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Apr 10, 2024 ~ After the Cass Report debunked so-called 'gender affirming care' JK Rowling went OFF on the trans activists who have been pushing this barbary on children for years and bullying any critics into silence and cancellation. "Over the last four years, Hilary Cass has conducted the most robust review of the medical evidence for transitioning children that's ever been conducted. Mere hours after it was released to the press and public, committed ideologues are doubling down. These are people who've deemed opponents 'far-right' for wanting to know there are proper checks and balances in place before autistic, gay and abused kids - groups that are all overrepresented at gender clinics - are left sterilised, inorgasmic, lifelong patients. I understand that the review's conclusions will have come as a seismic shock to those who've hounded and demonised whistleblowers and smeared opponents as bigots and transphobes, but trying to discredit Hilary Cass's work isn't merely misguided. It's actively malign. Even if you don't feel ashamed of cheerleading for what now looks like severe medical malpractice, even if you don't want to accept that you might have been wrong, where's your sense of self-preservation? The bandwagon you hopped on so gladly is hurtling towards a cliff. And if I sound angry, it's because I'm bloody angry. I read Cass this morning and my anger's been mounting all day. Kids have been irreversibly harmed, and thousands are complicit, not just medics, but the celebrity mouthpieces, unquestioning media and cynical corporations. The consequences of this scandal will play out for decades. You cheered it on. You did all you could to impede and misrepresent research. You tried to bully people out of their jobs for opposing you. Young people have been experimented on, left infertile and in pain. The #CassReview may be a watershed moment, but it comes too late for detransitioners who've written me heartbreaking letters of regret. Today's not a triumph, it's the laying bare of a tragedy." [Anti-Science, Health Care, Trans]
Apr 10, 2024 ~ 'The Cass Report Should Be the End of Gender-Affirming Care' The Cass Report is a bombshell exposing the lie called 'gender affirming care.' The harm of that 'care' was obvious to many who were shouted down and silenced by bullies and virtue signalers to the detriment of countless children "left sterilised, inorgasimic, lifelong patients." Cass says "There are few other areas of healthcare where professionals are so afraid to openly discuss their views, where people are vilified on social media, and where name-calling echoes the worst bullying behaviour." "The former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said there was no evidence the drugs “buy time to think” or “reduce suicide risk”... Dr Cass stated there was “concern that [puberty blockers] may change the trajectory of psychosexual and gender identity development” with most patients going on to take cross-sex hormones as a result. She said the NHS should exert “extreme caution” in giving out cross-sex hormones to under-18s as the research carried out by her review concludes there is “a lack of high-quality research” on their effectiveness." "Dr Cass said it was “extremely disappointing” to find World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare (WPATH) guidelines which were taken as an industry standard and adopted very widely internationally, 'were very, very poorly evidence-based.'" Cass: ""The guidelines that recommend puberty blockers are not doing so on the basis of evidence... The guidelines that are most based on the evidence are the Swedish and the Finnish guidelines and they suggest a much more conservative approach, similar to our recommendations because the evidence isn't there. And genuinely I can't think of another area of pediatric care where we give young people a potentially irreversible treatment and have no idea what happens to them in adulthood." [Anti-Science, Health Care, Trans]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ '24 Women Quit Aussie Soccer League After Trans Athletes Injure Players, Dominate League' "Two dozen young women have quit an Australian soccer league after officials allowed one team [Flying Bats] to add five transgender athletes, some of whom went on to injure girls on other teams." And the team with 5 males is unsurprisingly dominating. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Apr 6, 2024 ~ 'What Comes after Transgender? Doctor Amputates Man's Healthy Fingers' It was inevitable. As soon as you start surgically cutting off the body parts of transgender patients, other forms of Body Identity Integrity Disorder BIID would follow. [Trans]
Apr 3, 2024 ~ 'Trans athlete "was suspended for leering at girl on rowing team"' "'The male athlete was caught staring openly at one of the female athletes while she changed her clothes in the women’s locker room and remarked, "oooh t*tties!"' 'When a female athlete nearby asked if it was the first time he had seen female breasts, the male responded, "uhh yeah" with a laugh. The male athlete was suspended for this incident.' "He injured three opponents in basketball game before other team gave up. The student competed as female in rowing, volleyball, hurdles, shot put and tae kwon do."   'Our daughters have stayed quiet because they are afraid. We tried to speak up for them, and we were shut down. We tried to speak to leadership at all levels. [But] name-calling and the threat of mental health is being used as emotional blackmail to keep us all quiet while women are harmed and devalued.' 'The rowing team also required the male athlete to room with them on trips. The girls spoke to us about quitting rowing because of the intimidation of being forced to be in a hotel room alone with a male,' via @MailOnline [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 31, 2024 ~ 'Megan Rapinoe Leads Cancel Mob Aimed at Christian Player Who Posted Detransition Video' 20 year old Korbin Albert faces intense pressure after Rapinoe opposes a retweet Albert made. Albert forced to make a grovelling apology: "I promise to do better." [Cancel Culture, Loathsome Left, Silencing, Trans]
Mar 31, 2024 ~ Jonathan Haidt on why the trans/non-binary phenomenon in young girls is due to 'social contagion.' "Because it happens in clusters of girls. It happens in clusters of girls who had no previous gender dysphoria when they were young. So it’s very different from the kinds of gender dysphoria cases that we’ve known about for decades. I mean, it is a real thing. But what happened, especially when girls got, was YouTube and Instagram early, but then especially TikTok, girls just, you know, girls get sucked into these vortices and they take on each other’s purported mental illnesses." "Girls are connecting on social media, where it just turns out in many communities, the more anxious and depressed you are, the more you get support. The more extreme your symptoms, the more you get likes and followers. You know, of course it’s good to destigmatize social, mental illness. We don’t want people to be ashamed. But boy, is it a terrible idea to valorize it, to tell young people, ‘You know what? The more you have this, the more popular you’ll be, the more support you’ll get.’ And so you get this explosion, not just of anxiety – anxiety is in part, I think, spread sociogenically, it’s called, from social causes, not from internal causes – but we get it for dissociative identity disorder. And it seems to be the case for gender dysphoria as well." [Trans]
Mar 31, 2024 ~ The National Organization of Women (NOW) completely embarrasses itself with this post somehow linking opposing males in female sports to something called the "white supremacist patriarchy" LOL! They say, "Repeat after us: Weaponizing womenhood against other women is white supremacist patriarchy at work. Making people believe there isn't enough space for trans women in sports is white supremacist patriarchy at work." It would be impossible to parody this garbage. Its a satire of a parody. You're a 'white supremacist' if you think males should not compete in female sports? How much woke-crack would you have to smoke before that starts to make sense? And sure throw the 'patriarchy' in there. Clowns... [CRT DIE Wokeness, Fake Racism, Fake Sexism, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 29, 2024 ~ The French report titled 'Rapport La Transidentification Des Mineurs' said the practice of sexually ‘transitioning’ children will be remembered as one of the “greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine.” And there is "no evidence" the drugs or surgeries improve quality of life. [Anti-Science, Trans]
Mar 28, 2024 ~ More info is revealed about Nex Benedict's suicide. She killed herself shortly after her father, who was sent to prison for sexually abusing her for years, was being sent back to prison. Her death had nothing to do with her trans identification or @libsoftiktok. But the left and the #FakeNews push false narratives as always. They said she was beaten to death by people who attacked her because she was 'non-binary.' Then when it was ruled a suicide, they said she was driven to suicide by conservative trans bullies. She did have a fight the previous day which she admitted to police that she started. [Fake Homophobia, Fake News, Trans]
Mar 27, 2024 ~ Biological male Vicki Piper won the Woman's Masters National Weightlifting Championship (71K category) in Reno, NV. He also set the event record. It was the first woman's championship he entered. Shame on USA Weightlifting for turning women's weightlifting into a farce. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 26, 2024 ~ FIVE biological males help The Flying Bats win The Beryl Ackroyd Cup "women's" soccer competition in Sydney. The final game was a 4-0 shutout. The top scorer for the Bats is male. The goalie is male. Men are dominating women's sports across all disciplines but few speak out because the consequences are so severe. The girls were not allowed to speak out or forfeit or they would be heavily fined. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ Biological male Noa-Lynn van Leuven wins the PDC Women's Series Dart Tournamaent in Wigan. The real winner, Katie Sheldon is forced to take 2nd place because the Professional Darts Corporation @OfficialPDC allows men to compete on the women's side. Shame on them! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 24, 2024 ~ Biological male Kyle Small won the Maverick Classic Crit in Grand Junction, CO. The misogynists at @usacycling allow these farces to continue, robbing women of victories in their own sports. Congrats 'champ.' h/t @i_heart__bikes [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 19, 2024 ~ 'Minnesota Appeals Court Affirms State Law Preventing Ban on Trans Athletes' Incredibly, the court ruled that the state cannot ban males from participating in female sports because its a violation of THEIR rights! Forget the rights of women and girls. [Anti-Science, Loathsome Left, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ "The ‘Detransition’ Time Bomb" "We are physically altering thousands of young kids, because they say something that few if any previous societies would have taken seriously." Stats showing few detransition are very flawed. Many 10s of 1000s are grieving. [Anti-Science, Trans]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ NHS England Permanently Bans Puberty Blockers From Being Prescribed To Minors "We have concluded that there is not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of PSH to make the treatment routinely available at this time." It took the 'experts' years to conclude what was immediately obvious to anyone with half a brain. [Anti-Science, Health Care, Trans]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ Teen Vogue and many others in the #FakeNews reported that Nex Benedict died from "complications from brain trauma" because "three older girls were beating her in the bathroom" for being non-binary. None of the story was true. She started the fight for laughing, not trans issues. They were younger and didn't even know her. And she died from an overdose of Benadryl and Prozac. Not from the injuries sustained in the fight. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake Homophobia, Fake News, Trans]
Mar 16, 2024 ~ 'Female Swimmers Sue NCAA over Male Competition, Demand Return of Trophies, Monetary Damages' Led by @Riley_Gaines_ and the Independent Council on Women’s Sports the suit accuses the NCAA and Georgia Tech "of knowingly violating Title IX." [College, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 6, 2024 ~ Michael @shellenberger releases THE WPATH FILES. (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). It's clear they know that 'gender affirming' treatments sterilize patients and destroy their ability to achieve orgasm both for life. "Many gender medicine patients lose sexual function, including experiencing orgasm. As such, they are not only deprived of sexual pleasure, they are significantly undermining their ability to form long-lasting romantic relationships. It’s clear from the Files that even many people within gender medicine do not understand this." Minors certainly cannot understand the implications or consequences of these irreversible decisions and many deeply regret them later in life. Cross sex hormones also cause serious complications after years including cancer and death. [Anti-Science, Trans]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ A rare voice of courage among a sea of cowards: Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr., the president of Houghton University in New York speaks up for female athletes.   “I reached the place where I could no longer remain silent on this issue. When I see young women with Houghton written across their uniform . . . at a competitive disadvantage, sometimes losing opportunities that are hard-earned, there is no way that I, as their president, will continue to sit on the sidelines and refuse to advocate for change.”   “A fringe agenda under the guise of making school and collegiate athletics more inclusive for transgender people has grown to the place of now unfairly displacing gifted and hardworking female athletes, obliterating the historic achievements and records of female athletes of the past, and threatening to dismantle the opportunities and protections for girls and women in sport trailblazing leaders fought so hard to create and protect."   “Too many leaders, parents, professional athletes, and people of goodwill have been silent as female athletes are humiliated, silenced, and robbed of hard-earned opportunities. That silence is complicit with the fringe agenda that threatens to dismantle girls’ and women’s athletics.” [College, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 5, 2024 ~ Biological male Rose Johnson (6'2") is leading LTS High School girls basketball team in Vermont to a 17-1 record. Nevermind the girl who should be playing in his place or the girls who get concussions from his elbows. What matters is that the boys get to dominate girl's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 4, 2024 ~ 'Two Trans-Identified Males To Compete In The Female Division Of The 2024 New England Track and Field Championship' Biological male, Lizzy Bidwell won the GIRLS New England Track & Field Championship high jump title. He owns the highest female jump in CT. He was 1 of 2 boys in the girls' event of 32. Girls are left cheering the boys on the sidelines in their own sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 3, 2024 ~ Dailymail, "Top girls' league faces being shut down by Football Association" Girls sports will be destroyed one way or the other. If they allow males to play, the males dominate and they get injured. If they don't, their whole league gets shut down! Sick. [Cancel Culture, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ "Vermont Girls’ Coach Defends Decision To Forfeit Game Over Transgender Player: ‘Boys Just Play At A Different Speed’" "We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players. Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general." The team was subsequently banned from future competition anywhere in the state. [Cancel Culture, Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 2, 2024 ~ Another women's record falls to biological male Sadie (Camden) Schreiner. Schreiner is the new regional collegiate meet record holder in the women's 200 meter dash. Congrats to the misogynists who are succeeding in destroying women's sports and shame on the cowards enabling them. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Mar 1, 2024 ~ Male player Henry Hanlon led SF Waldorf High School to a GIRLS Section Championship title. This 'girls' team, led by Henry rolled over team after team and of course prevailed in the finals. Shame on any adult who sat silent as this travesty unfolded. The destruction of women's sports is perpetrated by two groups of people. 1) Actual misogynists and 2) the cowards who enable them. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 29, 2024 ~ At the European Pool Championships, female player, Kim O'Brien, forfeited the women's final where she was set to play male player, Harriet Haynes. Women's rights activist @Riley_Gaines_ offered to pay O'Brien's forfeited prize money. Way to take a principled stand Kim O'Brien! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 28, 2024 ~ 'Two Trans-Identified Males To Compete In The Female Division Of The 2024 New England Track and Field Championship' Biological males Lizzy Cohen Bidwell and Maelle Jacques displaced qualified females from their own sport. When will enough be enough? [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 26, 2024 ~ The death of Nex Benedict is the latest hate crime hoax pushed by the left and the #FakeNews. The narrative is that Nex had a history of being bullied by 3 older girls because she was 'non-binary'. The girls allegedly "beat her to death" on Feb 7. All the #FakeNews is covering. There are vigils. Blue states are crafting "Nex Benedict" laws. And they claim @libsoftiktok somehow contributed to her death. The reality is that these girls and Nex never met before the fight and there is no indication the conflict had anything to do with Nex being 'non-binary.' Nex thought they were laughing at her and instigated a fight with them by pouring water on them and pushing one into a towel dispenser. Nex was examined and released but died the next day. The autopsy has not yet revealed the cause of death but the medical examiner stated it was "not a result of trauma." Leaked reports are claiming it was an overdose of some substance but the toxicology report is forthcoming. [Fake Hate Crime, Fake News, Trans]
Feb 25, 2024 ~ Ramapo College senior Meghan Cortez-Fields continues to break female school records even though he is male. He's broken 2 records in the last 3 months. Cowards and misogynists continue to allow these travesties of justice to occur. These records must be returned to their owners! [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 23, 2024 ~ Its impossible to pinpoint exactly when trans ideology jumped the shark. I say it was when they came up with the 'non-binary' concept. Or perhaps the 'gender fluid' concept? But the shark is far in the rear view mirror for this chick. She's 'tri-gender': male, female and non-binary at once. But she's NOT 'gender fluid' because she experiences them "at the same, time all the time". She doesn't change between them. [Anti-Science, Religion, Trans]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ 'Trans Controversy Erupts When Girls Basketball Game Ends In Forfeit Following Three Injuries' "Once the third was injured, the remaining five expressed concern to [the coach] about continuing to play." The male player was over 6 feet tall with facial hair. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ Spencer Lindquist finds universities are still creating and requiring toxic, racist DIE #CRT and woke gender theory classes. Like 'Decolonial Queerness', 'Gender Archaeolxgy', 'Interrogating Whiteness: Privilege, Racism, and Anti-Racism', 'Anti-Colonial Theory and Practice.' [College, CRT DIE Wokeness, Trans]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ Trans women have ruined the loved and popular world wide 'Parkrun.' "Before parkrun wiped the data, at least 16 female parkrun course records (outright & age group) were held by males, & on >150 occasions a male finished '1st Female.' Instead of properly addressing the problem, "Parkrun has [cowardly] removed all gender, course and age records from its website." No more records will be kept (accomplished by erasing all women's records) but this does not help the problem of males winning female events. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 20, 2024 ~ Riley Gaines points out that women's sports are being destroyed by BOTH male and female trans athletes. "Men who identify as women compete in the women's category. Women who identify as men (while taking PEDs) also compete in the women's category." Both are unfair. It must stop. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 12, 2024 ~ Biological male Maelle Jacques won the New Hampshire GIRLS' high school state title in high jumping. @NHIAA_LOA Yay girl power!! Congrats to the Kearsage HS 'girls' team... Their wins are totally legit because he identifies as a girl. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 11, 2024 ~ Biological male Maelle Jacques has won 1st place four times while competing as a girl in track jumping competitions is predicted to take 1st place again at the upcoming New Hampshire state championship. Cowards continue to enable the destruction of women's sports by misogynists. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 11, 2024 ~ The American College of Pediatricians reviewed more than 60 studies on mental health in adolescents with gender dysphoria and concluded "There are no long-term studies demonstrating benefits nor studies evaluating risks associated with the medical and surgical interventions provided to these adolescents.  There is no long-term evidence that mental health concerns are decreased or alleviated after 'gender affirming therapy.' Many individuals who have been treated with “GAT” later regret those interventions and seek to align their gender identity with their sex. Because of the risks of social, medical, and surgical interventions, many European countries are now cautioning against these interventions while encouraging mental health therapy." [Health Care, Trans]
Feb 8, 2024 ~ They said it would never happen! An ENTIRE TEAM of biological males 'dominating' women in their own sport. Who can be silent anymore other than the most cowardly or misogynistic. There were women on the Seneca Sting but they rode the bench. “Centennial was just outmanned,” explained David Menzies, Outkick's reporter at the event. '5 Transgender Players Dominate Toronto Women‘s Collegiate Volleyball Competition' [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Feb 1, 2024 ~ Dr. Richard Dawkins again tries to explain that sex is binary to the trans cult: "The way the non-binary faithful obsess about intersexes, and about individuals who can’t produce gametes, amounts to a pathetic clutching at straws while they drown in postmodern effluent. Yes, some fish change from sperm-producing male to egg-producing female (or vice versa). That very statement relies on the gametic definition of male & female. Ditto hermaphroditic worms & snails who can produce both male & female gametes. In any case, the existence of intersexes is irrelevant to transexualist claims, since trans people don’t claim to be intersexes. Also, as if it matters, humans are not worms, snails, or fish. The rare tetra-amelia syndrome (babies born without limbs) does not negate the statement that Homo sapiens is a bipedal species. The rare four-winged bithorax mutation does not negate the statement that Drosophila is a Dipteran (two winged) fly. Similarly, the occasional individual who can’t produce gametes doesn’t negate the generalisation that mammals come in only two sexes, male and female, defined by games size. Sex is binary as a matter of biological fact. "Gender" is a different matter and I leave that to others to define." It must be exhausting to have to keep explaining basic biology to cultists. [Anti-Science, Trans]
Jan 31, 2024 ~ Biological male Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, broke two MORE women's collegiate track records. One day sanity will catch up with this trend and males will no longer be allowed to compete. But when that happens, these records (and all like them) MUST be returned to their rightful owners or men will FOREVER hold records all over women's sports. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 31, 2024 ~ Richard Dawkins debunking another religion: the trans cult. "This ridiculous article (shame on the once-great Scientific American) ignorantly misunderstands the nature of the sex binary: 'Actual research shows that sex is anything but binary'. Sex is not defined by chromosomes, nor by anatomy, nor by psychology or sociology, nor by personal inclination, nor by “assignment at birth”, but by gamete size. It happens to be embryologically DETERMINED by chromosomes in mammals and (in the opposite direction) birds, by temperature in some reptiles, by social factors in some fish. But it is universally DEFINED by the binary distinction between sperms and eggs. You may argue about 'gender' if you wish (biologists have better things to do) but sex is a true binary, one of rather few in biology." [Anti-Science, Fake News, Trans]
Jan 28, 2024 ~ Surfing company Rip Curl @ripcurl dropped surfing legend Bethany Hamilton for opposing men surfing in the women's league and then biologcal male surfer Sasha Lowerson as a women's ambassador. Martina Navratilova says "it stinks." [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 28, 2024 ~ Caroline Downey, 'USA Climbing Backs Down after Trans Activists Object to Testosterone Limits for Males Competing against Females' Even with the testosterone limits, biological males have a significant advantage in climbing (a power sport) over females. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Biological male Henry Hanlon is leading The San Francisco Waldorf High School girl's basketball team to a five-game win streak. Hanlon leads the team in scoring. Some High Schools are refusing to play due to the unfairness of Waldorf playing males against girls. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 22, 2024 ~ Biological male Hailey Davidson wins the NXXT Women’s Classic Golf Tournament. Another championship. Will take a spot on the LPGA. @Martina Navratilova says "This really needs to end sooner rather than later. Male bodies, however they might identify, do not belong in women’s sports!" Right. [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 14, 2024 ~ Fitness expert and influencer Jillian Michaels spoke out on allowing biological males in female sports. "Sports is biological. It just is. And I think that you’re starting to actually see women get hurt." "We’re going to systematically destroy women’s sports." #SaveWomensSports [Trans, Trans Athletes]
Jan 14, 2024 ~ "‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Is Increasingly Being Recognized as Unscientific" "'Experts' profess certainty that “gender-affirming care” alleviates mental-health distress. They arrive at this conclusion through deeply flawed studies that rely on patient self-reports of mental health. But other clinical indicators suggest that medical transition in fact exacerbates mental-health distress." "Lower life expectancy among those who medically transition is also likely attributable to the regimen of cross-sex hormones that transitioners take. Previous research has documented that cross-sex hormone therapy is associated with increased risk of heart disease and obesity. A new study published by University of California, Davis, researchers also hints at greater [thyroid] cancer risk." [Anti-Science, Trans]
Jan 4, 2024 ~ UN Women appoints biological male Munroe Bergdorf as its "UK Champion." In order to signal wokeness, trans women are even preferred over biological women, not only erasing women from their own spaces, but appointing males to be the literal 'representatives' of women. [CRT DIE Wokeness, Gender, Trans]

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