicious prosecution. It is deeply malicious. The judge in this case, Arthur Engoron, is a political actor. He’s a clown. He made a clown out of himself in the courtroom. Letitia James is a clown." [Ben Shapiro, Loathsome Left, Politics, Witch Hunt]
Mar 18, 2024 ~ 'Fani Willis Is the Resistance' "We’ve seen her like before." "James Comey, Adam Schiff, James Clapper, or the 51 former intelligence officials" "The common thread is the stretching of investigative and prosecutorial powers to — or beyond — the breaking point on the assumption that, whatever the facts, rules, or law, Trump is guilty or, at the very least, deserves whatever he gets." [Fake News, Loathsome Left, Politics, Rich Lowry, TDS]
Mar 17, 2024 ~ @washingtonpost Columnist Kathleen Parker told the truth about Kamala Harris and is called both 'racist' and 'misogynist' by thousands of Dems. "She was picked because she was Black and female, a combo tantamount to job security. Now that she has become a burden to the Democratic ticket... her average overall approval rating at just 37.2%, among the lowest recorded for a vice president." The over 10K comments on the article are almost all a mix of calling Parker a 'racist' and a 'misogynist', often both. This is what Democrats do. The race card and sex card is almost their entire arsenal. Always played falsely but no matter - it still works a bit. It doesn't even have to make sense: "women are 'anti-woman'" if they are on the other side of the aisle. ???? [Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Politics]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ "The Media’s Legal ‘Experts’ Botched the Trump Ballot-Access Case" Prior the the SCOTUS 9-0 decision that Trump would not be removed from the ballot, the #FakeNews 'experts' ALL got it wrong. This article goes through all the #FakeNews coverage. [Fake News, Politics, SCOTUS]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ 'The day Spain caved' "On 3/11/2004, 193 people are killed and nearly 2,000 are injured when 10 bombs explode on four trains in three Madrid-area train stations" Islamic al-Qaida Terrorists. This incident is thought to sway the election. Terrorists won. [Islam, Politics, Terrorism]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ 'El Salvador's Bukele offers to clean up Haiti' Haiti has totally collapsed. Government fled. Gangs running the the place killing many. Dead bodies piling up in the streets. 5000+ criminals let out of prison. Biden welcoming them all to enter the border. Remember when Trump called Haiti a 'shithole.' The #FakeNews fell all over themselves to claim it was paradise. [Crime, Fake News, Fake Racism, Politics]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ "Why Conservatives Need to Stop Saying ‘My Country’s Not Perfect’" Insightful article. No country is perfect. We don't introduce our mother saying "We know she's not perfect" "Our country’s successes doesn’t necessitate disclaimers about her sins." [Politics, Western Civilization]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ Ex Trump Administration economist Peter Navarro was sentenced to prison in yet another example of the judicial double standard that has become common. "For more than 50 years the DoJ supported the policy that senior White House advisers could not be compelled to testify before Congress. This is the first time a senior White House official has been charged with this alleged crime. In President Obama’s Administration, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton each refused to hand over subpoenaed documents. They were not criminally prosecuted." [Loathsome Left, Politics]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ You wouldn't think it possible for @KeithOlbermann to take the role of "unhinged moron" to new heights but he keeps over achieving! He wants to 'dissolve' SCOTUS because they ruled that a single random bureaucrat can't decide for an entire state who the people are allowed to vote for. You don't need many functioning brain cells to know that is not compatible with democracy. Fortunately all 9 Justices have more brain cells than Olbermann. 9-0. Olbermann said on X: "The Supreme Court has betrayed democracy. Its members including Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. And collectively the "court" has shown itself to be corrupt and illegitimate. It must be dissolved." Sadly, Oblbermann is not an outlier. Many Democrats are upset that they are not being allowed to remove candidates from the ballot. [Loathsome Left, Politics, SCOTUS]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ 'Apple Slapped with $2 Billion Fine by EU Over Anticompetitive Music Streaming Practices' The EU is a criminal organization whose primary purpose is to extort billions of dollars from successful companies. They do this regularly to companies such as FaceBook, Apple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Google, airlines and more. None of these extorted companies have done anything wrong. The EU takes the money because it can. [Loathsome Left, Politics, Regulations]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ Dennis Prager, 'The Left-Right Divide Is Not Bridgeable' Good but partial list on issues the right and left believe opposite things. Trans, colorblind good or bad, Israel good or bad, tough on crime vs. defund the police, free speech vs censorship, etc. [Dennis Prager, Loathsome Left, Politics]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ The Supreme Court restores Trump to the Colorado Primary Ballot in a unanimous 9-0 ruling. The Democrats, who claim they are "saving democracy", keep trying to remove their political opponents from the ballot but SCOTUS is not standing for it. Justice Barrett explained that the states cannot create a "chaotic state-by-state patchwork, at odds with our Nation’s federalism principles." Its incredibly scary that many democrats are upset with this decision, believing that they should be able to remove their political opponents from the ballot with no awareness of where such chaos would lead. They are, as always, the "by any means necessary" party. [Loathsome Left, Politics, SCOTUS, Trump Win]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ 'Why Biden Cooperated with the FBI in His Classified-Info Case' "For decades, Biden hoarded highly sensitive intelligence, including removing it from safekeeping on Capitol Hill, which senators well know they are not allowed to do. Biden, moreover, had many private locations — homes and offices — and irresponsibly spread the mounds of classified documents across them. It’s not like he had a single storage area, and it’s not like he made real efforts to keep his various storage locations secure — to deny access to people who were not authorized to read classified documents. Finally, Biden was so reckless and his offenses were so persistent, that he could not keep track of the classified documents he had retained." "Biden did not cooperate because he is a well-meaning, law-abiding person. He cooperated because his offenses were so extensive that the FBI needed to search several locations for lots of classified intelligence that he’d willfully retained for decades in violation of federal laws with which he was intimately familiar — laws that, by the time he was found out, he had taken an oath to execute faithfully." [Politics]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Joy Behar said "That was the day democracy died" about when SCOTUS stopped the ridiculous, unconstitutional selective recounts that Gore demanded in the 2000 election. Bush had won all recounts including those but Gore wouldn't quit. And Dems call the GOP "anti-democractic." [Politics, SCOTUS]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Victor Davis Hanson, 'Blue Laws for Red Citizens' Hason gives example after example of using the legal system in BS ways to go after GOP political opponents especially Trump. Several cases against Trump are total BS. Others throw the book at him while letting many Dems skate for the same thing. [Loathsome Left, Politics]

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