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Feb 28, 2024 ~ 'Two Trans-Identified Males To Compete In The Female Division Of The 2024 New England Track and Field Championship' Biological males Lizzy Cohen Bidwell and Maelle Jacques displaced qualified females from their own sport. When will enough be enough? [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Ramapo College senior Meghan Cortez-Fields continues to break female school records even though he is male. He's broken 2 records in the last 3 months. Cowards and misogynists continue to allow these travesties of justice to occur. These records must be returned to their owners! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ 'Trans Controversy Erupts When Girls Basketball Game Ends In Forfeit Following Three Injuries' "Once the third was injured, the remaining five expressed concern to [the coach] about continuing to play." The male player was over 6 feet tall with facial hair. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ Trans women have ruined the loved and popular world wide 'Parkrun.' "Before parkrun wiped the data, at least 16 female parkrun course records (outright & age group) were held by males, & on >150 occasions a male finished '1st Female.' Instead of properly addressing the problem, "Parkrun has [cowardly] removed all gender, course and age records from its website." No more records will be kept (accomplished by erasing all women's records) but this does not help the problem of males winning female events. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ Riley Gaines points out that women's sports are being destroyed by BOTH male and female trans athletes. "Men who identify as women compete in the women's category. Women who identify as men (while taking PEDs) also compete in the women's category." Both are unfair. It must stop. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 12, 2024 ~ Biological male Maelle Jacques won the New Hampshire GIRLS' high school state title in high jumping. @NHIAA_LOA Yay girl power!! Congrats to the Kearsage HS 'girls' team... Their wins are totally legit because he identifies as a girl. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 11, 2024 ~ Biological male Maelle Jacques has won 1st place four times while competing as a girl in track jumping competitions is predicted to take 1st place again at the upcoming New Hampshire state championship. Cowards continue to enable the destruction of women's sports by misogynists. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 8, 2024 ~ They said it would never happen! An ENTIRE TEAM of biological males 'dominating' women in their own sport. Who can be silent anymore other than the most cowardly or misogynistic. There were women on the Seneca Sting but they rode the bench. “Centennial was just outmanned,” explained David Menzies, Outkick's reporter at the event. '5 Transgender Players Dominate Toronto Women‘s Collegiate Volleyball Competition' [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 31, 2024 ~ Biological male Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, broke two MORE women's collegiate track records. One day sanity will catch up with this trend and males will no longer be allowed to compete. But when that happens, these records (and all like them) MUST be returned to their rightful owners or men will FOREVER hold records all over women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 28, 2024 ~ Surfing company Rip Curl @ripcurl dropped surfing legend Bethany Hamilton for opposing men surfing in the women's league and then biologcal male surfer Sasha Lowerson as a women's ambassador. Martina Navratilova says "it stinks." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 28, 2024 ~ Caroline Downey, 'USA Climbing Backs Down after Trans Activists Object to Testosterone Limits for Males Competing against Females' Even with the testosterone limits, biological males have a significant advantage in climbing (a power sport) over females. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Biological male Henry Hanlon is leading The San Francisco Waldorf High School girl's basketball team to a five-game win streak. Hanlon leads the team in scoring. Some High Schools are refusing to play due to the unfairness of Waldorf playing males against girls. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Biological male Hailey Davidson wins the NXXT Women’s Classic Golf Tournament. Another championship. Will take a spot on the LPGA. @Martina Navratilova says "This really needs to end sooner rather than later. Male bodies, however they might identify, do not belong in women’s sports!" Right. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 14, 2024 ~ Fitness expert and influencer Jillian Michaels spoke out on allowing biological males in female sports. "Sports is biological. It just is. And I think that you’re starting to actually see women get hurt." "We’re going to systematically destroy women’s sports." #SaveWomensSports [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 16, 2023 ~ Biological male Tate Drageset has been dominating girl's volleyball in high school. He won national titles with USA Volleyball teams in different age groups, earning MVP honors at the Girls Junior National Championships, and was named the California Interscholastic Federation’s Division 5 Player of the Year for 2022-23. Now he is getting a scholarship to play on the women's team at @UW, taking a spot from a woman. [College, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 16, 2023 ~ Biological male Sadie Schreiner sets the women's school record at Rochester Institute of Technology in the 300m run. Not only did he win the race, stealing victory from women, its yet another female record that will almost certainly never be held by a female again. Disgraceful. [College, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 9, 2023 ~ A biological male was allowed to take 1st place in the 2023 Southern Region Oireachtas Irish dancing competition in Dallas, TX in a category for females. The girls who have trained for years but don't have the physical advantages he does are outraged. The boy now heads to Worlds. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 9, 2023 ~ Biological male Kylie (Kyle) Small wins the USA Cycling Women's Singlespeed National Championship race. Another women's NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is won by a man. This is not a national championship, its a national disgrace. How are we allowing this to be done to women? Congratulations to the real winner: Jennifer Malik. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 4, 2023 ~ Biological males Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson placed 1st and 2nd in the Women's Illinois State Cyclocross Championship. The real winner, Kristin Chalmers was the only biological woman on the woman's podium. The real 2nd and 3rd place finishers get no credit or prize money. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Dec 3, 2023 ~ 'Trans U-turn sees female pool players threaten to sue governing body' "30 professional female pool players are threatening to sue their governing body for sex discrimination after it allowed transgender players to compete in women's competitions." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 24, 2023 ~ Biological male Francesca Needham wants to sue the South Yorkshire Woman's Football league for 'discrimination' when teams boycotted his team out of safety and fairness concerns. Needham is much larger and stronger than the women, one of whom suffered a broken knee blocking him. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 24, 2023 ~ Biological male Meghan Cortez-Fields is being called Lia Thomas 2.0 after setting swimming records and coming in first or second place in several female swimming events. First place and broke a school record in the 100-yard butterfly at the Cougar Splash Invitational. First place in the 200-yard individual medley and second place in the 200-yard butterfly. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 16, 2023 ~ Another female pool player forfeits the final of a championship match rather than play a biological male. Lynne Pinches conceded the final of the Ladies Champion of Champions National in Wales rather than play biological male Harriet Haynes. Haynes wins by default. Total disgrace. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 15, 2023 ~ Biological male Athena Ryan took 1st place in a field of 55 girls at the Coastal Mountain Conference Championships in Santa Rosa, CA. Congratulations to the real winner, Josie Hill. How long will this disgraceful madness be allowed to continue? Who will stand up for girls? [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 15, 2023 ~ Katia Bissonnette withdrew (for safety and fairness) from the The 2023 Provincial Golden Glove Championship match after finding out her opponent, Mya Walmsley is a biological male. Walmsley wins by default. Good job Champ! So stunning and brave forcing women out of their sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 14, 2023 ~ "Top Female Pool Champion Refusing to Play against 'Transgender Women'" Alexandra Cunha reacted to the "decision of the World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF) to allow men who identify as women to compete in the women’s category." She said no, she's not going to play any biological males. "I’m fifth in the world, but I’m risking throwing everything away over this because I hate unfairness." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 9, 2023 ~ Biological male and special forces member Alana McLaughlin overpowered the technically better fighter Celine Provost to win her Combate Global debut MMA fight. Provost laying bloodied on the canvas becomes a perfect metaphor for the state of female sports being destroyed by men. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 8, 2023 ~ The Canadian Powerlifting Union has suspended female athlete April Hutchinson from the sport for 2 years! Her crime? Calling her male powerlifting opponent a “biological man.” Martina Navratilova comments: And people still wonder why the female athletes don’t speak up more??? [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 5, 2023 ~ Biological male Catherine Barnwell won the women’s 3/4 bicycle race at Treehouse CX in Massachusetts. Cowards and misogynists continue to enable males to destroy women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Nov 3, 2023 ~ Caroline Downey, "Female Field Hockey Player Suffers 'Significant' Injuries after Male Opponent’s Shot Strikes Her in the Face" Cowards and misogynists continue to defy science and common sense by allowing males (who 'identify' as female) to play in female sports. The female player had her teeth knocked out. Not a big surprise. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Oct 29, 2023 ~ Men are being allowed to completely take over women's Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So many men were competing in the last North American Grappling Association (NAGA) competition that many women dropped out. So many women dropped out, most divisions had more males than females and some divisions had no females. This disgraceful state of affairs is brought to you by cowards and misogynists.   Ansleigh Wilk summarizes, “The majority of the women feel scared to even speak out about this matter. They don’t want to be labeled a bigot or transphobic. There’s so many girls just not signing up now because they are allowing this. Women’s sports will cease to exist if this keeps up. Medals, belts, records, and money are going to be stripped right away from women.” [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Oct 22, 2023 ~ Oli London reports, "Gymnastics Australia changes guidelines to allow Transgender athletes to compete in the women’s category and for biological males to undress in girls locker rooms and showers. 93% of 800,000 Australians involved in gymnastics are under the age of 12. Under the new rules, biological males will be allowed to compete in whichever category matches their gender identity and will be allowed to wear women’s uniforms. They will also be allowed to undress in women’s locker rooms and showers, regardless of their genitalia." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Oct 19, 2023 ~ Biological male Liz Kocab has 'won' his 8th Championship in Women's Fencing. The misogynists at USA Fencing continue to allow men to make a mockery of women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Oct 14, 2023 ~ Melissa Koenig, 'Trans cyclists take gold and silver in Chicago women's races' "Two transgender cyclists took home gold and silver at a women’s cycling event in Chicago... Tessa Johnson won first place in the Women’s Single Speed and Cat Half categories at the Chicago CycloCross Cup (CCC) while Evelyn Williamson placed second in the Single Speed contest." Down to one actual woman on the podium in a woman's race. Soon there will be none. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Oct 9, 2023 ~ George M. Perry, 'Gender Ideology in Sports Harms Men, Too' A 'non-binary' category provides mediocre men a way to get prize money ahead of countless other higher performing men who get nothing because they foolishly were honest about their gender. [Tariffs, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 29, 2023 ~ Shawn McBreairty, 'Maine’s Own William (Lia) Thomas Situation Unfolding In Cross Country' "Sophomore boy Soren Stark-Chessa, who was running cross country last year as a freshman boy, now is running as a sophomore “girl” and beating the second place girls by nearly 2 minutes." "Most parents are afraid to speak up for fear of being called a 'transphobe.'" These disgraceful spectacles continue to be enabled by cowards and misogynists. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 21, 2023 ~ Biological male Rachel McKinnon who has taken many wins, championships AND records from women in women's cycling says there is no evidence that trans women have advantage in sport (a massively false claim). He then ridiculously claims that being against trans women in female sport "has had history of racism built into it over the years... who gets singled out for scrutiny is based on white women's conceptions of femininity... protecting the fragile cis white women from the rest of us." This is absurd and entirely false. Most of the trans women athletes who are criticized are white like him but he thinks that if he plays the race card in addition to the trans card, he can doubly protect himself from criticism because people will be afraid to be called a 'racist' for disagreeing in addition to being called a 'transphobe.' [Fake Racism, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 19, 2023 ~ The top five money winners in the Bronx 10 Mile 'non-binary' category are of course ALL men (as always). This is why having a trans or non-binary category doesn't work either. Men will get 2 thirds of the prize money and women, only 1 third. Trans rights destroy women's rights. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 14, 2023 ~ Kim Russell, head coach of the Oberlin College women’s lacrosse team has been removed from her job that she did well for 27 years because she opposed biological males in female sports. Science was on her side but the mob was not. Loud and clear message to coaches: Shut up, obey. [Cancel Culture, College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Free Speech, Silencing, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 11, 2023 ~ Elaine Mallon, 'Biological Male Cyclists Take Gold Medals in Women‘s Championships' Men are winning women's events left and right. "Evelyn Williamson and Tessa Johnson, biological males, each won gold medals at women’s championships in Illinois." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 11, 2023 ~ Women's fencing is the next sport being destroyed by men. Biological male Eden Philpot won a women's national title and finished top 8 in TWO weapons. Biological male Elizabeth Kocab also won a women’s national title. These travesties are enabled by cowards and misogynists. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 8, 2023 ~ This website will show you the SIX HUNDRED women who have lost their medals/awards to males. This doesn't even include all the women who lost their spot on the team or spot in the semifinals/ finals/ championships to a male in the first place. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Sep 3, 2023 ~ College soccer player Sophia Lorey was invited by the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library in Davis, CA to speak about her experiences as a college athlete. But she was shouted down by a left-wing mob who silence women who think sports should be segregated by sex. Vile. [Free Speech, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 30, 2023 ~ Oberlin College Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Kim Russell released documentary called "Burned at the Stake" after being subjected to massive workplace abuse for opposing biological men competing in women's sports. They threw the "unsafe" lie at her and drug her thru DIE hearings. This is an absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating story of #CancelCulture at its most toxic. The mob kept trying to make her apologize for being on the side of science and women's rights and nothing she could say was acceptable to the mob. Her treatment keeps thousands silent. [Cancel Culture, CRT DIE Wokeness, Free Speech, Silencing, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 27, 2023 ~ Woodstock Union High School snowboarding coach David Bloch was fired from his job because he expressed his (very true) opinion that boys have athletic advantage over girls in sports. His team was playing a girl team with a biological male on it and they said he was 'bullying.' [Cancel Culture, Free Speech, Silencing, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 25, 2023 ~ Biological male Claire (Ivan) Law won the women's P/1/2/3 Northwest Champion elimination bike race at the Jerry Baker Velodrome in Washington. Biological males continue to be allowed to take victories, records, spots and prize money from women in women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 25, 2023 ~ Male bike racer Kiana Gysin won the women's Zuricrit fixed gear race in Zürich. Biological males continue to be allowed to take victories, records, spots and prize money from women in women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 18, 2023 ~ The “Comedy Unleashed” comedy festival in Edinburgh Scotland has been canceled because one comedian, Graham Linehan said that men can’t become women, woman can’t become men, and “women deserve single sex spaces and fairness in their sports.” The entire festival was shut down! [Cancel Culture, Silencing, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 16, 2023 ~ Biological male Anne Andres set the Canadian women's national deadlift record at the CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) Westerns Championship. Andres beat all of the biological women in the the championships by 463 lbs. The cowards and misogynists in CPU allowed this disgrace. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Aug 13, 2023 ~ Texas passes the "Save Women's Sports Act" barring biological males from competing in women's and girl's sports. A few brave states and governors are following the science and protecting women and girls in their sports and spaces, standing up to the small but outspoken mob (which uses violence if necessary). [Trans, Trans Athletes]

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